Rainbow six siege iq

rainbow six siege iq

Monika "IQ" Weiss (Born in Leipzig, August 1, ) is an attacking operator included in the original release of Rainbow Six Siege. Specialist Monika “IQ” Weiss is as active physically as she is intellectually. When she does manage to pull herself away from rock climbing, spelunking. A brilliant overachiever and a fast learner, Monika Weiss is a natural at almost everything she tries. With an Ivy League education in. AVIATION ID F i l e ; 10 appear along the. Note: While basic folder note-- Gmail their wigwams, coming out with wings accounts on your. We have a display properly on.

IQ's Spectre can be activated at any time, and can detect devices through walls up to 20 meters. The Spectre useful for identifying hard to spot traps, anti-breaching gadgets, and even defenders viewing their camera networks on their phones. The Spectre can be used in conjunction with IQ's pistol, allowing her to shoot detected gadgets through soft walls. Her primary weapon is unusable until the Spectre is put away.

IQ works best as a supporting operator for the rest of her team. Using her scanner, she can communicate where defenders gadgets are hiding with pings that other teammates can destroy. She can also focus on destroying gadgets herself by using soft floors and ceilings. IQ's two assault rifle options are a choice between control and damage. The AUG A2's average fire rate and low recoil makes it an easy to control weapon, perfect for room clearing and flanking.

Her Commando, the more popular option, has higher damage at the cost of punishing recoil. IQ is also equipped with breaching charges and Claymores, either of which can be used to effectively sweep rooms above and around objectives.

A solid tactic for IQ is to use the Spectre to scan a room, breach quickly using breaching charges, and secure the area for teammates to arrive. At sixteen, she completed her first internship with a local tech company. After university, she traveled for a year before dedicating her life to a new challenge, the Bundespolizei BPOL.

Edit Status Wishlist. IQ updated 9. Up Next: Glaz Hibana. Popular in this guide Operators Y5S4. She described her mother as "someone madly obsessed with finding patterns in chaos. It's hardly surprising, then, that Weiss inherited their combined talent for focused disruption. Weiss was coveted by companies and universities from around the world, but she chose law enforcement.

That fascinated me. She said it was an opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment and express her love for her country at the same time. I pointed out a third reason - academic research can be rewarding but it's typically highly focuses and structured, leaving less room for the wildly creative approach that Weiss naturally possesses and that our special operations encourage.

Field reports mention that Weiss can become obsessive when tackling challenges. In the same vein, she suffers from bouts of insomnia. I suspect the latter stems from the fact that Weiss simply doesn't want to "give up the day". If she's to be of utmost use to Rainbow, it will be important that she learns when and where to let go. The advent of complex electronics on battlefields has created a pressing need for more advanced types of portable, ground-based sensors.

She has maintained a firm hand in monitoring the subsequent models of the device, as dictated in her licensing agreement with the manufacturer. Under the direct of both Six and Mira Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey and Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of Research and Development I've been helping lead a team of specialists for the department's equipment evaluations.

As the battlefield evolves, technology needs to evolve too! The frequencies have been adjusted and the scanner has improved. It's always been a goal to have the gadget's detection communicated to the team in real time. Field tests for this modification are attached. One final note: I noticed Specialist J. Estrada Pulse was added to the tech lab schedule. The last time he was in the lab his "prank" modifications to the Spectre were not even mildly amusing.

If he's going to hang around the lab and participate in the evaluations I suggest we all keep a close eye on him. He isn't as funny as he thinks he is. Rainbow Six Wiki Explore. Incursions Assignments Maelstrom Protocol. Operators Attackers Defenders. Other Games. Rainbow Six Eagle Watch. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. For similarly named pages, see IQ Disambig. IQ armed with a Commando.

IQ armed with a G8A1. Update 3. Electronics Detector range reduced. April 10, Hotfix: Reunification Elite Set added. Update 2. Face rigging updated.

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Weiss' mother is a renowned mathematician and her father is an inventor whose high academic standards encouraged Weiss and her siblings to win numerous awards in math, science, and music throughout their school years.

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She said it was an opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment and express her love for her country at the same time. Field reports mention that Weiss can become obsessive when tackling challenges. In the same vein, she suffers from bouts of insomnia.

Back Arrow Left Black arrow pointing left. Buy Now. Presentation Loadout Biography. Show Elite Skin. Secondary Weapon P Gadget Breach Charge. Unique Ability Electronics Detector. Real Name. Date of Birth. Place of Birth. Loadout Guide. Video Guides. Play Video. Operator guide. Detailed information on how to play IQ R6 Siege.

Caption title. What is the utility? IQ is unable to use primary weapon and utility simultaneously. While using the electronic detector, IQ switches automatically to her pistol. Her gadget can be used in a multitude of ways, such as:. Intel-gathering tool.

Furthermore, IQ sees on her scanner defenders in situations when:. How to use utility? Keynotes that we would like you to take away from this chapter are:. Like most other operators, IQ utility effectiveness depends on multiple factors , such as:.

On this site Pulse is frequently played to deny access to kitchen hatch for attackers from below. As one of the few options, IQ can be picked to try to counter such an obstacle. Thatcher IQ R6 operator synergizes very well with Thatcher as she can detect and pinpoint the location of defensive utility to be dispatched.

Twitch Another operator who can benefit from IQs intel on defensive utility position is Twitch, who can use the intel to choose the optimal route for her shock drones. Frag grenades Additionally, situational synergy can be pairing up with Buck, Sledge or Finka to utilize their frag grenades for destroying gadgets unreachable otherwise.

Pulse can be seen on her detector before he is capable of seeing her. The range of Pulse scanner is 9 meters 14m if attackers are boosted by Finka , while IQ has a range of 20 meters. In regards to countering Valkyrie , IQ can spot even most tricky cameras outside, unless they are outside of her 20m range. On specific maps like Consulate, Skyscrapper or Bank, Valkyrie is used heavily by defenders with some excellent spots to place her Black eyes. Cameras are detected regardless of being currently used or not.

Besides the above mainly countered defenders, IQ is also capable of countering Vigil whenever he is using his cloaking device. Countered by:. IQ R6 operator does not have any specific hard counter. She has, however, an exciting duel with Pulse due to the nature of their utility — they can see each other while using the utility. How to play - IQ R6 Siege. Such a role assignment means IQ R6 operator will be a leading attacker in hunting down roamers.

Hunting roamers minimizes risks of late-round flanks impacting your final objective push negatively. Check our guide dedicated to roam clear to learn more. As a fragger, you are expected to be decisive and not afraid to challenge defenders! Progress is achieved by securing strategically essential locations, i. Last but not least, entry fragger is more often than not the first attacker to push anchors hunkered down on the objective.

Leaving your drone at your entry point will provide you with the right amount of initial intel. It is not uncommon for defenders to try to catch attackers off guard by setting up traps on entry points. You can neutralize the element of surprise for such a plan and prefire defenders or avoid them by knowing what they intend to do and where they are.

In case you decide to focus on support function, IQ does not have to be usually as passive and careful as more Support focused operators like Thatcher. IQ is often not selected as a sole potential Hard breach support. You can play more aggressively unless your team requires you to disable specific vital utility before going fragging mode. Loadout guide - IQ R6 Siege. Available options. Primary weapons. Secondary weapons.

Universal gadgets. Breaching charge. Loadout suggestion. Why such loadout? We recommend using flash hider to improve recoil on the first 3 shots. Compensator lower horizontal recoil, but commando still feels unstable even with it, hence our priority on lowering kick on initial shots.

Unless you are a recoil control god, then Vertical grip is the way to go for Commando. Since Y5S3 changes to scopes, we recommend picking up 1. It used to be rather a meme LMG. However, since Grim Sky recoil changes, this gun became useful. G8A1 offers the highest rate of fire with very reasonable damage per bullet Its recoil is very manageable — you should be able to control vertical recoil even with compensator on.

Seriously, try it out! The main downsides of the weapon are low magazine size for LMG and time needed to aim down sight. We recommend using a suppressor with this pistol. We usually suggest using muzzle brake as stealth is not a factor we consider essential when it comes to usage of pistols beside Caveira, of course. However, as IQ, you will often use your pistol in situations, where you will benefit from defenders not seeing an indicator of the shot.

Shooting through barricades and walls is also much safer with a suppressor.

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