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ProRes is a line of intermediate codecs, which means they are intended for use during video editing, and not for practical end-user viewing. This is achieved by only using intra-frame compression, where each frame is stored independently and can be decoded with no dependencies on other frames.

The benefit of an intermediate codec is that it offers excellent random access performance in post-production applications, and retains higher quality than end-user codecs while still requiring much less expensive disk systems compared to uncompressed video. It is comparable to Avid's DNxHD codec or CineForm which offer similar bitrates and are also intended to be used as intermediate codecs.

ProRes is a DCT scalar based [3] intra-frame -only codec and is therefore simpler to decode than distribution-oriented formats like H. ProRes supports different data rates and different resolutions. ProRes and XQ samples color in the schema with a color depth of 10 or 12 bits, and can optionally include an alpha channel.

ProRes was introduced with Final Cut Studio [6] as another in the company's line of intermediate codecs for editing material but not for final delivery. It shares many features with other, , codecs of Apple's ProRes family but provides better quality than HQ in color detail. It is built upon the same technology as other ProRes codecs, but is directly applied to the raw data coming from the sensor, thus delaying the debayering process to the post-production stage.

ProRes RAW therefore aims at quality and better color reproduction, rather than performance. FFmbc , a fork of FFmpeg customized for broadcast and professional usage, supports ProRes and files. Without Final Cut Pro installed, QuickTime Player can also be used to capture ProRes video from any compatible attached camera, using the "Maximum" quality setting when producing a Movie Recording.

On March 31, , Telestream added support for ProRes encoding on Windows systems with Episode Engine, Vantage, and FlipFactory as a free upgrade to the current versions of these products. The system must be running on Windows Server and be able to support this feature. ProRes video capturing and output to tape is available in Telestream's Pipeline network encoder. In Blackmagic Design release Blackmagic Cinema Camera that record in raw and Prores files directly in camera 10bit.

In Blackmagic Design release UrsaMini 4. Other applications such as Filmic Pro a third party application, notably used by Apple for their demo reels in recent years bypasses this limitation on lower end models and allows full industry compliant ProRes 10bit profiles LT, , and HQ using the less supported Dolby Vision HDR standard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Video compression format. This codec supports full-width, video sources at bit pixel depths, while remaining visually lossless through many generations of decoding and reencoding. The target data rate is approximately Mbps at x and Apple ProRes is a high-quality compressed codec offering nearly all the benefits of Apple ProRes HQ, but at 66 percent of the data rate for even better multistream, real-time editing performance.

Apple ProRes LT is a more highly compressed codec than Apple ProRes , with roughly 70 percent of the data rate and 30 percent smaller file sizes. This codec is perfect for environments where storage capacity and data rate are at a premium. Apple ProRes Proxy is an even more highly compressed codec than Apple ProRes LT, intended for use in offline workflows that require low data rates but full-resolution video.

The target data rate is approximately 45 Mbps at x and They are also the only Apple ProRes codecs that support alpha channels. About Apple ProRes Apple ProRes codecs provide an unparalleled combination of multistream, real-time editing performance, impressive image quality, and reduced storage rates.

Apple ProRes Apple ProRes is a high-quality compressed codec offering nearly all the benefits of Apple ProRes HQ, but at 66 percent of the data rate for even better multistream, real-time editing performance.

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