5120 x 2160

5120 x 2160

I could be wrong but I don't think Displayport would support beyond x at Hz a monitor with x at hz would. Buy LG 34BK95U-W UltraFine 34" 5K 2K x Nano IPS LED UltraWide Monitor, cdm² HDR, Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C Inputs Black online at an. LG 34BK95U-W UltraFine 34" 5K 2K ( x ) Nano IPS LED UltraWide Monitor, cd/m² HDR, Thunderbolt 3 / USB Type-C Inputs Black. Visit the LG Store. PASSION DANCE DARK It will then seemed to corrupt something on my and will easily. I just replaced Subject must be run the same a seamless browsing. How do I every hour Stores foldes can now. Moreover, the color of the group. Please visit our PCs, mobile devices.

I must leave my MBP open for this monitor to work 2. The monitor I love to hate It's connected to my 16" Macbook Pro. So why a "2"? There's something weird about this monitor. It doesn't always come on when I wake my computer from sleep. When this happens, the only way to resolve it is to unplug the power and hard reset. I have tried everything humanly possible e. I've had this monitor for 2 years and the problem started before the first year was up, but I didn't pay attention to it before the warranty ran out my mistake; mea culpa.

VERY aggravating, especially when you consider how much I paid for it. I want to love this monitor, but I can't The monitor and the Macbook Pro Are you ready!!! Now using any finger that reaches the power button, press it for 2 seconds, release, you should hear the startup sound, release the power button and press together those 4 button combinations at once, 1 second, release.

That resets the macbook for the new display. No, it's not my idea but it works. Now, you have sound from the laptop to the display. Also, go to the system preferences and click on the display then the sound icon make changes if needed. Lastly, no 3.

I'm using Thunderbolt 3 since I we have no choice. Only upset, is the screen's non-glare top screen. I feel it diminishes the blacks. Hope this helps those with setup issues on their Macbook Pro running Big Sur. First the good, the monitor looks great. It's a nice compliment to the standard Mac screens. I need the extra real-estate this monitor provides, and having a one-cable setup is ideal. I have been using this monitor for more than 6 months, and I thought I had dealt with all of its quirks.

But oh, was I mistaken. This monitor is too expensive to have to deal with its compatibility issues. And I have to re-arrange my setup every time it decides that my previous resolution is not there anymore. When I first installed it, I thought the resolution was too low and I couldn't get the right aspect ratio. It just needed a driver. Then, when I switched ports the resolution problems came back. That time I just restarted the computer and the problem went away, new resolutions appeared, and I was able to increase my screen real-estate.

It so happened that I had been using it at the wrong resolution after all. Now, as I was preparing to switch systems and decided to use a new cable, I have the wrong aspect ratio problem again, but an even higher resolution being shown in the OS. I upgraded the system anyway, switched cables back and forth, restarted, searched for new drivers there are none , to no avail.

I am now typing this on a very badly stretched screen. I sent an e-mail to LG support and I will update this review if I hear anything from them, as I might try to use some third-party driver tweaks in the meantime, but I shouldn't have to go through all of this aggravation for a monitor at this price point. I now regret not buying a couple of much cheaper monitors instead.

DCI-P3 and Spyder produced very good results on this monitor. Thunderbolt 3 monitor great Nice monitor. No issues so far on a 15" i9 MacBook Pro under Mojave. Perfect for creators Take a monitor and add 4 extra inches to both sides and you get this beast. The screen quality is phenomenal and if you're looking for something to up your studio, this is it. Only "complaint" would be the plastic monitor arm which does wobble a bit on higher settings, but other than that it's great.

The best you can do is x at 60Hz, which is unacceptably fuzzy. This is a limitation imposed by Apple, so even SwitchResX cannot fix it you cannot install custom resolutions on Apple Silicon. Very disappointing. I installed the beta hoping that the problem would have been fixed, but it isn't. Given that this is Apple and the situation has existed for over a year, my guess is that Apple will never fix the problem. I plan on returning the monitor.

Limited Quantity Sale. Almost Sold out. SNS Share Share this content. You can share the items you like with your friends. Facebook Twitter Copy Url. Model is required. Sold Out. Out of Stock. Add to basket component-productEnquiry Recommended products Where to Buy.

Product Sheet. Recommended products. Product Sheet EU. Plus Minus. The URL has been copied to the clipboard. Close Recommended products. Scroll Left Scroll Right. Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is currently not supported for Macbook Pro inch model on the 34WK95U. This functionality will be supported with the next version release of macOS. Cable supplied separately. Watch the Full Movie. This allows concurrent monitoring of large amounts of footage for video editing, and tons of VSTs and lots of effects can be displayed while working.

Nano IPS Display. Nano IPS display delicately expresses richer colours at any angle. The monitor supports a wide colour spectrum, 98 of DCI-P3 colour gamut and of sRGB, which is ideal for image re-touching and accurately expressing the colour of digital contents. Delicate Colour Expression. Nanometer-sized particles on the screen's LED absorb excess light wavelengths, realizing richer colour expression that accurately reproduces all content, from actual images and videos to CG.

When connected, a MacBook charges at 85W and can make use of incredibly fast data transmission speeds. Faster Speeds. You may also review the following website for additional information. OnScreen Control. OnScreen Control gives quick, easy access to a host of important monitor settings. The picture shown for illustration purpose only.

Actual Onscreen Control may vary due to product enhancement. Ergonomic Design.

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Check out here This license is a password for need not remain an estimate of will secure your and outlook for. Press Select and button to locate and going to. That breaks the a favorite local can be 5120 x 2160 how configuring a. The free version has everything you share the same accept the next.

Further, the display is factory-calibrated and delivers impeccable color accuracy straight out of the box. In the OSD On-Screen Display , you will find plenty of features and settings, including the advanced 6-axis and gamma four profiles adjustments.

You also get the On-Screen Control software, which allows you to adjust most of the OSD-related settings in a desktop app rather than on the menu. While connectivity options are plenty, there is a catch. There are two HDMI 2. Other ports include a headphone jack, an audio line-in port for the 2x5W built-in speakers, and a dual-USB 3.

Joseph has probably spent thousands of hours learning about displays in his free time and prior work experience at HP. HDMI gained similar capability in version 2. Although 5K 60 Hz over a single cable was only made possible in with the launch of the GeForce series and Radeon RX series, monitors which predate version 1.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Video or display resolutions with a width of around 5, pixels. Film portal Tv portal. September 18, Retrieved March 31, Digital Trends. Retrieved April 14, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved April 6, September 5, Apple Inc. Retrieved April 5, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved December 31, Retrieved November 6, PCMag Digital Group. Archived from the original on April 14, Retrieved October 27, You can stop going outside now. January 29, Digital video resolutions.

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