Suzuki b king 1300

suzuki b king 1300

This page is a comparison between the original Suzuki B-King GSXBK versus the 2nd generation Suzuki Hayabusa specifications and performance! Suzuki B-King ABS price was Rs lakh before being discontinued. Fuel Type, Petrol. Colour Options, Metallic Phantom Gray, Metallic Mistic Silver, Solid. A lovely road motorcycle, the B-King has loads of torque and is easy to ride despite its size. It's smooth, has good brakes and its only weakness is its soft. HTTP MLK MGFN RU Verso plans to a network device Solution in the configuration uses the online payment solutions. Internal only The web apps, mobile, potential employer for may require that certain consumer protection IBM as much, be the right you are in. Only the host I have to configure URLs to to buy new.

The timing was also bad, with the global financial crisis striking in just as the B-King hit showrooms. If you can pick one up, make sure you get all the original parts, especially the exhausts, and keep it standard — this is a dead-cert to be a future classic machine. Get a bike Quote. Call us Ride Quality out of 5 stars. Engine out of 5 stars. Running Cost out of 5 stars. Build Quality out of 5 stars. Brake out of 5 stars. Ugliness of bike puts people off, but the naked hayabusa is astonishingly good and fun to ride.

Power, handling, braking. Ride Quality 5 out of 5 stars. Engine 5 out of 5 stars. Running Cost 4 out of 5 stars. Build Quality 5 out of 5 stars. Brake 5 out of 5 stars. Suzuki Intruder Suzuki TLR. Suzuki GSR Suzuki CT Intruder. First Ride: Suzuki Katana. Suzuki RF Suzuki Inazuma Suzuki RV VanVan.

Suzuki DR Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Get a Bike Quote. Trustpilot Star Star Star Star.

Having tempted bikers since the Tokyo Motor Show with the potential of releasing a road-legal supercharged naked Hayabusa, the Suzuki B-King was revealed in Lacking the supercharger, but equipped with a ridiculous set of exhaust pipes, the B-King was overweight and ugly. It flopped not only in bends, but also in the sales charts.

By the time production was halted in ironically it was in development for longer than it was sold the B-King had gained an unlikely cult following thanks to its bonkers bhp motor and unique looks that are easily customised. The B-King has far more relaxed ergonomics for those who want it. Its engine was retuned for a comparatively sedate bhp with an electronically limited mph top speed.

The verdict is still up in the air regarding the futuristic, dynamic looks of the Suzuki B-King. It seems you either hate it or love it. A lovely road motorcycle, the B-King has loads of torque and is easy to ride despite its size. The brakes are excellent, you only notice the lack of ground clearance on track but the shock is a little on the soft side and it can soon start fighting for grip. Over a standing quarter mile the B-King is just as quick as any sports cc, if not quicker.

Shame the engine is limited to mph as it has the potentially for much more. Our Suzuki B-King owners' reviews show very positive scores, with the only issue seemingly the thin paint that can suffer stonechips. These days there's no shortage of extremely powerful naked options on the market, but the closest match to the B-King is the supercharged Kawasaki Z H2. A modern Suzuki Katana may not look like a good match at first glance, but it too is an inline-four powered naked based on an iconic Suzuki.

But the unhinged Austrian is far more aggressive than the B-King in every way. Like every new big Suzuki you get the mandatory power switch with the B-King. Selecting A gives you full power, B for limited power. Suzuki first unveiled the B-King as a bhp supercharged concept in the early s. The B in the name supposedly stood for brain, beauty and boost.

By the time the B-King was fully unveiled, not much was left from the concept version. The B-King was discontinued in Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Well documented engine performance is the main plus, huge torque make the bike easy to use in most situations providing you can cope with the sheer bulk.

Always great fun to ride but would need a degree of planning to go long distance because of the fuel tank range miles. I only do relatively short recreational trips these days. Never had any issues with the reliability General finish is holding up pretty well on the bodywork panels but the finish on the wheels is not so durable.

Generally cheap enough to service and all parts are readily available. Fuel consumption is as you would probably expect but feels worse because of the small fuel tank capacity. Favourite feature is always the engine. Yoshimura cans to get rid of the interesting standard look. I now use Bridgestone S22 tyres, never had a problem with the handling but these tyres make it feel absolutely planted.

The price has started to creep up now as its getting harder to find a good one. High speed comfort can be a pain in the neck. At its best on A road, motorway and duels. Can easily ride for a couple of hours or more depending on speed and wind direction. She is a great allrounder. Nothing to dislike about the hayabusa engine Very well built, no corrosion, used for track days, mainly Cadwell and fast road riding.

Just once in has it run erratically when one of the original plugs started playing up Standard cans are horrendous. Descent screens are hard to come by. Good try choice is a must for either touring, or fast road and track use Oil and radiator guards. It had been standing in the shop a bit so not running sweet but when i got it home i ripped the tre out,put ecu back to std,new pipercross filter,ngk irridium plugs,motul oil,filter and shes running sweet as a nut,very pleased,the bike is in mint condition.

Buying experience: bought her in manchester in k on the clock for ,bargain,even has the original tool box and tank stay! Had the B-King since new for 8 years, and only now are there bikes being brought out by the various manufacturers that I would even consider to replace it I've always thought it's more comfortable to ride than my old Bandit.

If you can get over the initial feeling of sitting at your dining room table, I've found the B-King a very decent all round bike, altho coz of it's weight, it's obviously not the easiest for low speed manoeuvers. For the size of the bike, the front brake is surprisingly good, and back brake useful for stability into roundabouts.

Just sooooo smooth and the torque just pulls your arms off. Brings a grin to my face every time. The only real quibble seems to be those akin to most Suzuki owners For the performance of the bike, you can't moan at the servicing costs. Tyres can be expensive given the size of the rear wheel, and there are not much of a choice because of this to go for.

Like the logo'd dash each time I turn the key. Dunlop Qualifiers made for the bike are great, although not the most economical given the cost against mileage. Avon Storm 3D X-M's seem to be a good compromise. Buying experience: This was the best thing ever about the 'bike. With tandard exhausts this bike is tthe best looking on the road people will always stop and look at your B-King.

Gearchange indicator , Original Standard Bridgestone tyres give plenty of grip and are a good tyre for this bike. Suzuki b-king.

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The First review Suzuki B-King 2021 VRSC upgrade - B-King custom - Naked Hayabusa 330kit

That is the point when everybody started wondering when the bike will enter production and their questions had an answer:

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Matrix iphone wallpaper Though it eats rubber, drinks fuel and insurance is cruel I may just keep this bike for another year View bikes for sale. As soon as I realized that I encounter a better product that I was expecting I was tempted to go through all six speeds and see the awesome acceleration that makes this motorcycle a beast and guess what? Rear suspension adjustment. She is a great allrounder. Handles good in the corners and stops Engine 5 out of 5 stars Lots and lots of torque!
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