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MacKenzie-Childs Patience Brewster Dash Away products - tableware,kitchenware,furniture,bath,hand-painted tableware,handmade dinnerware. Patience Brewster Collection Proudly stocking a great range of Patience Brewster products, My Christmas is happy to provide our customers with some of the. Mar 26, - Explore Lisa Smith's board "Patience Brewster Illustrations", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about patience brewster. BIAS AMP Members Shuts down softwares from leading. Moreover, the application shred of sense rule to an it to locate. First, run the.

It's the polar opposite of what we are used to. We used to make our products and take them to market in January to all the trade shows. We'd unveil Christmas shortly after Christmas In the wholesale market, we made to order, took our orders in January, and we'd fulfill them. Now, we're making a very limited amount. We'd rather have less than more.

It's better to run out for us as a business. I'm continually having to look at Christmas and come up with something new. It's a daily challenge to find within myself a meaningful story behind a new product that I am trying to make commercially successful. You've gone through a lot of change. I've been through several evolutions. I was a children's book illustrator, and then got into the card business and I worked with multiple companies and then I decided to start my own card company out of frustration from lack of control as to how the end product looked.

We terminated the card company a couple of years ago, but we still sell the remaining inventory. It just became too much to design for the card company and the ornament company. I loved the stationery business. But how many people write letters today compared to 10 years ago, let alone 20 years ago?

There are a lot of requests for the cards. We may make more. We'll see how the ornaments sell in this new iteration, we would sell cards in the same way. I had watched big companies sort of make typical corporate decisions: More is more. Milk the artist for all she's worth and then be done with her. It kind of lost sight of those who were actually making the product, which seemed a little soulless to me.

When I was working for other companies, I knew I was disposable. One is always working very hard to survive as an artist, throwing these little pearls in front of the powers that be in hopes they would bite. Were you in leadership roles growing up -- or maybe had entrepreneurial experience?

I guess it's hard for me to think of them as leadership roles. I did not fit in the mold very well. I've always been a little bit different, and I liked being a little bit different. I was in an active athletic family, and there were a lot of creative relatives.

I wasn't so good at sports. I was better at the artistic side. My first job -- as a volunteer -- was at an historical house. I grew up in Plymouth, Mass. We'd take people through and show them the rooms and the way it was built. We dipped bayberry candles, did spinning and weaving, showed how cooking was done in the fireplace. We carded wool, washed it, dyed, it, we spun it into yarn or flax into linen and we wove it. After all this work, making great big yardage on this big old Pilgrim loom, they would undo the weaving.

I thought: Why would you do that? I said: It would be great to make bags out of this beautiful fabric, little pin cushions from a small children's loom. So, we made the bags. We had little strips of leather for handles and put them in the gift shop. I embroidered little sheep on pin cushions and stuffed them with wool. We showed the tourists how Pilgrims wove the fabric for their blankets and their clothing and their bags -- whatever they needed -- the wool in pin cushions kept needles from rusting and kept them sharp.

We had an herb garden with lavender that also preserves wool. So I put in a little bit of lavender. The bags and pin cushions made a bit of money from the gift shop. I went to college at Philadelphia College of Art. It's now called the University of the Arts , in downtown Philadelphia. It's expanded into music, art and theater. And dance. I went there in and majored in printmaking and bookmaking, and I took a lot of painting and drawing.

I was interested in illustration, but I didn't take a single illustration course. When I got out, I had piles of drawings. When I went to talk to publishers about illustrating children's books, they said: We've never seen illustrations like these. We don't quite know what to do with you. I hadn't gone through illustration courses.

It worked to my advantage to some degree -- except I was a little too off the beaten path with some of the things I wanted to get into children's books. When I worked with publishers, I remember thinking, gosh, it seems like there is a better way. I noticed over and over again that none of the businesses I worked with -- in publishing, in stationary, and in three-dimensional -- trusted their audience. They didn't trust people to be smart and have a sense of humor and be interested in the unusual.

When I would finally get my work to see the light of day, the audience was there. As an artist who's succeeded in business, what's your advice for business success? It's hard for me to give advice, because my path has been very different from so many others. Our business is unique and has required its own kind of thinking. When I was in children's books and in the business of cards, I gave advice for artists and writers: Observe what's going on around you.

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