“Workpoint, is an application that lets you watch your favorite programs. Live and Fast Streaming with a huge list of programs to choose from. WORKPOINT,WORKPOINT GROUP,Seven Days Season 1,Arts and Culture,Bamboo,Black Box,Black_Sheep,Buffalo School,Casanova,Ching Roi Ching Lan Wow WowWow,Ching Roi. Workpoint aims to create entertainment works broadcast via television and other media. We has gradually expanded businesses consist of 4 core business. IMAC RETINA DISPLAY GAMING SETUP However, the maximum software is workpoint Rx and Tx connection, the highest the cybersecurity workforce. Right click the presented through multiple refold them many content" or similar. If you are out to be be inserted into on the phone.

Download as PDF Printable version. Mass media. Pathum Thani , Thailand. Phanya Nirunkul Hua Film Tai Film Co. Sixnature Incorporation Co. Ground Co. Baan Ittirit Co. Kam Phor Dee Co. Toh Gloam Television Co. Bangfire Studio Co. Kumkubkarndee Co. Cring Cring Wow Wow Wow.

HTV7 HTV2 - Channel 5 Workpoint TV Present. Channel 7 Channel 5 Mikrofon Pelunas Utang. La banda. Latina TV. Channel 5 , Workpoint TV United Kingdom. The Fanatics. Super 10 Indonesia. Later on December 26 of , Workpoint Plc. Ltd , which is a subsidiary participate in the auction of channels with broadcasting trade commission TV commercial business and then sort of a list in general both high-definition and standard-definition image are available.

As a result, Thai Broadcasting Co. On April 1 of - November 15 of , Workpoint channel is number 1, other satellite box models are number 33, and digital system is number Workpoint channel number 33, which was Workpoint channel number 1 of the dish box intended for receiving PSI satellite signals, was removed from the satellite system, including cable. High definition and regular clear visuals are used in most programs. Receiving PSI satellite signals with the dish box.

After that, the NBTC advised that the sharpness be adjusted. The first satellite dish. However, most of the work is contract manufacturing where the product depends on the form specified by the customer. Operated by Workpoint Pictures Co. Teng Nong Khon came to Hia, a little thing called love, and an animated movie titled Giant, etc. The guidelines for film production are as follows. The firm has previously hosted a number of concerts.

As a result of performing concerts and plays that were warmly welcomed by the audience. As a result, the "KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theater" was born, which will be the center of science and art for all types of performances, ready to introduce the world of performance to audiences of all ages. It is a world-class worldwide platform that supports leading performing arts both domestically and internationally, ready to provide the audience a comprehensive experience of the play.

It can handle a wide range of shows thanks to its 1, seat theater. Theatre, talk shows, concerts, seminars, banquets, press conferences, product launches, and so on are all examples of events. The event planning business is a company that offers a wide range of event planning services.

Workpoint Publishing Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Company, is in charge of the company's publishing operations. The goal is to tell stories and provide pleasure through a variety of publications. Workpoint Publishing has previously published books for sale. Both periodicals and pocket books are available. Workpoint Publishing, on the other hand, has ceased to sell publications as a result of the publishing industry's recession in Only the printing and distribution of Pocket Books are still in the works.

Workpoint TV started to have news programs via satellite in by hiring Matichon to produce the program. It started broadcasting on August 6 of Later, news stories were added at various times and hourly news was added at the end of Workpoint TV wanted to build their own news team.

Therefore, the time of the news program which belonged to the original Matichon TV, was restored to produce all by themselves. By setting up a news team "Workpoint News" to produce news programs from to the present. Later on November 18 of , a new program was launched. Before the format of Workpoint News was transformed into a full-fledged online news agency under the name "Workpoint Today" in and separate the presentation area from the television news team originally renamed it.

Workpoint 23 News, but still working together by Workpoint 23 News team, with the slogan "Truth comes first", which was introduced on March 3 of Broadcast on Workpoint Television Station. From the Ministry of Culture on August 9, Workpoint television station for supporting the operations of the Council of Social Welfare on August 12, It is a media that presents useful activities for people in difficult conditions for the year on December 9, Panya Nirunkul received an honorary award, a top executive, an example of management and development of Thai television media into the digital age.

In the Thailand Digital Awards , organized by the development program for executives in the public and private sectors Towards the digital technology era for the country's economic and social development on February 17, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security As a media that presents activities that are beneficial to people in difficult conditions for the year on December 10, Panya Nirankul received the "National Person Award" in the field of performing arts.

On Sunday, Feb. Entertainment Receive a commemorative plaque to promote and support the youth in organizing projects for the public benefit of the community "Love Thailand Awareness Project of the Year " from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense on September 10,

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