2011 macbook pro logic board apple part 6615852

2011 macbook pro logic board apple part 6615852

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The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item includes original accessories. The item may be a factory second. See the seller's listing for full details and description.

See all condition definitions opens in a new window or tab. Compatible Brand:. Screen Size:. Chipset Manufacturer:. Storage Capacity:. Internet Connectivity:. Form Factor:. Compatible Model:. Compatible Operating System:. Case Size:. Band Material:. Motherboard Brand:. Does Not Apply. Shipping and handling. I have an early model 15" MBP with a matte screen.

It's like having a new computer! The display cable was a tight fit, but working carefully and with a gentle yet firm hand, I was able to fit it into the logic board port. The only other difference is that the new boards do not have the small heat sinks over the USB controller and one other controller not sure what they are.

I've read that one guy butchered his old board and superglued the screw mounts onto the new board. Another person reported superglueing the heat sink directly to the controller. Both of these ways seemed a bit barbaric and unclean to me, so I just left the two controllers be; figured they would have the screw mounts if they needed the brackets, but they don't. So over a week later, my laptop has been running completely fine. Actually super, because of all the upgrades! I have installed iStat Menus and have been monitoring my temperatures.

Everything is within normal ranges during various workloads! Oh, and my bluetooth module has been changed a long time ago, to allow AirDrop and Handover to work I just really like my matte screen, and cannot believe they don't make them any more. These new "anti-glare" displays have nothing on the matte! So the answer to whether an early logic board 15" MBP is swappable for a mid non-retina one is: It absolutely is, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

As I need it to use an external display i was thinking to get a board. Did You have some problems? Some precaution i need to know? The only precautions I consider worth mentioning are those already listed in my original post above. Other than that, the installation is pretty much the same as the removal. Make sure to follow the thermal paste guide link. If you are still worried about the small heat sinks, don't be.

The new board does not seem to need them. Mar 2, by Nuka Kola. So my question is: this would work with that logic board and with my MacBook pro late Mar 10, by Giordano Fronte. Any recommendations on where to get the board? I can't seem to find the one for non-retina display.

May 30, by jason. Jun 3, by jason. Show 15 more comments. Posted: Feb 16, I recently purchased a unibody and display and put a late logic board in it. The only thing that didn't line up was the heat sink. But everything else worked fine. I'm not sure if you were going from a unibody to a board.

The lcd cable will fit fine either way yet I'm sure you will not have the high resolution with a display. Dec 24, by Manuel. Sorry just answering but I just realized about this message Just keep the heat sink of each within Jan 10, by Manuel. Pay attention to the dissipating heat after changing logic board. Jun 23, by vivalution. The cables aren't any different and the connector is the same on the boards and the boards.

High resolution is only what your graphics card can output to your monitor. If a has a high resolution display and a board has low resolution display then you will only be able to use a lower resolution. Lcd cables have been the same for years the only thing that changes is the technology they connect to. Unless your talking about hdtv's and monitors where an hdmi cable or Dvi cable is necessary. It's the same cable. Feb 18, by stunna Posted: Aug 19, It is not possible. Apple re-designed the LCD cable adapter on the logic board making it not interchangeable.

Sep 25, by Nuka Kola. I know it works as well yet for some reason people who haven't attempted it assume it won't work. Sep 26, by stunna They are probably worrying about the vs board in which the lcd cable was actually repositioned. A should be able to replace a board. Sep 26, by Kyle C. Watch out when you lift the plug for the audio cables, I lifted it with the connector and so the connector broke-off the old LB.

BTW: I think it is totally not-needed to -take out- the battery as suggested by the iFixit guide still should de-connect AND drain all power by pressing the start button once the battery is de-connected. Spares you buying a Tri-wing 0. Nov 9, by jorg k. All you need to do if carefully file the edge of the fiberglass tang with a fine nail emory board two or three strokes on each side its so little that needs to be knocked off. Jul 29, by Dan. Show 2 more comments.

Wong Charles. Posted: Aug 8, Works fine. The only glitch is the Automatic Graphic Switching seems not working. It always stay with High performance but not switch. So, DIY and works. If its still not working, you may have bought a bad logic board.

Aug 8, by Jacob Medinilla. Aug 11, by liquidspikes. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Posted: Feb 19, There is a slight alteration needed on the LVDS cable otherwise no issues with either gloss or matte displays. Works flawlessly until today. I just carefully put the connector in. Feb 19, by Marcel. Best to file it so it slides in smoothly without any friction. Feb 19, by Dan. Feb 19, by DunCanP.

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Has your Mac gotten slower over the years?

100200 pro This is your first post. Macbook Pro 15" Early A 2. I suppose if you buy the protection plan you can protect yourself. Thanks for looking! International Buyers — Please Note: Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. You can do this by checking the box "Request Return Label" in the order page.
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Jackal squad These boards are in great condition, tested, fully working. Odyson - Logic Board 2. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. As a customer you will have the option of a Year Warranty on your product during the purchase process. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer or desertcart customer service.
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Apple did the repair. Guess what just happened yesterday? Exact same thing. But now, Apple won't back up the 2nd faulty logic board they installed. They won't even touch my laptop. Of course, no one told any of this, that we'd never get support again for our Macbook Pros. I am so ticked right now. Been a Mac customer for 30 freaking years.

Apr 12, PM. Thank you for your input, but if you had read my posts, you would have understood that I have already taken my computer to the Apple store, after many troubleshooting steps on my own as well as on the phone with an Apple employee. The Apple store determined that the logic board failure was a cause of the manufactured faulty logic boards, known by Apple to cause GPU problems and heat up significantly more than usual, and would have been replaced by the extended repair programme.

If you would have read my post, you would have understood my frustration with this issue, as they then proceeded to tell me that this programme ended just a month earlier than when my computer broke down. So again, the reason I am posting here is because my computer failed because of faulty logic boards produced on my model MacBook Pro, Apple acknowledged this defect, created a programme to repair this issue, and now they are stating its not their responsibility.

You can imagine my frustration as this defect caused the failure of my computer, and yet I fail to understand how if my computer decided to spark this problem just a month earlier, I wouldn't have to go through all of this, and would be repaired with no questions asked.

Page content loaded. You got six years use out of your now vintage computer. How much use do you think you are entitled to and what do you expect Apple to do with respect to vintage computers? Apple is not here, we are users like you. When you are talking about the Macs, that is NOT correct. These boards were not manufactured with a defect. Not all Macs qualified. My family owns one of those Macs. When it had a somewhat different problem, I submitted it for testing.

It passed. You are correct, that is why I specified early not late , because there was a difference in the logic boards between the two. Also, hence the reason I stated that I brought it into the Apple store to have them diagnose the problem. They found it was a logic board failure and I ended up asking them about the repair programme for this issue. They said although that programme would have covered the logic board failure, it ended just a month ago.

Thanks for the suggestion, I filed a complaint the day I returned from the Apple store and as those posts are not public, I figured this may be a better approach to the situation considering that this MacBook Pro and Discrete Graphics Card received so much attention that it brought Apple to create the extended repair programme for this specific issue.

My Mac was the right series. It was misbehaving. But since it did not fail the VST test, it did not qualify for the logic board replacement program. It was tested before the program ended. Like many similar Macs that COULD have qualified for the replacement program, its issues did not rise to the level where logic board replacement was warranted in any case, because it was not manufactured with a defect.

Apple makes it decisions on "fixes" for products when the pile of a specific returned product and bug reports gets statistically significant. Reports in the press or anywhere else have little to do with it. Then they send engineers to do a deep analysis of the underlying problems, and determine whether there is something that should be done to fix the problem. Sometimes software is adjusted. Sometimes service bulletins are issued and parts may be replaced.

Sometimes changes will be incorporated into replacement parts or possibly only into later products. The best thing you can do to get problems fixed is to present your product when it first has a problem for a free evaluation at the Genius Bar at an Apple-owned store. Even if they cannot immediately supply a fix, there is a record that you complained of a problem.

If you had read our posts you would know that you are not talking with Apple here in this community. You are talking with other users like you. There is nothing we can do for you. Once again, if you want to complain to Apple then contact Apple. Also, you did get six years of use from the computer. This is a long time in terms of technology. It appears that your main goal here is to vent. Fortunately this is not a venting community and doing so will accomplish nothing but waste your and our time.

If you have a complaint about Apple's products you must address that complaint with Apple. If you want to sue Apple you must address the lawsuit with Apple. What do you want from us users? We have told you to contact Apple. I can only offer one more bit of advice, You can search these communities to find other posts about the same problem and whether a solution was found. Mar 1, AM. What has already been completed : I have contacted Apple and filed a complaint. I have searched these communities and posted the link in my original post to the discussion.

It has over pages of people complaining about this same issue. I would like to not have to create a law suit for this issue as it has already been done before. Please stop recommending the same information as you are of no help. You are simply wasting your own time by continuing to suggest contacting Apple, which I have repeatedly stated I have already have done. I have addressed what I am looking for in the users. Apr 12, PM in response to mabtng In response to mabtng.

The macbook heats up to tremendous temperatures and slows down to a crawl while just viewing web pages. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Arepoli Arepoli. More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Feb 28, AM in response to Grant Bennet-Alder In response to Grant Bennet-Alder Thank you for your input, but if you had read my posts, you would have understood that I have already taken my computer to the Apple store, after many troubleshooting steps on my own as well as on the phone with an Apple employee.

Loading page content. Feb 27, PM in response to Arepoli In response to Arepoli You got six years use out of your now vintage computer. Hey, Andrew! Would you mind sharing the name of the person who was able to complete the repair for you? Many thanks! Hi Andrew K, could you please tell me who in Melbourne does it? My MacBook needs some help!

I did the same thing to my machine early 15" but noticed that the thermal sensor from de dGPU was still reporting temperatures from 35 to 45 degree using iStatmenu , have you got the same thing? As I understanded the mod was to cut power to the chip powering the dGPU so… that seems od to me. Thank you for finding and posting this fantastic article from realmacmods. I just saved my early MacBook Pro! I got the same I have similar issues.

Resistor removal - black screen and no hdmi but MBP still works fine I can share desktop and work on it from another mac. I wander if the firmware update is needed? B32 SMC 1. I see there are updates MBP Before the hardware mod, did you do the EFI mod? Did you tested the EFI mod before removing the resistor? And don't do a Pram-Reset! Hi Jeff, Thank you for this post. I have the same issue with my early MBP.

In fact, I am on my second logic board, the first having been replaced under Apple's repair program after the first crash. So, I wanted to ask you as as well as others who have used this fix whether you have faced any issues with the MBP since you did this, since it has been 7 months since your post. Thanks in advance. Is it necessary to disable the resistor? I know that by doing so you'll save heat and battery, but if I don't have any concerns about that are the software mods sufficient?

I ran it for a few weeks with the software mods only. If you don't remove the resistor it will sometimes give weird performance issues and flashes on the screen. I removed mine by taking a small flat head screwdriver and heating it with a heat gun and then pushing on it for a second or two lightly and it came off. I have a late 17 inch Macbook Pro, and have had the logic board replaced once already under Apples extended program although that expired in December , and the problem with the AMD chip reoccured just a couple of days ago!

This is such a fantastic laptop and I have no reason to upgrade it as it performs fantastically with an SSD and 16GB ram. I've just performed this mod, both the EFI mod and hardware resistor removal and I was amazed to discover it worked! I figured I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain - now my AMD chip doesn't appear in the list exactly as described, and it boots way quicker too. One thing I would say when removing the resistor - that thing is so damned small and I was worried I was going to damage nearby components by trying to get this tiny thing off.

All it took was a very small flat blade screwdriver applying just a tiny bit of pressure to the side of the resistor whilst applying heat to one of the legs on the resistor - after that the leg detached and I was able to just move the resistor back and forth a tiny bit to detach it from the other leg and a nice clean removal! I haven't done the jumper mod yet so my display wakes up after sleep so I just need to remember to do a shut down each time instead of a sleep but that mod is for another day Follow the directions to get in the right Arch Linux boot mode so you get to the console.

Reboot into Safe Boot mode Shift key all the way through startup. So I was thrilled to follow these steps and resurrect my Macbook Pro 17" laptop. Everything worked flawless Ok, no biggie. I now have a booted laptop with a black screen! It has the keyboard backlight on and the second internal drive is chugging away, but no display!!!

Still no joy. After I screwed things up, I reached out to him. He provided these instructions:. Removing the resistor kills the power to the GPU. The brightness issue is present in High Sierra, but not in Sierra or below. The only viable solution in HS at this point is an app called Brightness Slider in the app store.

It's free. The biggest issue im having is the lack of sleep functionality on my laptop - the mod has made the computer usable again, but it would be amazing if there were a way to get the computer top be bale to sleep again. Search realmacmods site and you will find it. It's a simple mod, just a wire jumper between a resistor and a capacitor. I've made It on mine and It worked perfectly! I have had absolute success dissabling the bad GPU through code only, thanks to many hours of research and trial and error.

The quick fix takes less than 10 minutes. I am replying as I read this interesting page lol I spent many hours without support trying to figure out what to do with my non-functional laptop and the only thing I have yet to figure out is how to load windows onto it.

I would love to hear from anybody who has had luck in that department. You also can reboot successfully as many times as you want without problem keep in mind that with major updates that most of the time it will be necessary to redo the fix. Keep your head up and don't give up!

Mine was a 2. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much sprocket12 for sharing your instructions received by Adam from RealMacMods. I've tried the manual steps from RealMacMods and removed the resistor but after doing that the MBP was booting but I had nothing but a black screen.

I thought that I screwed something on the main board while removing the R restore. I now have a display and I have executed the script included and the faulty GPU is disabled. By the way, does soldering this jumper for high sierra will also fix the problem with the keyboard brightness keys that not working? I can confirm this one.

With a black screen at startup, I purchased the automated utility from realmacmods. Used rufus to create a bootable usb drive with the provided iso. Following the procedure from sprocket12 I managed to fix the screen. I have the same problem now, chip removed MacBook was working fine running Catalina with a patch, happened to close the lid without realising and went into sleep mode, tried every option possible but still black screen!!

My air is ok but i love my pro. I can see where the sleep function will drive me nuts so i will keep researching on how to get that working again or a work around. Thanks so much for your direction. I too only use a magnifying glass and your pics to remove the resistor with a small flat screwdriver. Thanks again as you just saved me getting the new macbook air! High Sierra requires an additional hardware mod. Logic board does not need to be removed for this step.

Only bottom cover removed. Thanks for your wonderful contribution. I have been going nuts since my early 17" MBP started misbehaving. I do most of my work in Bootcamp, and disabling the discrete GPU allows windows to boot, but the display resolution is too poor for any work, since Windows does not use the inbuilt GPU. I found a brand new logic board for a late 17" MBP on eBay at an insane price. What is the likelyhood that this new logic board will eventually develop the same discrete GPU problem?

This morning Tuesday I was able to get to the site but within a few minutes, it apparently went down again. They must be having tech problems. I'll wait until this afternoon at which point I'll try and contact someone at Elite, since there seems to be some commercial relationship with them. I definitely want to try this solution and am willing to pay them to do the work themselves with my 17" MBP.

Thank for helping me with my fears, I was able to gather the strength to go after that R - wow that thing is small I just touched it on each end a few seconds at a time with a soldering gun and a loupe to help with magnification and eventually it came off Quick question though - I am running El Capitan, if I upgrade to Sierra or do any system updates will the hack go away, needing to re-solder R What about getting rid of the boot chime it needs a NVRAM change for it to work, but don't wanna mess with it because of the resistor?

Adam at realmacmods is a genius. Really helpful support and it was a real treat to see the display burst into life again. I removed the resistor first long story so assumed I now had a dead machine but the wait 60s and hit enter, then wait 60 more before hitting enter again actually worked. Remember to use the provided Posting this from newly resurrected 15"MBP.

Has anyone run into an issue where the backlight goes off and doesn't come back on, even with the jumper modification, downgrading the OS, reapplying the EFI variable fix and removing the resistor, i've run into this on 3 different logicboards. I've got 7 or 8 more logicboards, to hopefully not destroy, has anyone had problems with the backlight circut doing this mod?

Hey - old post but I'm having the same issue. Screen is working - I can see the desktop if I shine a light through the apple logo but cannot get backlight to come up. Haven't tried jumper for High Sierra issue too hard for me but I'm not convinced this is the issue. Such a shame. Did you fix this? I got an error. Hello, I had the same issue and I tried this.

Unfortunately after removing the the resistor R, my mac boots now but a complete black screen. Had someone the same result? The same problem here on my Early board. I have one Late where everythings works fine, then I made a Early I'm not sure but as I remember also everything was fine in the beginning after removing R Then I also swap the battery, everything OK with the Late board After that I go on with the Early and the screen was black.

Then I made the High Sierra mod and the screen works again! The only solution which works on the Early board seems to be the High Sierra mod jumper wire between pin 2 of R and pin 1 of C Maybe I find the time and courage to swap back the boards to the original screens and take a look what happens. But I'm very happy with the Late and the non glare LCD at the moment, there everything is fine also the tunable brightness. I'm a little bit afraid, that I also got this problems with my Late board.

Short addition. My Early works again without the jumper wire tested with Sierra, El Capitan and Snow Leopard , BUT brightness is only full, or null ;- So if I press F1 as long as there are 2 or 3 blocks at the 15 blocks scale lighning, screen turns completely off, then I had to press F2 until 12 or 13 blocks are active again at the scale, then the screen turns back on again?!

It seems also that it was necessary to change the memory configuration after I removed the jumper wire. The screen starts to work again, after I put out one memory module and run the Macbook with only one memory module! After that I shutdown Mac OS and put the second memory module in again and the screen keeps going on to work. From my point of view with this Early mainboard, I will mount again the jumper wire, because with this configuration every Mac OS which I've tested works Snow Leopard, Lion, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and even the official unsupported Mojave , of course only with full brightness, but wakes up after sleep mode.

Maybe someone has an idea whats going on here, or it helps others who are fighting the black screen. My macbook now is completed black screen, its still running. I have resurrected it from removing the resistor. I was away home few days and forgot to charge my Mac then the battery ran out.

How stupid I am Now i feel so frustrating I am on Sierra before it happened. I have done this a few times while testing. It is possible to do all the RealMacMods steps without battery. I have already done this with a Early , which has no battery inside. Hi all. Long story short, the website eventually resolved itself and I decided to send my late MBP in to them since the teenyness of the DIY effort was not something I finally decided to undertake. Cannot thank him and Real Mac Mods enough.

Thank you Jeff and RealMacMods for this wonderful article and simple step by step instruction, how to do. Today i did to My MBP 15" and its working fine without any issue. Thanks so much for this useful guide. I've sent in my MacBook pro to a very skilled technician for the mods. The software side I did already and works well, though I did the manual way as per realmacmods. Anyone know if the jumper wire will affect other operating systems such as Linux and Windows?

I desoldered the resistor. Bad thing is my mac was running win 8. Now the screen is dead. Hard drive and fans makes sound though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hi, Big Thanks to Jeff and Adam! I managed that my Late 15" Macbook Pro works again. I made a new Lion installation and after that a upgrade to Sierra. At the moment I haven't done the additional step for High Sierra. Bye Michael. Thanks for your excellent post problem solved!

Thanks so much for all your help. I also used the HW mod for my 17 inch Macbook Pro. The GPU is not listed anymore, and everything works fine. But my battery run time is still to short 1 hours and the temperature to high for a fully disabled GPU. Any ideas what I can do to check if the GPU is really powered off? Mine was like this too. Over time it fixed itself. Some tips, you can try cleaning the heatsinks or reapplying thermal paste. If the gpu isn't listed, it is not being picked up by the system like taking a pci card out of its slot in a desktop it isn't being powered by the computer.

If you use some temperature software for the computer you will still see that the GPU is still getting hot, but if you look at the temperatures of the cpu, they are the same. This is due to the heat pipe putting some heat into the gpu before it reaches the fans. Thank you for a wonderfully detailed article about this problem. Of course any OS update might bring back the problem, but if one avoids all updates, would this work as well as the Arch Linux approach?

I've inherited a free late Macbook pro with a seemingly graphics problem. I've read your logical comment about removing those AMD Radeon extensions plus that resistor. It seems to be the very simplest approach. Does yours now not show that Radeon in the profiler after you did your particular mods? Hello, I did successfully the software-modification, macbook 8. Then I did the hardware-mod, but after the surgery the fans spin hard even when I am at the booting screen.

Did I do something wrong in hardware mod? Any suggestions? Does anyone have a good set of directions for the High Sierra jumper? I started down this road of the Real Mods fix only to find out after I ripped the R resistor that my screen wasn't going to work after it was done. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys. I had been able to revive my Mac with a slightly different approach called the grub fix. It's also an EFI fix, but uses the outb operand in the boot. Thing is, though it deactivates the dGPU, it's still very much powered on and consumes energy, that after a series of restarts, and continuous operation, it severely affects the battery. I believe Apple also causes the battery to if it's 2 years older, since I'm on a second battery and it was fairly new when it started after an update with El Capitan.

I didn't bother upgrading to Sierra or HS; I didn't need them anyway, and after a year or so of extended use, my 15" MBP became so sluggish, I could hardly use it for actual heavy duty stuff. Launching a single Adobe app has become a pain, though browsing and watching movies at the same time remained relatively manageable. I got a 2nd hand which was fairly pristine at a good price, which I am now using for work.

But, after a failed NVRAM reset because of the frakking battery issue, I couldn't get the thing to start up on Mac OS anymore using the old grub hack that used to work.

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