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Shop Wayfair for all the best 8+ Person Seat Kitchen & Dining Tables. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff, even big stuff. Rectangular Tables: 48″L – seats 4 comfortably 60″L – seats , depending on your chair size 72″L – seats , depending on your chair size. The following seating capacities provide both formal and family style recommended seating guidelines for rectangular shaped dining tables based. LENOVO THINKPAD T530 POWER SUPPLY The Threat Map console displays network works better than. And benefit manufacturers updates, your clients. Extensive library of the code generated authentication according to we have a escape single quotation.

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Table and chair sets come in a huge variety of colours, styles and materials. When deciding what table and chair set to buy you will need to consider the size of the room and how it will be used. It is also worth making sure that the set matches the colour scheme of the room. Most table and chair sets are made from solid woods or various metals, but plastic sets are available.

Solid wood furniture is a popular choice for most people as they look more natural. Whereas metal table and chair sets tend to be quite popular because they are sturdy and hardwearing. These table and chair sets are a lot heavier than plastic sets and are more of a permanent fixture. Plastic table and chair sets are easy to care for and clean. When compared to many wood and metal sets, they are relatively lightweight and easy to move around. To clean and maintain a plastic table and chair set, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and dry with a non abrasive material.

Table and chair sets with four chairs is the most common seating arrangement, but it is possible to buy sets with two chairs, six chairs or even more. Fold away chairs and tables are available for smaller dining rooms and kitchens. Most sets feature a square, rectangular or round table. Each room will suit a different shape of table depending on the size of space available and the layout.

Rectangular tables are often better suited to seat a large number of people and can look better in long rooms. If space is an issue, a drop leaf table could be a good idea. This style has sides that fold down creating more room space when not in use. For drop leaf tables, the leaf will usually either be in a semi-circle or rectangle shape.

This means that when the table is at its biggest size, it will either be oval or rectangular in shape. Extender tables have an added piece of wood that's placed in the middle of the table to give a larger seating area. When the extender piece is not in use, the table area is smaller giving a space saving option for the room. Skip to main content. Shop by category. More View more categories Less View less categories.

All Auction Buy it now. List view. Seating Capacity 1 2 4 6 8 see all. Buying format All listings filter applied. Solid wood John Lewis dining table and matching bench. Room for 8 when extended. Free postage. Dining Table in Oak solid with Tree Edge 3,00x1, 03m incl. Just make sure you have more chairs than guests and good luck!

Guests can be assigned to a table where they can choose any seat or assigned to a specific seat. We don't have exact figures, but it seems that assigning tables is probably more common in the USA and assigning seats is more common in Europe. Both approaches are valid and whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference. You might want to put people next to people they know, or you might want to split them up a bit so they meet new people.

But try to put each person next to at least one person they already know. People are more likely to get on well if they are similar ages or have similar interests. It might not be a good idea to put your 'alternative lifestyle' friend with the piercings and tattoos next to your year-old grandmother.

A little common sense goes a long way. Generally you should try to put families together and work colleagues together. But if you know people don't get on, try seating them separately. It is worth breaking with tradition to have a stress free event. Avoid mixing age groups too much. Young children should be seated with their parents. Older children can be seated with their parents, or on a table together. Try to create balanced tables, with even numbers of males and females.

It is traditional to alternate male-female-male-female guests in some cultures. Some business dinners are seated male-male-female-female for variety. If it is a group of people that know each other well you could try splitting up married couples for extra variety. Try to avoid putting guests on the same table as ex-partners, unless you are sure this is OK. Remember that every room has 4 corners! Resist the temptation to have a 'leftovers' table of all the people who didn't fit on other tables.

It is probably better to distribute such guests evenly. You might want all the tables to be same size and shape or you might want to vary them. Find out what sizes and shapes are available. The figures below give you a rough idea of the venue size required, depending on the number of guests and the type of seating.

Note that it doesn't allow for dance floors and other unused space. Make sure the tables are placed so that serving staff have easy access. Don't place a table blocking a door, especially a fire escape. If you have a large venue for the number of guests you may want to put all the tables in one corner to avoid the venue feeling empty.

A good number of seats for a circular table is ten. If you have less than this you may have problems fitting all the tables into the venue. The figures below give you a rough idea of the number of guests you can fit on a circular table:. Recommended circular table seating capacities based on 1. Before you can arrange your seating plan you need to know how many guests are coming.

You can confirm numbers by sending out RSVPs. Typically RSVPs are sent out at least a month before the event. Your RSVP should make clear:. You should always include a date by which people must reply, otherwise some people may decide to leave it to the day before the event. Chase up stragglers with a phone call once the reply deadline has expired. If it is an important event and you want to warn people to keep the date free long before you send out RSVPs, you can send 'save the date' cards.

If you are having speeches or announcements, try to place the people giving them are seated where they won't have their back to anyone. Try to place pregnant, elderly and disabled guests and guests with small children where they have easy access to toilets and other facilities. Don't seat them at tables that are going to be removed to make space after the meal.

Older guests will generally have poorer hearing and eyesight. Do try to put them where they can see and hear any speeches. Do not put them next to loud music, they won't appreciate it. Put children's tables in the least favourable locations, they have better hearing and won't be too interested in the speeches anyway. Guests will need to know which table they are seated at so they don't have to walk around every table to find their place.

This is usually achieved by displaying a seating chart or escort cards prominently at the entrance to the venue. Table number cards are placed on tables to display the number or name of the table. If you have a large number of tables you might also want to display a floor plan to show where the tables are.

These can be as simple or elaborate as you like. More important is that you have a good table plan that seats the right people together. A seating chart shows each guest which table they are seated at. Whether you prefer a seating chart or escort cards is a matter of personal preference.

Seating charts are easier to display. They can also be signed by your guests and framed to make a nice memento of the occasion. The seating chart can either list guests by table or alphabetically by name. Listing by table is more common in the UK and shows who else is on the same table.

Listing by guest name is more common in the USA and makes it a little easier to find your table, especially at a large event. If you choose an artistic font for your seating chart e. An escort card is usually inside a small envelope with the guest's name written on the outside.

You can also use a blank business card and write the name on one side and the table number on the other. Escort cards are very common in the USA. Escort cards have the advantage that they can be changed up to the last minute, whereas a seating chart may need to be printed days or weeks in advance. Escort cards can be as artistic or as plain as you like. If you choose a calligraphy font for your seating chart or cards e. Escort cards are normally placed on a table, in alphabetical order, at the entrance to the venue.

Table number cards are placed on tables to display the table name or number. They should be large enough to read without having to walk right up to the table. Table number cards are usually large tent fold cards, or flat cards in a holder. Make sure they aren't so tall that they prevent guests seeing each other over the table. If you have decided to name your tables you can theme the table number cards appropriately. You can use 'hearts' playing cards for inexpensive table number markers, i.

Ace of hearts for table 1, two of hearts for table 2 etc. Place cards are placed at each place setting to ensure guests sit in the correct seats. They are only required if you have assigned guests to seats not tables. If you are using tent-fold cards, write the guest's name on both sides so that other guests on the table can also read it. Smith" depending on the level of formality you feel happy with. Using just the first name is obviously not recommended if there is more than one person with the same first name.

Guest names can also be written on personalised favours or menus instead of using place cards. Place cards can be bought from wedding suppliers and some stationery suppliers. You can either write them by hand yourself, employ a calligrapher to do it for you or print them on the computer.

If you are printing them on the computer we recommend you buy sheets of press out place cards , for example ones available from Avery, DecaDry or Sigel. If you use an artistic or calligraphy font for your place cards e. Place cards can be a useful way to communicate to the catering staff which meals people have ordered. If you are feeling creative you can give tables names instead of numbers. This is very common for weddings.

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