Brawl stars player profile

brawl stars player profile

Graph showing how trophies evolved for this player tracked every single day. +0 today +0 this week +0 this season. Brawl Stars Player Profile. View Trophy records, victory counts, battle logs, Brawler collections, and other statistics for any player. Some of our games support reporting offensive player names in the player profile. Tap on a player's name in their profile and tap on "Report.". MICHAEL KORS DOUBLE ZIP This is thanks is recovered. General 2 Answers is correlated to. The insert or directive to use.

See our Privacy Policy for additional details. I have been playing brawlstars for a long time now and using brawl stats along with it. I have never had any problem with it, it has always been a great app for finding the best maps and comps. You can also look at the top players and you own profile. But a couple weeks ago it singed me out and I had to re put in my player tag That is the only problem I have ever had with it. Also o think it would be cool if you could look at your friends list and see their profiles.

Good job just needs a few improvements. Also could you add a way to look at your In game friends profiles? However, there are some bugs and suggestions: 1. The most obvious one is that Rosa is not a recommended brawler on any map, so the recommendation choices have not been adjusted to reflect her addition to the game. The ranking stats for each brawler is way off. For instance my Rosa is trophies, but showing rank The type of member you are in the clubs is wrong.

Also the club gives a random joining date. For me, it shows I joined 5 days ago. I have been in the same club since There is also no second hand counter. That is all. A good start. It needs to go out of its way to be more than minimalist to impress me, however.

I used it for the first time 3 days ago.. It worked, and I liked how it showed future events and maps. So I kept it. I tried to use it but nothing would load.. Fixed Club League icon in Player profile. Fixed Gear tutorial animation. Fixed a crash issue on lower iOS versions. Fixed hitbox of rightmost game mode banner. Fixed Nita sound effects. Fixed a few texts. Various fixes for Club League invitations, handling, and UX.

Gears can also be upgraded up to level 3. You can still change Gears before a match just like Star Powers and Gadgets. Seasons The season lasts 1 week Competing days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Each member gets 4 Tickets that will reset at the end of the competing day Golden Tickets: 4 additional Tickets can be acquired per member in order to play additional matches.

Golden Tickets can be purchased using Star Point or Gems Game modes and matchmaking Matchmaking happens based on the Club region As a member of a Club, you can choose to play a Standard match Best of 1 or a Competitive match Best of 3 - same format as in Power League To play a Standard match you need 1 ticket.

To play a Competitive match, 2 tickets. Standard matches have one game mode and map available per day Competitive matches share the same map pool as Power League Club Trophies Members of a club get Club Trophies when playing a match. Club Trophies for Standard matches: Club trophies for Competitive matches: Club Points At the end of each competing day, the 8 Clubs in the League are ranked based on the total amount of Club Trophies earned by all the members of each Club.

View All. News Eve's second gadget is out! Apr 20, Apr 14, News Brawl Stars Championship - All you need to know! Apr 9, News Power League changes and improvements! Apr 7,

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