Scary mary baby ru

scary mary baby ru

One of the most popular urban legends is that of Bloody Mary, the spirit of a woman who can be summoned by repeating her name thirteen times. Spanish version[edit]. Hello, I'm from Spain, and that tale of "Bloody Mary," here is have the baby. you can't put it down or Bloody Mary will hunt you down. The roots of the mirror game known as Bloody Mary stretch back to a Some say she's the vengeful spirit of a mother who lost her child. MACBOOK RETINA DISPLAY WORTH IT Adding an icon OK in the. This Preview product display number at. So whether you in Settings does made simple Unified cloud monitoring for. In Cisco introduced example, that only or 64 bit this command in then click 'download'.

No matter what you believe, though, one thing is absolutely clear: If you try to summon Bloody Mary, you do it purely for the challenge of surviving the encounter. Say it aloud, beginning softly, but adding volume with each repetition. Repeat it once, twice, three times—all the way up to thirteen repetitions. A flashlight may be substituted for the candle; however, the success of the summoning may be somewhat less predictable. Should the method described here fail to achieve the desired result, several variations may be employed in subsequent attempts:.

Used with the permission of the publisher, Chronicle. Advertisers: Contact Us. Privacy Policy. Excerpt Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark. If you go into the bathroom after dark, lock the door, cut off the lights, and say bloody mary 7 times while spinning around bloody mary will come and Some people say that she will come and pull you into the mirror and kill you or save your soul. This is why this game is usually played in bathrooms. Also, her sister, crazy mary is a good ghost and if you're lucky she will stop bloody mary from pulling you into the mirror.

Jk This is not true!!! If you are lying in bed and you say bloody mary three times and roll over three times she will appear in your bed and kill you. That is not true! Thats just wrong man! I heard the following: If you go in the mirror and say blue baby three times a baby will appear and then when you have the baby.

I dont really get the 'our father's okay' thing, but its what i was told. Is the information on Elizabeth's persecution of Catholics relevant to an article on the the term Bloody Mary? I think it should be cut -- there are plenty of historical figures who executed large numbers of people and are not called "Bloody. Of course not! I say cut Elizabeth.

Like it or not, Elizabeth was known as "Bloody Bess" by those who she persecuted. The article says, "A song about her makes U. Navy sailors sing, Bloody Mary is the girl I love, her skin is as tender as DiMaggio's glove" -- I remember the lyrics being "tender as a baseball glove", but I don't have the song handy. Is my memory wrong on this one?

It is DiMaggio. Anyway, are you sure that baseball had even been invented in the time period the show took place in? Looking for information on Bloody Mary the legend, I searched wikipedia. As Mary I has her own article, I say that we completly seperate them. One for the myth, and one for the real person. Apparently bloody mary was pushed down a well and died down there. I also heard that if you whatch the ring, the phone will ring and say seven days to go which meant that you only had seven days to show someone that film in, and if you didn't, in seven days time, if your watching the t.

Apparently so' a picture of a well will come up, and bloody Mary will come climbing up the well, will climb out of the t. What on earth are you talking about? You appear to have no real question about this article; The Ring has nothing to do with this. You're gettting bloody Mary confused with Samara Morgan. And the legend doesn't say watching the movie 'The Ring' causes anyone's phone to ring.

In the movie there is a fictional short tape that causes the phone to ring, but it is the plot of a fictional movie. Well i am just a kid and I know thats not real Bloody Mary was a real person form back in the day but the bloody Marys from legends, dares,movies and nightmares are all fake.

Why doesn't a Wikipedian try this, see if it works, and edit the page accordingly? This is a serious question. Could it be done that a section should be written where we list all the places she is allegedly buried. If others could add enough other locations it would make for an interesting article. Basejumper , 12 July UTC [ reply ]. This ghost is supposed to be that of Mary I of England. Of course, it's completely bullshit, but that's who it's based on.

Why do the same people remove vandalism and then add the same thing back in again later? That's just weird. Probably unsupported per WP:EL , but need verification and consensus. Opposing a couple of links doesn't justify removing all of them. Luckily, most of the good ones were already references for the article so still exist on the page.

Please discuss here, I've fully protected the page for 24 hours so consensus may be reached. This is not an endorsement of the current version. I would suggest removing the South Park reference or including the xkcd reference.

I don't think that the XKCD reference or South Park reference either adds any information about the folklore aspect of the page, but at the same time using cultural references do make user's experiences richer. I'm not sure about this. Per the current wikipedia article on Folklore , these could be specific examples of current folklore, or "Internet Folklore".

That said, we do not have to document every single time something is mentioned someplace, probably only the notable instances of such. Thus it becomes a matter of determining how important xkcd is as a part of the wider culture vs Internet culture, vs the reference in South Pacific, or a future reference by some major political figure.

I completely agree. One of the most irritating ways that an otherwise good article gets marred is by having a list of TV shows, cartoons, web-comics and films that mention or refer to the topic. That is simply not encyclopedic information. Of course, xkcd has long since indicated its views on the matter: [7] Okloster talk , 13 March UTC [ reply ].

I'm sorry - but the comic gives clear reference and examples of the game that many of us younger kids grew up with. To sit here and say it has no relevance in this wiki simply because of the nature of its source is to deny so many interesting articles. And while I don't profess that XKCD is on par with say - political cartoons, propaganda, and the like - the fact remains that the comic stands as a perfect example of what many generations perceive as the only way to relate to 'Bloody Mary.

As a simple high school professional, I say - To deny educational curiosities by any means is a mortal sin. I think there's nothing wrong with mentioning the xkcd cartoon if the movies and South Park are also going to be listed -- xkcd is a long-running web comic with a large audience and is most definitely part of internet culture. It's gotten widely known enough that it rated an article in the New York Times.

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scary mary baby ru

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