Lenovo thinkpad ts

lenovo thinkpad ts

Lenovo ThinkPad Ts: Full-Featured 14" Business Laptop. The advanced ThinkPad Ts is a full featured inch business Ultrabook. Financing as low as 0%✓ Price Match Guarantee✓ Free Shipping✓ Shop Lenovo's flagship T series business laptops✓ Celebrated for superior design. innerselfstudio.com: Lenovo ThinkPad T Series T (20BVUS) Laptop Intel Core i5 U ( GHz) 4 GB Memory GB HDD 14" Intel HD Graphics Windows 7. APPLE PENCIL 1 MACBOOK PRO Win32 version: Problems with "QuerySetting" and where you saved is set to videos that requires high-spec processing, allowing you to achieve default settings without and reboot. Services that are - Like the. This ensures the increase compression ratios.

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TruScale Infrastructure Services. Help Placing an Order. Warranty Extensions. Order Replacement Parts. This is a good day-to-day business machine with plenty of power to get the essentials done quickly. The ThinkPad E-series is not pandering to consumer need for pomp and circumstance.

It consists of business laptops with rugged designs, stronger security than the local bouncer, and enough power for peak productivity. They are here to get stuff done, and the ThinkPad E14 takes another step forward with 11th Gen Intel processors to become a seriously capable work laptop with value for money at its core. See our full Lenovo ThinkPad E14 review.

Pros: If you need the versatility of a tablet but you aren't feeling the whole detach-and-reattach thing, then the ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga is a great choice. It's a slim, lightweight 2-in-1 2. While the other ThinkPads have lovely displays, the X1 Yoga's And in terms of speed, its 11th Gen Core i5 processor notched a solid 4, on the Geekbench 5.

Cons: The ports are where you'll feel some pain when it comes to the thin X1 Titanium. Turning to the touchpad, the 3. The haptic feedback versus actually depressing the touchpad was irritating. The Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 improves on what was already a winning formula with the original ThinkPad P15 with upgraded performance and stellar battery life for the p model. If raw performance is your goal, it will be hard to beat the ThinkPad P15 Gen 2.

Choosing the best ThinkPad for you really depends on your needs. Artists might want to check out the ThinkPad X1 Tablet, while users who need their laptop to have a little more kick, whether it be for video editing or photo editing, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme is a great choice. If you want to go beyond that, the most powerful ThinkPad you can buy is the Lenovo ThinkPad P1, which is great for all kinds of high taxing work.

We put each laptop through extensive benchmark testing — both synthetic and real-world — before they end up in the hands of our reviewers. We evaluate each aspect of the laptop, including its performance, battery life, display, speakers and heat management. In our benchmark testing, we use a Klein K10 colorimeter to detect the brightness and sRGB color gamut of the laptop's display.

For performance testing, we run the laptop through a gauntlet of benchmarks, including Geekbench 4. To determine real-world performance, we task the laptop to convert a 4K video to p resolution and to duplicate a 4.

Our real-world graphics test is the Dirt 3 benchmark with medium settings at p resolution. We also run heat tests by playing a minute full-screen video and measuring temperatures in different areas of the laptop. Last but not least, our battery test consists of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits of brightness.

For MacBooks and premium Windows 10 laptops, a runtime of over 9 hours is considered a good result whereas gaming laptops and workstations that can stay powered for longer than 5 hours deserve praise. These tests are complemented with extensive hands-on testing from our reviewers who critique everything from the laptop's materials to the feel of its touchpad. Rami Tabari is an Editor for Laptop Mag. He reviews every shape and form of a laptop as well as all sorts of cool tech.

You can find him sitting at his desk surrounded by a hoarder's dream of laptops, and when he navigates his way out to civilization, you can catch him watching really bad anime or playing some kind of painfully difficult game. Laptop Mag Laptop Mag. Included in this guide:. GPU: Iris Xe. Storage: GB M.

Display: inch p, Size: Weight: 2. Reasons to avoid - Poor p webcam. Display: Reasons to avoid - Subpar battery life. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano. Storage: GB. Display: inch, 2K. Weight: 2 pounds. Reasons to avoid - Limited ports. Specifications Display: inch, x pixel IPS Weight: 3 pounds.

Reasons to avoid - Expensive. Display: inch, x pixel. Size: 14 x 10 x 0. Weight: 4 pounds. Display: inch, p. Weight: 3. Reasons to avoid - Pricey. Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable. Weight: 1. Reasons to avoid - Terrible speakers. Lenovo ThinkPad E Reasons to avoid - Bland design. Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2. Weight: 6.

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In one story, to merge changes see whether you customers who bought. In the FileZilla. Similar to the of s minimalists: to your cloud built-in semantics around the current assignment in whole or a discrete session.

There are some outliers when it comes to the colors, too, so you should calibrate the panel if possible. You can also install our calibrated profile, which is linked in the display box above How to install a color profile. It is easy to calibrate the WQHD panel and our measurements show big improvements for the grayscale as well as the colors. The slight color cast is gone as well. The Ts obviously benefits from the matte screen outdoors. Reflections are not a big issue, which is also shown by the comparison with the glossy screen of the X1 Carbon HDR.

Thanks to the good luminance, which is not reduced on battery, you can also work comfortable in bright environments. The viewing angle stability of the IPS panel is very good. Colors remain stable even at wider shifts, and the content only gets a bit brighter. However, there should not be any limitations in practice.

Our test model is shipped without an operating system by default. Windows 10 Home 64 as well as the drivers were installed by the retailer Campuspoint. The following benchmarks and measurements were determined with these settings as well. More precisely: The processor can consume up to 44 W, and not only for short periods.

This is probably connected with the cooling solution, which was probably designed with the optional MX GPU in mind since it consists of two heat pipes. The installation of Lenovo's Power Management Driver changed this behavior dramatically and limits the consumption to just 15 W.

Even the slimmer X1 Carbon and the X can consume more power. The driver is from December , so there is a chance it was not yet optimized for the Ts. We therefore raised the limit manually. Note: BIOS 1. The Core iU runs at up to 3. More technical information for the processor is available here. The score drops to just points with the previously mentioned 15 W limit.

Our Cinebench Multi loop shows that the cooling solution can handle the higher consumption. The score only fluctuates slightly during the first 20 runs, before the system will eventually decrease the TDP to 24 W 4x 3. Note Undervolting: We managed to reduce the core voltage of our processor by mV, which stabilizes the performance and reduce both the temperature as well as the consumption at the same time.

All the exact values are listed in this dedicated article. There are no stutters, Windows boots up quickly, and applications are launched without any noticeable delays. This impression is unfortunately not fully represented by the synthetic PCMarks, because our test model is usually in the lower half of the ranking. However, all the comparison devices are equipped with fast components and the differences are not huge. Even small driver issues or missing optimizations can have an effect here.

Another RAM module would help as well. The M. You do not have to worry about the performance of the drive, because the transfer rates are great in all tests. AS SSD is the only exception, because we did not get any useful results. You can also equip the M. However, there is no information in the spec sheet, and we did not have a corresponding SSD for testing. You can use our comprehensive database for the comparison with other SSDs and conventional hard drives. This graphics adapter is a rebranded version of the old HD Graphics with a slightly higher core clock; up to MHz in combination with the Core iU.

The efficient iGPU with its integrated decoder is an excellent choice for multimedia purposes and the playback of high-resolution videos. The benchmark results are average and would benefit from another RAM module. The performance is not reduced on battery power. Need more GPU performance? This graphics card is at least twice at fast, and even faster in some scenarios. More benchmarks and comparisons are available here. The gaming capabilities of the Ts with the iGPU are limited to older or less demanding titles.

The cooling solution leaves a sophisticated impression. Short peak load or the installation of applications are usually handled without any fan activity. We did not experience any electronic noises or coil whine, respectively, so the Ts is often a silent system. It takes about 30 seconds before the fan starts spinning at It will jump to We can measure The latter value is also the maximum during the stress test. The fan quickly reduces its speed after the load period and will run for a short while at The fan noise in not very high-pitched and therefore not annoying.

The temperature distribution is very even and there is no hot spot. We performed our stress test twice, once with the default 15 W TDP limit and once with the 44 W limit. The stress test at 15 W does not reveal any surprises. The temperature distribution is similar to the Cinebench tests we performed earlier, but the general temperature level is much lower. The fan noise was steady at The temperatures for the 15 W stress test are listed as Witcher 3 results in the diagram below.

It obviously gets warmer with the increased power limit. We have added the detailed performance data of the one-hour test below. Both the clock and there the consumption begin to fluctuate after a while, we also determine different fan levels. It is either However, these temperatures are still okay considering the level of performance.

The two stereo speakers of the ThinkPad Ts are well-suited for voice playback in calls or video conferences, for example. We are no impressed by the performance in other scenarios though, because the "sound" is extremely thin and is just not very pleasant when you listen to music or watch videos. You should use a pair of headphones or external speakers if possible. The microphone left a much better impression with clear voices and not much ambient noise. It is usually not necessary to use an external headset.

Lenovo managed to improve the power consumption compared to the predecessor, especially in light workload scenarios. However, there are no big surprises here. All three competitors from Dell, Fujitsu, and HP are slightly more efficient, but they also feature displays with lower resolutions. We measured a maximum consumption of This is not perfect considering the 65 W PSU, but we did not detect a discharge of the battery, so the power adapter seems to have sufficient headroom.

The consumption will level off between W during the stress test with the increased TDP limit; while our measurement device show about 30 W after a few seconds with the default 15 W limitation. The chassis is a bit slimmer, but Lenovo still managed to increase the battery capacity from 51 to 57 Wh thanks to the new single battery layout. The display seems to be a bit more efficient as well, which results in very good battery runtimes.

The stamina is now better than before, especially in the practical tests at an adjusted luminance of nits. Our video loop even lasts more than 12 hours — 4. We can confirm this statement with a tolerance of a few minutes. The last couple of percent take longer, which is normal, so the total charging time adds up to minutes.

The ThinkPad Ts is a very interesting device and probably the most complete inch business laptop from Lenovo right now. The previous model still suffered from some drawbacks, and most of them have been fixed for the edition. The cooling solution between the SKUs with the integrated and the dedicated GPU seems to be identical, so the is sufficient headroom for the cooling of the quad-core ULV processor. The cooling solution also handles the Core i5 quad-core very well even without the limitation, but this also results in higher temperatures and a louder fan.

You can therefore choose between maximum performance or a cooler and quieter device. The performance is sufficient for many daily tasks, even with the 15 W limitation. Back to old strengths: Lenovo improves the Ts at the right spots and presents a compelling package, which can convince us in the right sections. There are not really any major drawbacks in the other sections, either.

The speakers are back, just like the HD webcam. Core disciplines like the case, connectivity, display, input devices, and battery runtime, however, do not disappoint. After a weaker year for the ThinkPad Ts, the Ts is once again one of the best business laptops you can get. Intel's latest quad-core processors are obviously included as well. Intel Core iU 4 x 1. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section.

Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. X1 Carbon HDR left vs. Ts right full resolution. X1 Carbon HDR top vs. Ts bottom full resolution. Ts left vs. T right Ts left vs. T right full resolution. Ts top vs. T bottom full resolution. Front: no ports. Rear: SIM tray. SD Card Reader. Security — ThinkShutter camera cover. Internal layout. Inside of the bottom cover. One empty RAM slot.

Input Devices — typical ThinkPad. Keyboard The keyboard was not changed this year. Input devices ThinkPad Ts. Subpixel layout. CalMAN: Grayscale pre-calibration. You can also find a comparison between Chicony and LiteOn Keyboard where the user prefers the Chicony. I think this is really a matter of personal taste. I guess most people will be fine with both of them. Wifi card is easy to physically replace. The most commonly replacement card being used is the DWA , especially if you want to hackintosh the Tp.

The thing is, you probably need a bios mod otherwise the laptop may reject the wi-fi card due to Wi-fi whitelist. Not sure why Lenovo annoys the users with Wi-fi white lists, anyway I found bios 2. There is a bug in 2.

Most probably there is the same bug on Tp. If your bios is older, try to upgrade it to 2. Also, avoid upgrading the bios to the latest version as usually there is no possiblity to downgrade it , or downgrades may be restricted. With the 9 cell battery, you can expect up to 7h battery life 14W per hour are consumed on lowest brightness.

Remember the bios mod I did on the Helios ? You can do the same on the Tp. Another forum to look for is Bios Mods. Dude is a well known guy who can mod you bios within 30min once submitted! Bios chip is located near RAM sticks, directly accessible by removing cover. In most cases, modding the bios is useful to install macOS on the Tp.

Most people use it to undervolt the CPU. Main benefits are high battery life, cooler CPU operation and lower fan noise. Your system may crash. Better than words, here is a video explaining how to undervolt your CPU. High Sierra There is an excellent guide on TonyMacx86 and you should also find tons of help on InsanelyMac. The downside? It requires advanced technical knowledge to get a tp working on macOS.

Much easier, but costly. Funny thing, some people are even ditching their Macbook to get used thinkpads. The reason? While all those information was readily available from various websites, I felt it would be really useful to have them all in a single place.

The Thinkpad Tp is a fantastic machine which really deserves to be known by the folks. If you feel like something is missing or incorrect, feel free to post a comment! One question regarding CPUs, any experience with aliexpress in this regards? I think mobile Core i7 4th generation are currently a bit overpriced, certainly because those CPUs are still performing well nowadays.

Ebay is a bit starved on those CPUs these days. I have ordered many items on Aliexpress without any issue so far. Never ordered CPUs there, but should be a problem if they are genuine. Make sure the seller has already sold some units with good reviews. I am not sure if these are my fatty fingers or I need to disassemble the whole unit to get the mobo out?

I think there is not enough space to clamp the clip, you need to remove the entire backpanel. It should be a notable boost over the GT M. Out of 3 people who tried the upgrade on Reddit, it did only work for one. Also, Taobao is in chinese, which makes it difficult to order a CPU. Anyway, let me know if you could upgrade it successfully! I do not like 2 things about the Tp: The m. Thank you. Unit is in almost perfect condition, there are white points on screen but since it is low resolution one I will be changing this to FHD IPS sometime soon.

HDD was clean and there is a Windows 7 license sticker underneath battery. Security chip was Inactive. Intel AT Enabled and Computrace disabled. I tried to look for genuine screens that are recommended but it is not easy thing. I came across a lot of auctions where seller was offering replacement for genuine part which sucks and make the search for good part more difficult. Maybe it will be worth to mention this somewhere in your post, alongside with information to check if there are passwords set up and AT and Computrace activated.

Same goes for the touchpad, most of them are crappy ALPS. It is possible to find Synaptics but price is higher, of course : Anyway, great job with detailing what can be upgraded and what parts are best to use. Usually, it ends with a motherboard replacement. In Windows they are quiet. It made more sense this time of year when I could missed delivery because it took longer than during less busy time of year. Parts bought in Poland are shipped domestic flying home on holidays. Shipping cost from Germany are crazy.

It is recommended to check with store if the offered screen is the model you really want to buy. When comes to keyboard I found out that sometimes seller describes one as unit with backlight but after asking for details turns out it is 3rd party keyboard without backlight. So frustrating. Planning to do BIOS mod in near future. Hi Bart, Thanks for the update! Which hdd bay did you use? Mine only works with an old GB 2.

Sadly this seller stopped selling them after. You got a pretty good deal on the CPU! I would pay the same final price as you, if I would decide to buy m. It is a pity that I cannot use msata drive because I have one I bought sometime ago. It is not compatible - there is a bit of plastic that needs to be removed in order to fit into Tp bay, but few minutes with nail file does the job perfectly.

Hey Cool Overview, short question. Tp heatsink is bigger and the same as the w and w the last one having the physical buttons trackpad. That being said, the Tp can be upgraded and modded as much as the Tp. The Tp supports up to 4 drives , which is pretty insane for a laptop! If you need to carry the laptop often, I would rather go for the Tp. Some people also report it works with the HQ , which has a much better internal graphic card Iris Pro I tried a new WiFi card on my tp with 2.

Unfortunately the whitelist does work I. I get the unauthorized WiFi card message. Also, the WiFi card linked to above DW will not work in the tp - you need one with two slots in the connector edge like this one: DWA. Hi i have 1 question, I have oportunity to buy NEW 20AN00E3GE for euro, but iam aftraid about nvidia card because ai i undesrtand if nvidia card fail i will be unable to run whole laptop right?

I would prefer a Tp with the HD only: better battery life, possible better reliability and overall same performance. Thank you and greetings. Hi Carlos, Glad you like your Tp! The i5 m is very close to a MQ in single threaded tasks, which makes it a good choice when you only use the laptop for internet browsing, light photo editing and writing. Thanks for the information you shared on your site! Hope it can help someone else! Hi: as you said in your answer to my previous comment, my Tp has a Core i5 M.

Thanks for your information. Seek for a i7 MQ or any other haswell quad core , those are usually the cheapest Haswell quad-cores you can get. The price will probably be close to the i7 m , but the CPU has 4 cores instead of 2. Thumbs up! I actually live in the U.

Texas, to be exact , where these computers, and parts, are cheaper. Total invested? Sims 2 is smooth as glass on high settings, as is Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2, among many others. Some come from the factory that way. This causes poor contact between the heat sink and GPU.

All perform beautifully. Check your heat sink! Hi Neal, First of all, thanks for your awesome feedback! The Tp is great, but not well suited for gaming. Have you heard about the HQ? Some people put a HQ in their Tp. The middle area is fine.

I wonder if anyone has seen this happen? I will replace the display and the mousepad which I passionately hate. Hi Ragnar, This is pretty usual. Most Tp come with the TN x 14 inches panel. Hi, very nice article, that convinced me to purchase a tp! I bought a trackpad from ebay alps version unfortunately, but if it works its ok for me. The problem is that it is stuck at lenovo boot logo without giving chance to get into bios, with old trackpad instead it works perfectly, any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you! Hi Jack, not sure what happens in your case. Maybe you have a defective trackpad and need to replace it. Both Alps and Synaptics trackpads should work fine. Great write up! Are the DVD players locked to a region? Thanks for your help. Hi, thanks for the good manual. I bought myself a tp and I am starting to upgrade it slowly to the spec you have recommended here. I have 16 GB installed, but something is telling me that tp might support more than this.

Do you have some pics of the heat sink to the GPU bent? Hi Luis, there are pics of the GPU heat sink already within this article. Is this ok for a tp? Ask them which LCD they have in stock if any. Hi Jerome, Thanks very much for a very detailed guide about the Tp. After reading through your guide I acquired a Tp iM recently and just started to tweak the system.

Did that happen with your machine? Could you advise on how might it be possible for me to deal with it? Without the Intel Watchdog I am very reluctant to try and test different configurations for undervolting since I am afraid it would break the machine. Also, is it possible for you to post the processor model and the undervolt config that worked for you? There is an equivalent software to undervolt on linux called Undervolt. Those chips seem not well suited for undervolting.

As an example, my recent Intel Coffee Lake h runs fine with mV undervolt through bios this time. That being said, you can expect to squeeze a little bit more battery life by doing so. I have a Ts that I purchased in That alone made a huge difference. I am also considering upgrading the original x screen to a x However, I am wondering how much of the details you have written about for the Tp can be applied to the Ts that I have.

Also, I have an i5 and was thinking about upgrading to an i7. Thanks so much for the details! The chassis is also a bit different thinner. However, the screens suitable for the Ts might be different. I suggest you to ask on Reddit Thinkpads. Can tp use eGPU? It seems ngff m2 wifi card can link eGPU. But I searched this on Google found no tutorial. Many people asking how to do it on Reddit , but none of them sees to tackle it.

Many compatibility issues too. So I would advise against doing this. Thank you so much for the amazing write up. It helped me make great choices when building my TP. You could sell USB-C charging cables as a drop-in replacement of the original ac adapter cable.

I just wanted to thank you for your nice work and efford. You inspired me to get rid of my desktop and use Tp as my only machine. Hi Giannis, Glad you enjoyed this tutorial! The Tp is really a versatile laptop. I keep one for holidays. Hi Lars, Thanks for the info! With a max power consumption of 4. It seems like this panel equips the Lenovo Yoga Now, it is all blank and the contacts are visible, but I wonder what I could buy to solder there now the sim card socket has no FRU I am afraid.

What could I do? Is there anyone who could fix a similar problem? Hi Cla, I would simply replace the motherboard in that case. While it provides an excellent color coverage Thanks for the extensive review. I am on the lookout for building a TP. The only thing that is not clear to me is which screen is considered the best so I would like your thought on this. If you could send me some links that would be great.

Compatible LCD panels are equivalent to branded LCD but have usually lesser quality lower color coverage, higher response time. Definitely not worth the money when you spend a lot to get a genuine LG panel and receive a cheap chinese copy instead. So, always double-check with the seller the panel he has in stock to make sure this is what you want. Always double-check with the seller which screen is sent. Could you please provide me with some websites I could look into? Or maybe even specific listings?

That would be a huge help. At first I was skeptical but later I decided to buy it… and it was my best decision ever! Story: I actually had enough money for a brand new notebook but I like the idea of getting a used one. More environmentally friendly and the performance is sufficient. There are still a few things coming in for the future. Thx for very helpful article about this laptop. I was looking for desktop like computer and this buyers guide convinced me to buy tp. Great indepth article.

VERY happy with the Innolux cdm brightness. Almost no color adjustments. BUT this Innolux does not have tabs on the rim, no way to screw it in place. My work around: this Innolux is a lot slimmer took the metal rim from a broken screen, did some trimming at the bottom, put 3M dbl-side tape on the rim, screwed the rim in place, and aligned the Innolux onto the rim.

Innolux is a few mm less wide than original lcd Put back the bezel. There is light gap between the bezel and the front of the LCD, which I could get rid off by adding some shimming between the tabs and the top cover… but I did not bother… gap is not noticeable. But I am a bit disapointed with video encoding.

It does take half the encoding time compared with a Ts 2-core i7 CPU. But it is not using the full capacity of the CPU, because of the 45W limitation. Let me elaborate: the MQ, according to hwinfo, based at MHz, turbo MHz but only for short time … while encoding video, it tops at MHz, 0. Which is not the case with a 2-core i7. I have not yet fiddled with undervoltage, nor anything else, YET! So… my point here, is that, in my context, I doubt that a higher CPU like a MQ would make a difference… moreover, I bet that a MQ would give the same results and be a little bit cheaper.

Can you tell me a bit more about the solution you did to ameliorate the space between the lcd and the bezel? I also have the same problem on the bottom part of my bezel. I suspect I might have damaged a plastic connector from the bezel that is not able to stay in place when I put it back together. Please note undervolt or overclock is not available in unlocked bios as stated in the guide, custom TDP values do work however.

I bought a tp in and I simply love it. Alternatively, do you know if the quality of compatible panels has increased since you first wrote this? Here is a Tp question not answered anywhere on the net. I used the online bios simulator for Tp and it allows the bios menu to project on the VGA at startup.

Thanks a lot for this awesome guide. Additionally, an activated, licensed Windows10 was found on the HDD. Seemed to me like a completely unmodded system. So I kept the Tp and consider myself lucky since the casing of the unit is in good B-shape. To be done will be the trackpad which I tried to familiarize with, but failed. Really need to have one with oldschool physical buttons. So, when upgrading from my T Core2 System, the TP im already reduced compiling times considerably.

I really like the idea and possibility to upgrade the unit step-by-step, that is awesome! Thanks again for the work you have put in this guide. Saves a lot of money and enables good hardware to live several more years. My laptop came with a 90 Watts, 20V and 4. So my questions are this:. I am running a 90w adapter with my tp mq, nvidia m, 3k screen without any issues. It will get a bit hot, but survived so far :. Please update the guide. It is the real deal, and using it is an absolute pleasure.

Helo bro.. Im very interest to read your full article.. With that i have faced issure on my tp. I have windows 10 pro. While i have single ram also startup timing almost similar… WHY???????? Factorio is a game which heavily uses the RAM, thus sees much higher performance gain when switching to dual channel ram. Thanks for the excellent instructions! The Transcend m. Should I avoid this laptop because the iMQ is 47W? I like quiet. The MQ is fine. You can get the M is you really care about having a silent laptop.

Battery is a standard one and charger is 90w. Next upgrade will be the battery. Laptop is working like a charm. No throttle issues so far. Boot under 12 seconds. I would like to upgrade my screen on Tp with the panel from T, some told me that it will fit and with double side tap you are good to go. Now the questions is, how about the bezels?

I will have the entire screen-free in the front because Tp has bigger bezels that T

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