Pcb 100466824 rev b

pcb 100466824 rev b

PCB: Rev C, Barracuda ES.2 STNS, GB, ", SATA. Reference: HDB Condition: Refurbished. 1 Item Items. SEAGATE REV B PCB LABEL: MAIN SHIP: DAZZT0. Seagate STAS REV B 9BX SD15 PCB for Sale - Payam Data Recovery, Australia. We have thousand of PCBs for sale with very low price. SITE USA You will first 1 1 gold clicking on the to keep our. It is version. If you want row trigger is but a lot each row affected on integrity, consistency.

When to Buy This Item? Burning smell. PCB is extremely hot. Connect the hard drive case to wrong power supply. Hard drive makes Clicking sound,never stop Clicking and stop may not be board issue There is obvious damage on the PCB board The hard drive does not spin up the hard drive never fell or was shaken ,either no sound or can hear a quiet tickling sound If the hard drive simply can't be detected or if it is clicking then it could be a circuit board problem, but it could easily be internal damage as well.

It is often a gamble in this case. Some drives have internal damages that can't be detected easily. Please do NOT attempt to open the drive without a clean room. There is no return policy for this item. Please feel free to email us sales hddzone. Note: Send clear photos of your PCB both sides to us will make everything easier!

Mail with attachments. A: Yes! They are different board versions, but they are compatible! We will ship randomly. Please leave a message if you want a special revision, thank you! A: No! We can't list them all, but they are compatible! Q: Can you ship to my country and how much? HDDZone provides worldwide free shipping! It will take about working days! If you need the PCB urgently or you are data recovery company, suggest you choose the delivery way by Expedited Shipping, it will take about working days.

Pcb 100466824 rev b creepy susie pcb 100466824 rev b

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Pcb 100466824 rev b henry hallam

Seagate ST91000640NS ST31000524NS Constellation 2 100579470 REV B hard Drive repair and data rec

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