Suzuki shunichi fsa

suzuki shunichi fsa

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Sonar shows presence of sunken vessels amid search for Hokkaido boat. Subscribe to get daily news To have the latest news and stories delivered to your inbox, subscribe here. Thank you. Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.

Follow us. If you wish to change your message, press 'Cancel' to go back and edit. Subject Name Email Message. Thank you for reaching out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Department of State, where he engaged in management and reform efforts at the U. Mission to the United Nations. David earned an M. He became President and Representative Director of that company in In he retired as President and was appointed as Executive Advisor to the Board.

In he retired from Fuji Xerox. He is a board member of two public companies, Kirin Holdings Co. Sergio Kato joined Ricoh Company, Ltd. Ms Hoshino, Graduated from J. She Joined Nissan Motor Co. Her contribution to the establishment of the Child and Youth Bureau in was based on her experiences working in the ward office and facing the actual state of affairs of childcare in the local communities of Yokohama.

Currently, she is the deputy mayor responsible for child-care, welfare, healthcare, education, culture, and tourism. She contributes to important projects and policymaking by making use of her perspective as a woman, promoting inclusiveness, and accepting the diversity of the people living in Yokohama City.

Beyond her brand and innovation expertise, she is also recognized for her visioning, change management and leadership development skills. She is a certified coach. In July , she was promoted to Vice President of Global Sustainability, in recognition of the work she has led to make sustainability a core business strategy, an innovation driver and a catalyst for a more resilient organization.

Virginie has 3 children and lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with her husband. She is a marathon runner. Chika continues to raise internal awareness of the importance of ESG as a corporate foundation and motivate management and employees to undertake initiatives for improvement. She is actively promoting CSR disclosure, and, as a result, the company is now recognized as a leading example of corporate responsibility in the Asia region.

Prior to the current positions, Ms. Bachelor of Arts , Sociology. After holding such positions as managing director and executive vice president, he became president and representative director of the Company in April In this leadership role, Aoi was responsible for advancing various innovations based on the foundation provided by the unique business model merging retailing and finance that has supported MARUI GROUP since its inception.

Joined Kubota in Started CSR Business in After receiving his MBA from Willamette in Oregon, he has spent the past 14 years developing and conducting a variety of training programs, consulting engagements, and coaching sessions for over companies representing 30, participants in support of their business goals. Azzy is a dynamic instructor in the classroom, and takes a balanced approach that focuses on both the logical and emotional aspects in order to create authentic change.

In the past two years, he has attended SB Detroit, SB Vancouver, and Green Biz Arizona to stay current on global sustainability trends and deepen his network of contacts. Azzy is originally from Hokkaido, though now resides in Kashiwanoha Smart City with his wife and two kids.

He loves the outdoors and is an avid Fly fisherman. Taken over the current responsibility since September Angela lives in Tokyo with her 16 year old daughter and is passionate about CSR and volunteering. She also enjoys salsa dancing, spartan racing and jujitsu. In joined Cre-en Inc. As a sustainability consultant, have engaged in consulting on corporate information disclosure, communication strategy for many years, and also engaged in Japanese translation editing of GRI standards and GRI guidelines.

Member of Japan Sustainable Investment Forum steering committee. Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Keio University. Since July he has been tasked in the current capacity to deal with a variety of international affairs including those related with G20, G7 and FSB.

He entered joined the company as a technical expert and was transferred to the Central Research Laboratory of at the headquarters in Germany. After that, he successively worked in sales positions, and when he was stationed in Malaysia, he travelled to various countries as a sales manager of for the ASEAN region. Ishida was born in Hyogo Prefecture and is, 50 years old.

His business philosophy is that the starting point of business is to gain trust. Ishibashi designed semiconductor microchips as an engineer at Semiconductor Company of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. In , and he developed environmental sustainable transport in Asian countries as a researcher of Ministry of Environment, Japanese government.

Since Ishibashi promotes activities related circular economy businesses as Leader of Circular Economy Project of Panasonic Corporation. These activities are the example how to make shared value with stakeholders and it is aligning with Novo Nordisk principle, Triple Bottom Line. She is also diagnosed type 1 diabetes when she was 14 years old. As a person living with diabetes, she pursues a way to live better lives even having diabetes. She serves both the public and private sectors, e. He was born in Washington D.

In Nagasaki, he was in charge of countermeasure headquarter for swift insurance survey towards natural disaster such as typhoons. Ichikawa joined Takagi Kogyo now Seiko Epson in , where he spent a year in new business development. From , he participated in the development of industrial robots at Suwa Seikosha. Then, in , he began work on the development of an in-office system for making new paper from used paper.

Since , he has been helping to pioneer the development of new eco-minded business areas while also serving as the Deputy General Administrative Manager of Technology Development. Akihiro Inatsugi has been employed by Bridgestone Corporation since He was engaged in development of environmental improvement technology and provided on-site guidance and environmental technical support globally.

In , he built a environmental strategy planning function and then developed various environmental policies such as refined environmental mission statement and the long-term environmental vision. From , he was engaged in launch of a new plant in North America which produces large and ultra-large off-the-road radial tires for construction and mining vehicles. In , he moved to the corporate planning in Global HQ.

From January , he is promoting sustainability challenges and strengthening a platform and structure for global activities in Bridgestone. In college, I studied managerial engineering and after graduation I got a job at a company. After that, I decided to study abroad at the age of 29 and traveled to the USA. The doctoral dissertation was a study on health economics. On the way, I studied at the social medicine course of the faculty of medicine at the University of Yamanashi and I have a doctorate degree in Medical Science from the University of Yamanashi.

Research field is social epidemiology. It is a study to clarify the relationship between society and health. Specifically, it is a study to clarify the influence of socio-economic status SES on health. Socio-economic status is the socio-economic situation such as income, income disparity, occupation, living environment and so on. Of those, particular attention is social capital.

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, the importance of ties in the region was noticed. Also, I am interested in the regional economy and I am paying attention to the business that revitalizes the region by utilizing local resources. My hobbies are outdoor, especially triathlon.

Every year, at least one participates in the triathlon race. With a year nonprofit management experience in the U. Good at facilitating innovation in educational and business opportunities; encouraging participants to re-think from every aspect what is too common for them and to be an independent citizens who can make their own decisions.

As a member of its environmental committee, I have been dealing with the consumer education from the view of environment or sustainability and the better communications between the business and consumer sectors. Being aware of how the tremendous amount of the textile waste are divert from landfill and incineration for very long time.

Iwamoto gained extensive experience in textile recycling as he joined the project of PET bottle recycling and that was the moment he realized the importance of standardizing the recycling rule across the industries. JEPLAN will start operating the new plant with new technology of polyester recycling this winter and expand the business including foreign markets. She is promoting public health through annual health check-up and education in health promotion department.

She is responsible for developing and maintaining various corporate social responsibility programs for the enterprise. In order to successfully drive initiatives forward, Wendy is a key point of contact between various departments and engages internal and external partners to demonstrate the business case for corporate behavioral shifts. In her rapidly dwindling spare time, Wendy enjoys visiting museums, learning about coffee, and trying her hand at pottery.

Ltd, a leading fundraising, and NPO management consulting company. Born in Ibaraki, Japan in After graduating from Hitotsubashi University, joined Recruit Co. After working as a director of Works Corporation Co. President and Representative Director data dock Inc. Keiichi Ushijima is responsible for leading sustainability advisory business and assurance services for non-financial disclosure as Japan Area Leader of EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services.

Tohoku Universit Part-time Facalty. Started career as an advertisement consultant at Mynavi. Left Mynavi to join Okamura Corporation in Currently engaged in various organization development projects such as workstyle innovation, promotion of diversity and inclusion, and value co-creation with external entities. As a research technical advisor of Survey Research Center Corporation since , he has consulted many corporations through marketing research in Japan. His major interest now is Picture Mining, a research method using pictures from the respondents.

He finished the Ph. D Course of Commerce at Keio in Organic Crew Co. Obtained M. For 14 years, set and promoted low-carbon, water, biodiversity strategies in Toyota Motor Corporation. Initiated and implemented sustainable plant projects and Global Challenge in Japan, North America, Thailand, etc. Joined a startup company, A-zero inc. Established an eel aquaculture farm in an abandoned elementary school to shift eel industry towards sustainable resource management. Utilizing waste wood materials from local forestry to heat up the aquaculture tanks and reusing wastewater in vegetable productions.

Also, designing an app and running eco-tours to bridge urban and rural areas. Mie Kajikawa is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the first-ever Japanese female NBA intern who advocates the power of sport to change the world.

She have been in charge of talent development and diversity promotion. From March , she has been involved in developing and implementing national technology and innovation policies as an Executive Member part-time of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office. After leaving Neural, he founded Harch Inc.

It spotlights a wide variety of social good projects around the world. His passion is to spread inspiring ideas to tackle social issues using the power of design, art and the latest technologies. Assuming the current role since August She is responsible for Corporate Communication and Public Relations, working on building relationships with stakeholders internally and externally including employees, media, government, experts, NPOs, local communities.

After graduating from university, I have experienced widely from advertising creative to promotional promotion at advertising agency. We created hands-on creatives making full use of printing technology. I transferred from department of product promotion to department of corporate communication area. He founded IIHOE in , and has been exploring management support for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, community organizations, local governments and major corporations.

He has been also a pioneer in CSR consultation, wrote third party comments to more than 30 major corporations since Joined Daiwa Securities in , worked as researcher and securities analyst Transferred to Daiwa Institute of Research in and have worked as securities analyst, consultant of environmental management, now engaging in research and study of CSR and SRI environmental and reporting sustainability reporting.

Raised in Osaka and California, Maiya is a perfect mix of takoyaki and avocado toast. She works with both domestic and global clients, providing creative solutions with a PR perspective. In my first 27 years with the company, I was involved in overseas sales of cash registers and other system products; I also experienced overseas assignment in Australia and in the U. Since , I have worked upon compliance-related issues such as security trade control, before taking up my current position in Located in the Corporate Strategy department he has developed the concept with internal and external experts, which is now being integrated at various levels throughout the company.

Christian holds a degree in philosophy. Kaori Gokyu joined Minolta Co. Then, after working as a team leader for internal branding, she assumed her current position in August Graduated from the University of Tokyo,Faculty of Law. Hiroshi Komiyama, a prominent academic, scientist and engineer and leading authority in global sustainability, became Chairman of the Institute of Mitsubishi Research Institute.

In April , after completing four-year presidency the 28th President at the University of Tokyo. In addition to his position, he is also an advisor to the Japanese Government on subjects ranging from education to aging. Yoshinari Koyama is a professor of business administration at Kanto Gakuin University. He also serves as vice-president.

He holds a Ph. His areas of interest and research include CSR, business ethics, ethics training and education. She has the bachelor in the Policy Studies, experienced in various management roles in both non-profit and corporate, in Japan, Mongolia, and the Philippines. Moved to Kamikatsu, the first municipality declared for the zero waste ambition in Japan, in and joined the organization Zero Waste Academy. Kanako joined Rakuten after working in the newspaper industry.

Through this project, high school students, Rakuten employees and local residents tackle local issues as one team. CEO of miup Inc. Studied poverty in developing countries at University, then became interested to work from a business angle rather than a study. Aspiring for a sustainable social impact. Master of agriculture, University of Tokyo. Since October , he has joined Biei town office on loan from Yahoo Japan.

This data-driven approach enabled the visualisation of the tourists, product development and promotion on the spot. He also had involved the local community such as the local farmers and local business in his product development, promoting the potential of sightseeing in the town of Biei. This movement has gone along with the Cabinet Office of Japan government and 22 companies in Tokyo.

Joined goodroom Co. She became the director in She is responsible for business in general including service and contents development, monetizing and marketing. She started her career in Recruit Co. Got interested in environmental issues when staying with Raramuri, a native tribe in Mexico, during the anthropological research project at Fort Lewis College in the US.

Joined Greenpeace in Japan in and campaigned to promote businesses and governments to implement environmental solutions on issues like overfishing, toxic waste, illegal timber imports and climate change.

Became the Executive Director of Greenpeace Japan in Realizing the importance of business to solve environmental problems, joined Patagonia Japan in Patagonia is in business to save our home planet. More specifically, she is helping to advance its transformation goal of becoming a smoke-free company, with an emphasis on external stakeholder engagement projects.

She is a qualified expert in the design and execution of sustainability and stakeholder engagement strategies. Joined Kao in as engineer. Gained further experience within the company at the Production Technology Institute, Mechanical Processing Technology Research Laboratories, and then moving on to Environment and Safety Department in where he was appointed manager. Shibata holds his current position at the ESG Division specializing in environmental matters backed with deep knowledge and experience in production process design, energy and GHG management, and plastic issues.

TableCross is a restaurant reservation application which enables social contribution. By making a reservation through this application, you can donate school lunches to the same number of children in developing countries as the number of people in your party. Now, we provide eating experiences and events for foreign visitors in Japan and are expanding our business from a restaurant reservation platform to a business specializing in food experiences.

Ever since I started my business during university, I have raised about million yen in funds, and have focused on system development. Additionally, we will be giving lectures at the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the Cabinet Office, other companies, economic organizations, universities, NPOs, and elsewhere.

She provides seminars and consulting services on labour and human rights in supply-chain to business sector, having completed SA basic social auditor training course. Takeshi established Sustainavision Ltd. Takeshi also established the Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain ASSC in Japan in , which has been supporting Japanese companies with regard to solving the problems of human rights, labor rights and environments in their supply chains.

In he joined Kawasaki heavy industries, and was responsible for general affairs, recruitment, training for workers, salary, trade union negotiations, occupational health and safety at a factory. He has provided many lectures and articles in the sustainability field. Joined Suntory Limited after graduating from the university. After several years of experience as sales planning representative in sales division, transferred to HR division responsible for labor-management relations, global HR and recruitment etc.

Currently, as a general manager of the Diversity Promotion Division, has been taking new initiatives to encourage inclusive mindset to respect various perspectives and values regardless of gender, disability, borders, age etc. Working mother of a child. Ross School of Business, at the University of Michigan. He is also the Director of the Erb Institute, which helps businesses advance internal and global sustainability goals.

Joe is an internationally recognized expert in risk management and decision-making. His work has two main areas of emphasis: First, he focuses on advancing our understanding of how people process information and make decisions, with a specific emphasis on how they make tradeoffs. Second, he develops and tests tools and approaches that can help businesses and consumers make smarter triple-bottom-line decisions.

In addition to his academic work, he is a former science advisor to the Administrator of the U. In his spare time, he rides fast motorcycles and climbs tall mountains. Currently, he is also active as a management consultant. Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in After graduating from graduate school in , he joined Misumi Co. In , he founded Borderless Japan Co.

As of August , it operates 11 bases in 9 countries. Currently, Szuki also holds the posts, Community development strategy office, Smart community promotion office, etc. Work on solving social issues from both sides of business and non-business, in cooperation with various sectors. Engages in studies on 3D image measurement principles and algorithms related to signal processing and machine learning. Senaha started her career in Recruit Co. Sonya has over 14 years of Sustainable Supply Chain experience, both in the public and private sector.

Over the last few years she has specialised experience on Scope 3, setting and meeting scope 3 targets including science-based targets , as well as setting and meeting water security and deforestation related supply chain goals. She began her career as an editorial staff at 25ans and later was promoted Editor-in-chief of MC Sister and 25ans already in her early thirties.

In , she returned to 25ans and has concurrently served as Editor-in-chief of Richesse since Sogo is elevating the synergy of the group by working to cultivate new businesses and pursuing joint efforts across multiple media. Kae Takase received her Ph. D in environmental studies from graduate school of frontier science, University of Tokyo.

She was an economist at Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, and her specialty was econometric modeling of energy supply and demand, and renewable policy. She has been successful in engaging Japanese companies to join Science-based Target SBT initiative, and in engaging government to consider better corporate renewable soucing environment, as a technical partner of RE In her role, Minako plays a consulting role for ESG Research subscribers by facing local asset owners and asset managers closely.

Since , she is responsible for planning JT Group sustainability strategy, human rights initiatives and internal and external communications including sustainability report. Born in in Fukuoka, Japan. Sadako Ogata when she led the Commission on Human Security. Senior Partner for Recruit Holdings since April Tsuno is responsible for philanthropic grant making in 15 countries throughout Asia Pacific region, that is invested in over 40 philanthropic programs to benefit healthcare capacity building, mental health, and most prominently, saving the lives of mothers and babies.

Tsuno addresses broad healthcare needs that are identified from local standpoint. Apr Joined Nissan Motor Co. Vehicle Component Engineering Development Div. In February , he transferred to Shanghai, China to broaden his career and worked on environmental governance for Sony sites in the China region. Since February , he leads environmental governance for the Sony Group. He enjoys running and actively participates in marathon and trail running events throughout Japan.

At age 50, he currently runs a full marathon within three hours. He seeks to practice sustainable living in both his work and private lives. Meanwhile, he managed all kinds of CSR activities, including establishment of CSR management system, information disclosure, stakeholder engagement with investors and NGOs, collaboration project with NGOs, and supply chain management. He became an Executive officer in , Managing Executive officer in and a Representative Director in He was in charge of international standard setting discussions on insurance regulations between and He was stationed in the U.

In addition, she leads stakeholder engagement and education regarding human rights due diligence, modern slavery outreach program and responsible supplychains to our Japan corporate community. Tomomi has been overseeing the monitoring and consulting for improving the working condition within supply chains for 16 years. Born in Chiba prefecture, Calbee has the largest share in the domestic Japanese snack food and cereal market.

In her current role, she is responsible for accelerating Calbee to be one of the most popular and sustainable brand in food manufacturer of the globe. She is a big fan of Carp, a baseball team based in Hiroshima. She also loves cross country skiing. Koichi Noguchi is a consulting partner with over 20 years of experience. Team offers clients services that differs from the more traditional ones, with a digital platform using the latest technologies by leveraging partnerships with startups, universities, research institutions, and NPOs across the world.

A regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. Born in Osaka,Japan in In , AAF founded a school for providing education up to the 10th grade at Philim, a village at the foot of the Himalayas, which had neither electricity nor phones nor roads for cars. In , AAF built a canteen and dormitories for the students from distant villages. Now students are attending. Some buildings suffered from the Great Central Nepal Earthquake in are under restoration and the new project due to the increasing number of students is in progress.

AAF received certification of a nonprofit organization in Vice Chairman of AAF. He started his consulting career at A. Kearney as a business strategy consultant. Majored in solid-state physics for student days. Joined Bridgestone Corporation in Responsible for tire material design and structural design at the Technical Center in Kodaira, Tokyo.

In , dispatched to US operating company in Akron Ohio. The location is 30 km south of Cleveland with a population of about , Once the major US tire industry had been in Akron. In , Bridgestone merged Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, and worked for Bridgestone America as the second team after the acquisition. Stayed in the US three times in all for 16 years.

Also, during return to Japan, worked as a director of sales and product strategy with various experiences and personal connections, especially from outside the company. Aiming to improve the treatment for the patients with diabetes in Koriyama, he participates in the jointed research in cooperation among industry, government and academia, consisted of Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd.

Peter Bartsch has 20 years of experience in textile industry. He has gained experience throughout the entire supply chain including brand and retail level before taking responsibility for Corporate Sustainability in Lenzing Group from As head of sustainability department, Mr.

Bartsch is responsible for the integration of sustainability in different business functions and for the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the Group. He reports directly to the Management Board of the Lenzing Group. He is a board member of DTB, a German association for partnering and dialog within the textile industry. Born in Denmark, a resident of Japan for 28 years.

Takeshi Fujii is the leader of Monitor Deloitte Japan. He has 20 years of consulting experience from advising a wide range of Japanese clients in electric machinery, automobile, aviation, consumer goods and health care. Born in Gifu Prefecture. She belonged to the Environmental Business Promotion Division of JCCU from and was engaged in the promotion of environmental activities of consumer co-op businesses and co-op members.

Environmental activities of Japanese consumer co-ops such as charging a fee for plastic shopping bags and recycling milk cartons, etc. We consider that the role of consumer co-ops is to develop systems where a small activity can be developed to a big one, and where an activity that someone has started can be disseminated to and continued by everyone.

Joined WWF Japan after working for a private financial institution. Since , working on forest projects to promote sustainable use of forest resources under the Forest Programme. In cooperation with WWF global network, engaging with private sector by providing on-site information of producing areas, advising on procurement policies, and promotion of Forest Certification Scheme.

Helene von Reis is a native of Malmo, Sweden. Graduated Lund University, major in Marketing and Communication. Over the years, has held a number of positions within the company. As CSR director of Epson Europe and managing director of Epson Germany, Henning Ohlsson believes that organizations have the responsibility to build a sustainable future, both social and environmentally, at every level of the value chain. Linking strategic CSR direction to sales practice and customer experience is his main focus, which means bringing SDGs into day-to-day work and adding value to business performance.

Climate action and responsible consumption in a circular low-carbon economy are his fields of expertise. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating from high school, joins major dining corporation. For fund raising, works as truck driver for few years. Establishes Keep Will Dining Co. As Machida City and Sagamihara City as its core areas, the company produces cafes, izakayas, and restaurants throughout the Buso area.

The new vision aims to advance the area and to further deepen the actions of making the area a better place. After joining Canon Marketing Japan Inc. With vast experience in the field of CSR, planning, and communications, Hosoda also actively serves as a seminar lecturer, trainer, and advisor at companies and universities. His seminars and training are popular thanks to his instruction methods and highly-comprehensible explanations of theory and practical implementation.

In realization of this, he leads consumer co-ops to tackle various social problems based on his vast experience gained at Co-op Kobe, one of the most active co-ops that contributes to local community development. Maeda Joined the Asahi Shimbun in He has worked at the Sports News Section from and mainly covered the sumo and soccer. Joining Hakuhodo in As marketing staff, Matsui has been in charge of branding and developing new products mainly for women such as cosmetics, underwear, beauty appliances, supplements, and so on.

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