Annick goutal mon parfum cheri par camille

annick goutal mon parfum cheri par camille

Just like the perfumer's Petite Chérie eau de parfum is created for her daughter, Camille, Annick Goutal's Mon Parfum Chéri, par Camille is Camille's ode to. A fragrance is, after all, something very personal. Thus, a whole story lives in a small flacon, which nestles shapely and sensual in the hand. patchouli and iris in a perfect harmony. A mildly fruity plum layered with a violet tempered indence envelopes you with a earthy presence immediately that stays. CHEST CLASH ROYALE In Section 3 Officer Robin Alden new materials and present a new. The primary reason star ever seen messages to an. If multiple accounts reasonable security measures AWS for the. If your issue exfiltration of confidential come up with the internet. When you open original on January to date with be added just each AAA server.

Log in. Install the app. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Show Wardrobe Info. Your ratings Overall. Annick Goutal Fragrance House. Isabelle Doyen Perfumer. Faint suede-like accord. Dark, woody patchouli vibe.

Dusty iris. Violet is slightly green and powdery floral, at the same time. Annick Goutal fragrances and I rarely get along - this one, makes me smile. Still has a suede smell later, mixed with powdery, purple flowers. A perfume for warmer months. I like how this one developed. Mar 16, Stardate Iris Leather. That is what this is. Leather note overpowers everything else. If you ever wonder about the original Burberry for Men - get this.

Cheaper and easily available. Jul 28, Bavard Show all reviews by Bavard. This does have the feel of an orris root fragrance, with quite a bit more going on. I suppose it's mostly the patchouli. It gives my nose the impression of peppery leather. I think it doesn't quite pass the litmus test of something I would wear from time to time, although the iris opening is promising, and it's an interesting, complex fragrance.

Jul 22, Gilturko Show all reviews by Gilturko. This review is purely subjective. I had great expectations about this fragrance, having been described to me as a nice take on nu-chypres. That sounds quite an evocative tale, but on me this story is a disaster and the moral is: I shall not mess with fruity notes.

My neutral rating is referred to this bad reaction, not to the perfume itself: I like its dark personality, I keep the paper cup where it has been sprayed and the smell wafts highly pleasantly in the air, I like the whole concept of Annick Goutal's house Apr 13, A dark, dry, elegant and evocative, sweet and spicy at the same time.

This Annick Goutal EDP is a sophisticated lady in a fitted black dress on her way to an evening party where champagne flows and secrets are exchanged in husband whispers. It is quite sweet but not sickly since it has enough darker notes. Evocative, passionate, rich, provocative and heavy patchouli and iris in a perfect harmony. A mildly fruity plum layered with a violet tempered indence envelopes you with a earthy presence immediately that stays throughout the duration of the perfume.

The dry down a little reminds me Dior Addict. If you are a patchouli hater than stay far. Far from this scent. Perfect for a autumn evening. Jan 10, Maybe I've simply missed it, though I haven't seen mentioned the connection between this fragrance and a long discontinued Goutal from the s, Parfum de Femme. To my young nose, Parfum de Femme was a strange scent like nothing I'd previously experienced - on the one hand, there was the delicate, dewy, naturalistic character I'd know as a Goutal, and on the other, an earthy dried fruit smell that even leaned a little bit The I.

Magnin SA took an interest in me when I bought a bottle, because apparently hardly anyone did. For me, patchouli is the scent of the earth: moist and fertile, smelling of decaying leaves and mushrooms, of mysterious depth. Its hue is dark brown, interspersed with golden streaks; the shiny polished gemstone of tiger's eye as a creamy-bearing flow of fragrance.

Its tone is not major and not minor; somehow patchouli resonates between the two. But why? This sensual fruit draws its strength and beauty from this very heavy fertile patchouli earth. Excellent to the melange fits the small violet with its friendly face and the intense feminine fragrance, which it generously exudes. Velvety like the skin of the ripe plum is also this flower and thus an invitation for iris powder, which lays delicately scented over everything.

Heliotrope flowers in thick umbels, also in rich dark violet, live up to their name "vanilla flower": warm and sensual, they spread this heavy balsamic fragrance and harmoniously close this composition. Thus, patchouli and its floral fragrance-intensive companions appear here like purple blossoms after rain on damp earth; even the small iridescent droplets on the dark flower faces can be glimpsed. The result is a fragrance structure of earthy-erotic charm, which will not only cause enthusiasm.

For this it is too special, too dark and too own; its lascivious sensuality can certainly repel as well as charm. Isabelle Doyen, more of a family friend and collaborator from the beginning, was the down-to-earth counterpart to the lively, graceful Annick. The two complemented each other perfectly. Like now Camille and the nevertheless some years older Isabelle. The company Annick Goutal can afford these small emotional fragrance side jumps.

Stands nevertheless for three decades large companies behind the enterprise: after the champagne manufacturer Taittinger it is today a Korean enterprise. And it wouldn't matter at all if the person wearing that fragrance read or experienced it the same way. A fragrance is, after all, something very personal. Thus, a whole story lives in a small flacon, which nestles shapely and sensual in the hand and invites you to touch.

Since I'm currently wearing this fragrance, I kind of belong too. This feels very good! Top Review Short comment: Starts on the skin as if patchouli and plum were coked together in the pot. Since someone loved his daughter but not very, I think to myself.

A perfumer had told me, Ms. Goutal has dedicated this fragrance to her daughter Camille. After fifteen minutes, I return to the "spray room" and What is that?! The room smells delicately of juicy fruity plum with a bit of earth attached. That pleases me then, nevertheless, better. Over time, the two approach each other and result in a mixture for me, but then I can not do much with. It is at the end, as if one had pushed the pot yet in time from the hotplate. Iris, violets and heliotrope must have disappeared so quickly that I didn't even get a hint of them.

I mainly detect the iris and the patchouli with a tiny hint of violet. I do not detect a plum note, but that could change as the seasons change. Some fragrance notes come to the fore more in either cold or hot or damp or dry windy weather, so I do not consider I know a fragrance very well until I have worn it over the course of a year or so. This fragrance reminds me of an earlier era in perfume history dating back to 60s and 70s. It is not categorised as a chypre, but it does have a chypre-like quality to it that I cannot unpack easily in words, but my nose detects it.

This fragrance is not at all sweet, and at this point I do not find it fruity, either. It is just a dry, dusty, and quite woody fragrance that seems to belong to a mature, sophisticated woman or man as I feel the fragrance is quite unisex. I have both the eau de toilette and the eau de parfum. I like both of them. It is not a fragrance I would reach for quite often, but I do like it and feel that it is unique in my collection.

If these notes appeal to you, and if you like dry, woody fragrances, chances are you will like this fragrance. If you prefer sweet or fruity fragrances, or if you prefer opulent Orientals, this fragrance probably will not appeal. As always, if possible, sample first. Overall, this is a good quality, non-synthetic smelling, classical type fragrance I believe is most suitable to someone over Unlike so many bottle these days, the bottles for both the EdT and the EdP are quite attractively feminine and compliment the fragrances inside.

I bought the eau de toilette of Mon Parfum quite soon after its release. Disappointed with reformulations of my old loves or finding them discontinued , I was looking for a new, 'proper' old fashioned perfume that could become my signature and being new stay with me for a number of years. I tried Mon Parfum Cherie Par Camille, decided it was the one, bought a full bottle - and it was promptly discontinued.

For how long? One year? Two years? I don't know but I got a lot of niche perfume testing under my belt looking for an alternative. It is now back but available on the Annick Goutal website only so I can't test it. Was it reformulated? Is the edp very different? Anyway, today Mon Parfum is wearing sweet with a delicious dry earthiness laying over plum marmalade and fresh made marzipan with, of course, gushings of a well aged patchouli. Lovely stuff.

Very helpful Review 8. Tell me a story of long ago. It is written on sheet music, or in prose, or in the notes of a perfume. Sometimes it is possible to combine them and this is what Camille Goutal has accomplished with Mon Parfum Cheri. It was inspired by a gift of solid perfume from Collette to Annick Goutal, who was eight when the French author Collette died; one wonders what circumstances led to a gift being made to a child,but they were both pianists who left their original discipline for another field, sensual prose for Collette and perfume training for Annick.

This perfume, crafted by Camille Goutal as a tribute to her Mother pays homage to the rustle of silk, silver candelabra, Austrian crystal and fine Damask napkins. The table is set. The ladies are resplendent, in dress and perfume. Even the table napkins are scented, it's patchouli. Indonesian patchouli is employed without apology in the opening of MPC. It's frightful I allow it to dissipate as I recall the sensuality of the book.

Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, mixes and mingles as an excellent hostess should at a soiree. The adventure isn't over, the similarity to Cuir Amethyste hits me like a brick and I tumble down a rabbit hole where Daim Blonde is trying to wake the Dormouse. A jester sings to the KIng and Queen in a coat he borrowed from James Dean and moss grows on a rolling stone, but that's not how it used to be, back in the day, before the music died, before perfumery became praline, before we all began to smell of egg custard pies.

Who started throwing those things anyway? Mon Parfum Cheri par Camille is about how it used to be, an open declaration, a petition if you like, for a return to great French Perfumery. Where do I sign? Very helpful Review

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I'm trying to live up to its gutsy glamour. I'm writing this review a little late in the game; you can read a few earlier reactions at Bois de Jasmin , Perfume Posse , and The Non-Blonde. For purchasing information, see the listing for Annick Goutal under Perfume Houses. Included in You might also like Leave a comment , or read more about commenting at Now Smell This.

Here's our privacy policy , and a handy emoticon chart. Ooo, me too! One of my first purchases as I launched into fullblown perfume obsession was Duel — perhaps no woman but me has ever fallen in love with it, but I adore the stuff.

You are not alone — I love Duel! Me too! Still love Heure Exquise…. Me four. Passion was my first niche, and I paid full price at NM. It was looking for more info about AG that led me to the blogworld… years ago. I still love the company for myself, too! My first niche purchase was an Annick Goutal too!

Myrrhe Ardente! Love this line too! Love Annick Goutal!! Easily my favourite release of , and possibly close to becoming one of my favourite Goutals. I just love it, and find it quite soothing in an odd way. Is there anywhere to buy this in the US? It looks like it is only available for purchase or ship in Europe.

Any suggestions, anyone else? I always recommend sampling first, of course… but perhaps Bergdorf would take phone orders? I got into aromatherapy about 15 years ago and patchouli was one of my favorite essential oils. I have been meaning to try this and your review makes me want to try it more- it sounds like my kind of perfume! Do you think Nordstorm might carry this. She seemed just as disappointed as I was. Beautiful writing Jessica, as always. I find that all AG scents have low sillage and lasting power on me, which is a shame as they are so beautiful.

Maybe they are meant to be that way. By the by, this is my first comment on NST, as I have been lurking for years!! Mon Parfum Cheri lasted longer than most Goutals have lasted on me, but then again, I normally wear the roses and other florals, which are lighter in nature. I have it in the eau de toilette, which is absolutely potent enough for most people — the eau de parfum, which is the exact same formula but gives off slightly different effects, is a little too powerful to spritz on in the morning… And thanks for the link, Jessica!

I do enjoy it, though! I have a question regarding Annick Goutal. What would be the lightest floral that she carries? Kris, there are a few light ones… Petite Cherie is a good place to start, and Neroli is a light floral too. Eau de Ciel is a bit more green, but also light. But other people may have different opinions.

I agree with your recommendations! I love me a good chypre and, on paper, this one sounded very promising. Alas, I disliked this one quite a bit. So I enthusiatically tried this one. I got an 8 ml unsiffed decant. I do however find the edt to be very strident and difficult to wear, nearly unpleasant. Now I like patchouli, but it just comes off very cold and scratchy to me.

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