Ball flashcard

ball flashcard

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Recess Activities 1 Handout. Recess Activities 1 PowerPoint flashcards. Recess 2 Handout. Recess 2 PowerPoint flashcards. Mark's Note: These are great sets for introducing ' do ' for regular actions or the present simple forms. It's a very natural structure for these activities and I don't need to explain the grammar when I use these cards. These are actually designed to introduce adverbs of frequency ; always , sometimes , and never.

I also add in 'during' with the second set. Both sets can be used like this. Although, it's not necessary to teach these parts. For another good set to practice present simple, see the hobbies set. The child at the front runs to the blackboard and draws or writes the word. They then go to the back of the line. Repeat the procedure several times.

Have a soft ball ready for this activity. Stick flashcards on the blackboard. Children stand in a circle. Hold up the ball, say One, two, three… and name one of the flashcards on the blackboard e. The child who catches the ball repeats the procedure and names another flashcard. The game continues in the same way until all the flashcards on the blackboard have been named. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Browse: Home June 5 Flashcard Games for young learners. I love to use flashcards when teaching kids. Thanks for your helpful ideas.

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Students are remembering the FC vocabulary and challenging themslves to remember the order. Sunday, 13 April Conveyer Belt. This is a good game for getting the whole class involved. Flashcards are placed on the floor in a line along the centre of the classroom, as shown below. The teacher gives the each of the 1 students a ball — let us say a small red ball to team A and a small blue ball to team B.

The 1s of each team passes their ball to the 2 student next to them. As they do so they ask the target language TL question. When the ball reaches the last student in the line in the above diagram this would be the 6s , this student simply passes the ball back to the [ 5s ] and the ball goes back down the line in the opposite direction towards the 1s again and when it reaches the 1s it goes back again.

So for each team you have a ball being passed up and down the line with the TL question being repeated by each student as they pass the ball along. Finally the teacher shouts out one of the FCs e. The student from each team who is holding a ball now jumps out of their chair and rushes to slap the [Red] FC. The first student to slap the FC and shout out the TL answer e. Although it takes a while to explain here in words, this game is really easy to set up and is a quick, fast paced activity.

You can go through five or six rounds of passing the ball and slapping the FC until finally tallying up the scores to see which team is the overall winner. The team that has collected the most FCs by the end is the overall winner — and having less and less FCs on the floor each time can add to the excitement. There are a few other ways of adjusting the game to make it slightly different. Optionally the teacher can turn to face the whiteboard so they cannot see who is holding the ball adds to the fun and randomness.

For example:. Labels: games , TEFL , young learners. Now that the book is available on amazon you can check out the free look inside to find 6 drilling games and one FC activity 'Random Card. Monday, 10 March Loser Stays On. A set of flashcards are put in a line along the floor. One student from each team stands either side of the first FC of the line. The game must begin with the two 1 students playing first.

TA TB. Saying each flashcard in turn, the two 1 students progress to the end of the line. Once they reach the final FC they do a paper scissors stone. Again a paper scissors stone once they reach the end of the line and the winner returns to their seat while the loser has to go back and do it again, competing against the next student from the opposing team.

The first team to have all its members play and win is the winner. The game can then be played again with the 6s playing first. This is a good review game, and a great way to get the students to say all of the target FCs individually. They have a little help from the student they are competing with often the two students will say the FCs in unison. If a student mispronounces one of the FCs you can make them say it again, helping them with pronunciation.

Labels: flashcard , games , loser stays on , TEFL , young learners. Saturday, 1 March Ball and Basket. This is a drilling game. Our dictionary and online flashcard collection has many free printables that you can add to your deck.

Currently we do not have expanded sets. As soon as they become available we will post an announcement in our Facebook page. How do I pay and down load. I want to print flash cards to label items etc in my classroom asap. The flash cards are free for you to download, print, and use in your classroom. Just select the word you want, and click the PDF icon to download. My newborn has auditory atresia and may be partially or completely deaf. He is only one month old now but we have two daughters ages 2 and 3.

I want them to know sign for him and I also want to get started. We will be using ASL. Is this where we start? Or do I need to start somewhere else? They learn from their mothers and women around them or their doctors for the more complicated stuff. However, I love researching and reading and i am very opinionated when it comes to my baby and how to handle and raise him. I was fascinated by BSL. However because of that, it limits my signing to my baby around other people and we are a very social community.

Does it work with only a couple of words? Great to hear you are signing in Kuwait. We love hearing from people from different countries and how they are adapting the concept for their local language and culture. Starting with a few common words that are highly motivated like more, all done, and milk is perfect.

It is common to not get a sign back after just 6 weeks when you start that young. Each child will start when they are ready, but to give you a timeline I would definitely expect some return signs by 9 months. So stick with it, you are on the right track.

Having just found out that my 2 year old son lost his hearing due to a vaccine reaction, This is a great way to start teaching him how to communicate. I would like to thank you for providing the free printable downloads for those who cannot afford the extra expense of purchasing the set! Wonderful site! Quick question. Do you allow to use your printables flash cards in classrooms? I just ordered two kits. One to donate to them, and one for use in my school.

Thank you for the resources, I am going to be a stay at home granny for my grandson which is now only 7 weeks, but I am planning ahead to teach him all the things that my children did not get the opportunity to learn because i have always worked.

I love hearing from people like you, it is what inspired us to create the site and what makes us look forward to getting to work every day. Please keep us posted on his progress. I use sign language with him because his Therapist uses sign language and this is really helpful. Now I can understand and communicate with my son, and it is helping his talking. It is a big relief.. This is such a great source! I get so many mixed messages and different websites that require you buy a package of learning material that maybe we wont need in about a year once we have learned what we need to learn.

I can now finally teach my daughter how to use the potty! My son is 5months old. We speak mostly English in our home. I want him to learn Spanish as well as sign language. When I sign to him, should I say the word in English and then in Spanish? Is he too young to start using the flash cards? Many bilingual families use Baby Sign Language as the bridge between two language. I would just say the word in one language and make the accompanying sign.

For example, saying agua , and making the water sign. Other times you would say the english water and make the water sign. With the common sign and the common context, your child will learn that agua and water have the same meaning. Names like Barney, are usually finger-signed i. But, we would improvise and use the sign for dinosaur or purple dinosaur if they are more advanced to keep things simple.

I truly appreciate the fact you make your materials available for us to use however I feel compelled to provide feedback about something. The photos used on your flashcards do not depict a variety of cultures.

I hope to see a cross section of multi cultural representation in your materials soon. Thanks for you feedback. We would like to make the materials as accessible as possible to anyone that is interested in learning Baby Sign Language. As part of that mission, we would like to depict many different cultures. For example in our books you will see a variety of races, ages, and genders represented in the diagrams.

The downloadable flash cards are not very diverse. We would like to show more diversity in the flash cards as you suggest. One challenge is that we use a lot of stock photography, and stock photography is not particularly diverse.

If you or anyone else has more diverse high quality imagery we can use, it would be greatly appreciated. My son turned seven months yesterday. What is the best way to teach him to sign. I have been signing milk and all done to him. What is the best way to teach the signs. Check out our baby sign language basics section for lots of great information on getting started.

But, in a nutshell, you are going to pick a handful of basic signs and give him lots of exposure to these signs in context. I work with a very diverse population and am introducing many new moms to baby sign language. I found these flash cards to be help but it did amaze me that all the photos of people are of only one race ex.

I think it would be even more beneficial if they were more reflective of the all the different people that may be using them. We always welcoming submissions from our community. If you have a photo of little ones signing that will best represent your working group please send it our way and we will incorporate it in the flashcards.

In the next few months we will be adding additional flashcards with representation for several cultural groups. We are glad you are here and appreciate your feedback and engagement. This is such a great resource! I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and just stumbled upon it today! I wanted to thank you for the flash card free download.

I am a single mom and every little bit helps. Your free baby sign language cards have been very useful as I bond with my baby girl. I would love to have all the flash cards, and would love to have a way to get them all without downloading them individually. These are great. I love the great pictures.

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