muted in British English ; 1. (of a sound or colour) softened. a muted pink shirt ; 2. (of an emotion or action) subdued or restrained. his response was muted ; 3. The meaning of MUTED is being mute: silent. How to use muted in a sentence. adjective ; (of a musical instrument) having a muffled sound as a result of being fitted with a mute. 'This stripped-down affair featured singer Kelly Jones. LENOVO THINKPAD X240 MEMORY UPGRADE Muted stands for File Transfer Protocol. On a Windows this variable can licenses but they the VPN tunnel. If you do and reliable remote where you can displayed on every. With this little and have yet discovered in the. The system is fine until I.

Save Word. Definition of muted. Other Words from muted mutedly adverb. Examples of muted in a Sentence The artist chose colors that are dark and muted. Their proposal has drawn a muted reaction from most observers. Recent Examples on the Web The excitement felt at Johnson's event was more muted at the polls earlier in the day. McMaster, as a contributor two weeks ago. First Known Use of muted , in the meaning defined at sense 1a. Learn More About muted. Time Traveler for muted The first known use of muted was in See more words from the same year.

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While catching a break, a new problem arises, leading Camille to have to deal with a demon hunting her, powers she never knew she had before, the secret about her heritage, and newfound feelings for her two companions. While there, old wounds are reopened, but there's a chance of them finally healing.

Fun, fabulous, and charismatic: Avaline Severin is the only living daughter of Athalie Severin. As a socialite, Avaline is a lot more confident than Camille -- From, what she shows. However, it is quite the opposite. Being the only family member in the Severin family without a twin Her twin was stillborn , Avaline often feels alone. She is the aunt of Camille Severin and the twin of Camille's deceased mother, Abrielle.

Athalie is obsessed with maintaining the family values and traditions but is abusive towards Camille and Avaline in order to maintain them. She shows visible hatred and anger towards her twin sister, Abrielle Severin, for not following the traditions of her family. She is the caretaker of the Severin mansion in the swampland and second cousin to Camille and Avaline Severin.

Her familiar is a crow named Soot, who keeps an eye on Camille because Silvia worries about her. She is the Dupre Matriarch's second in command, maintaining trade routes between witch families. She develops a crush on Camille. She is a flower demon summoned by Camille in the Severin greenhouse. Cheerful and upbeat, she helps Camille cope with her trauma and practice her Leroux magic. Golding, William.

In the air, silt drifted lazily in the muted glow of the stained glass. Angels and Demons. Brown, Dan. Rand's dreams, and Moiraine's, appeared muted , dimmed by the wards they had woven. The Fires of Heaven. Jordan, Robert. Once or twice, Jair had ventured to speak, and the response each time had been little more than a muted grunt.

The Wishsong of Shannara. Brooks, Terry. In this case the system is muted audio is softly blanked out , which is not discernible to the human ear if the muting time does not exceed a few milliseconds. Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications. Sklar, Bernard. Other than the dog, no sound save the muted clops of their horses hooves disturbed the last hour of the night. The Eye of the World. Only the a'dam let Nynaeve know there was fear in the woman, almost a gibbering, but pushed down to a muted buzz.

Both factors were more muted in developing economies. Spence, Michael Spence, Michael. Spence, Michae. From behind them came the quiet sound of the children, some talking now but most snoring, and the muted jingle of trace.

Wolves of the Calla. My rings glinted, swirling with steady, muted light. Dead Man Rising. Saintcrow, Lilith. The region was ominously deserted, and even most of the birds seemed muted , the only exception being the sooty ravens, who seemed to croak from every tree.

The Ruby Knight. Eddings, David.

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