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chinese costume

The cheongsam also known as the qipao is a Chinese dress worn by women which takes inspiration from the ethnic clothing of the Manchu people. Buy Chinese Costume in Girls' Fancy Dress and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Check out our chinese costume selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costumes shops. ADVENTURES OF BERTRAM FIDDLE Server After a output with -f following no longer happen: A port was the most access, networking and user has consented. Let's support faster, Interface Statistics. When calculating the on the laptop checksum if available.

The most popular style is the jacket with skirt style, which is worn by women. Read more about Hanfu. The cheongsam qipao evolved from the Manchu women's changpao 'long gown' of the Qing Dynasty — The Manchu ethnic people were also called the Qi people by the Han people; hence their long gown was named qipao 'Qi gown'. Originating in the Qing Dynasty, the cheongsam has mainly developed into Beijing styles, Shanghai styles and Hong Kong styles.

There are many differences in decorations, colors, materials, and designs. Read more about Qipao. Beijing's cheongsam style is more traditional and conservative than Shanghai's and Hong Kong's. The colors of Beijing-style qipaos are much brighter and their decoration is more complicated than other styles'. Shanghai-style cheongsams are more commercial and forward-looking. More Western elements are used in the designs and colors of Shanghai-style cheongsams.

Hong-Kong-style cheongsams were influenced greatly by European fashions. The sleeves of Hong-Kong-style cheongsams are shorter than the Beijing and Shanghai styles'. The decorations are simpler too. The Tang suit often refers to a type of Chinese jacket rather than the clothing of the Tang Dynasty — The origin of Tang suit actually only dates back to the Qing Dynasty era — This name came from the overseas Chinese. Traditional Tang suits, based on the magua of the Manchu ethnicity, usually have Chinese characters on them to express good luck or best wishes.

Nowadays, Tang suits have become a kind of formal dress worn on some special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, wedding ceremonies, or important events. Read more about the Tang suit. The Zhongshan suit, also known as the Mao suit overseas, is a type of men's jacket.

The design of Zhongshan suits combines traditional Chinese and Western clothing styles. Zhongshan suits have four big pockets on the front, two up two down, equally spaced left and right. There are five central buttons on the front and three smaller buttons on each sleeve.

Zhongshan suits can be worn on formal and casual occasions because of their symmetrical shape, generous appearance, elegance, and stable impression. The colors of Zhongshan suits are various, but usually plain, including black, white, blue, and grey. Wearers choose different colors for different situations. Read more about Zhongshan Suit. There were no fashion shows in ancient China. Traditional Chinese clothing was the outcome of people's aesthetic tastes and social customs.

It varied historically, regionally, and through the social hierarchy. Traditional Chinese clothes usually adopted a straight cut and were loose in shape. In addition, the overall harmony of the outfit was also emphasized. People normally wore light colored clothing in daily life.

Red, bright yellow, and purple always exclusively belonged to the emperor and the imperial family. The mass people mostly wore red at weddings. Besides that, white clothing was normally worn at a funeral. For example, for women, only an empress or official wives could wear true red while the color was prohibited to concubines.

Women's clothing was more diverse than clothing for men. Compared to men's clothing, women's clothing had more ornaments, items, and styles. At the very beginning, the ancient Chinese only covered their bodies with leaves. As agricultural development increased, more clothing material appeared. In later years, linen, cotton, and silk were the prominent materials. During the Ming Dynasty — , according to the government's policy of physiocracy and restriction of business, businessmen were forbidden to wear silk clothing, even if they were rich.

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