Transformers diaclone takara dia attacker 1981

transformers diaclone takara dia attacker 1981

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Transformers diaclone takara dia attacker 1981 ecxel


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Transformers diaclone takara dia attacker 1981 coaches in white coats

Diaclone Dia Attacker Review transformers diaclone takara dia attacker 1981

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Seller Notes:. Our grading scale is 1 - with mint flawless a , near mint a 95, excellent a 90, and so on. Comes as shown. Sticker Condition: Rated Accessories: None. Joint Condition: Tight. Original Unopened. Time Period Manufactured:. Blue on blue text: Total height: 31 meters Weight: tonnes Page 6 features a new piece of cutaway art of Robot Base, labeled as a diagram with the numerous fictional systems of the mecha.

There are also two additional insets with feature photos of the Dia Punch fist cockpits and the head catapult. Page Big Powered proves that wearing fingerless gloves can lead to fingerless hands. Page 7 Powered Suit crew can drive! Half-Finger Missiles launch into the middle of the enemy! Total height: Diagram labels clockwise from top left : Black hole generator Freezon maser Freezon high-speed engine All-directional proximity radar Finger Missile Freezon rocket engine DX-VI Ultra-high-speed shock maser Powered cockpit The new star mech of was Big Powered, a three-vehicle combiner piloted by Powered Suits, which in turn contained the standard Diaclone personnel.

Like Robot Base on the previous spread, Big Powered gets a diagram of his fictional systems and powers, though this time a product photo is used, though there is an art piece depicting all his modes and components. Only the smaller, cheaper offerings would have been acceptable without it. Each has a large missile on its back for different applications. Total height: 3. The Power Maser opens fire! Total length: Total length 5.

It has tracks as well. It launches the wing-mounted tracking Freezon missile! Mission complete. Total length 9. Big Powered follows the traditional land, sea, and air theme, though his sea component is made infinitely more versatile with the ability to operate on land. It is interesting to note that while the Powered Suits are portrayed in a variety of colors elsewhere, they are shown here all in red.

This makes them look remarkably similar, despite carrying different weapons and having different chest and head molding. Page Seriously! It took a catalog and a half to get just one bad guy! Blockers 1 through 14 start the attack flying in formation, and fight while assembling one after another into different formations. Blockers combine! Total height 9. The only Diaclone toy many of us will own. Certainly the most circulation of any non-Transformers Diaclone toy, the versions differ only by minor sticker and pilot adjustments.

Presented here in his earliest form, he gets the same diagram and stats block treatment we have seen so far in this catalog. It can also travel underwater. It has a powerful Waruder Beam in the nose. Total length 8. It can fly short distances. Total length 6. Total height 12 meters Weight Presented here in separated and combined forms, each with the same type of statistics block shown for Diaclone mecha.

We also get a glimpse of the Waruder Army logo, which is based on a bust of General Ingam. These lack the pilot figures that were released with the Japanese version of the toy. The pilots had three unique body styles, and despite not being pictured here, they can be seen on the story page in the Waruder Army section. Due to the fact that they were only included with a couple sets not even with all the Waruder sets , the pilot figures are highly desirable today.

Page At last, the first glorious Transformers… And the names they never actually had in Transformers. Dia Attacker fires missiles from both feet one after another. The enemy aircraft carrier is shaking.

Now it fires the Flasher Beam. It changes to the Space Attacker to continue bombing. Die-cast Callout: It changes to a Space Attacker!! Dia-Attacker is the foremost of these, complete with product photography and a nice art piece which has some notable color deviations , and the usual stats and story block. Below, he is followed by the Dashers… all-new, but barely a footnote due to their status as the low-cost, all-plastic offering for the year.

However, their names in Diaclone are commonly used by fans to refer to specific Transformers Powerdashers. Page 12 Power Base Each can operate as a mobile front-line base with a unique function 1 block 5. Enemy fighters flee. Battles 01, 02, 03, combine to prevent their escape.

They begin pursuit! Steadily, Dia Battles approaches enemy. It rapidly turns in to reverse the enemy retreat. It becomes an interceptor aircraft in an Attack Change! It attacks from the air. Total length According to data analysis, the enemy is in the jungle. Cosmo Roller is on the trail. Callout: Attack Change! Despite being backmarkers, each still gets a little text and some statistics to help make the sell. Unfortunately, that makes for a very cluttered page!

Page Robot Base is distracted from the battle by one of the voices in his head. Page 13 Now, all of these mecha are at your command. The final spread starts with a checklist of all the toys available so far, including both the and lineups. Page 14 Waruder Army is looming, stand up, Diaclone Corps! Finally, a nice art piece depicting Robot Base and some human personnel battling off a separated Warudaros, with the effigy of General Ingam looming overhead. I think this would have made a much more exciting cover piece than the stoic shot of mostly the same cast.

This piece would make a great wall poster! As with most of these catalogs, we close the back cover with the Diaclone Corps three vows, which you must follow as well as dedicating hundreds or thousands of hard-earned dollars if you wish to be a member of Diaclone Corps.

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