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This model is small and lightweight which is perfect for kids. It's also durable and easy to use, the boys can get plenty of practice out of this without worrying about it getting damaged after a few crashes. Despite this, I still took them to an open grass field to minimize really hard impact in case of a hard fall. They picked up how to fly the drone within a few days. We recorded some aerial views of the park and I'm surprisingly pleased with the camera quality as well. I didn't think something so small would have such a good camera.

Most importantly, my kids love it and always want to fly it now everywhere we go. I did have to teach them how to land the drone as this seemed to be the hardest part for them but once they got the hand of this, it was a smooth sailing from there. It's been great starter drone due to how inexpensive, foldable, portable, and user friendly it is! We are very excited and look forward to bring this with us for future vacations and outings. The review title can not be empty!

The review content can not be empty! Share a video with your review, please make sure your video is related to the product. RC Airplane. FPV Monitor. RC Helicopter Parts. RC Quadcopter Parts. RC Boat Parts. FPV System. Multi Rotor Parts. RC Airplane Parts. RC Vehicles. When it comes to drones, the race to produce cheap drones is getting tighter and tighter by the day.

While this may be music to the ears of the bargain buyer, there is a catch! A cheap price may also mean a greater compromise on the quality or lack of features and bad overall performance of the drone! However, some drone models have managed to defy the odds by maintaining a more-than-decent quality despite their astonishingly affordable price tag. A good example is the Eachine S. But what makes this drone stand out from the crowd?

Well, this is because it's a clone that was inspired by the design and build of the popular Air. That being said, the question begs; does it replicate what the pricier Mavic Air offers in terms of specs and performance? Well, the answer lies within the battery. The drone is equipped with a mAh modular battery, which is a newer and more efficient version of Lithium-Polymer batteries.

This allows the battery to store the charge much longer than most drones in the same price range. Even better, take advantage of the three-battery bundle the manufacturer offers which you can get for less than buying three separate batteries! This drone can be piloted to a maximum remote distance of m; good enough for a rookie flier to learn the ropes comfortably. Thankfully, the integrated Return-to-Home function ensures that the ES will come back to its point of takeoff in case of loss of signal or deteriorated battery level.

However, the range drops to m when using the FPV feature to control the drone. The package features a compact and ergonomic controller that fits snugly in your palms. Its build quality is also appealing, unlike the dull and clunky design you find on other cheap models.

The controller is also powered by 4 AAA batteries. The drone offers its best impression of the Mavic Air with a 4K camera, which is simply unheard of at this price. Unfortunately, this can be a little misleading because the drone will only shoot 4K still images. As expected, the camera delivers excellent photo and video capturing abilities.

This is enhanced by the degree field of view to ensure greater detail in individual shots. The lens can also rotate through 90 degrees to offer you different viewing angles. You can store the recorded footage directly onto your phone or a micro SD card.

Furthermore, you can fly the drone via FPV for a more immersive experience. When it comes to mid-air performance, the ES is no pushover! Despite its relatively minute frame, it performs pretty well in stable and even breezy conditions. It is generally easy to pilot, although you might experience some interference when using the FPV function.

Multiple GPS-enabled intelligent flight modes take the piloting experience to the next level. Meanwhile, the Follow Me and Orbit modes will come in handy when you want to record dramatic footage with the camera. You also get additional intelligent modes in Altitude Hold, Smart track, Waypoint, which will impress the most experienced drone lovers.

With three different speed modes on offer, you can customize the flight in line with your level of experience for a blunder-free session. Where to begin? But let me start with the camera.

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Command Eachine ES drone to follow you, do orbit mode, and even customize a flight path for it to fly on. Eachine ES is also capable of following you based on your hand motion. Capture snapshots of yourself by forming hand-shapes and enjoy all the perks this camera drone brings to the table. In addition to that, it can perform degree aerial flips and keeping you in check of its battery status. It is truly a smart camera drone that incorporates the latest technology typically available on more expensive quadcopters such as Holy Stone HS and Potensic D At the price range that this drone is going for, it is a dealbreaker for beginners and recreational remote pilots who are looking to fly a stylish and smart camera quadcopter.

So, should you buy Eachine ES camera drone? If you are going to ask me that question, I would say yes for several good reasons. In addition to that, it can perform various flight modes independently without the need of a remote pilot. Besides, with Eachine ES drone, you get a total flight time up to 32 minutes. Plus, it has a superior remote control distance of up to meters.

Which gives you plenty of flying space to soar the drone around and to capture beautiful aerial shots. The quality of the material is exceptional that provides strong durability and lasts longer. It is impossible not to pass Eachine ES because of its craftsmanship, features, performance, and the package deal. And did I forget to mention that you get a travel case with this drone? We hope you found our Eachine ES drone review helpful and insightful.

Happy flying and fly smart! Beginners who are looking for a quality camera drone to start with will love this quadcopter. Armed with an impressive flight time up to 16 minutes per battery and up to meters remote control distance. This is a featured packed quadcopter that will keep you busy for a long time. Overall, we highly recommend Eachine ES camera drone. Hello, welcome to UAV Adviser!

My name is Keith Ericksen. I am a commercial licensed drone operator. Flying and talking about the drones is my passion. Whether it is toy-grade to professional-grade quadcopters. On my leisure, I enjoy socializing with friends, play video games, hiking, traveling and reading.

If you have a project that needs our drone services, please contact us via Hire-A-Pilot page. I have buy one Eachine ES in Nov I was not lucky because after i fly tree times with it and on the last fly, after two take offs, it blocked. I change the battery, to tray unbloqued. I started the procedure, switch ON the drone to connected it with remote control, but the drone start with fix light, on top cover, and not respond to connect processing -Gyro calibration- nor could I turn it OFF.

Only can switch off if put out the battery. Because this device not have an hole to Reset Factory, by an hole of acessible button I can not do nothing. I suppose that the firmware loaded on electronic chip not run after switch power pressing button, because i can not switch OFF on it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Best Value. Best deal at: Amazon. Your Email:. Desired price:. I agree to the Privacy Policy.

Buy Now. Last Amazon price update was: April 18, pm. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon. Camera Quality. Keith Ericksen. Related Articles. Design Buon prodotto stabile in volo. Il mio trasmette solo in 5ghz e il telefono riceve solo 2. First off, kudos to Eachine for this drone.

I don't know why people are pissing and moaning about this product - it delivered on everything listed. Just take the time to read the features, comprehend real life and accept the product. I found this drone to be the perfect little starter learning tool for kids and adults alike. The basic calibrations every time you want to use the drone are a nice way to get users to be responsible and it also prevents you from losing or damaging your drone.

Very nice touch IMHO. Lastly, don't expect to make a Steven Spielberg or James Cameron movie with this drone. Again, read the features. Other than that, it is easy. This is my first drone. I have two problems that are driving me mad: A. How can I adjust the camera up and down during flight? How can I get better quality photos as mine are blurry. Apart from the above, this seems good value for money.

The review title can not be empty! The review content can not be empty! Share a video with your review, please make sure your video is related to the product. RC Airplane. FPV Monitor. RC Helicopter Parts. RC Quadcopter Parts.

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Eachine E520s GPS Camera Drone (Range Test \u0026 Review)

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