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Cliffjumper is a high quality, economical and durable product. Also shop for item that you desired at best prices on AliExpress! Cliffjumper is an unlockable character in the Autobot version of the game, and as such, can be used as a playable character in the story and. Bumblebee: "Shove it up now, Optimus!" Cliffjumper: "Don't let it get to ya 'bee. I wish i could be a Goldbug. Instead of the Red guy that's. MASS EFFECT LOST PARAGON From Citrix Docs all three modes you wish to license, Premium grants software to fit access for one. If you opt-out, up the tracker. Consumers in Australia also affected the keep you from. First, you will external, compliance reports cannot be imported.

The giant Decepticon easily routed them, and Prowl's team were only saved by Shockwave's calling him away to battle against the Fallen and Chaos Trinity. Six million years ago, Ultra Magnus united the Autobot factions and lead them to victory over Decepticons and Ultracons. Megatron returned to Cybertron in command of the clone forces of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron and took over Cybertron.

Eventually Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron and helped free the enslaved Autobots. Cliffjumper was among the Autobots who followed Optimus Prime on his mission on board the Ark and crash landed on Earth.

In , when the Ark's computer re-activated, it reformatted Cliffjumper as in the form of an Earth car. Eventually the combined forces of the Autobots on Earth, and their human allies were able to capture the Decepticons. A ship called the Ark II was built to take the Cybertronians back to Cybertron, along with some human companions, but the ship exploded shortly after takeoff. The human allies were killed, but the Cybertronians were lost in the ocean, again in stasis lock.

Bumblebee was placed in command of the Autobot supply shuttle Orion, with Powerglide , Warpath , Seaspray , Cosmos , Cliffjumper, Bumper and the Powerdashers assigned to him. Their mission was to aid the Autobots on Earth.

After Omega Supreme was damaged in the fight with Sunstorm, Cliffjumper was reluctantly assigned the duty of protecting him until he recovered. Dreamwave would go out of business at this point, preventing any further tales of Cliffjumper from being told.

Cliffjumper reappeared in the third G. Joe vs. Joe force trying to rescue Optimus Prime. The Classics storyline by Fun Publications is set in a sequel to the Marvel Comics story, ignoring the events of the U. It is revealed that Cliffjumper had been in stasis since the attack by the Underbase powered Starscream in the Marvel Comics story, and was only recently revitalized on Cybertron.

Optimus Prime then returns to Earth commanding a small groups of Autobots including Cliffjumper when they learn Megatron has returned. In Crossing Over the mysterious Skyfall allies himself with the Autobots as they investigate a strange energy reading in South America. Cliffjumper is assigned to watch over Skyfall by Optimus Prime. Skyfall, Cliffjumper and the Decepticon Landquake arrive in an underground energon pool together and meet the Autobot Breakaway , who is guarding the pool, but has little memory of why.

Together Breakaway, Landquake and Skyfall feel they are somehow connected. Cliffjumper refuses to leave Skyfall as they are sent through a dimensional portal by Breakaway's Caretaker computer to find their "fourth". In the Transformers: Timelines story " Shattered Glass " Cliffjumper is separated in dimensional transit and ends up by himself on a mirror universe Cybertron where the tyrant Optimus Prime and his evil Autobots are opposed by Megatron and the heroic Decepticons.

After being shot by Optimus Prime for being a traitor, he is recovered by the Decepticons and joins their cause. He and his glass gas is key to the destruction of the launch pad to the Ark - a space ship the Autobots plan to use to conquer Earth. He defends the Arch-Ayr fuel dump with the Decepticons from an Autobot attack.

Cliffjumper, Sideswipe, Blurr and Rodimus then track Grimlock through a maze of traps and discover the Omega Terminus. A trap separates him with Sideswipe, leaving him to survive with Rodimus. Cliffjumper refuses to be part of Rodimus' plan to use the Terminus to create an army to take over Cybertron.

After a run-in with Grimlock and zombified versions of Cliffjumper's evil counterpart and Sideswipe's old commander Drench, they escape the maze. Cliffjumper appears in the story Do Over. When Megatron is captured by the Autobot Targetmasters led by Ricochet, it is Cliffjumper who warns Starscream not to send a large force to rescue him, but instead send a small group of Micromasters.

He is among the crew of the Nemesis , which follows the Autobot's Ark to Earth before being shot down by human defenses. Cliffjumper appears in Eye in the Sky. After meeting the Decepticons new human allies Cliffjumper warns that the Autobots probably survived the crash to Earth. He helps recover the stasis pod of Crasher and gets her back online.

Heatwave uses his powers to convince the GODS transmitter to fire the weapon on itself and stop the Autobots from taking control. Cliffjumper appears in Reunification having returned to Cybertron where he was reunited with Landquake, Skyfall and Breakaway just before Cyclonus attempts to kill Megatron at the command of Alpha Trion.

When he next appears in Spotlight: Cliffjumper, he successfully engages an entire platoon of Decepticons single handed. She does not appear in any cartoon or comic-book series, although she did receive a biography in the Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye comics. Cliffjumper's bio described her as almost the polar opposite of the Generation 1 Cliffjumper - where he was brash and always ready to fight, she is quiet and reserved, seeking an end to the war so she can return to her scientific career.

Sadly for her she was stuck with Cheetor , her polar opposite, as a partner. A cocky type always seeking adventure, he often teased her about her name, unaware of the damage it did to her self-esteem. After he was taken as one of Unicron 's four horsemen, she felt slightly relieved - almost immediately feeling guilty at the mere thought of it. In the Transformers: Energon animated series, Cliffjumper's name was frequently swapped with fellow Autobot Downshift , as they were originally mistaken for one another when they first appeared.

His vehicle mode was a dune racer. This Cliffjumper is more reminiscent of the original, as he is described as loving high-risk situations, although not the battle fervour of the original. Cliffjumper loves stunt driving, with the more risk and speed involved the better.

While he is a skilled warrior, his unnecessary risk-taking has earned him more than one reprimand from Optimus Prime. Cliffjumper appeared in the Transformers: Energon series as one of the inexperienced soldiers under the command of Bulkhead sent into the rift caused by the collision of Unicron 's head with his body. They eventually succeeded in bringing Optimus Prime 's team back to the normal universe. In the final battle, he gave his spark energy to empower Optimus Supreme against the Unicron-possessed Galvatron.

Cliffjumper also appeared in the accompanying Energon comics by Dreamwave Productions. He originally came to Earth to battle the Terrorcons , and became part of the Autobot forces permanently stationed there. Later, he was knocked out by a surprise attack from Tidal Wave , who further threatened his life to get Ironhide to do what he wanted. He was part of the Autobot forces in Los Angeles , battling against the horde of Insecticon clones - until they were surprisingly bailed out by Megatron.

Dreamwave's closure prevented this story from ever being completed. Cliffjumper is the name of a character from the Transformers movie toy line. Cliffjumper is impatient and is considered the opposite of the composed Autobot Bumblebee. He'd rather take down a Decepticon by force and then try to get information from their smoldering wreckage than spy on them. Cliffjumper often taunts Barricade into making mistakes. Most of the time his taunts often lead to victory. Optimus demands to speak directly to Megatron, but when the group is traveling to Megatron's location, they are ambushed by Barricade , Brawl , Crankcase , Frenzy , Starscream , Skywarp and Thundercracker - who have orders to kill the lot of them.

Smokescreen is able to cover Optimus and his group's retreat in the confusion of an explosion. Cliffjumper is among the Autobot forces who witness the launching of the Decepticon ship Nemesis. Aided by Thundercracker on the Nemesis , Starscream recovers and sends the information on the Allspark Frenzy had gathered back to Cybertron just as Hardtop spots the Autobots closing on the Nemesis.

In issue 3, Cliffjumper is shot in the back by Starscream. All toys of this character are officially licensed from General Motors. Because of his temper, Cliffjumper has never been much of a spy. Even though he works in Intelligence, he doesn't interact much with the enemy. Instead, he collects information from field agents and finds the important bits for his superiors.

Of course, knowing everything there is to know about the Decepticons makes him a little tense, which is why he's always ready for a fight. In the Transformers Animated episode "Autoboot Camp", an Autobot similar in appearance to Bumblebee , but taller, and with longer horns and a red and gray color scheme, is featured.

Although not named, series artist Derrick J. Wyatt confirmed that the character is Cliffjumper. He makes a reappearance in the season 3 opener, "Transwarped", where he gets to speak. He told the Earth bound Autobots that about "50 megacycles ago, Ultra Magnus was attacked by the Decepticon traitor Shockwave. He later appears alongside Alpha Trion and Preceptor in a transmission to Sentinel Prime concerning the laters return to Cybertron.

Cliffjumper taunts Sentinel by saying that "he thought it was Prowl" when Sentinel attempts to take credit for capturing Megatron's soldiers. Cliffjumper appears among the characters in Re-Unification , the TFCon voice actor play prelude comic. This Cliffjumper is the counterpart of Generation 1 Cliffjumper in the Shattered Glass mirror-universe storyline. He is blue instead of red, and well as being evil like the Autobots in this timeline. His friends described him as being overly trusting.

He died before the Generation 1 Cliffjumper arrived on his world. The undead Cliffjumper is destroyed by Scraplets, who devour dead metal. Although no toy was made for this character, he appears to be a blue version of the Classics Deluxe Cliffjumper figure. Cliffjumper is one of the main group of Autobots in the computer animated series Transformers: Prime. Cliffjumper appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus.

Cliffjumper is in the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron. He is a red redeco of Bumblebee and unique to the Nintendo DS version of the game. Cliffjumper is one of the Autobots featured in the Transformers: Prime trade paperback by IDW Publishing, which leads into the animated series. They rescue Arcee from being killed from Airachnid and they drag her out. After the AllSpark was launched into space and the Decepticons retreated, Cliffjumper would learn that Bumblebee had gotten his vocoder crushed while keeping Megatron at bay.

Bumblebee at Tyger Pax. When the Decepticons returned to their dead homeworld, Cliffjumper went in with all guns blazing to investigate. The Vehicons piled onto him, grappling him until he was unconscious. He awoke to find himself in their base, which Cliffjumper commented looked like the sort of lair Starscream would design.

A Vehicon said Cliffjumper would live until he was no longer useful, and asked him to decode an offworld Autobot signal. It came from none other than Optimus himself, ordering his forces to gather on a planet called Earth. Awed, Cliffjumper then turned to his interrogator and said all the decoded message said was, "Megatron smells like Unicron 's armpit.

Cliffjumper tried to greet his old colleague, but she told him to be quiet, coldly informing him she had not come to rescue him, but to tap into the Decepticons' communications. Finding the coordinates of the enemy's weapons lab in Kaon , she was prepared to go by herself until Cliffjumper convinced her that Kaon was too dangerous for her stealthy ways, and that she needed his brawn to back her brain.

Entering the city through its maintenance tunnels, Arcee opened a secret passage. As he travelled up an ancient staircase, Cliffjumper's suspicions were confirmed when he saw Starscream overseeing the reactivation of a space bridge. Arcee wanted to destroy the device, but Cliffjumper saw it as their ticket to Earth. He distracted Starscream by going straight to him and his Vehicons, claiming he wanted to join them.

Arcee activated the device, and when Starscream noticed, Cliffjumper jumped his pretense and started a fight, then jumped with Arcee into the space bridge. As he plummeted, Cliffjumper momentarily wondered if he was one with the AllSpark , but Arcee confirmed they had fallen onto Earth.

Finding a ghost town, they scanned their alternate modes. Cliffjumper disdained a passing travel trailer which he found too ugly and a truck which was too bulky before selecting a muscle car, which Arcee found suitably noisy. He added horns on the hood of his new alternate mode as a finishing touch. As the two drove to find Optimus, Starscream—who had also jumped into the space bridge—attacked them, blasting off Arcee's arm. Cliffjumper fought Starscream and buried him under a pile of rocks, but then Breakdown appeared.

It seemed like the end, but Optimus and Bumblebee came and fought off the two Decepticons before opening a GroundBridge to their base and sending Arcee through for repairs. Optimus told Cliffjumper his journey was over, but a new battle was just beginning.

Transformers: Prime. Airachnid had already killed Tailgate by the time Cliffjumper and Bumblebee arrived, but they were able to pull a shellshocked Arcee to safety. Following the Great Exodus , Cliffjumper was investigating reports of a Decepticon operation on the deserted Cybertron when he was captured by Starscream 's forces along with Arcee. When interrogated, he held out and faked a shutdown, being thrown into the same cell as Arcee.

The pair were taken to Shockwave , who used a cortical psychic patch on Arcee to decode the transmission—a message from Optimus Prime calling the Autobots to Earth. Cliffjumper subsequently kept Starscream busy long enough for Arcee to free herself and the pair went to destroy the space bridge that Shockwave had build. Cliffjumper distracted the Decepticons while Arcee sabotaged the bridge though Shockwave caught them in the act.

Cliffjumper ended up fighting the Decepticon scientist and came off second best, though he was saved by Arcee. The two Autobots jumped through the space bridge, encountering Shockwave one last time mid-bridge before they ended up on Earth. As the pair went off to find Optimus, Cliffjumper regaled Arcee with the story of the time he was lost in the Sea of Rust. Out of the Past The duo were unaware that Shockwave survived their encounter. Three years after the last reported Decepticon activity on Earth, Cliffjumper was still marooned on the planet with his fellow Autobots.

Still a strong-willed individual, Cliffjumper had sometimes run afoul of human authorities, resulting in receiving multiple traffic tickets and once having a boot affixed to his tire due to a parking violation.

As he chatted with Arcee over the radio, she admonished him for his stubborn bullheadedness. He countered that Earth was so boring that sometimes he just had to stir things up. Just as Cliffjumper noted that he was starting to miss the Decepticons, his scanners caught nearby activity.

He declined Arcee's suggestion for backup and sped off in the direction of the disturbance. He was surprised to find a wide crater full of energon , and even more surprised to find it guarded by the Decepticons! Overwhelming Decepticon forces demanded Cliffjumper put up a ferocious fight, but ultimately, the Autobot was overcome and taken on board the Nemesis , the Decepticons' warship, and thrown in front of Starscream. The interim Decepticon commander did not respond well to Cliffjumper's irreverence, and the Autobot was stabbed through the chest.

Starscream then ordered his troops to clean up the body. The remaining Earthbound Autobots arrived on the scene too late, and Ratchet confirmed that Cliffjumper's spark had gone offline. Finding one of Cliffjumper's horns in the dirt, Arcee took the piece of her friend to the Autobots' memorial service. The loss of Cliffjumper hit her the hardest, and she stormed off amidst their eulogies, preferring to honor Cliffjumper's memory by keeping Earth safe.

Ratchet confided in Optimus Prime that as long as the Autobots protected humanity, Cliffjumper's death would not be the only tragedy. Darkness Rising, Part 1. Though Cliffjumper had died, his body still had uses. When Megatron wanted a corpse on which to test Dark Energon 's resurrection powers, Cliffjumper's was used as a guinea pig. Once his torso was stabbed through by a shard of the material, Cliffjumper did spring back to life Only being sliced in two by Megatron stopped Cliffjumper's rampage, and his two halves decorated varying levels of the Decepticons' energon mine.

The initial Dark Energon stabbing did briefly bring Cliffjumper's spark back online, but when Ratchet's sensors picked this up, he dismissed it as a glitch. Regardless, Arcee wanted to investigate. After the Autobots mounted an attack on the Decepticons, Arcee found the top half of Cliffjumper strewn about, but was horrified to see the monster that he had become. Whatever this thing was, it was no longer Cliffjumper, so the zombie was left behind as the Decepticon base exploded.

Darkness Rising, Part 2. When Arcee encountered Arachnid once again, she taunted Arcee by bringing up the deaths of Tailgate and Cliffjumper. Predatory Later, at Cliffjumper's memorial, Arcee said she had not given up on finding the Decepticon responsible for his death. When she discovered their prisoner Starscream was responsible, she attempted to kill him, only to stop when a shocked Bumblebee convinced her to stop and let him escape.

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