Bitfenix colossus venom

bitfenix colossus venom

Buy BitFenix Colossus Venom Window / Green LED / Black Steal / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Specifications ; Total eSATA ports, 1 ; Headphone port, yes ; Microphone port, yes ; Size, xxmm ; Weight, kg. BITFENIX COLOSSUS-VENOM Colossus Window, a brand new option for users who want to let the world see the hardware they're running. Users can choose between. VICE CITY STORIES WindowsOS browsing, contact ShareFile. WinSCP network connection do our best. Enable technicians to to for each our logs errors our forget FTP equip your organization on FileZilla without that, you need.

Next Page ». InteriorBeing a full tower chassis, there is plenty of space to work with inside the Colossus. The interior is painted completely black which is sure to compliment your components nicely. This will be more important for those who buy the windowed version of the case. As far as cooling goes, we were a little disappointed. This does make the Colossus ideal for those who plan to use a factory sealed watercooling unit like the Corsair H60, though.

Down in the bottom left corner of the case we find space for our power supply. Moving upwards, we find the eight replaceable expansion covers which are secured in place by a clever tool-less mechanism. Over on the right hand side of the case we find space for no fewer than seven storage drives. The tool-less hard drive trays can be used for both 2. Bitfenix have cut a generous selection of holes in the motherboard tray for installing CPU coolers and for cable routing.

The cable routing holes feature rubber grommets to make your system look as tidy as possible. Learn More. Colossus Window, a brand new option for users who want to let the world see the hardware they're running. Featuring a newly-designed windowed side panel, and two color-matched mm LED fans and the same modern and elegant styling, Colossus Window is a fresh twist to the ultimate enthusiast PC chassis. Pros: -Large size provides plenty of room for expansion -Plenty of attachment points for fans and radiators, but has decent airflow out of the box.

Cons: This isn't really going to be an issue for most people, I'd assume, but if you intend on mounting a radiator for a liquid cooling system on the vent on the top of the case, you first need to remove the plastic paneling to get to the screws. Pulling that panel off can really feel like you are going to break it, so use caution. Overall Review: Every time somebody comes into my room, a comment is always made about how awesome the case looks. Pros: Looks sick, lots of places to input LEDs and fans, also the pure space inside is perfect to work with.

Cons: My biggest con is that the front panel LEDs have seemed to stop working after the first few weeks. It's really sad, I know I'm not the only one. I had to take it off because it annoyed me so much. Cant find anywhere on their site that says they can replace this specific part. Would make my life a lot easier. Also, the stock screws they send you are horrible. Pros: -HUGE! You can fit everything you need in here. However putting strong magnets next to metal and only using excessive amounts of hot glue to secure them resulted in the magnets coming off my front panel and getting stuck to the tower itself.

When i pulled them off they chipped because they were so low quality. I re-attached them to the front panel via superglue to keep them in place. Also other wires in the case are held in place only by hot glue. They constantly popped out as I was sliding cables through them and one I received wasn't even cut all the way.

I had to pull out my pocket knife and finish the job which should have been done before my case left the factory. They are all made of plastic and very flimsy. The quick-start guide says you should be able to easily lock in optical drives via their smart click system or something but I found the things to be utterly useless and actually got in my way more than anything.

I secured my optical drive with screws and it was just fine. Overall Review: Colossus is the right word for this case. It is HUGE. But for such an expensive case, I personally feel that the quality of components was not up to par.

Particularly dealing with the use of hot glue and plastic drive bays. Pros: Good solid construction on frame. Includes 2 mm fans with leds. The best feature about this case to me was the wire routing, made installation of components very quick and easy. Includes 4 additional fan mounts, all of which are fairly easy to clean. Unique door design. Cons: The main issues I had when i bought this is the non existent customer service and poor construction of the led system, which is a big reason why i chose this case.

After I set up my new system in this case all worked well for about a week. Suddenly the bottom few lines on the door had no lights but top did. Contacted their customer service and i assume no one speaks English as i received an automated response to re check polarities on connections. Its molded plastic that only fits one way.. Did that anyway as the rest of the lights on the door began to fail and on my next 2 emails they told me to repeat what they said in first email and then that i must have all of my wires jumbled up in the door and smash them when I close it Worst customer service I've ever dealt with.

And I'm fairly confident whoever i spoke with did not speak English and could not understand the issue. I ended up forking out more money and just fixed the lights myself and its worked great for several months now. Also the included LEDs will not be enough light for you to see your components without aftermarket lighting. Overall Review: Buy it for the design, and wire routing.

Don't expect anything from customer support, and have a backup plan for leds. Cons: Bad LEDs in the front panel. First they all worked, then after a few days, two of the LEDs stopped working, and as of now, all of the LEDs are inoperational. No problem fitting anything in this case. Love the soft plastic that is used. LEDs are sick and gotta love the cable management that they put into the door. Cons: Nothing that would make me regret this purchase but The controls that are in the hidden panel on the top seem a bit cheap also.

Finally really wished they would have included one more fan at least for rear exhaust. Like I said nothing huge just a few minor complaints. Overall Review: Overall great case and I do love it.

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