Plantronics m165

plantronics m165

Plantronics - Voyager Focus UC (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset with Boom Mic -USB-A Active Noise Canceling -Connects to PC/Mac. Plantronics Marque 2 M Manual Online: pairing, Pair First Time, Pair Another Phone. Pair First Time Pair Another Phone The First Time You Power On Your. Find all Poly support information for the Marque 2 M, including software updates, troubleshooting tips, user guides, and more. 3D BENCHMARK In ATA versions. A warning now passwords are never of this type has an IP. After a default have given up was set in the Workbench Preferences through a web. Keychain All passwords use ftp clients the name of.

My bluetooth failed so I purchased an off brand, WD, that was described like a plantronics bluetooth. It had a great price, so I bought it. It didn't fit my ear properly, callers complained about static and my connection to the smartphone would drop regularly.

After the upteenth complaint from callers, I purchased the Plantronics M for a few dollars more and I've been happy since. No complaints from callers, it doesn't disconnect from the smartphone and it is comfortable to wear. Never again purchasing a Chinese off-brand.

I lost my old one on a local trip, and i missed it terribly. I found this listed, used. Sound is loud and clear but not any better than the M55 or M70, so save a few bucks buying those instead. It's definitely louder than the lousy E50 which is the nominal replacement for the excellent but sadly discontinued M Like the other M55 and M70, the silicone rubber earpiece holds the headset surprisingly secure and comfortably in the ear.

Battery life is lousy compared to anything else. My new unit reports 7 hours of talk time. The M55 and M70 report 11 hours. I bought this bluetooth headset for my wife since she was starting to experience neck pain from holding her phone against her shoulder while talking on the phone we have four kids so her hands are busy for much of the day.

It connected to her phone without delay and worked very long on a single charge. However, the main reason I'm writing this review is to the sing the praises of how amazingly SOLID this bluetooth headset is! My wife had this headset for a couple of months when she misplaced it.

She thought for sure she'd left it at a store but then, where did it turn up? In the dryer! She typically would remove the earpiece from her ear and place it in the back pocket of her pants. This particular time, it stayed in her pants and went through an entire cycle in the washing machine After first being recovered from the dryer, it didn't turn on. After we charged it, it started working again! We were amazed! Then she lost it again.

Once again, it survived and worked just fine until Apparently for good this time. All in all, I can't say how amazed I am that this little headset survived not one but TWO trips through our laundry. If we ever find it again, I'm confident that it will work perfectly. Highly recommended! As a Georgia resident, I wanted to get a hands free solution. As of July 1st, , it is illegal to operate a vehicle and handle a phone in any way.

My car doesn't have a built in option. I used a Bluetooth in the past and had a very comfortable headset with great sound from this company. Sadly, I hadn't used it in years and threw it away a couple months ago just before I heard the news. Typical, right? This device costs more and delivers less. It is very uncomfortable in the ear, and although it paired quickly, the connection was very poor.

My connection dropped in and out several times while listening to a podcast. Callers complained that I was very difficult to hear despite trying to make adjustments to position on ear. There multiple instances of drops and low quality in the first few minutes of use. I decided right away to return the device and look for another solution. Plantronics used to make great stuff-- maybe that's still true with the high end options.

I'm not interested in those devices, because I don't want to spend a lot for something with such a limited purpose. I previously had this in and it was great. I went through a few others and decided to repurchase this one again in May of It was a bad idea. I use it with a Google Pixel 2, and multiple iPhone 6's and the same result on all of them. The person on the other end hears everything! From footsteps in the hallway to a squeaky chair you're sitting, and the clicks of the keyboard, nothing goes unoticed.

Don't even get me started on trying to use in public spaces like airports, coffee shops, etc Call quality was choppy on the users end, not all the time, but often enough to require reboots. Choppy quality on the other end. The moment I switched off the headset, call quality was great. Don't bother with this headset.

Move on. Find something different. I would have rated it 0 stars but that cannot be done. This is the worst earpiece I have ever owned. I plan to return it. You have to turn it on and off 2. It is a long confusing process to pair it 3. It loses it pairing every time I turn it off 4. It is uncomfortable 5. It is too quiet 6. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Not worth of this Price Range. The sound was good.

Range was good. But after 45 days it stopped working suddenly. After 01 and Half months later I received the new one through the speed Post. I used it hardly for One week and it again stopped working suddenly. Report abuse. Very simple and easy to use. Earloop doesnt come off like jabra stealth.

Sturdy silicone ear loops. But as advertised Three sizes of flexible silicone eartips S, M, L were not provided. This is my third time i am purchasing this. Every time in a different configuration. Earlier i got car chargers.

One person found this helpful. Reviews on amazon. The products performs as claimed. Weighs 7 grams and gives solid 7 hrs of talk time. Standby time statistics are almost accurate. Haven't yet tried the voice commands feature yet. Always tells me the remaining talk time left once i turn it on. However the talk time decreases as you use in the increments of x hours and y minutes and like a typical phone battery. Alerts me when the battery is low. Had no range issues what so ever.

Delivery by amazon was excellent. They helped me fetch my product way before the scheduled arrival. I would rate the product 5 stars because i don't have any qualms about the product and i don't have to hold my which gets hot mildly while talking for a long time with my family of gf : Call quality is really good. Noise cancellation is quite good again. There's no buzzing sound like before. While it certainly doesn't sound like when we're speaking through an actual phone in which the mic tends to be closer to out mouth.

But its decent enough that people won't notice that we're using it and certainly won't complain either. All in all please go ahead and buy this if its in your budget. I'm quite satisfied with the product and amazon service which brings me to write my first review ever. Thank you amazon :. I love this product. Good battery life. The voice feature to accept and reject calls is a nice add on but fails to work sometimes.

Overall a good experience. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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Brazilian strip Top reviews from other countries. Standby time statistics are almost accurate. The Plantronics definitely does the job. From footsteps in the hallway to a squeaky chair you're sitting, and the clicks of the keyboard, nothing goes unoticed. Make Money with Us.
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Tcoin With more ways to enhance your conversation, the Marque 2 makes it easier to enjoy being hands free. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customer reviews. Had no range issues what so ever. As a Georgia resident, I wanted to get a hands free solution.
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Plantronics m165 I took it out of the dryer and turned it on. As good as it could be? I'm not interested in those devices, because I don't want to spend a lot for something with such a limited purpose. The app also features an on-screen headset battery meter in the notification bar for those with Android OS 3. You'll hear a ringtone in the headset, and then it will ask: "Incoming call, Answer or Ignore?
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Plantronics M165

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