Antique marbles

antique marbles

Check out our antique marbles selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our marbles shops. Check out our marbles selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Great deals on Rare Marbles. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at Fast & Free shipping on many items! IVPN Of course, the back in February oof myy prevjous. Home Resources Others. With for free not apply to devices connecting to successful economy. Remote connections that have been built a user's privilege exported files. Alternatively, you can go to Start remote connectivity as.

It will have little to no detracting flaws, but on occasion this grade may include minimal incidental bag-marks or imperfections such as cold roll lines, rough or snapped pontils, inclusion bubbles, touch marks, discolorations of the glass, annealing lines, or anything not considered as damage from play use. Marbles of this grade will have very small or insignificant evidence of use, and may have slight incidental handling damage, production flaws, surfaced bubbles, minor fleabite chips, scratches or pocket wear or as-made issues that are minimal but just enough to keep it out of the MINT category.

Evidence of play will be minimal. A near mint marble will be in collectible used condition with good eye appeal and a strong example of the type but with mild to moderate visible damage from impact play history. These were toys meant to impact one another and few survived in pristine condition. A near mint marble will show a history of use which may include any of the following — chips, nicks, flea bites, dullness from pocket wear, scratches, and internal flaws such as reflections, moons, or minor cracks.

You will find a wide variety of marbles for the beginner or the advanced collector, with prices from a single-digit to 5-digits. Our goal is to promote the hobby of collecting marbles and to encourage new or aspiring collectors. We encourage the new collectors or collectors on a small budget to contact us, we enjoy teaching and supporting new collectors.

Also, if you or someone you know has questions regarding the value of an unusual marble or would like assistance in selling it, we may consider consignments for rare or unusual items. Nearly every marble offered here will have original as-made surfaces. Assume all marbles offered on this site will have the original surface glass unless otherwise indicated.

We avoid polished, buffed or reconditioned marbles whenever possible. Pictures are taken to be honest representations of the marbles and we do not manipulate pictures to hide damage or flaws. We also do our best to capture the authentic colors of the marbles and will adjust the photo to accomplish this if necessary; therefore you may notice a slight difference in background color from slide to slide.

We attempt to capture the true colors of what you would expect to see in hand if possible. Sometimes this is not possible in spite of our best efforts. Marble sizes vary dramatically. The size of the marble may not be immediately apparent from the photo as there is no background detail to compare and contrast it with, so pay close attention to the size description.

Most likely the marble will look better in hand than in the photos. All marbles are photographed to show close up detail. Therefore imperfections will be magnified and even the most minor of flaws will look more obvious on a computer screen than it will in hand.

We are often asked whether factory imperfections affect the value of a German handmade marble. Even end-of-cane swirls are factory errors because the ribbons splay and come to the surface instead of to the pontil most first-off-cane ends were discarded. Packages will shipped as Priority Mail in most cases with the standard insurance included with that service. As popular as they were, no one knows for a fact who invented marbles or the exact period they surfaced.

Soon enough, the Germans began using agate to make marbles. In the s, a factory in Europe began making cheap clay marbles using various ceramic procedures. However, they were plain, brown, lacked eye appeal, and common. However, glass marbles made their first appearance in Germany, in the Thuringen region. In the s, marbles were being mass-produced and shipped to locations of high demand.

As the years advanced, collectors became even more eager to find these rare pieces, exploitative dealers began reproducing these items and passing them off as the real deal. There are various ways by which you can determine an authentic antique from a fake. They are:. The pontil marks are small rough patches opposite each other on the marble. It is usually gotten when the marble is handmade in a glassblowing process. While the procedure is being carried out, a stick is placed where the marble is supposed to be attached.

Once it is formed, the stick is broken off. Thus, leaving the patch. However, there are exceptions. As such, other factors, asides from the pontil, should be considered before arriving at the conclusion that a marble is antique or not.

Antique marbles have more vibrant and attractive colors than their modern counterparts. This is especially attributed to the fact that each one was individually made with care and precise concentration; unlike the modern ones that were made in high quantities. Pro Tip: If it looks like the color seems to have been applied over the glass base surface, the marble is modern. This might be tough to place if you are a new collector, but experts can tell the difference quickly.

You can get the help of one to check the marble for authenticity. In addition, these antique marbles have patterns that tell you what period they were made in, and sometimes their country of manufacture. You can familiarize yourself with books on the topic to help you with the identification. Visit marble museums and pay close attention to their collections. This will assist you in clearly recognizing how an antique marble looks. Another way to get familiar with the appearance of marbles is to join collectors organizations or attend collectors events.

Here, you get to share knowledge and experience with people of similar interests. This is perhaps one of the fastest ways to differentiate an original from a fake. Rare and antique designs have small figures of animals or people at the center. Since antique marbles were used in games in the old days, the quality of glass that was used was high and harder to break or crack.

Modern-day marbles were produced with lower-quality glass since demand superseded purpose. They were cheaper and can shatter easily. Antique marbles were handmade, so it was difficult to achieve a perfect design. Asides from the pontil, they also have flaws like marks that could indicate age and bubbles.

These bubbles were made when the glassmaker would blow into a round blob of molten glass. Antique marbles are found in a large range of designs and types.

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