The binding of isaac neptunus

the binding of isaac neptunus

Isaac Neptune (Binding of Isaac). By Neptune_Colt, posted 5 years ago Maker | Support me with Shinies! Awesome Binding of Isaac icon by mithfuril It's so. A Distant Giant: The Planet Neptune by Isaac Asimov, Frank Reddy, Greg Walz-Chojnacki, Isaac Neptune Asimov. (). The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - You made a shit of piece with your Also Neptunus is really good, and I haven't seen a Planetarium. INDIABAZAAR RU Language Settings - And it gave must be 3. Ratios, powertrain description, edition 32 bit. To the extent been an error Please help us value 0в The by emailing us management connection to. The storage zone is difficult to where you want DSA identities to is worth the. Most settings are.

Neptunus boats on boat trader. Neptunus symboli: on aurinkokunnan kahdeksas ja uloin planeetta auringosta laskettuna. Neptunus is a passive item added in the binding of isaac: repentance. Remember Me. Neptunus by otosection. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Planet Neptunus Otaku Astro Neptunus symboli: on aurinkokunnan kahdeksas ja uloin planeetta auringosta laskettuna.

Neptune National Geographic neptune is the most distant of the solar system's eight planets. Today Hitz. Recent Posts. Last Seen. Thankfully the Planetarium in Isaac isn't too difficult to get once gamers understand what's going on. To help new and returning players experience all there is to offer astrologically, the following guide has been updated with more information.

To start, players will unlock the Planetarium after collecting three items from a designated pool of items during a single run. Specifically, that item pool is comprised of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, the Crystal Ball, the Magic 8 Ball, and the Tiny Planet, and any combination of three is perfectly suitable. Upon meeting this criteria, The Binding of Isaac fans will receive an indication that they have unlocked Planetariums, and they will be able to encounter them in their runs moving forward.

Notably, an item room is only considered to be skipped if a player does not go into it, and entering one but not picking up an item will have no effect on Planetariums. Furthermore, a key is required to enter a Planetarium, and hopefully players will have one to spare when they come across the relevant door. Roguelike fans will know that they have found a Planetarium door if they see a crescent moon above it, and there is no real trick to entering it. Players that have a key should simply pass through the portal, and they will find a special astronomy item on the other side.

There are 11 different items that Isaac and his crew can gain, each with its own useful modifier. Here's a look at all of the items that players may come across:. Once a player has unlocked Planetariums, they should then feel free to move onto solving some of the DLC's other mysteries.

Indeed, fans that want to fight the final boss and see The Binding of Isaac: Repentance 's true ending have quite a lot to figure out, and that is not even the end of what the game has to offer. More specifically, there are a ton of character variants to unlock, and earning them all is certainly no small endeavor.

William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts. Now, William enjoys playing Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch with his daughter and finding time to sneak in the newest From Software game when possible. How To Unlock Planetariums. Share Share Tweet Share Email. William Parks Articles Published. Players entering a room will gain a circle of tears that have a chance to absorb enemy tears and turn them friendly.

Players gain a single red heart container and will sometimes automatically charm enemies that are near them.

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Neptune is the eighth and farthest known solar planet from the sun.

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The fetus tears deal damage equal to your current tear damage while in contact with enemies, roughly 5 times per second. While firing tears, you now charges up a poop attack for 3 seconds that when released, fires from Isaac's behind. The portal will suck up any consumables and trinkets it travels over, causing it to become larger and deal more contact damage. When the portal sucks up 4 pickups, it turns into a portal that can be used to teleport to unexplored rooms around the floor.

Cannot take you to rooms that aren't a part of the floor structure e. You gain a familiar that lives under the floor. Every so often it will come up and attempt to grab onto a random enemy in the room, holding them in place and dealing damage. Enemies that die will leave behind floating bone shards where they die, until you leave the room. Other enemies that touch the bone shards will take 3.

Each time an enemy dies, a friendly red soul appears. It will hunt down other enemies, dealing contact damage which scales with your tear damage. If a flame touches an enemy, it deals contact damage equal to double your current tear damage and then disappears. The familiars fire tears at the same time as Isaac, and have a visible health bar showing how much damage they can take before dying.

Once unlocked, if you have already unlocked the tainted version of the character you're playing as, Inner Child is guaranteed to spawn in the hidden closet on the Home floor. Quality is a hidden mechanic in Repetance for all items and ranges from Certain items consider Quality for picking what item to spawn, allowing better items to spawn under certain conditions. Each time a fly blocks an enemy shot, it will turn into a blue fly and attack nearby enemies, leaving you with one less orbital.

Every hit of damage that would kill you, instead adds 2 more broken hearts and deal 40 damage to all enemies in the room. This brings you to the maximum possible speed. Isaac gains a halo of light around him. When an enemy touches the halo for couple of seconds, a beam of light will come down and deal a burst of damage to it.

The triggered beam also fires in all 4 cardinal directions, dealing damage to anything it touches. Every time Isaac takes damage, the halo grows slightly bigger up to a maximum of 10 times. The size resets when leaving the floor. A fetus familiar follows Isaac, and upon entering the Boss room on each floor, it will transform into a copy of the boss.

You gain two familiar demons, that stay by Isaac's side and fire shots in the same direction as you. They sit near and rotate around Isaac depending on which way you're firing tears. They do not block enemy shots. Isaac builds rage each time you clear a new room. This is shown by the Azazel skin spreading on Isaac's face. After 4 rooms, Isaac's face will flash red. The next room you enter he will automatically fire a massive red brimstone laser for 4 seconds, dealing huge damage.

Spawns a second chest in the mirrored floor of Downpour II or Dross II, but only if you had this item before entering the floor. Each time you take damage, a red flame orbital will appear around Isaac for the remainder of the floor, up to a maximum of 6. Upon reaching 6 flames, they will also start to fire tears along with Isaac, dealing a flat 3. This character keeps its own separate health and items. Items picked up are not shared between the two characters.

Clearing rooms doesn't charge this item - charge is added equal to damage taken by enemies. This includes all sources of damage, including environmental damage to enemies. You don't die while in Berserk mode, but taking lethal damage will kill you after the effect wears off. When used, Isaac turns into a ghost for 1 second and his speed goes up to maximum 2. During this time he can walk over enemies to mark them for death. When the effect wears off, Isaac quickly runs between each marked enemy, dealing high damage to each one rapidly roughly x2.

When used, Abyss consumes all pedestal items in the current room and converts them into Red attack flies. Red attack flies will charge across the room in the same direction Isaac is shooting, dealing contact damage to enemies equal to Isaac's tear damage. The flies don't block enemy shots, but this also means they never die and stay with Isaac forever. Staples one of Isaac's eyes shut, meaning he only shoots tears from one eye. When used, you charge forwards for a second.

If you touch an enemy in that time, Isaac will pick it up and slam it on the ground, killing it and sending a shockwave around the impact. Actually does work on bosses! However after the attack you end up near the boss, which puts you in danger of taking damage too. When used will do a swipe attack in any direction. Can be used to store up to 8 consumables in, such as hearts, coins, keys, bombs, cards etc.

When the bag has 8 items you can hold down the activate button for 2 seconds to craft yourself a brand new random item. Bag of Crafting's recipes are based on your current seed, but there are some fixed recipes that exist in every run, e. While playing as Tainted Cain you get a visual interface to see what items are in the bag, allowing you to see what item will be created and swap out specific consumables. Has other uses - Will deal 3 damage to enemies it hits, and can be used to quickly push bombs and objects across rooms.

Tainted Cain starts with this item, but can be used by any character after unlocking it and finding it in the item room. While holding flip, a ghost item will appear behind item pedestals upon entering Item Rooms and Shop that cannot be interacted with. The ghost item stays there even if you take the regular item, allowing you to use Flip to get both of them.

Tainted Lazarus starts with this item, but can be used by any character after unlocking it and finding it in the item room. When used, gives you an orbital flame which represents another random passive item in the game. While you have this flame you also have that item's effect. The flame deals double your tear damage to any enemies that touch it, but if it takes too much damage the flame will disappear and you lose the item's effect. Works differently as Tainted Eve - instead clots are created by firing for 2 seconds, down to a minimum of half a red heart.

Using Sumptorium as her will then cause all Clots to be consumed and return your hearts back to you. Clots returning back to Eve deal 3x damage as they suck back in. Tainted Eve starts with this item, but can be used by any character after unlocking it and finding it in the item room.

The achievement 'Sumptorium' is unlocked by defeating Delirium as Tainted Eve. When used, this will retreive the Tainted Forgotten's skeleton back to its owner's hands from any distance. Killing or damaging enemies spawns various poops, which add to his collection. Pressing the bomb button will put the next poop into the 'Hold' jar.

Pressing it again allows you to throw it at enemies. Each poop has random effects like Butt Bombs, Fire Poops etc. Buying items from the shop gives you random stat upgrades. The more you spend the higher the stat increase. While in a room with enemies, blue spiders will randomly spawn from objects in the room e. When used, spawns a random shop item or consumable, however you have to pay the relevant cost to pick it up. With every bar of charge this item has, a different consumable is shown inside the Jar.

At the full 12 charges, a completely random effect will happen. It can be anything including spawning a bunch of consumables, spawning a glitched pedestal item, creating a bunch of light beams, spawning troll bombs or nothing at all.

When picked up, all future items become 'glitched', causing them to become random combinations of effects based on other items. Glitched items can be passive or active and are completely randomly generated with infinite possibilities similar to other 'Randomizer' games. Random effects combine effects that exist on other items, and assign them to a random event e. When used, it puts the closes enemy in chains for 5 seconds, preventing it from moving. You can release the enemy early by using it again.

Tainted Jacob starts with this item. While playing as him Anima Sola will always target Dark Esau. Releasing Dark Esau will cause him to charge directly at Jacob and deal damage to anything in his path. If used in a room with no enemies, Dark Esau will instantly spawn.

Will chain up to two targets if you have Car Battery, if only one valid target is present it will be chained for twice the duration. There are some gaps in item IDs which are skipped if no item exists, or will reroll into unexpected items if hidden items are present at that ID.

Items that are yet to be unlocked will also be skipped over, preventing you from getting items you don't have access to yet. Upon taking damage you have a chance to drop the heart that you just lost. It gives you 2 seconds to pick it up again to re-heal, before it disappears. Whenever you deal damage to an enemy, has a chance to give the effect of one of Tainted???

Stone poop - Deals extra thrown damage, can hit multiple enemies. Takes more shots before breaking. Allows you to quickly double tap a shoot button to sneeze on nearby enemies, dealing x1. Bombs spawn a friendly white soul, which will hunt down other enemies, dealing contact damage which scales with your tear damage.

After 10 seconds the white soul explodes dealing 7 damage to nearby enemies. Isaac doesn't take damage from this effect. Spawns a familiar that's attached via an Umbilical Cord, but will move and shoot in the same direction Isaac is shooting. When activated you first need to throw the familiar, which deals x3 your tear damage to any enemies it touches.

Can be used multiple times per room to spawn more familiars, however they only last for the current room. When used, this item allows you to throw your head where it will sit as a stationary sentry firing bullets until you walk over and pick it up again. Pickups left on current floor will appear in the starting room of the next floor, up to a maximum of 4 pickups. Picking up red hearts now has a high chance to spawn blue attack spiders, instead of giving you health back.

While held at the start of each floor, this trinket spawns four wisp familiar orbitals around Isaac. Treasure Rooms are replaced with Red Treasure Rooms, which contain a deal with the devil in place of a regular item pedestal. If an item room has not yet been entered, it can be transformed to either a regular or Red Treasure Room by picking up or dropping this trinket before entering. Every time you pick up a coin, you have a small chance to gain 1 bar of charge on your active item.

It doesn't activate for free - the charges are used up as normal if this effect activates. This means the trinket does nothing if your active item isn't fully charged. However, when entering the door you are taken to a blue womb room with enemies to defeat. This room will always drop a reward at the end, then allow you to exit back to the real floor.

Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo etc. The item called Zodiac does not count. Every time you enter a brand new room, you have a chance to get a random one-time use Dice e. D6, D20 etc. The first time you pick this trinket up, the heart container will be filled.

This effect can't be abused - next time it will be empty if dropped. The tear will fly in the air for about 3 seconds and follows Isaac until it falls and explodes. You need to move out of the way or it will hurt Isaac, but can be used to open anything requiring a bomb e. Secret Rooms. Dropped consumables can be any variant of its kind - e. When entering a new room, gives a small chance to gain Azazel's short-range Brimstone laser for the current room and the ability to fly.

Each brand new room, this trinket has a chance to transform into a copy of a random passive item, which gives you the effect for the duration of this room. Gives a small chance to spawn a friendly Bony when clearing a room, which will throw bones at enemies until it takes enough damage to die.

It's possible to hold more than one trinket by taking Mom's Purse, Belly Button or using the Smelter to convert them into passive items. Having a golden version of this trinket counts as 2 keys. Changes Devil Room layouts. Opening Pandora's Box while holding this item will ignore the normal effect and instead spawn 6 item pedestals from random item pools. Both the box and trinket are consumed when this happens. When taking damage you have a chance to explode and deal damage to all enemies around you Same damage as a Mr.

Mega bomb. Similar to Jacob and Esau, positions can be altered by running it into objects, or holding the drop button Ctrl on Steam version. Taking damage gives you a chance to spawn a flame orbital, similar to the ones created by Book of Virtues. The angel room spawned by The Stairway item also counts. If you enter a shop while holding this trinket, the effect won't undo by dropping it until you move to a new floor. Different color Locusts correspond to the horsemen. Each of them deal double your tear damage, similar to how standard blue flies work.

This one will be a hidden question mark. Gives a small chance when entering a room for enemies to be petrified for 4 seconds. Killing a petrified enemy will freeze it. Frozen enemies can be pushed into obstacles where they shatter on contact and fire ice shards around them. Any other enemies hit by these shards will become frozen too. Frozen enemies are considered dead by the game, and won't unfreeze or move again. The room doors will open if only frozen enemies remain.

Picking up this item as well as 2 other fly-type items will allow you to transform into Lord of the Flies. When revived, the green mushroom that follows Isaac will disappear and he will respawn with the same amount of red heart containers at full health. Enemies touching you take 12 damage, then a poison effect is applied for ticks, dealing damage equal to the amount of red hearts you have up to No longer drops black hearts like it used to.

Damage scales with total heart containers. The tears spawned from Tammy's Head retain tear effects of Isaac's tears, such as poison or homing. Causes an explosion near Isaac which takes away half a heart and does 40 damage all enemies in close proximity. A poison bomb which can be thrown and leaves a poison effect on any enemies within the blast radius. It also leaves a gas cloud at the place where it exploded. Changed to 2 room recharge. A target is placed on the floor which can be controlled.

After a few seconds a huge missile hits the target and deals 20x your tear damage to anything nearby. Isaac's tears now have a piercing effect which allows them to travel through enemies instead of breaking on hit. When used, fires a high damage laser in a straight line across the room in a similar way to Brimstone.

The laser deals damage equal to double your tear damage. The laser hits up to 13 times if an enemy stays inside it for the duration. Instead of tears, Isaac now shoots bombs from his eyes, which explode dealing damage to anything nearby. Bombs will also synergize with other bomb items and tear modifiers, including Sad Bombs, Mr. Mega and many more. Fetus bombs now scale with the player's tear size and are now immune to knockback from their own explosions.

Does not apply to locked chests. Can still help you to guess which direction the boss room is in, due to the fact that the Boss Room is usually in the room furthest away from the first room. Synergizes very well with a lot of items. When used, drops a pool of 'lemonade' on the floor which damages any enemies that come into contact with it for 8 damage per tick. All spacebar items can now be 'overcharged', allowing them to be charged up twice instead of once.

Isaac's tears are replaced with a laser that has unlimited range and can only fire at right angles. An orbital which blocks shots and damages enemies it comes into contact with for 7 damage per tick. Has a very small chance to drop after destroying one of the pots that appear in the Basement and Cellar floors. Converts most negative pills into their positive counterparts, e.

Stat Down becomes Stat Up. Bad Trip becomes Balls of Steel. Amnesia becomes I Can See Forever etc. Reveals the entrance to secret rooms and automatically opens the hole, removing the need for bombs to enter. While active you cannot fire tears, but running into enemies will deal 40 contact damage per second.

The floating Dead Cat head that follows you will disappear when you are on your last life Very useful for The Lost. Allows Isaac to deal 40 contact damage to enemies for the current room. Does not prevent Isaac from taking contact damage. Now grants a half black heart upon use instead of a full soul heart. Digging in certain spots with objects or markings on the floor will guarantee a crawlspace once per floor. When used, spawns a Monstro which will jump on a random enemy in the room, dealing damage and destroying nearby obstacles.

Everytime you fire a tear, there is a chance that you will also fire three more tears in all cardinal directions. A familiar that follows Isaac and charges forwards, dealing 3. Reveals adjacent rooms up to 2 rooms away, this includes revealing if you're next to a Secret Room or Super Secret Rooms. When used Isaac transforms into pacman, which makes him invincible for 6 seconds and does 40 contact damage to enemies per chomp. Robo-Baby's laser is spectral and piercing It will pass through rocks and objects in the environment.

Any pickups are possible from this item, including Bombs, hearts, keys, coins, pills, batteries, tarot cards, runes etc. A familiar that follows Isaac and fires black tar tears, which slow enemy movement and projectile speed for a few seconds. Little Steven fires tears at a rate of 1 tear per second with a slightly longer range than other familiars.

Tears now have a random chance to apply a poison effect, causing double your tear damage per tick to enemies over time. When used, replaces all pedestal items in the current room with another random item. Re-rolled items pick from the current room's item pool.

Cuts Isaac's head from his body for the current room, allowing him to fly and leaving the decapitated body to run around attacking enemies for 5. Damaged reduction is reduced from every source in the game except Devil Deals and health down pills. The Wafer becomes most effective in the Womb and beyond where enemies all deal a whole heart of damage. You may see more or less than this on the Found HUD overlay, however this number varies based on your other damage increasing items.

An orbital which does 7 contact damage per tick, blocks shots and increases the speed of all other orbitals. A familiar which follows Isaac and automatically fires tears that deal 3 damage each at any enemies in close range. Gives Isaac spectral tears which allows them to travel through objects in the environment i. When Isaac takes damage, the dead bird will spawn and attack nearby enemies in the current room for 2 damage per tick. Tears are replaced with the ability to charge and fire a powerful laser that travels in a straight line across the room, dealing a lot of damage tear damage hits for 9 ticks per laser to any enemies it comes into contact with.

If you somehow manage to get a second Brimstone, the laser becomes massive and deals double damage. Upon use, this item refreshes the current floor with brand new rooms, monsters and items, as if you had entered a new floor. When the active attack is used, Isaac will dash across the screen dealing scaling contact damage to anything he hits. The charge direction now allows for a minor amount of control. This item synergises with beam items such as Brimstone and Tech, allowing them to do more damage the further away the enemy is.

Upon use, the IV Bag takes half a red heart and spawns coins the same effect as a blood donation machine. As well as dealing the standard 60 damage for a bomb, it will apply a Damage over Time effect that does 4 or 6 damage per tick. After picking up 6 coins he will drop a random pickup, e. Taking an eternal heart to the next floor or collecting two on the same floor gives you an extra heart container.

When activated, Isaac takes out the axe and gives you the ability to break rocks and damage enemies with it. Isaac's tears are replaced with explosive poison bombs, which will arc upwards and explode on contact with the floor, dealing huge damage and leaving a poison effect on enemies in range.

Isaac now also has a laser with unlimited range which fires continuously. Tears continue to fire from your left eye. Also the hit detection has been improved - Technology fires in a straight line. Gives Isaac an eye companion that floats around the room and deals 8 damage per tick on contact with enemies. Each time you take damage, you gain a damage up which lasts for the rest of the floor and turn a darker red colour each time.

The floor generation can fail and cause the guaranteed Planetarium to not spawn sometimes. A spacebar item which allows Isaac to fire a blue flame that damages anything in its path for 23 damage per tick. This includes all types of pickup such as hearts, bombs, keys, coins, pills, tarot cards, chests, trinkets etc.

This item places a controllable red target on the ground which will cause a missile to fall from the sky and hit it after a short period of time. A shadow follows Isaac and stomps on enemies randomly, dealing 40 damage per stomp 2 damage ticks at 20 damage each.

Upon use, does 10 damage to all enemies in the room and gives them a slowing effect for 4 seconds. Gives Isaac an orbital knife that blocks shots and deals 15 damage per tick on contact with enemies. Rainbow Baby's tears can choose from any of the other familiars, such as homing, spectral, tar shots etc.

Upon use, opens all closed doors in the current room, including the ones which require a key to enter and secret room doors. Using the portable slot takes a coin and has a chance to give a pickup - similar to how the normal slot machines work. While firing tears the water will be fired as a projectile across the room. If it touches an enemy it breaks and leave a pool on the floor which freezes enemies and deals 8 damage per tick.

While held, sets your speed stat to 1. If your speed stat is already higher then that value is still used. Upon use, Isaac charges in the direction the pony is facing, becoming invulnerable during the charge and damaging enemies while also casting the effect of Crack The Sky. Using with Isaac's Heart previously prevented you from taking damage, however in Repentance this was fixed.

Follows behind Isaac and can be swung back and forth, dealing 5 contact damage per tick to anything it hits. If picked up by Cain, it shoots blood tears and the damage becomes increased to 5 instead of the usual 3. Charmed enemies will prioritize attacking other enemies in the room, otherwise they will still attack Isaac.

Tears now have a chance to concuss enemies, causing them to walk around dazed and confused for a short period of time. When your spacebar item is not fully charged, you can press spacebar to recharge it at the cost half of a heart per charge. Causes Isaac's head to detach and orbit his body, blocking shots and dealing 7 contact damage per tick.

Gives Isaac an orbital ball of bandages that deals 7 contact damage per tick and blocks enemy shots. Collecting a second Ball of Bandages in the run turns the orbital into a pink head that shoots tears that deal 7 damage each and have a chance to charm enemies.

Getting a third Ball of Bandages will transform the head into bandage girl which will chase enemies dealing 3. A fourth Ball of Bandages will make the Bandage Girl bigger and stronger, making her deal 5. Bombs now become poop bombs, which deal 10 damage to all enemies in the room and daze them for a short period of time.

When Isaac takes damage, he will start to leave a trail of blood creep behind him as he walks for the current room. The creep deals 2 damage per tick while enemies stand in it. Gives Isaac a guaranteed devil or angel room on every floor that they can appear, even if you have already beaten the boss and it didn't show up originally.

After which, the only way to access an Angel Room is via the Sacrifice Room. The Hive Mind item allows Mom's Wig to spawn a maximum of 10 spiders at once, and increases their damage. There are no restrictions on when the regeneration effect happens as long as the game is not paused, so you can simply afk and heal over time. It's possible to find this item by blowing up Polyps the weird red rocks found in the Womb floors. Everytime a bomb explodes, it will release a circle of 10 tears outwards, much like the Tammy's Head effect.

If you also have Lost Contact, tears will bounce off enemy projectiles instead of being destroyed. As you hold down the fire button, shots will float in the same place until you release the fire key again. When the tears are released, they will fire off in the direction that Isaac was originally facing when it was created. Explosions now only heal Isaac for half of a heart previously healed a full heart.

Tears now have a chance to induce the fear effect, causing enemies to run away from Isaac for a short period. The Stop Watch applies a permanent but slight slowing effect to all enemies and their projectiles. No longer has an "on hit" effect. Causes a lot of great synergies with items such as Lump of Coal, Brimstone, Rubber Cement, Technology and most of the worm trinkets.

To help with range, the orbit is now also offset based on the current direction Isaac is shooting. Enemies can turn into poop even if they do not do contact damage, allowing you to apply the effect without taking damage. Isaac's tears turn into large scythes that pierce through enemies Similar to how Death's scythes look. Increases your chances to find an Angel Room instead of a Devil Room. See the dedicated Devil room page for more details.

Luck has no effect on the rate at which Tech. Reveals the locations of the secret and super secret room for the current floor and all future floors. Changes all card and rune drops into pills. Any Tarot card or rune on the floor or current held when picking this item up will change into a pill.

Gives all bombs a burning effect when they explode, leaving fire on the floor which deals 22 damage to enemies. Isaac's tears now set enemies on fire, leaving a damage over time effect that does 4 or 6 damage per tick. There is a chance that tears that hit enemies will explode, leaving a small fire on the floor that damages enemies. When picked up, and at the start of each floor this rerolls all your current items, giving you a new item to replace each of the ones you had.

Also rerolls all your stats at the same time, giving a random flat modifier that changes each time. Tears now have a chance to apply the fear effect to enemies, which causes them to run away from Isaac. Tear size and damage falls off very fast with this item, the further the tear travels the less damage it does.

If the total sum of all your health is at one heart after taking damage, the necronomicon effect will activate, dealing 40 damage to the entire room. A yellow orbital fly that will block shots and when Isaac gets hit, will seek out the nearest enemy and attack it. If the fly is in its attacking state and there are no longer any enemies in range, it will return to Isaac and go back to being a defensive orbital.

A familiar that follows isaac around dropping white creep which slows down enemies that walk over it. A familiar that is controlled via the arrow keys and will automatically fire a laser if anything is in its line of sight. Rotten Baby can only create one fly at a time, meaning if he has created a fly he cannot make another until it is used. A familiar that follows Isaac and leaves blood creep on the floor as it floats, hurting enemies that walk over it for 2 damage per tick.

Spawns a familiar leech on the ground that hunts down enemies and heals you for half a heart each time it eats one. A bag that follows Isaac and drops a random heart, coin, bomb or key every rooms alternating, 5 rooms then 6, then repeats. A large familiar black fly that bounces around the room, exploding on contact with enemies dealing 70 damage. Does not explode if it hits Isaac, however if it explodes on an enemy while Isaac is in range, he will take damage. A green brain that launches in the direction you are firing your tears and will explode on contact with enemies, dealing damage and poisoning anything in the blast radius.

Bob's Brain deals damage and applies a poison damage over time effect, which deals double your tear damage per tick. Explosion damage has increased to from When Isaac takes damage, a white attack fly will spawn that orbits him at a similar distance to the Distant Admiration fly. The fly orbits a lot faster than Distant Admiration or Forever Alone and deals 10 damage per tick. A familiar that follows Isaac and can fire up and charge brimstone shots, exactly how the normal Brimstone item works but with less damage.

Beam damage has been decreased to 2. Prevents Isaac from taking any damage, but instead summons a familiar heart that follows you around. If the heart is hit, Isaac will take damage. Blood donation machines and devil beggars can be used for free.

Spikes and Curse Rooms no longer deal damage. It will attempt to hide behind you when shooting. It also no longer prevents damage from self-harming mechanics e. Blood Donation machines. A familiar ghost that follows Isaac around and chases enemies close-by, damaging them for 2 contact damage and causing a fear effect. A familiar beggar similar to Bum Friend that follows Isaac and collects red hearts, giving Isaac black hearts, pills, cards, runes or spiders in return.

A very large orbital that moves around Isaac very slowly, blocking shots and dealing 2 contact damage per tick. Affects the speed of all other orbitals, slowing them down a lot NOTE: This effect does not happen until you get a new orbital after Big Fan. An adorable friendly blue spider that walks around the room laying other blue spiders which attack enemies. She can only spawn a maximum of up to 5 spiders at a time and will only do so while there are enemies in the room.

Spawns a friendly Mulligan that walks around the room. Mulligan can be hit by enemy projectiles, making him a good shield. When used, rerolls each item you currently own into another item room pool item and any pedestal items and pickups in the room. When used, the D4 re-rolls each item you currently have into another random item from the same item pool.

If you have an item with no room pool e. Blood Bag it will be rerolled into a random Item Room item. When used, rerolls all enemies in the room which are currently alive into another random type of enemy. Dangerous to use in early floors, it could replace a basement enemy with something usually found on later floors.

Charge time is now dependent on the held card, and will update with each activation. When used, you have a chance of getting one of the three following effects: Treasure Map floor layout , Compass map icons or Blue Map secret room locations. If the player has all mapping effects, it grants the "I can see forever!

Allows you to fire a red flame infront of you, similar to the Blue Candle item, however the flame will stay 10 seconds. They also no longer block player attacks or get extinguished by them. Isaac can now pick up hearts while at full health, which will be stored in the Jar and can be spawned again using the spacebar.

Taking this item DOES count as a devil deal, preventing future angel rooms. When used, fires a 4 way brimstone laser in all cardinal directions, dealing a lot of damage to any enemies. Laser damage does not scale with your damage stat - its a fixed 10 damage per tick for 20 ticks total per use.

If you get close enough to an enemy that has a large hitbox, you can hit it with 2 of the laser beams, allowing you to deal more damage. If a pushed enemy hits a rock or wall forcefully enough, they take 10 damage. When used, this item will spawn a set of items or consumables based on which chapter you are currently on. When used with Mom's Knife, you can still deal contact damage but will be unable to change the way the knife faces while the effect is active.

When you hit a speed stat of 2. Gives huge horns which stick out, allowing you to deal 18 contact damage if you hit something with enough speed. Isaac increases in size, gets a lion's mane and now has the ability to crush rocks by walking over them.

Allows you to crush Red Poops and sometimes not take damage. However, If you also have flying you will always take damage. Converts all negative pills into their positive counterparts e. All future stat upgrading items will now instead spread out across all other stats. When taken with another item which gives an extreme value in a certain stat e. Soy Milk can lead to interesting synergies. Isaac's tears turn bright green and always apply a poison effect to enemies which deals a total of double your tear damage.

Leaves a trail of tears on the floor behind Isaac which damages enemies that walk over it for 2 damage per tick. The tears down from this item is a x2. When you die with this item, you respawn in the previous room as Dark Judas with 2 black hearts for health. All future red hearts now heal for double. Half hearts heal a whole heart and full hearts heal 2 red hearts. Holes in the ground can be filled by crushing adjacent rocks, similar to how this can be done with bombs.

The eye has three states, white not firing , black first second of charging and blinking between black and white. If you get hit while Cursed eye is a solid black colour you are guaranteed to be teleported to another random room on the floor.

If you get hit in either of the other 2 states you will not be teleported. When Isaac's tears hit anything, they leave a green toxic creep on the floor that damages enemies for 1 damage per tick. A familar that is attached to Isaac, which will seek out and damage any enemies close by for 3 contact damage. A familiar eye that bounces around the room slowly and fires tears in the same direction as Isaac. A familiar fly that can be moved around via use of the arrow keys dealing 2. An iron ball and chain attached to Isaac, similar to Guppy's Hairball that you can fling around to deal 5 damage per tick.

The ball will block enemy shots and can also destroy environmental objects such as rocks, mushrooms and skulls. Does not decrease your movement speed stat at all however the ball has to be dragged around causing Isaac to slow down slightly when the chain is fully extended. When used will cut your head from your body. Isaac's head will remain stationary and fire tears. His body can be controlled and spews blood nearby. The stationary head is now affected by Isaac's stats and attack modifiers, and the body will spew a controllable fountain of blood shots.

Charge time increased to 4 from 2. While you hold the spacebar down with this item, it will empty the charge bar gradually. When the charge bar gets to zero it will grant you a brief period of invincibility. If the spacebar is held for too long about 1 second when it has no charge, you will take damage. After taking damage, if you have half a red heart or less, The Polaroid will give you an invincibility shield for 5 seconds. After taking damage, if you have half a red heart or less, The Negative will deal 40 damage to all enemies in the room.

Ludo and Brimstone create a large controllable red ring of death that does massive damage to anything in its path. Taking this with Mom's Knife allows you to remote control the knife around the room, dealing huge damage. Isaac's tears become homing and have an aura around them, which will deal a flat 2 damage per tick to anything inside its radius.

It also doesn't do poison damage despite having the tagline 'toxic aura tears'. Upon entering every 4th unexplored room, the Broken Watch will either slow down or speed up all enemies in the room. A blue boomerang which can be thrown in a similar fashion to Mom's Knife, to stun any enemies it hits and deal damage.

The boomerang can also be used to grab pickups and consumables from a distance, similar to the legend of zelda boomerang. The range of the boomerang is affected by range, with number one the distance is very short and makes the item a lot less effective. The Boomerang can be used to kill shopkeeper corpses, allowing you to farm their drops for coins, items, Steam Sale etc. A one-time use item which when used, will duplicate any pedestal items or consumables in the current room.

If used in the Boss Rush, all the duplicates can be taken for free as well as one of the original items. With this item, at the start of every room you will deal double your tear damage to the entire room in a poison effect. Enemies killed now also leave a pool of creep on the ground where they died. This deals 1 damage per tick. High tear damage will cause this item to become very powerful for rooms with a lot of enemies, since they can die instantly and render the room harmless.

Enemies which spawn after the first few seconds of each room are not affected by this item, e. Flies spawned from a Mulligan dying. When used, the Mega Bean will freeze all enemies in the current room for a couple of seconds, deal 5 damage and poison any enemies in close proximity and send a wave of spikes across the room in the direction you are facing.

The enemies in close range will take 5 damage then have a poison over time effect which deals your tear damage 4 or 6 times. When taking damage, the cannon will break and remain broken until recharged Recharge time: 4 rooms. When you take damage and the cannon breaks, you take an additional 2 full hearts of damage and gain the Anemic effect for the room. It will not 'double' your familiars as the tagline suggests - if you have 2 of one kind, it will only give you an extra one.

If the familiar only appears when taking damage i. Dead Bird then Box of Friends will cause it to spawn but won't create duplicates. This can be used multiple times in the same room to generate more familiars, meaning you can get a level 4 meatboy or bandage girl by using this item 3 times in the same room.

Gives you a familiar demon incubus that follows you and shoots tears that scale with your own tears in terms of damage, stats and also effects. It will mimic any tear effects you currently have and also copy your current stats, meaning it will fire with the same damage, fire rate and range.

This familiar is very similar to Incubus, however it only copies damage and is not affected by tears or range upgrades. Sworn Protector will drop an eternal heart if it blocks 10 shots in one room. Can only happen once per room. This familiar orbits Isaac at a middle length distance somewhere between Distant Admiration and Forever Alone.

A familiar fly that moves in a straight line and attaches itself to the first obstacle or wall it comes into contact with in each room. If the obstacle it is attached to is destroyed then it will continue rolling in the direction it was previously travelling until it meets another wall or obstacle. The smaller bombs deal half damage and have a smaller explosion area. They also retain most of your bomb synergizing items.

When one of your bombs kills an enemy, a bunch of blue spiders are spawned to fight by your side, which deal x2 your current damage. Tears will now travel through walls and appear out of the opposite wall, similar to a portal-type mechanic. Causes Isaac to spawn 6 troll bombs on the floor every time he gets hit, similar to the Anarchist Cookbook mechanic.

Doesn't trigger on damage taken from blood donation machines and devil beggars but still triggers on other forms of intentional self damage such as IV Bag. A familiar baby that has a random chance to drop a battery pickup or freeze all enemies in the room for a short while. If a tear misses an enemy, there is a chance for the multiplier to be reset back to 1. Piercing shots work with this item and multiple hits with a single tear will each give a damage bonus. Isaac has a random chance to fire a Holy tear, which when it hits an enemy, will spawn a light beam on the same enemy, dealing damage.

The cost increases exponentially every time you purchase an item. Only 1 Butt Bomb can be dropped per charge, so you'll need to stop firing then start again to drop another one. Butt Bombs explode for 50 damage like normal bombs, but also deal 10 damage to all enemies in the room and daze them for a short period of time.

This affects shops, item rooms, libraries, double locked doors, key blocks, chests and other key doors. Changes the appearance of doors and objects that this item works on to show a coin slot instead of a keyhole. Gives you a random item at the start of your next run You need to start a fresh run to receive the item. After capturing an enemy, the next use of the Friendly Ball will re-spawn the same enemy as a friendly companion which will attack other enemies.

When used, will detonate any tears currently on the screen and cause each one to split into 6 more tears which will fire in a circle, similar to Tammy's Head. The Gurdy is charged by holding down the fire button and letting go. The longer the button is held the faster Gurdy will fling itself across the screen.

A beggar head which floats around the room and picks up any nearby coins. Every 6 coins Bumbo will evolve to a new form except for level 4 which takes 12 coins. Level 4: Bumbo no longer fires tears but instead will chase enemies slowly and deal contact damage. It will also sometimes randomly drop bombs. After reaching level 4 and at a much lower chance before level 4 , Bumbo will also continue to collect coins and drop random pickups, similar to the Bum Friend item, but can also drop pedestal items very rarely.

When used, the D12 re-rolls any rocks into another random type of object e. Gives Isaac a familiar golden Censer which creates a huge aura of light that slows down any enemies inside it. A familiar beggar similar to Bum Friend that follows Isaac and collects keys, giving random chests in return. Every time Isaac takes damage, a charm effect is applied to every enemy in the room, causing them to attack each other rather than Isaac.

Tears now have a random chance to apply a poison effect, dealing damage equal to your tears each tick, for 2 ticks. Isaac now deals poison damage on contact with enemies similar to The Virus item Damage over time 4 or 6 per tick. Only contact poison has this effect - poison from tears doesn't work. Isaac will now fire tears automatically directed at a red target on the ground which is controlled by the player. Allows you to create one brown tunnel and one blue tunnel in the floor, that can be used to teleport between wherever you placed each one.

Isaac's tears now travel directly forwards following a beam of light, but will also move sideways based on your player movement. Allows for more accurate correction when firing tears, as their direction can be controlled even after they have been fired.

If you switch the direction in which you are firing tears, the beam of light and all your tears will also be transported to the new direction. Tears now have a random chance to apply a shrinking effect, causing enemies to shrink in size for 5 seconds and also run away from Isaac. After firing tears for 3 seconds, a red cross appears on Isaac's head that, upon releasing the fire button, creates a black ring which deals a lot of damage to any enemies inside it.

The ring deals damage equal to your tear damage rapidly to any enemies in contact with it, for a total of 30 ticks of damage. In addition to tears, Isaac now holds a spear infront of him which deals damage equal to 2 times your tear damage. The spear cannot be thrown like Mom's Knife but deals damage while it is in contact with an enemy.

Tears now have a random chance to become sticky bombs, which will attach to enemies and explode after a few seconds. Causes all item pedestals to be chosen from a random item pool instead of the pre-defined ones which normally exist. The more items in a pool, the more likely that pool will be picked. A familiar grey spider that wanders around and allows you to see your tear damage and the health bars of all enemies.

The spider will inflict a random status effect on any enemies it comes into contact with e. For the sake of simplicity for players, all damage values displayed are multiplied by 10 and rounded to the nearest number.

This item is a reference to Spider, creator of Spidermod for the original game and one of the lead developers that worked on Rebirth and its DLCs. It rerolls enemies and pickups it comes into contact with, then despawns. It returns after a room has been cleared.

When you take damage, the aura will be removed and replaced with another random one when you enter the next room. Now when you take damage, a black ring will appear around Isaac that damages any enemies in contact with it. When Isaac has no red hearts, this item gives Isaac the ability to fly. Every 40 seconds spent in the same room since last activating, when the timer displays 00, 20 or 40 seconds, a shield triggers, nullifying all types of damage for 10 seconds.

While firing tears this item gives you a chance to fire an eye across the screen with a very slow shot speed, which will fire tears of its own in the same direction as Isaac. The effect is shown visually in 3 stages with the character's belly getting larger each time until it finally gives birth to a familiar. It is possible to get multiple followers by continuing to pick up hearts, at intervals of 15 hearts each. Two items now spawn in each of your item rooms, however only one can be taken and the other will disappear.

A crown that replaces normal tears with blue diamond tears while you don't have any empty red heart containers or bone hearts. The effect will also deactivate for the rest of the current room when you take damage, regardless of your health. A flying familiar that bounces around the room with a damaging aura, dealing rapid damage to any enemies inside it and boosting Isaac's tear damage.

While standing in the black aura, Isaac has a temporary 1. With Dr. Fetus, this item will also cycle through random Bomb Modifiers e. Butt Bombs, Hot Bombs. This ordering means a Devil and I Am Error room can both be forced if all others have been visited. Walking in a circle will spawn a pentagram symbol on the floor, which deals 10 damage per tick to any enemies inside it.

The trail of black powder left on the floor will quickly disappear, meaning you are limited on the size of the pentagram symbol you can create. When used, this item will rewind time and put you back in the previous room, in the same state you were in at that moment. This means any damage taken or consumables used in the current room will be reset back to the previous state. Gives Isaac a large white halo around him, that deals a bit of damage to any enemies in contact with the ring.

Every time an enemy bullet enters the ring, there is a chance it will reflect a homing tear back at the enemy. Can lead to game-breaking combinations with the D20 due to the amount of consumables and batteries spawned by the item sacks. Removes Curse of Darkness for the current floor, if picked up on a floor where the curse is active. A purple familiar fly that follows your exact movement on a 1 second delay and deals 2 contact damage to enemies.

If used a second time in the same room while the last TNT barrel is still there, it will remotely explode the first TNT and not spawn another. Isaac's normal bombs become pink and causes them to drop random pickups when they explode e. Each time you take damage, My Shadow will apply a fear effect to all enemies in the room and spawn a familiar black charger that will attack for you.

Using the Jar of Flies will release all the flies that are currently in the jar as friendly flies that will damage enemies. A Loki familiar that follows Isaac and shoots tears 4 tears in a cross pattern, dealing a flat 3. When used, the D7 will restart the current room and bring back all enemies once again, enabling you to farm rewards that spawn at the end after beating the room. This item has no effect in Greed Mode, Challenge Rooms and rooms that had no enemies in originally.

While held, doubles the effect of trinkets which make sense to be doubled e. Randomly while firing tears, Isaac will stop firing and turn red, where he will charge and release a lot of 'tears' in one go. In the burst of tears is a kidney stone which deals a lot of damage. This item appears in the Devil Room but is weighted to be about 5 times rarer than all other devil room items.

This item also turns your tears red, but does not change your actual damage stat or the damage your normal tears do. Causes your normal tears to fire out of one eye, which means tears will fire in a near-perfect line instead of slightly off-center. While firing, you gain a green aura that poisons any enemies which touch it. The poison deals your tear damage per tick, for 2 ticks. While firing tears constantly for 7. Upon taking damage, Isaac starts to bleed, leaving a trail of blood and spraying blood tears everywhere which deal damage to nearby enemies.

The blood sprays in the direction you are current firing, or just randomly near Isaac if not shooting your tears. Every 20th tear fired will also fire a golden coin tear at the same time. While the speed boost is usually much appreciated by players, Mercurius also gives them a permanent effect similar to the Door Stop trinket, which keeps all doors open when passed through. The ringed planet gets a suitably ring-themed item here in The Binding of Isaac. Upon pickup, a circle will surround the player that activates once Isaac enters a new room.

The ring fills up with seven tears that orbit the player that can damage enemies and will remain for a good period of time. Like similar items such as Maw of the Void and Monstrance, Saturnus can be used to deal damage to enemies at odd angles and at a decent distance. This makes the item perfect for frail characters. Mars is an item that can change how a player plays the game for the current run, and for that, it's pretty cool.

This item lets Isaac perform a quick dash by double-tapping the movement key or wiggling the analog stick in the same direction twice in quick succession. This dash makes Isaac invulnerable and is more controllable than the dash granted by the Aries item. This is a very useful tool for getting out of sticky situations, as many players will know the sinking feeling of panicking into a corner surrounded by foes.

Befitting the tiny rock-that-used-to-be-a-planet, Pluto as an item makes Isaac very small. So small in fact, that enemy projectiles can pass directly overhead, leaving the poor child completely unharmed. This item also grants a moderate increase to Isaac's rate of fire. This means he cries more, and this may be a reflection of the real-life Pluto's sad demotion. Jupiter is a Upon pickup, Isaac loses a decent amount of speed and gains two heart containers — seems like a fair trade to some. However, Jupiter's main draw comes from its effect when Isaac stands still.

Players will suddenly experience an assault on their senses as they realize Jupiter causes them to build up speed while stationary and uh Look, the game was never going to win awards for being classy. Named for our very own planet, Terra replaces Isaac's tears with rocks that serve both as an offensive boost and as a neat utility upgrade.

In fights, these tears deal variable damage which can be up to double Isaac's damage stat, which with luck can shorten encounters considerably. As a utility item though, Isaac's tears now destroy obstacles open up closed doors. Everything that bombs can do, his tears can now do for free. He can even use his rocky tears to break the Angel Statues required to collect the Key Pieces to face off against Mega Satan!

This item is a neat passive boon that doesn't affect the player directly but affects the floors that they move through over the course of the game. Luna adds two new Secret Rooms to each floor and places beams of moonlight in them that give Isaac a temporary boost to his rate of fire. Veteran players will know and love the power of Secret Rooms and will jump for joy whenever Luna shows up in a Planetarium.

The binding of isaac neptunus she forgot everything

This Synergy got FIXED and is actually good now! (Neptunus + Soy Milk + Chocolate Milk)

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the binding of isaac neptunus

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