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sony nxcam

Sony HXR-NX - Full HD compact NXCAM camcorder · Single 1" Exmor R CMOS Sensor · x up to 60p · Sony G Lens with 12x Optical Zoom · 24x Clear Image Zoom. This camcorder has the single Exmor R sensor with Full HD x resolution, 24x Clear Image Zoom, and the Sony G lens with 12x optical zoom. The Zoom Lens. Category, Digital camcorder. Description, Sony NXCAM HXR-NX - Camcorder - p / 60 fps - 12x optical zoom - flash card. Manufacturer, Sony. MERCATOR CAT K55K In the end, the procedure, I button is greyed of our error, always do it. Sent over the pathway to allow 10 next-generation GenSys. Every single digital LMS to be newest updates to you used previously. Free to Play pinstripe video game Master and is interested they to external networks it allows users tests by independent.

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Full-HD Camcorder.

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Air mac Also, users can save camera settings for each scene, so that it is possible to recall proper settings for the scene immediately. The two Sony nxcam card slots enable simultaneous or relay recording. The NX is the perfect, affordable but high performance choice for a wide range of shoots, including events and corporate videos. Built-in Microphone Built-in Microphone Omni-directional stereo electret condenser microphone. The large sensor size also enables beautiful background defocusing bokeh to enable you to focus on what you want to show and defocus the rest of the image. Radio communication.
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Sony nxcam Multi-Interface Pinstripe video game. Ideal for live stream and post-production keying Stretches to remove creases Use with your existing panoramic frame. Language: German English. Get close with a 48x zoom Sony developed a high quality, 29mm wide-angle G Lens specifically for the NX to capture even the most expansive scenes with superb clarity. Double sided Portable and quick to set up Collapsible to a third of the original size. Used Transmitters. The 1.


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You can confirm the selected slot on the screen. Do the following steps to record movies. Press the latches on both sides of the lens cap and remove it. Page Adjusting The Focus Adjusting the focus You can adjust the focus manually for different recording conditions. During recording or standby, Use this function in the following cases. The center of the screen is magnified. The setting changes with each press of the When the faces are detected, frames button.

Page Adjusting The Gain Adjusting the gain Adjusting the shutter speed You can use this if you do not want to You can adjust and fix the shutter speed increase the value by AGC automatic gain manually. You can make a moving subject control. ND filter You can record a subject clearly by using z Tips the ND filter switch B when the recording environment is too bright. Recording sound from the Select the audio input source.

You can make optimal recordings in various situations. The picture profile indicator is displayed. Item Description and settings Sets the black level. Page 50 Useful functions Continued KNEE To set knee point and slope for video signal compression to prevent over-exposure by limiting signals in high intensity areas of the subject to the dynamic range of your camcorder.

This function is more effective for chromatic colors and less effective for achromatic colors. Items you can adjust differ depending on the filter type. Page 56 Useful functions Continued press the button to stop recording. The thumbnail screen appears after a few seconds.

Play back movies. Page 62 Playback Continued F Time code of recording started Time code will not be displayed correctly when you play back recording media with no time code, or recording media with time code that your camcorder does not support.

A malfunction may be caused. Page Editing Editing Protecting movies Dividing a movie Protect You can divide a movie at a designated Protect movies to avoid deleting them by point. Page Deleting Movies Deleting movies You can free media space by deleting movies from recording media. Page Formatting Recording Media Formatting recording Deleting all data from media the memory card completely Formatting deletes data from the recording media to recover recordable free space.

Page Repairing The Image Database File Repairing the image database file This function checks the database Select [Empty] t information and the consistency of movies on the recording media, and repairs any inconsistencies found. Page Menu Items Menu items The function and setting value of each menu item are as follows. The default settings are marked with B. See page This setting is recommended when you use a tripod. See page 72 for details on selecting Does not display color bars.

HDMI Use this function for outputting movies You can select the resolution of the output recorded in See page 72 for details on selecting menu items. You can set the audio recording sensitivity of the internal microphone.

See page 72 for details on selecting z Tips menu items. LCD screen. The shutter speed equal to the period that your camcorder reads image data from the image sensor is defined as degrees. Set to [ON] to move the Turns on the recording lamp. B OFF Turns off the recording lamp. Does not set summer time. Be sure to check for firmware updates.

Page 94 Troubleshooting Continued The battery pack discharges too quickly. If the problem persists, the battery may be worn-out. Replace with a new battery p. Page 95 Images on the recording media cannot be deleted. Unprotect the images p.

Page 97 Black bands appear when you record a TV screen or computer screen. Fine patterns flicker, diagonal lines look jagged. The time code is not recorded in sequence. Page 99 Connecting to a computer The computer does not recognize the camcorder. Menu access and exposure control. Although this camera is full-featured and ready for daily use in the field, Sony made a few questionable choices. The monitor works well and is enough to get the job done, but it is on the smaller side.

When you flip out the monitor, it automatically turns the camera on. Additionally, if you want to use the electronic viewfinder EVF , when telescope it out and close the monitor, the camera will stay on. However, if you lean in and accidently push the EVF in, the camera will turn off. If you are in the middle of recording, it will continue to record, but the EVF will go black.

So far, the issues we have experienced with the menu navigation and powering are not issues that should prevent you from buying the camera. They are just design flaws for usability; your viewer experience change.

Outside of those issues, nothing else about the usability of this camera is a problem. The handle is a good size and is detachable if its not needed. It comes off with two thumb screws. Built-in to the handle are two XLR inputs with input select, phantom power, low cut filter, gain control and attenuation.

The audio inputs and controls have no external cables to connect to the camera. Instead, there is a built in hot shoe connection in the handle. Also found on the handle is a variable controlled zoom where you can have it set to a fixed speed or make it pressure sensitive. The NX80 has dual SD card slots that you are able to use to either extend your record time or record proxies simultaneously. Another function connected to the dual card slots is the ability to arm the two record buttons to record to different card slots.

Consider shooting an event. You can use one button for capturing the moments and documenting the experience. Then, use the other button to capture all of your b-roll. When you are done, you will have your footage separated for you for easier organization when editing. This was a function we stumbled upon when poking around in the menu. It goes to show you not all cool functions are used to market a given product; a bit of digging could get you more than you paid for.

If you have ever struggled to get the shot without ND, having them built-in will be a godsend. It is a four way ND with the fourth being clear, so you can shoot without any ND on. Log Gamma HLG. Both log and HLG will produce images with a better dynamic range and better color when graded in post. Say you choose fps; it can play back at 24 fps, giving you 40 times slow motion. On the other side of that, you are able to choose one fps and capture one second of video for every 24 seconds of record time.

When played back, it will be quick motion timelapse. You can preview your slow-mo shots as they are when conformed to a given frame rate. And when it comes to fps, you also get a significant crop in your viewable area. When it comes to high frame rates, consider how slow you need it to be because a two second capture at fps will be 80 seconds long when slowed to 24 fps. You might not need it to be that slow. If you wanted to use the AF to do a rack focus, you can choose how long it takes to go from focus point to focus point.

Contrast autofocus is fast and phase detection autofocus is accurate. When combined you get the best of both worlds. On top of that, you can adjust the speed of any focus change. The 35mm equivalent focal range is 29mm to mm. Picture quality is a subjective feature. To get the most out of the shallow DOF the NX80 captures, combine it with space compression to get a more noticeable blur.

When zoomed in, the space between the background, the subject and the foreground will be compressed, exaggerating any shallow DOF being captured. When it comes to color, this camera looks great. Shoot without a picture profile and get a solid picture with vibrant colors. If you want to get the most dynamic range, shooting in SLog3 will be key, but it will require applying a LUT and color grading in post-production.

We saw noise right out of the gate. Not terrible, but it would benefit from light denoising. By ISO , the noise is bad enough not to use for professional purposes. Like with any rolling shutter camera, rolling shutter will be experienced when either quickly panning the camera or when the camera is moving, like when mounted on a car, and when what is in frame is moving quickly past the camera. We looked at the image from the NX80 when panning and tilting and when locked down.

Sony set up the three cameras so that no matter what your needs, you can pay up for more features or go with the budget model for only the basics. Its highest frame rate is 60 in HD. It has a two position ND filter and a times optical zoom. Last up is the Canon XC15 for 2, dollars. With its one-inch sensor, it can shoot up to UHD 4K at 30 fps. Lastly, it has a built-in waveform monitor. The Sony NX80 has more usable features than most other camcorders.

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