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In , Zeilin became the Marine Corps' first general officer when he was promoted to brigadier general. Four years later, on 18 November , he died at Washington, D. Photo from US Marine Corps. History Division. The break between the bridge and funnel contained a small hatch served by two kingposts. This area was filled in with additional superstructure during civilian service in the s or s in the other units of this class acquired by the Navy. AP 8 and 9 also retained merchant-style boat davits for nearly the entire war.

Shown here without radar and with liner-style davits. US Navy photo. Soldiers unload landing craft on the beach at Massacre Bay, Attu, on 13 May Soldiers pull an ammunition cart along the beach at Massacre Bay, Attu, 12 May Photo Courtesy of Donald M. McPherson, Commanding Officers.

NOTE If the file was moved to quarantine , you need to collect the file from quarantine before you can submit it. If you are certain that the file is safe and want to continue using it, you can exclude it from further scanning by the F-Secure security product. Note You need administrative rights to change the settings. Find the latest advice in our Community. See the user guide for your product on the Help Center. Chat with or call an expert for help. The virus uses a complex infection method that seems also to be a completely new one.

Like other boot sector viruses, 3APA3A infects the boot sectors of diskettes. The diskette boot sector infection mechanism is like that of many other boot-sector viruses, but the hard disk infection method is unique. Because of this, the virus is deemed to belong to a new virus class, known as "kernel infectors". The viruse's size is bytes i. On a diskette, the first half of the virus's code is stored in the boot sector.

The original diskette boot sector and the second half of the virus's code are stored at the very end of the diskette's root directory. This means that when the virus infects a diskette, it also overwrites the last two sectors in the root directory. When a computer is booted from an infected diskette, the virus tries to infect the first file in the root directory of the active DOS partition this file being usually IO. The virus begins by making a copy of the IO.

SYS file, after which it infects the original file. After the infection, the root directory contains two IO. SYS entries. The first is not shown in a directory listing, however, because the virus sets its volume-label bit. The directory entries point to the two IO.

SYS files. The first, infected IO. SYS is located in its customary place at the beginning of the root directory. It contains the virus's code, bytes, in its beginning, but is not otherwise changed. The second IO. SYS directory entry points to the copy of the original IO. SYS file, which is located at the end of the partition. The copy is not infected.

SYS is executed and the virus loads itself into memory like any other boot sector virus.

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