Volkswagen nardo w12 show car

volkswagen nardo w12 show car

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The long term development of this project becomes a real partnership between Volkswagen technical and Italdesign Giugiaro staff. Due to the monocoque construction and the location of the longitudinal engine fitted behind the passenger compartment, the front end of the vehicle could be kept extremely flat. With a length of 4. This is further underlined by the height of the two-seater vehicle, just 1.

The design study has been further reflned in comparison to its two predecessors; newly designed headlights and rear lights echo even more strongly the characteristics of the future top class models from Volkswagen. The sports car, finished in orange pearlescent, has two wing doors that open to the front and roof centre part made of special glass which extends from the windscreen through to the end of the engine compartment.

The first glance of the W12 with its double V construction can be made through the transparent bonnet. Alongside air intakes in the front end, the six-litre assembly breathes through other ventilation openings near the partition between the engine and passenger compartments. Smooth leather has been used for the element where the driver has direct access to the function elements — namely the steering wheel. The steering wheel itself is not perfectly round, but is rather extremely similar in form and function to the concepts used in Formula One racing.

Alongside the use of leather, the aluminium elements in the interior are particularly noticeable as they have a red sheen and thus correspond to the exterior colour. Volkswagen is using a new chemical procedure to achieve the colouring and surface coating of the unpainted alloy. The layout of the instruments is classic.

Two round main displays show the most important information such as speed, revs, fuel tank litres and engine temperature. A colour display in the centre of the dash panel is used to control the functions of the air conditioning, the navigation system, the on-board computer and the car telephone.

A generous and ergonomically perfect situation has been realised despite the low level of the vehicle typical of a sports car. There is no doubt — this design study is more than a show car. All the details of the W12 Coupe are fully-functional and the concepts are close to production standards.

In the future, all Volkswagens in the upper and luxury classes will be equipped with the high-torque W engines. They are characterised by exceptionally low levels of vibration and the best possible acoustic qualities. The Volkswagen brand will launch them as an eight-cylinder, as can already be seen in the Passat W8,and as a twelve-cylinder version with varying levels of output and set-ups. A cylinder version has also been developed on this basis within the Volkswagen Group.

It will be used as of in the Bugatti EB The capacity of the W12, which weighs just kilograms, is 5, cm3. The engine, which is located between the passenger compartment and the rear axle, has an extraordinarily torsionally rigid aluminium crankcase with wear-resistant cylinder sleeves.

A further indication of the systematic light-weight construction approach can be seen in the valve covers and timing chain covers made of magnesium. The basic layout of the W12 engine is made up of two very thin V6 four-valve modules which are configured at an angle of 72 degrees with a joint crankshaft with seven main bearings to make up a V-V arrangement, i. The cylinder angle is just 15 degrees within the two V6 banks.

This makes the construction, which is very compact in comparison to V12 engines, possible. All other construction details of the W12 engine, which has a compression ratio of , are also indications of an extremely high tech assembly: the spark plugs are positioned centrally in the pentroof combustion chamber, making optimal combustion possible; the same applies for the flow-optimised intake ports. It was created by Charlie Adair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Motor vehicle. Archived from the original on Retrieved Volkswagen passenger cars. Buzz Sharan Touran Viloran. Buggy I. Buzz I. Crozz I. Roomzz I. Space Vizzion I. Vizzion ID.

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volkswagen nardo w12 show car

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