Trick and mischief

trick and mischief

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter jokaec Start date Sep 9, Could you open that box for me? I know you are going to play a "prank" or "trick" or "mischief" because John told me you put a mouse in a box and let him open it last time, so I won't fall into the same trap. Are they both correct? If so, which is more common in colloquial AmE? Not "both" two only since you mentioned three , prank, trick, mischief, but the idioms are play a trick but pull a prank.

EX" "Their behavior was mischievous. Dale Texas said:. Click to expand Thank you Dale Texas. If only verbal jokes, can I say "he likes to play jokes with me. Where I come from, "play jokes" is not a normal collocation. If the jokes are verbal as opposed to practical , then you could say "He likes to tell me jokes" if you mean that he likes to make you laugh by telling you jokes. If he likes to make fun of me in his jokes, can I still say "he likes to tell me jokes"?

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A trick is a when someone deceives or cheats magic trick , or could be used when someone has a practical method of doing something. I learned a trick to stay awake. While mischief is like trick but is more so used when someone is sneaking or up to no good.

Or getting into trouble The children were getting into mischief while playing outside.

Trick and mischief patient assassin trick and mischief

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