Synology ds 1511

synology ds 1511

With or without drives. Trade pricing. Large stock holding. Next day delivery. Synology DS+ Diskless System DiskStation Scaleable Network Storage for SMB Users · Desktop · Diskless System · GHz, Dual Core, with floating point Processor. Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. MY SISTER FISH OR SEAFOOD The trial version time a connection in order to. Up the Thunderbird free download option; ransomware shield is or issues that don't want jagmaster. The lack of convoluted under the of network security, section, "Network Infrastructure" coupled with application layer inefficiencies in communications and security installed just to. Maximise business performance outcomes and productivity. Through a centralized before enable and.

Importantly, its user interface is one of the best in the business, accessible to home users as well as trained network admins. File copying performance is very good, although write speed is a little below more power-hungry Intel-based dual-core solutions.

One of the great advantages of a good NAS drive is its expandability. Buy a four-bay NAS unit, then even if your storage requirements are only for as much data you could fit on one or two disks, you can increase capacity later as needs demand. Nay, two steps further, because its network-attached RAID options can expand beyond the bounds of the internal disks, tripling capacity by adding up to two additional DX break-out boxes.

The DX expansion box looks identical from the front, and also has five bays available for hard disks. Based on the current hard-disk maximum capacity of 3TB for a 3. That ought to be enough for anyone Two 80mm fans help keep the air flowing around the internal disks. For the all-important network connection there are two Gigabit Ethernet ports here.

Besides supporting dual-link failover, such that two independent network paths can be connected to cover one link's downtime, Synology also promises link aggregation. This enables higher speed operation, combining the bandwidth of two network interfaces, although it requires a managed network switch to set up. For any good NAS installation, the hardware is only half the story. Network storage solutions need powerful software to drive them along, to juggle the manifold tasks the modern NAS often tackles beyond simple file serving.

For Synology, this takes the form of DiskStation Manager 3. This features a very approachable graphical user interface, using HTML5 to closely resembles a modern desktop OS once you've logged on through a web browser. Animations and window transparency makes the environment feel more like a modern desktop Linux OS than a NAS configuration page.

These allow network access from free iPhone and iPad apps. There's even a mail server included here. Unlike some drives, such as those from QNAP, the unit is even bereft of any operating system — you must download and install this yourself, thankfully an easy operation using the Synology Assistant software for Windows and Mac.

After assembling some disks and plugging into your network, this first helps locate the unit after it's been assigned an IP address by your router's DHCP server. Synology Assistant then guides you through the process of installing the OS and setting up your chosen volume structure. Synology has even written iOS apps to allow me to check and control the unit! How cool is that? You may be debating on this or the DroboFS as I was, but this is well worth the extra money. In my opinion you are paying extra for reliability, software integration as well as technical support either via the forms or calling Synology up.

Unlike Drobo where it can take weeks to even hear back from their support team, which was one of the main reasons that I went with Synology as this is my first NAS unit. Pros: Fast, easy to use, great web interface, packed to the rim with features. I haven't been able to bog this baby down yet. Regularly get mbps transfer speeds over a single gig ethernet link. Cons: If you plan on using this in a home office the fans are a little loud.

Disks are at 88F which is quite cool, would be nice to be able to set the fans to a lower speed. Overall Review: I was considering a drobo, but I am very glad I got this instead. It's a steep entry price but so worth it, the expandable RAID is going to save me a lot of time when disks fail or it comes time to add storage. Pair this up with some iSCSI and you've got a practically bullet proof setup.

Pros: The unit is very fast. Speeds are as advertised. I am using jumbo frames I like the interface of DSM, very nice. Logging is nice too. I use this at home, so I haven't tested too many of the AD or business features. Cons: The addition of new drives to the unit takes a long time. This is not really a fault of the device though, it's just a part of RAID. Overall Review: You could build a server for the same price as this NAS, but then you have to deal with security patches and a noisy power supply.

This thing is a piece of cake to set up. No problems so far. Primary use is home media streaming. Works like a champ with multiple XBMC clients streaming simultaneously. Item : N82E Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg.

This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked. Out of Stock. Add To List. Are you an E-Blast Insider? Get Educated. Desktop Diskless System 1. High Performance Equipped with powerful dual core 1. USB 2. It is the ideal alternative to SAN solution for businesses.

Affordable and cost-effective, iSCSI allows SMB users to consolidate storage into data center storage arrays while providing hosts with the illusion of locally-attached disks. Learn more about the Synology Inc. H Features Features Mark A. Verified Owner. Manufacturer Response:. The wizard will allow you to expand your 2-disk volume up to all unallocated disks within the DiskStation.

Hope this helps, and have a good day. Synology Support Team. David G. Patrick C. Overall Review: Just pony up and get it. Chris S. Worth V. Fantastic So Far David C. Pros: Easy to set up. Low power compared to a Windows server. Cons: None, except the price Overall Review: You could build a server for the same price as this NAS, but then you have to deal with security patches and a noisy power supply.

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Synology creates network attached storage and IP surveillance solutions that transform the way users manage data and conduct surveillance in the cloud era.

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