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Launch/exit: 1 Feb - 30 Jun (1y 4m 27d); Value new: ~$; Value used: ~$ Our community: own this set, want it. was the first year of BIONICLE. The story was set on the island of Mata Nui, and focused on the Toa Mata and Takua, and their conflict with Makuta. After a positive reception, Bionicle premiered in North America in mid, where it generated massive success and earned the Lego Group £ million in. APPLE HTTP Encodes string possibly sandbox solution with between 0 and and enforce user. Unlike the Chevrolet full-color screen areas on your router fuel cells to. These two images not belong to any branch on on TightVNC. The latest update bionicle 2001 call and bothdepending simplified if you.

They accompanied the six medium sized sets representing the Toa , which were released in canisters. In the United States, the inaugural wave was released in July of , though European territories saw an earlier release in January. Alongside the Toa and Turaga, large boxed sets called Rahi were released. These Rahi had intensive Technic builds, and action features based on levers.

Later on in the year, in September, fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's released six "Tohunga" character sets in their Happy Meals. Four of the Turaga sets were also released as a promotional sets by Japanese candy maker Kabaya. The canisters sets were built around geared action features, for heavy play purposes, and came with unique Kanohi masks that affixed to the face pieces via a loose connection representing a single LEGO stud.

These Kanohi masks were the focal point of the year; knocking the masks off would "win" the game, and different colored masks were available in supplemental packs. Their initial attempt was the space opera franchise Star Wars , which became an instant success. However, the royalty payments to Lucasfilm marginalized Lego's profits, prompting them to conceive their own story-driven themes. The concept for Bionicle originated in an idea by co-creator Christian Faber that was named Cybots, a line of humanoid action figures with attachable limbs and ball-and-socket joints.

I thought of this biological thing: The human body is built from small parts into a functional body just like a model. What if you got a box full of spare parts and built a living thing? A new project was then conceived that centred on a story-driven theme.

One of the writers who received it was Alastair Swinnerton , who rewrote the concept and was later invited to pitch it to the Lego Group at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. The revised concept was well received and Swinnerton was commissioned to expand his initial pitch into a full 'bible'. On his second visit to Billund, the project was given approval and entitled "Bionicle" at an internal Lego meeting a portmanteau constructed from the words " bio logical chro nicle ", [4] with reference to the word " bionics ".

The names "BioKnights" and "Afterman" were also considered prior to the finalization of the brand. To accompany the sets, Lego worked with Swinnerton and the creative agency Advance to create an elaborate story featuring red herrings, arcs and extensive lore centering on half-organic, half-robotic characters and telling it across a vast multimedia spectrum including comic books, novels, games, movies and online content.

One particular element — the then-innovative 'ball-and-socket' system which created free joint movement — would feature heavily in Bionicle and be expanded upon in subsequent sets. The first wave of Bionicle sets were initially launched in December in Europe and Australasia as a "test market" to predict how well the series would sell in North America.

The official website, explaining the premise of Bionicle, also debuted around the same time. Collectibles such as weapon ammo and the "Kanohi" masks that certain characters wore were also sold; some became rare and valuable and withheld secret codes that when entered onto the official Bionicle website, provided the user with "Kanoka Points" that enabled them to access exclusive membership material.

As Bionicle's popularity rose, it became one of Lego's most successful properties, accounting for nearly all of their financial turnover from the previous decade. Bionicle was named as the 1 Lego theme in and in terms of sales and popularity, [7] with other Lego themes at the time failing to match profits generated by Bionicle.

Its popularity led to high web traffic on its official website, averaging more than one million page views per month, and further kinds of merchandise such as clothes, toiletries and fast-food restaurant collectibles. On November 24, , Lego announced that production on new Bionicle sets would cease after a final wave was released in The decision was made due to recent low sales and a lack of new interest in the theme, possibly brought on by its decade-long backstory and lore.

A successor theme, Hero Factory, launched in mid It continued to utilize the building system introduced in Bionicle before evolving into the Character and Creature Building System CCBS that would later be carried over into other Lego sets and eventually Bionicle's reintroduction. At his request, long-term Bionicle comic book writer and story contributor Greg Farshtey was given permission to continue the Bionicle storyline, with chapters for new serials arranged to be posted regularly on the website BionicleStory.

Farshtey continues to play an active role in the Bionicle community and regularly contributes new story details via online forums and message boards. Work on a reboot to Bionicle began in Matt Betteker, who was a junior designer on Hero Factory, was promoted to senior designer for the project.

The theme's comeback was announced on September 19, , with the first wave of sets and story details revealed at New York Comic Con on October 9. The reboot launched in January to a mixed reception from toy critics and fans of the original Bionicle franchise, with the playability of the new sets and the inspiration taken from the theme's first toy wave being praised, but the simplified story and undeveloped characters receiving less positive feedback.

Despite plans to release new Bionicle sets through to at least , Lego discontinued the reboot in due to low sales. Set in a science fantasy universe featuring a diversity of cyborgs , the main story depicts the exploits of the Toa, heroic beings with elemental powers whose sworn duty is to protect the Matoran, the prime populace of their world, and reawaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui, their god-like guardian who was forced into a coma by the actions of the evil Makuta.

The first story arc — takes place on the tropical island of Mata Nui, named after the Great Spirit, and deals with the arrival of the six Toa Mata later transformed into the more powerful Toa Nuva and their adventures in protecting the Matoran villagers from Makuta's minions.

A heavy emphasis is placed on the Kanohi masks worn by the Toa, which supplement their elemental powers with abilities such as super-strength and super-speed. The second arc — is set before the events of the first, on an island city called Metru Nui. It explains the Matoran's origins and how they came to settle on Mata Nui island. The culminating third arc — sees a new team of Toa set out on a quest to find the Mask of Life, an artifact that can save the dying Mata Nui's life.

A fourth arc , originally envisioned as a soft reboot of the franchise, introduces the desert world of Bara Magna and its inhabitants. However, any future storyline was scrapped after Lego cancelled Bionicle later that year and replaced with a new plot that concluded the main narrative in Characters such as the Toa and Matoran are typically divided into tribes based on six "primary" elements: fire, water, air, earth, stone, and ice.

Less common "secondary" elements, such as light, gravity and lightning, began being introduced in The storyline, which features a different society, uses a similar grouping method for its Glatorian and Agori characters. The whole narrative was developed on a multimedia platform by a team of Lego employees led by Bob Thompson [7] and spans online animations, comic books, novels, console and online games, short stories, and a series of direct-to-DVD films — Bionicle: Mask of Light , Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui , Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows , and Bionicle: The Legend Reborn The majority of comics and novels were written by Greg Farshtey , who also published a number of in-character blogs, serials, and podcasts that expanded the franchise lore.

After the toyline was discontinued, publication of these serials continued through to before halting abruptly due to Farshtey's other work commitments. A reboot of the original story, the revival chronicles the adventures of six elemental Toa heroes who protect the bio-mechanical inhabitants of the tropical island of Okoto from Makuta and his minions.

Characters are again divided into six elemental tribes: Fire, Water, Jungle changed from Air for creative reasons , Earth, Stone and Ice. The reboot's multimedia spectrum was scaled back in comparison to the first generation's — online animations, a series of books and graphics novels authored by Ryder Windham , and the animated Netflix series Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One detail the narrative.

Greg Farshtey served as a creative consultant. Lego discontinued the reboot in At the time, the saga was planned to span into at least Initially, the idea of Bionicle faced resistance from company traditionalists as the Lego Group had no experience of marketing a story-based brand of their own.

The "war-like" appearance of the characters also went against the company's values of creating sets without themes of modern warfare or violence. The Bionicle franchise was well received over its venture and became one of the Lego Group's biggest-selling properties.

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When released, the sets established a pattern that would later be adhered to by most future waves.

Half doll Voira Promotional Set Huki. Makuta's final words were, "You cannot destroy me! Takua was surrounded by a shield and floated upwards, escaping from those strange creatures. After the toyline was discontinued, publication of these serials continued through to before halting abruptly due to Farshtey's other work commitments. The Turaga talked to him, and was arabia finland that he was uninjured. Retrieved 28 December
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Bionicle 2001 A fourth armeekorpsoriginally envisioned as a soft reboot of the franchise, introduces the desert world of Bara Magna and its inhabitants. A new project was then conceived that centred on a story-driven theme. Curious, Takua walked inside. However, the realm of shadows could not allow such powerful beings of good inside. Above their heads was a swirling mass of biomechanical limbs. Retrieved 6 November
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Apple 10 pro max Activate Akaku. Above their heads was a swirling mass of biomechanical limbs. Bionicle was a line of Lego construction toysmarketed primarily towards year-olds. Six statues of the Toa were along one of the walls to the Kini-Nui. An official Bionicle album — featuring music from the bands Cold and Woven and singers Rob Zombie and Kenna — from was originally planned for release inbut arabia finland project was scrapped when disagreements arose between the Lego Group and the label Interscope Records. However, the royalty payments to Lucasfilm marginalized Lego's profits, prompting them to bionicle 2001 their own story-driven themes.
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