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Alice Evans has branded estranged husband Ioan Gruffudd's new girlfriend Bianca Wallace a 'creepy mistress' in a blistering series of tweets. Evans, 53, confirmed her separation from the Welsh star in a series of furious tweets posted on Twitter in January, and has since documented every toxic turn in their subsequent divorce proceedings. Vanessa Feltz has leant her support to devastated Alice Evans as she continues to document the breakdown of her marriage on social media.

Alice Evans has directed an apology drenched in sarcasm to her estranged husband Ioan Gruffud's new girlfriend after sharing a picture of the former couple together. The Liar actor, 48, cut a serious figure when he was seen on the set of TV mini series The Reunion which he has been filming in recent weeks. Alice Evans has continued to find support in her followers following the breakdown of her marriage to estranged husband Ioan Gruffud.

The actress, 50, and the Liar star, 48, who share daughters Ella, 12, and Elsie, eight, are in the midst of a dramatic split, which has reached fever pitch. Jen Atkin, from Ulceby, Lincolnshire, who won the beauty pageant crown last year, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss Alice Evans claims. The actress, 50, once again took to Twitter on Saturday to also claim that said Ioan unblocked her on Instagram minutes before he posted a picture of his new girlfriend.

The actress, 50, was seen beaming and then scowling at cameras shortly before she launched yet another Twitter tirade. Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd went 'Instagram official' with his new girlfriend Bianca Wallace, 29, on Tuesday, by sharing a cosy photo of the two of them on a film set, looking blissfully happy. The actress, 50, launched into a fresh Twitter tirade against the Welsh actor, 48, after revealing her young daughter is 'inconsolable' over her father's new romance.

Alice Evans has revealed her young daughter is 'inconsolable' over her father Ioan's new romance - after he promised her last week he didn't have a girlfriend. On today's Loose Women, the panel discussed whether they would be silent or go public with a breakup in light of Alice Evan's attack on her estranged Ioan Gruffudd, As her online pals and critics flooded social media with response to her diatribe - with both positive and negative comments - Alice spent hours responding to the messages.

Ioan Gruffudd's estranged wife Alice Evans has taken to Twitter to slam her husband for being 'devoid of any empathy' and 'disingenuous'. The actress, currently in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from Ioan Gruffudd, emerged from her car after an apparent fender bender on the city's famous Melrose Avenue. The actress, 50, split from Liar star Ioan, 47, earlier this year, and has addressed the pair's acrimonious split several times on social media, following Ioan filing for divorce in March.

The actor, 47, was pictured without his wedding ring in Santa Monica on Sunday, three months after filing for divorce from his wife Alice Evans. The actress, 49, has been increasingly vocal about her bitter separation from husband of years Gruffudd, 47 - with whom she shares children Ella, 11, and Elsie, seven. The actress has been increasingly vocal about her bitter separation from husband of years Gruffudd - with whom she shares two children - after announcing he had walked out on her in January.

The actress, 49, sought support from her friend Lady Victoria Hervey, 44, as they stepped out for lunch in Los Angeles on Friday amid her ongoing divorce drama. Taking to Instagram on Friday, the actress, 49, said their daughters Ella, 11 and Elsie, seven, 'cry every day' as she accused Ioan, 47, of 'abandoning them' amid their bitter divorce. Back in January, Alice, 49, revealed that she and Ioan were breaking up after 20 years in a shock Twitter statement and accused the actor, 47, of 'mentally torturing' her.

The actor, 47, appeared to have finally ditched the band just hours after he was spotted still wearing it while spending quality time with their two daughters. Ioan Gruffud was pictured spending some quality time with the two daughters he shares with estranged wife Alice Evans on Sunday in Los Angeles. The document, which was filed in Los Angeles, is said to also claim the former couple separated two months ago on New Year's Day. Ioan Gruuffudd's estranged wife Alice Evans has vowed to tell her 'divorce story' as she once again took to Instagram to shed light on their shock split on Thursday.

Taking to Instagram after the news broke, Alice, 49, shared a screenshot of the reports as she cryptically penned: 'Oh. Thanks for letting me know. I guess? Late Saturday night, Alice, 49, took to Instagram to give an update on the shock split as she touched upon raising their two daughters - Ella, 11, and Elsie, seven - 'alone' for 'half their lives'.

Last week, the actress, 49, revealed the couple were breaking up in a shock Twitter statement this week and accused the Welsh actor, 47, of 'mentally torturing'. A source has said the duo, who share two daughters, seem to have 'made some progress' after have talks at their LA home and even said the family became 'playful' and were 'laughing' at points. Argos AO. Headlines U. Privacy Policy Feedback. Alice Evans. Alice Evans continues tirade against ex Ioan Gruffudd and girlfriend.

Ioan Gruffudd, 48, cosies up to girlfriend Bianca Wallace, 29, on trip to his native Wales Team Bianca! Who hacked Ioan Gruffudd's account? Alice Evans shares shock grabs. Cheating husbands have feelings too! Ioan Gruffudd's new girlfriend Bianca Wallace pouts in cute selfie with her dog Alice Evans, 53, cuts a low-key figure as she steps out in Los Angeles Ioan Gruffudd's new girlfriend Bianca Wallace returns to Instagram after making her first public appearance with Welsh star Alice Evans claims estranged husband Ioan Gruffudd 'bought 24 grams of cocaine while filming new TV show' in yet another Twitter attack The break-up glow-up!

He follows the sound, till he discovers a girl in the garden. With a teary face, she flees the moment she sees him. Instinctively, he chases after her. But he feels as if he needs to catch her. Alistair finally grabs her hand, as they arrive at the lake. As she turns around, he sees her fluffy hair and teary blue-red eyes.

He finds her very cute. But she immediately covers her eyes, telling him not to look. Moreover, her hair is weird. Alistair understands her all too well. Due to his appearance and name, people have said all sorts of things to him too. She tells him to let go, but he refuses for she will run away.

Troubled, she remains quiet. He too, would usually remain quiet. He orders her to put down her hand, and she does so while looking puzzled. Alistair: Am I weird? I have golden hair and blue eyes, but my nationality is Japanese. The blood of my Japanese mother and foreigner father runs in me. But I can only speak Japanese. Am I weird? Nor weird. He finds her sparkling eyes beautiful. Alistair: I like it.

Your jewel-like eyes, and your soft and fluffy hair. Everything is proof that you are you. Girl: Proof that I am me? He removes one of her blue ribbons from her hair and tying it on his. So he will stand out more than her. Everyone will focus their attention on him, and no one will pay any mind to her appearance. But this is also his individuality. But surely there will be at least be someone in this world who likes this appearance and approves of him.

Girl: ……like me? Like you……so, what is your name? Seven years old. Alistair: Arisu……hmm. What a coincidence. So you know me after all. Yurika: I met your mother. Yurika: ……no. Alistair: Is that so? He wonders what they should do now, having come out this far.

Yurika smiles in approval. They met as the summer moonlight gently shone down on them. And so, a story began. After that, they played together everyday. One day, she asks if he likes picture books. He smirks and pretends to have no interest in such childish books, and would prefers philosophy books.

But when she clarifies if he means books on Plato or Descartes. Alistair clears his throat, dismissing it as a joke. As he tries to continue, Yurika declares that she heard about it from his mother. Yurika: In other words, you like it right? Alistair: ………… Yurika: I love it too. She looks towards him uneasily. Alistair agrees to do her a service of reading together, and she thanks him with a bright smile.

He loves her smile. After he finishes reading, Yurika finds the princesses in stories amazing. No matter how difficult the circumstances, she will always grab hold of her own happiness in the end. Yurika: I wish to become a wonderful person like a storybook princess. Yurika: I do!

Alistair: ……I see. Then shall we try pretend play? Yurika: Pretend play……. He explains that you act as someone. For example, girls would often play house. He looks down, but insists that he has played it before when she asks him. After that, it became a routine for them to pretend play. One afternoon, they hold a tea party in the garden with chamomile tea and apple pie. She pretends to be a waitress, serving him. He complains that she was slow, but orders her to sit down anyway for their tea party to commence.

However, the hot tea scalds his tongue. She is unable to suppress a giggle, causing him to forget about what happened. It suits her much more than crying. Alistair: Because I like your smile……as much as I like my afternoon snacks.

Yurika: ……that means you love it right? Alistair: ………… Yurika: Hey, Alice-kun! Yurika: Hey! Say it one more time! I said hey! Happy summer days. He believed that these days would continue forever. One day, Yurika approaches Alistair with a black cat she found.

His face turns pale, and he tells her to back away. Alistair lets out a sigh of relief when she lets it go, and an awkward silence follows. He feels extremely embarrassed. He had been acting cool in front of her this whole time, yet for him to be scared by a cat. Has she realised his true nature? Alice-kun is cool!

Alistair: I-is that so? Yurika: Yes! Alistair: ……but, even so! This is a promise between us! Yurika: Okay! I got it! And this was their first promise. Without realising that the sparkling summer was slowly fading away—- summer came to an end. Yurika: A lake is like a sea. Alistair: Hah? Yurika: Are you stupid? A sea and a lake are totally different. The sea is wide, big and fun right? Yurika: Yes……say, has Alice-kun ever been to the sea? Alistair: ……no.

In fact, he has never even left this town before. When she remarks that summer has ended, and Alistair finally realised it — when summer ends, he can no longer play with her. He recalls that she lives in the city, and tries to highlight the great sides of living in the country-side. When Yurika admits that she likes it here too, he tries to persuade her to keep coming here, to even live with him.

Or she could keep visiting every summer. But only he thought that. Alistair tells her not to cry, taking her hand. Even if we part ways now, if you want to meet me, you can. Yurika: ……really? Alistair: Do you doubt me? Yurika: ……no! I believe you!! Because Alice-kun is my prince! Alistair: P-prince? Yurika: Yes.

Before I met Alice-kun, I was all alone in a dark world. But Alice-kun found me, and reached your hand out to me. When you did that, a seven-coloured rainbow was built in the dark world. Alistair: Seven-coloured rainbow…………hmph, of course. Who do you think I am? Building a rainbow is as easy as lying around for me. She wonders where this is, as she keeps walking, unable to find any exit. She has lost track of time.

Someone……is anyone there—? She decides to keep walking in hopes of an answer. Suddenly, it feels as if darkness grabs her feet. She struggles so as not to be swallowed up. Yurika: No……! Someone……someone save me!! Boy: Arisu! Boy: Here! Grab my hand! Yurika: You are…… Boy: Your hand! Yurika: ……okay! Both of you run away, and after a while the blonde boy stops to catch his breath. Yurika leaps at him, and they both crash down. She apologises and quickly gets off, while he coughs and stands up too.

Boy: ……thank you for getting off……if you were late by 3 minutes from getting off me, something which will need a mosaic will be flowing out of my mouth…… Yurika: You want to throw up? Boy: ………… Yurika: Are you alright? How about lying down to rest if you feel unwell? Ah, how about lying on my lap? Yurika: Fufu. Or is it scoff? He angrily denies this, calling out on her looking down at him, despite him saving her.

She looks puzzled, observing that their eye level is the same — or perhaps his is a bit lower. The boy calls out on her arrogant attitude, commanding her to grovel at his feet. Yurika immediately replies respectfully, to which he plays along. She giggles, finding him interesting indeed. She thanks him again for saving her, asking for his name. He sighs, pointing out how awful she is. Or has she forgotten? He called her name just now. Boy: Then show me proof that I said it.

What hour what minute what second what day what number of rotation was the earth spinning when I said it—? Or are you trying to act like an adult? Boy: ………… Yurika: Eh? What did you say? As for the reason, he tells her to use her head. Or is her head just for decoration? So she asks if he knows anything, and why he knows her.

Yurika: Is that so? Even though it feels very important…… Boy: …………do you wish to know about me? Boy: Then……………………ah! There is a stomiiformes, viperfish, chauliodontidae! Yurika: Eh Boy: Hmph! Yurika: Ah! Boy: Hahahaha—!! You fell right for it—!! Yurika: Wait! Boy: Who will wait when told to! Then try and catch me! Yurika: If I catch you, will you tell me!? She loses sight of him, as she stumbles upon large crystals. He told her to catch him. In that case, he should be somewhere in this world. Looking closely, she sees her reflection in the crystals.

Speaking of which, her figure is visible in the dark too. And the boy mentioned chauliodontidae, a word she knows despite having no memories. In any case, perhaps she can pass through the mirrors into another world — just like a fairytale. Yurika stretches out her hand, and it glows brightly. She dives through, determined to find him. A voice calls out to her. A hand gently strokes her head. The voice tells her to continue sleeping, while he conveys the message to Gretel and Shirayuki.

The person leaves, and Yurika soon wakes up to find herself in a lovely-looking room. She went through the mirror to find the boy, so what is she doing here? When she heads downstairs, all eyes turn towards her. Is this a dream or reality? The pitch black world she was in just now, seems like a lie now.

Or was that world a dream? Good morning, Arisu-san. You did right!? Do you know me!? Gretel: H-haah? Is your head, alright? Yurika: That sarcastic way of speaking, resembles him. Looking closely, your aura also resembles him……are you his brother? Shirayuki: ………… Yurika: ……who is he? Gretel: ……Brother Cinderella. This person seems to be half-asleep, so is it fine if I hit her once?

Cinderella: Stop it. Despite this, she is my fiance and your future sister-in-law. Sister-in-law and my sister……! What a delicious ring to it……! Gretel: Of course! Yurika: You all are…………. Everyone else furrows their eyebrows at her comment. Yurika: Could you hit me once? Cinderella: Haah?

Gretel: See! Shirayuki: ……I can do it too. Are you dreaming? Cinderella: Haah……? Cinderella: Haah………… Yurika: ………… Cinderella: ……hah? Yurika: I have amnesia. Cinderella: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!? He adds how they went through a lot, or did she forget all of about their romance? Gretel is impressed by how she beat his brother down with words, when she was just asking for a beating.

Cinderella looks up again, telling her to bear with the pain for a moment — he heard that memories will return with a strong impact. Moreover, she only intended for them to flick her forehead or something. She shuts her eyes, waiting for the impact. He flicks her forehead, and the two younger brothers suggest eating breakfast first. In exchange of her response, her stomach growls loudly.

After they sit down at the table, Yurika helps herself to the omu rice and is impressed with the taste. She learns that Cinderella made it, and comments that he must be skillful. Wrapping the omelette around the rice is difficult work after all. He looks at her in surprise, before remarking that she must have really forgotten. However, when she takes a bit, she is able to name all the ingredients.

He reckons that she has the knowledge, even though she has forgotten how to cook. So she may still be able to cook. He looks at her meaningfully, before introducing himself and his brothers. And she is Arisu Yurika, from a wealthy family and his fiance. And this is her cafe, for she had bought over this place. He smiles, confidently saying that he believes her.

Because they know her well enough. Yurika confirms that she and the brothers are working here. Cinderella shares that he helps out from time to time, but his real job is a glass craftsman. She attempts to comfort him, to no avail. Yurika: No, Even an apprentice is wonderful! A profession! Cinderella: Ugh!! Gretel: Amazing. You pinpointed and hit where it hurts……! Cinderella sees the time, and announces that he has to leave for work.

After he leaves, Yurika wonders if she made him angry. Gretel only shrugs his shoulders. Just then, he returns, admitting that he forgot something important as a lot of things happened at once. He hugs her without any hesitation, explaining that they always do this before he leaves for work.

She can only think that this is like a honeymoon couple. Yurika: Ha-hah……? This is when you should keep quiet and blush. As she buries her face into his chest, he strokes her head gently. He apologises for not being able to stay by her side, despite how she must be feeling uneasy and scared. He wished he could take the day off work. Her heart beats faster. Cinderella pats her head once more, promising to think of a solution when he returns. After which, he orders his younger brothers to look after her.

Gretel agrees while shooing him away, and Shirayuki answers without looking over. After he leaves, she can feel their gaze upon her. Yurika: ……Cinderella-san really loves me. Gretel: Are you bragging? Yurika: ……if only that were the case. Gretel: …………. She can tell that Cinderella is a good person. Yurika turns to the other two, confirming that the cafe is closed. She recalls that she often made use of them, so would like for them to listen to her request.

Both of them frown, sensing where the conversation is headed for. She winks at them, wishing for them to tell her more about herself. They go out to the main shopping street of the mirror world, which Gretel introduces. A black-haired man appears, recognising her immediately. Gretel: His name……what was it again? A host-like name, Ka-Ka……Ka……Kaede-san? Yurika: I see, Kaede-san! Kaguya: Who!? He brings her inside, showing her around the house. He tells her not to apologise, though he wonders why she has amnesia.

Was it bad after all for her to marry a hetare , simpleton son of the debt king? Princess fell for him because Cinderella-san was such a person right? Gretel: That last word ruined everything. Yurika: Ahaha……. She looks around the extravagant surroundings which remind her of a castle.

She pauses at this, before wondering why only Kaguya is at home. The latter looks away nervously, explaining that her parents are busy with work and hardly at home. However, she may be able to meet her brother. Yurika eagerly takes up his offer to bring her, so he guides them to the hospital where her brother works. Yurika bobs her head and thanks him. So Gretel brings them to the next destination.

They pass through the forest, encountering a small cottage on the way. The wall is covered with cracks and ivy vines, with no presence of anyone living there. Gretel is thankful that Cinderella married a rich girl, so now they have no financial worries — and he has a sister. As Yurika observes how well they get along, they head towards the lake. She realises something, as she listens to the waves — that a lake a similar to the sea.

Yurika surprises herself with her own words which came out naturally. Kaguya is impressed by her knowledge, and Gretel notes that she still has her knowledge even if she has forgotten about them. After they tour the town some more, they return to the cafe when the sun was setting. She thanks both of them for accompanying her.

Cinderella spots them, and rushes over. He questions what Kaguya is doing here, and the latter approaches Yurika with a villain-like face. Gretel hits Kaguya, advising him to stop there. The eldest brother is touched, but the youngest brother merely stretches out a hand to ask for yen for the soft serve, sherbet and gelato he ate. Cinderella hands him the money with a reluctant expression. Gretel thanks him, offering to take Kaguya back as extra service.

As the two of them leave, Yurika sees Cinderella still staring at his wallet. He changes the topic, as he heard from Shirayuki that she went around town. He pats her head, comforting her. Later, Yurika offers to cook dinner. She ends up serving stew, a choice which really touches Cinderella. Cinderella: Oi!! This is a touching scene, so read the atmosphere a bit more before speaking!! Speaking of which, they forgot to give dinner to Alice.

Yurika perks up at the mention of the name. Cinderella: Alice has an extremely twisted personality…… Gretel: And rebuts with 10 times the amount you say. Shirayuki: ……Gretel? Gretel: Alright. Cinderella: Let me see. Brother Shirayuki, are you dissing me just because you have straight hair? Yurika: Shorter than me?

Cinderella: Well, I guess so. Upstairs, Cinderella knocks on his door while the rest hide and watch from afar. Cinderella nods, taking a few steps back and breathing in deeply. He then shouts and scolds him for being as a freeloader and to pay up. Immediately, the door opens. Pay your debt—!! You good-for-nothing—!! Yurika: You are…… Alice: Ah. He dashes off at the sight of her, but she leaps at him and they both end up crashing on the floor. She quickly lifts herself up, only to see that their situation is like a typical scene from a shoujo manga of the guy pushing the girl down.

Alice: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Alice: Is there anyone now who would say such a cliche and old line! You read too much romance manga you light-headed romance-filled brain! Hurry up and get off! Get off now! Disappear from my sight immediately! Yurika: No. She has much to ask him — if he was the one in the dark world and why do they have the same name. What is this world and her current situation. But Yurika refuses to move till he answers everything. He calls her out for sexual harassment, for making use of her position to fulfill her own desires.

Yurika: Then, you do have the desire to touch……pervert. There are many different preferences in this world like leg fetish, face fetish, attribute fetish! Gretel: I like big breasts though. Shirayuki: ……then what is your sister was flat-chested? Gretel: ……hmm. Alice: See! Yurika: Then what sort of person does Alice-kun like? Alice: I…… Yurika: I? Yurika: What. Yurika: Are you praising me……? She wonders if he sees her as a bright, strong, knowledgeable girl with many friends then.

Yurika turns around to see Cinderella looking at her sadly. The two younger brothers fan the flames, advising him to take evidence so that they can win in court. She tries to explain, and stands up to express her sincerity. Alice laughs out loud, taking the chance to escape. She chases after him, but loses sight of him when she arrives at the lake.

Yurika catches her breath, collapsing to her knees. Cinderella stops her just in time as he grabs her arm. He had chased after her, despite that situation just now. She feels sorry, muttering that she felt like she had to go after Alice. He remarks that she seems to remember Alice clearly. But she explains that she met him in a pitch black world.

He frowns at her confusing words. All Yurika can add is that they both seem to know each other, but she seems to have forgotten. Why did she forget? Even though it must have been very important. A heavy silence falls between them.

He stands beside her, and asks if she remembers that they had their first date at this lake. Thinking about it, he was pretty hard on her back then. He finds it nostalgic, even though it was just several months ago. Cinderella asks if she has really forgotten him, and if her feelings for him and her words back then were all an illusion.

The breeze causes ripples in the lake and where his reflection is, and Yurika gasps and looks up. She stops herself, wondering why she spoke such strange words. Cinderella asks if she has recalled. He comforts her, saying that she will remember one day. It must be more painful to be forgotten, than to forget.

He replies that they will forget about the engagement. He adds that he loves her, and would love to marry her now. Losing her memories, means that everything that had happened — is gone. He wants to marry the person he loves the most, and vice versa.

Yurika: To break up even though you love me? Cinderella: If that is for your happiness. Yurika: …………. He looks embarrassed, and admits that he still does want her to remember. If things continue like this, we wishes to have her wear a glass shoe one more time.

Because he wants to be her destined prince. He offers his hand. He calls out her name, as she splashes into the lake. He met her two months ago, so the time they spent together and away is exactly the same now. Soon, the time they are apart catches up, and meanly whispers in his ear to forget her.

But surely he can never forget her. Alistair looks up at his father with similar hair and eyes. He says that there are other countries beyond the sea. Then what about beyond the lake? Why are they so different, even though their waves are the same. His father answers that it is like the wind is blowing the the waves further away and spreading it wider. It reminds one of the sea.

Still, a lake is a lake, and not a sea. It is unlike the sea which connects to the world, and you are unable to go to a far away country. Alistair wonders if he can meet her again. They had promised to write letters. Both of his parents can tell that he likes her. He is unable to deny, and blushes. He thought that she was a princess the first time he saw her.

Two months since Arisu left. He still remembers her. One night, his father returns with an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind item made by a Venetian glass maestro. The couple is always together, in other words husband and wife. It came from a mythology that the gods learned the way of being husband and wife by watching these birds.

These birds are always together, so he tells Alistair to treasure both of them. The son earnestly promises to do so. His father pats his head, telling him to give one bird to his important person later on — that way they will never be separated. It would be good if he could pass it to that child. Alistair holds the glass pieces tightly, thanking his father and promising to treasure it.

Recently, his mother has been sighing a lot. The atmosphere at home seems to be gradually changing. She recalls that a letter from Arisu came, and passes it to him with a smile. Alistair dashes to his room to read it, and is impressed to see it written in English too.

Nonetheless, it is impressive progress for one year. How are you? Things have finally settled down recently, and now I have more chances to write to Alice-kun. I have grown used to the environment here I also tried to write in English!

I only felt uneasiness at first, but it was thanks to Alice-kun that I somehow managed to overcome it. Auntie often cooked for us when we played together right? Everything was delicious, and I admired her! I want to eat her apple pie again. I will practice lots and lots till that time comes! He wonders how he should reply. Her letters are overflowing with positive words.

At this rate, he will get left behind. What can he do? He looks at the mirror, asking how would he reply. Or Alistair? Once again, his chest grows tight. Just then, an idea strikes him. He runs to the living-room and grabs a chair. He plans to take the glass bird figurine. He had wanted to pass it to Arisu when she came over to play the next time, but he thinks he might as well send it to her with his letter. He stretches out his hand, his fingers brushing past the glass.

However he loses his balance, and causes it to fall and shatter. Perhaps he will be disappointed in him. After all, anyone could easily take down the figurine from the shelf. Moreover, the glass figurine was a pair. If he gave one to her, they would no longer be apart. Yet he broke one. His chest hurts, and his breathing grows unsteady. One day, his mother realises that a piece is missing.

He unwittingly lied. But half of it is true. After he broke it, before he realised it the floor was clean. But when he looked up at the shelf, he noticed that one bird was gone. And he was startled when he looked down at his hands. Because his hands were full of scratches.

His mother asks him to be honest, for she hates children who lie. Those words make his chest hurt. He was lying, but he was also telling the truth. Alistair apologises, saying that he broke it. After some time passed, they were chased out of the house they were living in, and his mother brought him to a small cottage. He never asked for the details, but he could guess from the way people acted towards him and his mother. She hugs him, telling him not to worry for she will protect him.

A knock on the door startles the both of them. A man in black enters, having heard that she moved over here. His attention turns to Alistair, commenting that she has a cute child. His mother tells him to go the other side, and she will talk to the man.

He nods. She shuts her eyes, her breathing stops. Will she sink to the bottom of the dark waters at this rate? Yurika screams for help, and she wakes up. She sees that she is no longer in the lake, but in her own room.

She wonders where Cinderella is. Yurika screams at the sight of him, but he ignores her and checks the window. He notes that the wolf has escaped already. Yurika is unable to resist anymore, lunging towards him and starts to stroke them despite his protests.

Soon, she notices his tail and starts to stroke it too. She ignores his pleas for her to stop, grinning as she continues. Akazukin is unable to hold back his laughter anymore. She feels refreshed after the session, but he ends up hiding behind the door. She beckons him to come closer, apologising for getting carried away. She promises not to do it anymore, but he remains distrustful.

She did it to express her sincerity, but he blushes and raises his voice. Akazukin: Tie you!? Yurika: S-shameless? Akazukin: ……hah! I got too flustered…… Yurika: Haah……. He approaches her, asking if the wolf appeared since she shouted for help. She denies this, distracted once more by his twitching ears. Noticing this, Akazukin quickly backs away and brings his hood up. So she tries to divert the topic. Is it cosplay? Akazukin: Cosplay!? Cos-cosplay……costume play……ugh! Yurika: Where is the tissue…… Akazukin: Tissue!?

Yurika: Wah!! Akazukin: ………… Yurika: ………………um, are you really alright? She tries to think of a solution. She recalls that it would be better to loosen your clothes, and to sit or lie down. So Yurika spreads her arms wide apart, prompting him to strip and come over to her side.

Akazukin loses it, and collapses. Several minutes after, he calms down. So she takes this chance to ask who he is.

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