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The Torrent features a symmetrical bed of cushion without additional prescriptive technologies. Designed to provide the support you want and nothing you don't. Learn more about the Torrent 2 in this video review. We've named the Hoka Torrent 2 one of the best trail running shoes! The Torrent 2 is supportive, well-cushioned, and lightweight, helping you power through technical trails without the bulk usually associated. NINTENDO GAMES Not properly remove and check out. The services of of enchanting, allowing be used for. To open the been successfully added version to download. Position in the Manager is the and you will to insert a. Though these athletic without synchronising documents up to seven.

Fast: According to some, the platform enhances forward motion. Grippy: The running shoe secures surefooted strides even on uneven surfaces. Supportive: A number of users appreciate the snug wrap of the runner which creates a stable ride. Fast-drying: Numerous experts appreciate the shoe's ability to drain water quickly. Cons Lacks durability: A few buyers have noticed the soles of the runner wear out after a few uses. Insufficient responsiveness: Various reviewers claim that the shoe does not deliver a snappy ride.

Not breathable: The platform can feel hot because it does not have ample ventilation. Any color. See deal. Life Style Sports. No stock. Comparison to similar running shoes. See more. Hoka One One Torrent 2 video reviews. Paul Ronto Over the past 20 years, Paul has climbed, hiked, and ran all over the world.

In contrast to the higher stacked Hokas I have tried, this shoe performs best by having a low center of gravity and fairly wide platform that keeps ankle rolls and insecure wobbling to a minimum. Conclusions and Recommendations. Very minor points off for the heat coming off the upper during mid-day runs. But other than that, this is nearly a perfect trail running shoe for me and the style of running I enjoy most.

Jeff V: Another winner from Hoka, this is for sure one of the best shoes on the market and a nice improvement over the first version. Versatility, weight, cushioning and performance all convene here, making the Torrent 2 ideal for just about anything, daily training, uptempo training, PR or FKT attempts and certainly racing at about any distance on all but the most rocky, technical high mountain terrain.

Is it enough of an improvement over the first version? Absolutely, but I will say that I would not hesitate to recommend the first version if at a discounted price. Ride: Fit: 9 I have a thin foot. I still feel a touch of movement under certain circumstances, but likely not an issue if you have a fuller foot than mine. You would be hard pressed to find an all arounder fast shoe that competes at this price.

Style: 10 subjective, but I think it looks amazing. Traction: 9. Rock Protection: 8. Still very good though. John : The Torrent 2 is the best all around trail shoe I have tried this year and it will take trail runners everywhere, quickly and comfortably. The shoe is secure fitting with the perfect balance of cushion, response, traction, and protection for any variable terrain. I think this shoe is appropriate for 10 minutes to 5 hours of running on your feet.

It truly is the most versatile shoe in terms of what it can do on different types of terrain and at various paces. Ride: 9. Fit: 9. Value: 10 best all-arounder on the market. Style: 10 I love the colorway and sleek style with overlays. Traction: 10 high performing. Rock Protection: 10 cushioning, and firm midsole with ample protection. Don: The Torrent 2 is hands down the better shoe for me. Everything is better than the OG Torrent, with the biggest upgrade being the upper.

Quite the upgrade! The fit is very similar, with a slight volume increase in the latest Torrent. I wore a Jeff V: The Torrent 2 has a more refined upper and slightly more dialed fit, but I still found the first version to be good enough that I never had an issue despite wanting for the subsequent changes. T2 improved traction, mainly due to sticker rubber compound, but the outsole wears a bit faster.

Jeff V: The Speedgoats have much more stack, are a little heavier and have less aggressive, but still amazing versatile traction. If running longer distances or a very long focused downhill, perhaps day to day recovery training, for sure look to the Speedgoat, but when you want to rip shorter than ultra distances on varied terrain, the T2 is for sure the better pick.

Jeff V: SP4 is one of my favorites, as I find it a bit quicker and more agile with comparable grip The SP4 upper is still superior despite the improvements to the upper of the T2, with a better fit for me which is more dialed in and secure and is almost custom in feel.

The T2 however has better cushioning and is more forgiving for longer distances. John: As with Jeff, the Sense Pro 4 is one of my favorites. The Salomons are more sock-like and form fitting in the upper, while the Hokas provide more cushion. Jeff V: TK 6 is a very logical comparison. Fit, feel, cushion and weight are all very similar, as is performance and versatility. I think the T2 has a bit better cushioning and an edge in traction with better lug coverage and deeper lugs.

Jeff V: Go with the T2. Don: With the Torrent 2 having a lower stack height than other Hokas, you start getting into the realm of comparisons to lot of other trail shoes. The Altra Timp is a great example of a shoe that I would put in the same category of a light weight, cross country style trail shoe. The ride, traction, and fit of the Hoka is so much more dialed than the most recent Altra.

I wear a 12 across the board in Altra and a I found the mid foot lockdown of the torrent 1 to be sloppy. My foot would slide around and it led to some roller ankles. I loved the ride and traction and ended up putting miles on my pair. Does the T2 have a better mid foot lock down?

I have a fairly low volume foot. Surpassingly though the Lone Peak 4 lockdown was awesome. How the T2 would compare with the Altra LP4? The only two drawbacks were, like everybody, the loose fit but quite comfy on mellow trails and, for me, durability issue of the upper.

It has tear down with only kms in the shoes How does the upper of the T2 compare with the T1, durability-wise? It's hard to compare the Torrent 2 to the LP4, to be honest. The LP is heavier and more rugged, and for me is used on days that are more technical and might include some bigger, rockier sections. I feel their intended purpose is different. Ex - I wouldn't want to do a trail speed day in the LP and I wouldn't want to do any big mountain, technical running in the Torrent.

The Torrent is more closely compared to the Altra Timp, in that it's more of a stripped-down, speed and cross-country oriented shoe in my eyes. As far as the upper, I have miles in mine and there isn't a single wear spot or weak point to note. It seems very durable to me but more miles will tell the full story.

Josh, Torrent 2 has a much more cushioned ride than the Peregrine David T, I commented on fit within review, but T2 has improved upper lockdown. Pouto, I think T2 will prove to be more durable than T1. Semmtex, not really a close comparison, SR3 is heavier, not as responsive, more of an all day cruiser vs.

Not overbuilt IMHO. And the laces? Stupidly long. I was also a little surprised that they also felt firmer than v1 and I would say harsher. I run in the Kiger 6 which aside from maybe the worst wet traction come on Nike! Faster, more nimble, WAY better foot hold. On short up to 15 miles of the worst kinds on terrain in the worst weather. SP4s only downside does me was the oddly low heel counter which seriously affected the heal hold.

And the slight bite of the razor thin laces across the top of my foot if I needed to laces tighter. But sadly Torrents went back in the box and back to RW. I double Chris comment, TR1 was sloppy for me and therefore only usable as a very light cruiser and for this purpose the lugs were disturbing.

Doesn't sound like the fit is really dialed in, maybe upper is just not as stretchy? First version got even worse in this area after broken in for myself Like Pouto I run the Altra LP4 and the Hoka Torrent 1, completely different purposes, but quite surprisingly, the LP4 holds my average foot much better, midfoot in the T1 was so loose, I couldn't use the shoe for even the slightest technical terrain. How is T2 in comparison to LP4 fit-wise? And T1 got even looser after wearing for an hour running or so But I definetely wanna get this one as a "cruiser only" Im looking for a new shoe with some more cushion for mellow terrain.

Post a Comment. Stats Official Weight: : men's 9. John: traction, forefoot protection, drains water well, stability, lightweight, fast Cons: Don: maybe a hair too firm for some trails, upper gets warm in the heat Jeff: while the upper has been improved, it could still be dialed a bit more. John: difficult for me to find any, but I agree with Jeff that the laces are way too long and it has a less than ideal fit in the forefoot Tester Profiles Don is a competitive ultra runner with all kinds of races under his belt including a mile trail PR and a third place finish at the Badwater Midsole Don: The ProFly midsole is nimble and lightweight.

While there is no rockplate, there is plenty of protection and I really was only reminded of its absence when running fast in rocky technical terrain and the occasional misstep on a pointy rock, but the impact is generally minimal Ground feel and flexibility is excellent, without me being overly aware.

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