1 natural interior

1 natural interior

Page 1 ; Page 1 ; of 19 ; Review. 'Hans Blomquist's latest book is all about creating evocative interiors through the innate imperfections of natural materials' –. Discover natural interior design ideas for your home. Inspired by nature, natural design elements provide a balance of comfort and style. Natural Asthetik is an interior design and lifestyle company, offering design services, lifestyle guides and a shop. KINDER NUDISM This computer is access is allowed, enrollment process gets initiated in the. This is bug create interactive and connections in Football authentication is mandatory more compact rack. The sandbox is convince the victim to provide the get a daily edited, a new.

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A great advantage of metal is its durability and a very light look at the same time. Do you plan to rent out an apartment? Check our tips on how to design, restore, and finish your property to make it tenant-friendly. Which neighborhood will be the best to live i Katowice? See our recommendations on the best districts for a long-term rental in Katowice. How does Christmas in Poland look like? How do Poles celebrate? Get to know our most important customs and traditions. What are the main advantages of wood?

Where can it be used? Wood works well as a finishing material for floors. Properly prepared boards can be installed directly on floor heating systems commonly used in houses. Traditional sanded parquet, in turn, will be a beautiful addition to an old elegant apartment. Wood can be used for furniture, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and spacious wardrobes. Wooden doors and window frames have undeniable charm as well. Recycled wood has been very popular of late — boards from an old shed will be ideal for a rustic tabletop, cabinet fronts or decorative wall paneling.

Brick The natural and traditional material of brick has made a great come back! What are the main advantages of brick? This material goes with almost every style. In its natural shades, it greatly accents classic interiors, recalling traditional construction. High walls of bare brick, accompanied by metal and concrete, provide a unique industrial atmosphere. Painted white, brick will cleverly fit the Scandinavian style and still charm with its unique texture.

The most obvious solution is using brick for walls, but it can be used in the kitchen as the backsplash, the side of the cabinets or an island, as well as the fireplace. Regardless of its application, brick will be great to look at for decades and lose nothing of its beauty.

Stone The oldest construction material still remains popular today. What are the main advantages of stone? Stone surfaces are ideal for minimalist interiors where they can easily replace traditional floor tiles. Also, an interesting and sophisticated solution will be using stone to finish a fireplace surround or accent one decorative wall in the living room. A properly selected stone countertop for the kitchen will be more durable than a wooden one and add elegance.

In a rustic interior, a popular solution is to install a stone farmer sink. Classic light marble or quartz will beautifully emphasize white window frames. Metal The first thing that comes to our mind thinking about metal is its rawness and coldness, along with elegance. What are the main advantages of metal? Metal is most commonly used in the previously mentioned industrial style interiors, in which metal accents the large storage spaces, and the bare pipes multiply the effect.

This material is also great side by side with natural wood, which is why heavy wooden tabletops are often rested on metal legs. The brave of heart can venture to have a metal floor or a metal kitchen countertop, while more modern designs can smuggle metal in accessories: lamps, cabinet handles, and curtain rods. Accessories made from copper and brass can be equally elegant and much cozier at the same time.

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