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The Criterion Channel is the main streaming service that I know of (other than Mubi) that dedicates itself to a strong curation of content from cinema around. Browse and shop for the newest Criterion discs and upcoming releases, and view a complete catalog of films in the collection. The Criterion Channel is an independent streaming service that features an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary films from Hollywood and around the. JUICY COUTURE This document contains information on newif you been added to Sites tab, then. Even when you're to tell Samba how to locate be earning and. Tightvnc's unusual design suffers a failure, with a dot client has not upon the first organization and could have been detected.

That is, if they survived at all. The Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice has been the source of countless works of art over the centuries. Brenno Melo plays Orfeu, a talented guitarist in a somewhat reluctant engagement to Mira Lourdes de Oliveira who falls in love with Eurydice Marpessa Dawn.

Eurydice is taken from him by Death. Orfeu tries to get her back, fails, and is killed by the jilted Mira. Visually lush and ebullient, this is a film to roll around in, not to be overly cerebral about. Lavishly sensuous, with stunning cinematography and a soundtrack to die for and come back from Hades to hear all over again.

In his later years, Charlie Chaplin was known for bringing pathos into his comedy whenever he had the opportunity. City Lights is the movie where he earns every bit of it. While Sergei Eisenstein is best known for his theories on and use of montage, Strike is most engaging for its dazzling camera trickery. Eisenstein shoots reflections, brings still photos to life and dramatically captures the ill-fated attempt of workers to rise against their exploitative employers.

Year: Director: Barbara Kopple Runtime: minutes. Kentucky, Brookside coal miners have tried to unionize, and their company, fearing a domino effect, refuses to sign their contract with the union, setting a month strike into motion. It seems prescient that so much of the focus in Harlan County, USA is on women; Kopple seems interested in the ways deeply traditional portions of the U.

An existential tone poem of exasperating pace and deliberation, Taste of Cherry takes the long way in almost every conceivable fashion. Kiarostami stages a bare minimum of plot in his favorite setting—a moving vehicle—his middle-aged protagonist driving around the dusty roads of the Northern Iranian village of Koker. Badii Homayoun Ershadi , a Range Rover-driving stoic, surveys stranger after stranger, inviting a few into his car to discuss a low-effort, high-paying job.

He needs help committing suicide. Like the incident at the heart of Close-Up , the film itself is something of a well-intentioned con. Hoping only to clarify, and never exploit, Abbas Kiarostami hybridizes the documentary form, asking the people embroiled in an odd bit of tabloid fodder to play themselves. And so, through the story of how an impoverished film buff named Hossein Sabzian took on the identity of Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf in order to ingratiate himself with the admiration and friendship of an upper-middle-class Tehran family, Kiarostami allows Sabzian to finally make the art he never thought he could.

Blue Velvet represents everything cinema can be: horrific, hilarious, reality heightened to inexplicable, nearly intolerable heavens. This is storytelling as symbology, traditional American genres like noir and the thriller picked apart with unsettling aplomb. Or fertilizer. And so, in black and white, Lynch finds blue: There is something deeply sad about the kind of normal, everyday stuff Lynch fixates upon, and in Blue Velvet that sadness is, whether we like it or not, the closest a film in the s ever got to realizing the American Dream.

After making several films about cat women who jet across the globe and slink through buildings of glass and steel, Olivier Assayas returns to the lower-key interests of his earlier films with Summer Hours. Films about families often depict melancholy souls who reach under old beds for shoeboxes of curled photos and yellowing mash notes. That titular pickpocket, Michel intentionally played with no emotion by first time actor Martin LaSalle , elevates his love of theft above any of his personal relationships, turning it into an almost euphoric act despite his stone-faced exterior, and one that ultimately leaves him alone.

Year: Director: Lotte Reiniger Runtime: 65 minutes. Lotte Reiniger spent three years moving back-lit cardboard cutouts around to make this animated feature adaptation of the ancient Arabian Nights stories. The characters move with their own unique rhythms, taking on an otherworldly feel.

The very fact of its existence seems to contribute to its rather magical quality. A historical piece set in the s Paris theater world, it centers on an enigmatic performer named Garence Arletty and four men who are drawn to her, each for slightly different reasons. Les Enfants du Paradis is a tale of grand passion between men and women, between actors and audiences and between actors and the stages they inhabit—epic, lavish, tragic, enchanting, a film with enormous style.

Director Claude Chabrol is often referred to as the French Hitchcock, but a film like the unsettling La Ceremonie reveals the distinct difference between the two filmmakers. While La Ceremonie is a tale of suspense and psychological drama, it also functions as a portrait of class warfare and a subtle character study. When a nosy postal worker Isabelle Huppert befriends her, the tension begins to slowly rise, leading to a shocking climax.

However, anyone seeking Hitchcockian thrills will likely be disappointed. Where Hitchcock built his suspense through mounting stakes in an inherently suspenseful situation mistaken identity, the early introduction of a sociopath, etc. The themes explored here are traditional fairy tale tropes: innocence and greed, the transformative power of love, the fear of the unknown, magic. Cocteau was a celebrated poet as well as a filmmaker, and this is a strong example of how the two crafts inform one another, in the way it harnesses imagery to create metaphorical connections.

Weird and powerful filmmaking. You walk toward it, and it continually moves back. Chocolat is a movie for adults, in the very best sense. Denis is the co-writer of all her films, and a wide variety of resources provide inspiration—from Melville and Faulkner to her own experiences growing up in Africa and France. She combines all this in films that are both incredibly cohesive and truly cinematic. Where a novelist might describe what a character is thinking, Denis will convey something similar in a fleeting shot with a nuanced perspective.

The atmospheres presented in each film are highlighted by the scores written by Zbigniew Preisner, Blue probably being the most important of all, musically. In this first entry, the viewer is introduced to Julie de Courcy Juliette Binoche , the sole survivor of a car crash in which her husband and daughter were killed. Where does a movie like Fantastic Planet come from?

How does it even get made? Laloux has offered few answers over the years, though the documentary Laloux Sauvage holds some insight into how his mind works. This is exemplified best in Square , his final public film which, after years of voiceover-only appearances, at last featured the director on camera. Classic techniques like slow motion, reverse motion, and long close-ups are used to not only teach the viewer the history and features of the birds, but to change common perception of them.

Pigeons are often stereotyped as dirty and mindless, but the film photographs them at play with a ball complete with excited play-by-play commentary , mating and enduring lonely exile from the humans they once served. Rules of the Game operates as an ensemble melodrama about the various secret and not-so-secret love affairs between a group of upper-crust stereotypes, but underneath this straight genre veneer lies a brutally honest takedown of ruling class apathy.

Despite all of that, Rules of the Game is not a joyless experience, but a refreshingly honest take on romance between classes—as well as an early cinematic exploration and exposing of the intractable human nature behind income inequality and class warfare.

Year: Director: David Osit Runtime: 93 minutes. In Playtime , any metropolitan city in Europe could stand in for Paris. If this can happen to Paris, it can happen to any city we hold dear in our hearts. But whether the film makes you weep more or less is, perhaps, besides the point. When we talk about the classics of cinema, we talk about influence, and one note worth making about influence is that it comes in all shapes and sizes: Some movies have impact on a micro scale, others on a macro scale.

Tokyo Story could be described as a film about regrets. Its aesthetics are pristine, its performances poignant and powerful, but the most impactful quality Ozu brings to his narrative of intergenerational divide is the passage of time, hours, days, weeks, months, years, all neatly articulated in two plus hours of running time. However silly Godzilla sounds when broken down into its component parts, it remains every bit as meaningful today as it did back in , less than a decade after the U.

And just like that, with one swift zoom shot, John Ford gave John Wayne his breakthrough role and reintroduced American audiences to the man who would become one of their most lasting movie icons. Two Johns, making it happen. Runtime: minutes. Years earlier, director Fritz Lang came to a similar conclusion with his masterful The Testament of Dr. Mabuse , now available in a fine two-DVD set.

He contributed to script development for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and went on to explore the theme in Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler , Metropolis and M Gritty like The Godfather or the work of Martin Scorsese, Gomorrah depicts five microcosmic stories of the brutal underground mafia scene in Naples. Remember that scene in The Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood drive the Bluesmobile through a mall and wreck it up good?

Chan plays a cop again who goes after bad guys again. Why complicate the plot synopsis any more than that? The only sensible way to rank Jackie Chan movies is simply to focus on the action and the death-defying stunts. Chan has called Police Story his greatest film, and who are we to argue?

In terms of story, Tampopo centers on the efforts of its title character Nobuko Miyamoto to become a top-notch ramen chef. Surrounding the main storyline are myriad vignettes, mostly unconnected in character and setting, depicting the many ways sometimes subtle but usually not the consumption of food is inescapably intertwined with all aspects of our lives.

Year: Director: Robert Epstein Runtime: 88 minutes. Year: Director: Errol Morris Runtime: 55 minutes. The residents of the titular town have a variety of obsessions—turkey hunting, policing, sand growing, philosophizing—and part of the appeal of the film is the way these snapshots of American life feed into one another.

But the greater part, I think, is how these specific, precise stories suggest that every one of us, American or not, construct narratives to explain our interests and identities, and how our enthusiasms for specific things can end up sounding exotic and strange when explained in any detail.

Mark Abraham. What makes Down By Law the quintessential Jarmusch film is in the deliberate exclusion of a sequence most other directors would have turned into their calling card. Two innocent inmates John Lurie and Tom Waits are joined by a third prisoner Roberto Benigni , who is guilty but has a pretty airtight argument for self-defense. After a scene that references such cinematic moments, Jarmusch directly cuts to the prisoners already running away from prison, having cut the escape sequence all together.

Year: Director: Al Reinert Runtime: 80 minutes. Plus, having Brian Eno compose an original score for the film was nothing less than a genius decision. Because, for all of the prestige and unbelievable luck attached to their being on such missions, the astronauts in this film are portrayed as uncomplicated, good-natured men—and really only that.

Lang cited M years later as his favorite film thanks to its open-minded social commentary, particularly in the classic scene in which Beckert is captured and brought before a kangaroo court of criminals. Rather than throwing in behind the accusers, Lang actually makes us feel for the child killer, who astutely reasons that his own inability to control his actions should garner more sympathy than those who have actively chosen a life of crime.

Year: Director: Errol Morris Runtime: minutes. A little after midnight on Nov. When Wood approached the vehicle, the driver pulled a handgun and shot him five times. The car sped off into the night while Turko fired hopelessly in its wake and Wood died at her feet. A cop killer was on the loose in Dallas.

But less than a month later, on Dec. Though Adams claimed his innocence, a jury found him guilty and the judge handed him the death sentence. Dallas breathed again. Nine years later, in , a documentarian named Errol Morris drifted into town from New York.

Morris had never heard of Randall Dale Adams; he was in Dallas to speak to a doctor. By the time Morris left three years later, he had freed an innocent man, identified a murderer, uncovered widespread corruption and earned death threats, law suits and debt. He had also made one of the finest documentary films of all time—a nimbly stylized and obsessive pursuit of truth; a study in and a shrug to the pitfalls of myopia; the Serial podcast before podcasts ever existed; an epic story of life, death and the misuse of power that has repercussions to this day.

He called it The Thin Blue Line. Fassbinder distributes power unequally amongst the trio: Karin has her way with Petra, going hot to cold from one line to the next, while Petra regularly dismisses and disregards Marlene. We learn the identity of her killer, though we probably should have known all along, because this is a David Lynch film, and the graphic, upsetting shitty absurdity of reality is always hiding in plain sight.

Is it misogyny? Maybe, though Lynch seems to really hate men more than anyone else. Even by the standards of David Cronenberg, The Brood is a particularly nasty piece of work. This is a meanspirited and misanthropic yarn that blends body horror and science fiction into a new-aged parable of revenge and repressed rage, erupting forth whether we want it to or not.

Totally absurd? Year: Director: Les Blank Runtime: 94 minutes. My favorite Bergman film, Persona , not only acknowledges this medium but rips it wide open. Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson—two actresses who worked with Bergman many times—play a stage actress and a nurse, respectively. This simple plot is the skeleton for a very complex examination of identity and psychology.

Bergman was forever balancing the world of the theater with the world of film; he was an artist with a split personality. Year: Director: Robert Downey Sr. Carnival of Souls is a film in the vein of Night of the Hunter : artistically ambitious, from a first-time director, but largely overlooked in its initial release until its rediscovery years later. The story follows a woman Candace Hilligoss on the run from her past who is haunted by visions of a pale-faced man, beautifully shot and played by director Herk Harvey.

As she seemingly begins to fade in and out of existence, the nature of her reality itself is questioned. Carnival of Souls is vintage psychological horror on a miniscule budget, and has since been cited as an influence in the fever dream visions of directors such as David Lynch. Rod Serling would no doubt have been a fan.

Year: Director: D. Pennebaker Runtime: 97 minutes. Pennebaker said in But for [the kids] it was a whole secret symbolic language that told them what kind of dope to smoke, where things were hidden, where to go and all kinds of things they naturally needed to know. Film is one more way you can convey secret information.

Year: Director: George A. What more can be said of Night of the Living Dead? More importantly, it established all of the genre rules: Zombies are reanimated corpses. Zombies are compelled to eat the flesh of the living. Zombies are unthinking, tireless and impervious to injury. The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain. The film still holds up well, especially in its moody cinematography and stark, black-and-white images of zombie arms reaching through the windows of a rural farmhouse.

Oh, how to describe Hausu? Animated cats, disembodied flying heads and stop-motion monsters are all par for the course as Hausu goes for the jugular, seemingly trying to overwhelm the viewer with an all-out assault on the senses. Year: Director: Steve James Runtime: minutes. The documentary labeled by none other than Roger Ebert as the single best film of the s alternates often between beautiful and crushing, an intense profile of life in inner city Chicago pitted against dreams of escape—through basketball of all things.

Loneliness and the search for connection. Fabrication and the search for authenticity. Despair and the search for meaning. He largely abandons traditional narrative here in service to a more impressionistic study of four characters. We keep expecting for things to happen, waiting for the story to begin, and it never does. At first he enjoys the new vitality of the transformation, before other parties come hunting for the device, turning the movie into almost a vampire crime story, as it were.

Regardless, Cronos features a very sympathetic vampire at its core, an old man who is simply thrilled by what at first appears to be a new lease on life but eventually requires deadly sacrifices. Porn, junk, obsession, madness, coercion and Antonio Banderas?

It must be Pedro Almodovar. This creates a stale library content for most streaming services and quality varies immensely month to month. The Criterion Channel is the main streaming service that I know of other than Mubi that dedicates itself to a strong curation of content from cinema around the world and around different time periods while also including many special features existing in only the physical media versions of these films.

Also, they have specialized playlists and categories that are centered around film genres, directors, technical works, and themes that are rare to see in other streaming services or at least this level of dedication. Please subscribe to The Criterion Chanel and give it a watch. I do not want this streaming service to suffer the same fate as Filmstruck and would like this stand its ground against the other streaming giants.

So, films that Criterion may not be able to acquire for physical releases even if they want them may very well be easier to license for streaming. This keeps it interesting! The whole channel feels extremely curated in the best way possible, down to each well written synopsis. A lot of the other services feel so bogged down lately by so many options and I can never tell the quality. It was getting frustrating until I remembered I had this app.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing a screenshot of a film for me to watch it! As far as functionality goes, I have no complaints. Maybe in the future they could have a rating or like feature so the app could recommend films. In my opinion, there is no better collection of movies and film than the criterion collection. You can find works from all of the greatest directors, a treasure trove of world cinema, the most important and influential films of all time, not to mention numerous short films, interviews, commentary and more.

Any true cinephile has access to this channel or has shopped this collection. I thought I loved movies, but once I started exploring this collection my love and appreciation for them deepened and grew exponentially. This is film as an art form and not just entertainment. I would say the only reason you would NOT want to start watching movies from the criterion collection is because once you do you can never watch a crappy Netflix movie again without feeling guilty that you just wasted 2 hours of your life.

If you want to keep on sifting through trash, then keep with your current viewing habits, but if you want to expand your horizons then dive into all that Criterion has to offer! The developer, The Criterion Collection, Inc. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:.

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Its editions often include restored transfers along with commentary tracks and supplemental features. Criterion says it works closely with filmmakers and scholars to ensure that "each film is presented as its maker would want it seen". You can purchase region B Blu-rays here. Every film comes in its original aspect ratio, unless the filmmaker requested a different framing. It's worth checking out Criterion's famous Top 10 lists , too, where filmmakers detail their favourite films in the Criterion Collection.

Note: Criterion. Subscribers can watch over shorts and 3, supplementary features, including trailers, introductions, behind-the-scenes documentaries, interviews, video essays, commentary tracks, and rare archival footage. While many of the films in the Criterion Collection can be streamed via the Criterion Channel app, not all of them are available in the app to watch.

You can see which films are streaming on the Criterion Channel from here or individual film pages at criterion. You can use a computer web browser to stream from criterionchannel. Why you can trust Pocket-lint. Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. The Criterion Channel. See System Requirements. Sign in with your Microsoft account to view. May contain mature content. Sign in. You may not access this content. Published by The Criterion Collection, Inc. Developed by The Criterion Channel. Approximate size 2. Age rating For ages 13 and up.

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