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Chris Reeve Knives, Chris Reeve Knife, Sebenza, Sebenza k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chris Reeve Knives Official (@chrisreeveknives). CHRIS REEVE SMALL SEBENZA 31 NATURAL CANVAS MICARTA INLAY – RAINDROP BLADE – SILVER DOUBLE THUMB LUGS. $ Select options. CHRIS REEVE SMALL INKOSI. PULLIP ZUORA Click the Computer such as whether number or a. Richard Markiewicz Posts: support and highly. The color of your routine group service you currently range of applications.

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The next couple years were big for Chris, since moving to the US he had spent his time making and promoting his knives. He travelled to knife shows and tried to get his name out as much as he could. In he debuted the production Sebenza knife, which became and has remained the flagship model of Chris Reeve Knives.

Just a few years later in , Chris and Anne incorporated their company as their success continued to increase. In , after the release of the Classic Sebenza, which resembled the original profile of the knife, Chris exhibited his knives as a production knife company and was allowed to be judged accordingly. That year they took home the Manufacturing Quality Award, and since then have brought that award home to Boise 14 times. The journey of Chris, and his knives, has been exciting and a case study for unprecedented success within the knife making industry.

He started in his garage in South Africa, and has become one of the most influential American knife makers that has ever lived. His products are examples of what quality should be, and what other manufacturers should be striving for. I have picked out a few themes in Chris Reeve Knives. Here are a few core components that make a CRK what it is:. During the design of the Sebenza Chris was impressed by Walker liner lock but ultimately wanted to improve on the design.

This birthed the frame lock or Reeve Integral Lock. The locking is achieved by a portion of the frame being cut free from the handle scale, and a relief being milled out towards the butt end of that lock bar allowing a spring memory to be bent into the bar itself.

When the blade is opened the lock bar moves inward between the two handle scales and holds the blade open. When you close the knife you use your thumb to press the lock bar out of the path of the blade allowing the knife to close. Reeve preferred this method as it allowed more surface area to act as the locking mechanism against the blade. The first knives Chris made were all out of D2 steel, eventually Chris switched to A2 tool steel for his early fixed blades.

Once he started developing folding knives he switched to using stainless steel. He then switched again to BG42 in BG42 is a high speed martensitic stainless steel manufactured by Latrobe, it was originally used by the aerospace industry but performed well in cutlery as well.

This steel was one of the first ever designed to be specifically a cutlery steel. The improvements were designed to increase the toughness of the steel and reduce chipping that would occur in a S30V resulting in a more easily maintained edge. Both retailers have an excellent selection of Chris Reeve Knives and top notch service. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Chris Reeve Knives Small Sebenza 21 vs. Unlike many of his competitors, Reeve did not have corporate funding. In order to pursue improved business opportunities, Chris and Anne moved to the United States in , and settled in Boise, Idaho. Reeve began his knife-making career by chance.

As a result, Reeve decided to design and make one. Reeve had previously designed and made for himself a hidden tang knife with a wooden handle, inlaid with silver wire. After a few days in the dry air, the wooden handle had dried and large cracks appeared. This set Reeve thinking about a knife that could be used across all climates without such damage.

The idea of an all-steel knife, with both handle and blade made from a single solid bar, started to germinate. The one piece concept hit production as the 7 inch bladed MK IV, with 40 pieces becoming available for sale early in These custom pieces are of his own design, although sometimes there is a cultural influence — often European or Japanese. Reeve uses exotic materials, frequently inlaying gold, pearl or unusual types of wood into titanium or wooden handles to create an interesting contrast of color and texture.

He learned much of his knowledge of wood from his father who, as a young man, collected stumps and root sections. One Piece concept — The concept of a fixed blade, hollow handled knife, with both the handle and blade milled from a single billet of steel.

Lock 45 — A folding knife lock, formed by a lock bar with recesses containing 45 degree angles mating with the rear of the blade. Helix Lock — A modification of the Opinel folding knife ferrel lock, which enables one-handed opening and closing. Integral Lock — A folding knife lock, introduced with and popularized by the Sebenza folding knife, where one of the handle slabs is slotted to form a lock bar, which falls into place behind the blade to stop the blade from closing.

Reeve worked with the Crucible Steel Company to develop this steel specifically for the cutlery industry. Kubuli serrations — Serrations placed in a knife blade, alternating from both left and right sides of the blade, forming two rows of serrations that are not collinear.

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