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rochester new york

The gateway to the scenic and culinary delights of New York's Finger Lakes region, Rochester is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Western New. Land area: square miles. Population density: 5, people per square mile (average). Rochester, New York map. Rochester is a city in the U.S. state of New York, the seat of Monroe County, and the fourth-most populous in the state after New York City, Buffalo. MA1 JACKET BRANDIT When a potential you troubleshoot a the new Workspace. Recruit and hire the best candidates drop cloths, garden speed the websites. Contact: This email Date modified newest scored a 56.

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North is Lake Ontario—no highways there! As of November , the Inner Loop is no longer continuous; this urban expressway used to circumscribe the nominal downtown area, although some "downtown" attractions—Frontier Field, High Falls, and most of the museums, for example—lie outside the Inner Loop.

The portion of the loop that remains is now a fairly straightforward spur off of I , a convenient way to access the northern side of downtown. I runs east-west right through the middle of the city and formed the bottom portion of the once-complete loop. It is the feeder expressway that connects the Outer and Inner Loops on both the east and west sides of the city, eventually connecting up with Interstate 90, the New York State Thruway, on both ends several miles out.

The Outer Loop runs very close to the official city limits. I comes up from the south where it connects with the Thruway , then turns sharply west at a junction with I , which heads east. The two spurs curve out and up to the north to form the bottom part of the loop, until they each reach I on either side of the city.

Their Interstate designations end there, but the highways each continue north as State Routes and New York State Route is a major east-west route and forms the northern part of the Outer Loop, although it's only an expressway on one side, from the river east. It's also the main feeder route from the northeast and northwest. The expressways will get you close to your destination, but navigating the surface streets is necessary as well.

Rochester's early founding as a milling village means that its major avenues were laid out to facilitate traffic to outlying and neighboring settlements—namely, in a radiating pattern. In general, "avenues" radiate outward from downtown and "streets" connect the avenues, but this is not set in stone and there are almost as many exceptions as there are examples.

The only place it's really tricky to drive is downtown. There is a small selection of one-way streets, just few enough to confuse you when you encounter one. There are also some turning restrictions on weekdays, especially for turning onto Main Street; watch the signs carefully. Outside of downtown, you shouldn't have any problem navigating the surface streets; most are well signed.

While the buses are clean, efficient, comfortable, and cheap, the service has often been criticized as inconvenient. The bus routes are designed as a hub-spoke system, optimized for travelers headed to and from downtown. The hub is downtown, so travelers trying to get from one suburb to another often have to ride one bus all the way into the city, then another all the way back out.

The system works great for getting to the center of downtown, but the typical rider will be faced with a walk or another bus ride to get the rest of the way to his or her destination. If the bus routes are convenient for you, though, RTS service is hard to beat, especially when the roads get slushy in winter. Every RTS bus has a bicycle rack on front, which can provide some flexibility if you're willing to bike to a bus stop.

Discounted fares are available for children and seniors although you'll need a Medicare or RTS low-fare card for the senior discount. Bus schedules are available online and throughout the city, especially at transit hubs and information centers.

Downtown Rochester is very walkable, at least for eight months out of the year. Traffic is light outside of rush hours, and crosswalks are plentiful. The Rochester Skyway is a system of enclosed elevated walkways and underground tunnels that connect numerous buildings downtown, including hotels, office buildings, and parking garages. It's especially useful in the winter, but the network only covers the east side of the river, and its continuity was severely disrupted when Midtown Plaza closed in Still, it provides a relatively warm, traffic-free route around the area.

Look for the blue Skyway logo to find your way. On the surface streets downtown, most areas are relatively safe, but be careful in the northeastern area bounded by E. Clinton Avenue , especially at night. Outside of downtown, there are a number of pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, including Park Avenue and the South Wedge, but they are not well connected to each other, or to downtown.

Safety and navigation become issues the farther out you get from tourist attractions and recreation areas. Especially at night, you'll want vehicular transportation available. One exception to the general lack of walkability is the Genesee Riverway Trail , an almost-completed walking and biking route along the river.

Once completed, this trail will take you from the Erie Canal on the south edge of the city all the way to Lake Ontario at the harbor. It also connects with other trails, especially the Genesee Valley Greenway south of the city. Outside of the city, the inner suburbs are similarly hard to walk in, but there are pockets of village-like atmospheres where walking can be pleasant, such as Twelve Corners in Brighton and the Titus-Hudson area of Irondequoit.

Rochester has a bike-share program operated by HOPR , available in spring, summer, and into the fall. They have bicycles, e-bikes, and electric scooters available at select locations around the county, mostly in the city and on the east side. Whether you use HOPR or bring your own bike, much of the advice above for pedestrians applies to you as well, although bikers won't be able to make use of the Skyway.

A network of paths runs through the city and its suburbs, including the Genesee Riverway Trail , El Camino Trail and the Pittsford Trail System , which are fully accessible for bicycles. The low traffic in Rochester is a boon for cyclists, allowing brave ones to take to the highways but stay off the expressways! Also, as noted above, all RTS buses have bike racks mounted on the front, which can be a great convenience. You can hire a taxi, but you'll need to call ahead to have one pick you up unless you're at the airport or the Amtrak station.

Local limousine companies can provide more luxurious transportation for a somewhat higher fee. Most boating in Rochester is exclusively recreational in nature, but you may find it a convenient way to travel between destinations. The Genesee River is not navigable through downtown; you can go downstream from the south Erie Canal as far as the Anthony-Douglass Bridge I , or upstream from the north Lake Ontario as far as the Lower Falls, but the three waterfalls and the downtown area are no-go.

That still leaves some options, however. The Erie Canal passes along the southern city limts, providing access from points east and west to the upper river. It's doable, but be sure to plan for the additional transportation you'll need once your boat is docked. Rochester may not be the most popular place for sightseeing, but the Genesee River gorge and its three waterfalls are certainly worth a trip.

For nature lovers, the most scenic of the city's parks is probably Highland Park , although Genesee Valley Park has more recreation options. Where Rochester shines is in its selection of cultural attractions; the variety and quality compare favorably to cities twice its size. The most prominent of these is the Strong National Museum of Play , absolutely a can't-miss attraction if you have young kids with you or enjoy a sense of nostalgia. The Rochester Museum and Science Center also has fun hands-on exhibits and an adjacent planetarium.

History buffs will want to stop by the Susan B. And fans of photography will be awe-struck by the collections at the George Eastman Museum. Each remains a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Rochester's art scene flies a bit under the radar, but there's a lot around if you're willing to look for it. For a nice sampling, you can check out First Friday , a monthly event in which small galleries throughout the city open their doors to expose works from lesser known artists to the public 6PM-9PM, first Friday of every month.

Or wait until June, when the Rochester Contemporary Art Center sponsors the annual 6x6 exhibition of tiny 6-inch square tiles, each created anonymously by a different local artist or celebrity! You might sometimes catch residents complaining that there's not much to do around Rochester, but a little research reveals a wealth of opportunities, even during the long winters.

Nearly everything is family-friendly , too; Rochester is consistently ranked one of the best cities in the world for visiting with kids. In addition to the many parks and museums, kids will have a great time at Seabreeze Amusement Park in Irondequoit, near the mouth of the bay see listing, below.

Once May rolls around, snow becomes less likely, and Rochester's renowned festival season begins. Pretty much every weekend from May through October, there's at least one festival of some sort going on in Rochester or its suburbs.

Rochester's festivals run the gamut, focusing on such diverse subjects as horticulture, music, crafts, and food—and admission is free for almost all of them! The flagship festival is, of course, the Lilac Festival , which has been drawing visitors from out of town to Highland Park for over a century. Newer, but no less popular, is the Rochester International Jazz Festival , which has quickly grown into one of the world's top music festivals.

Less well-known outside of Rochester is the Park Ave Fest , but it epitomizes the local festival scene and shouldn't be missed if you're in town the first weekend of August. Among the suburban festivals, be sure to check out Fairport Canal Days in early June. Of the many festivals centered on the Erie Canal, this may be the best, and it's held in the quintessential canal town.

It's about 45 minutes away, but it's worth the trip. It's open weekends from July through mid-August every year. There are many cultural festivals around the city and the local areas, including Greek and Turkish festivals. The Red Wings used to be owned by the St. Louis Cardinals—that's how they got their name, in fact. But in , the Cards decided not to continue that relationship. Rochester businessman Morrie Silver organized a drive in which 8, shareholders each purchased a share of the team, saving it from relocation or folding.

Rochester Community Baseball owns the team to this day. It may not be the first city people think of when it comes to sports, but few other cities have as wide a variety, or as long a winning tradition, as Rochester does. The city was once the best city in the country for minor-league sports. Sadly, that segment of the sports market is starting to dry up, not just in Rochester but all over the country, reducing Rochester's options and profile.

But you can still see some very talented players in some great, intimate venues for a very reasonable price. As befits the home of Eastman Kodak, Rochester is a major destination for film buffs. It's no New York or Los Angeles, but no other mid-sized city can compare. Rochester is also home to several charming cinemas, where the atmosphere is almost as important as the films. The prominence of the Eastman School of Music means that some of the world's best musicians have passed through Rochester during their school years, and many have stuck around to enrich the city's cultural life.

Several of the city's bars and clubs also present live music frequently. See Drink, below. For whatever reason, golf is very popular in Rochester. That's reflected not just in the world-class Oak Hill Country Club , host to numerous national and international tournaments over the years, and in the always-fantastic turnout at the yearly Wegmans LPGA tournament, but in the number of high-quality public and semi-public golf courses.

Most of them are in the rural suburbs, of course, but there are a few close in to the city:. For a city with so many waterways, it's surprising that waterfront activities are so far down the list for most visitors. True, neither the river nor the canal is suitable for swimming and the lake only barely so , but boating can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Boats can be launched at the Port of Rochester where the river empties into the lake; on Irondequoit Bay; or along the canal in many surrounding suburbs like Pittsford and Fairport.

If you don't have your own boat, there are a couple of nice cruises available, including the Sam Patch replica packet boat in Pittsford. For boats departing from the city:. Three major albeit under-improvement multi-use trails pass through the Rochester area, and they all meet up inside Genesee Valley Park. Aside from the trails, there's not much hiking to do without heading for the suburban parks, though Cobb's Hill Park might tide you over:. Winter sports are not as popular in Rochester as one might think given the climate, but there are plenty of opportunities.

The nearest downhill ski resort is Bristol Mountain , north of Naples in Ontario County; it's a popular day trip for Rochesterians. In good meaning cold weather, the city maintains an outdoor rink at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Memorial Square Park, near the Strong Museum. Pittsford Plaza is an upscale and very large strip mall on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford. Within the city proper, you won't find many large chains, but rather a wide array of independent shops and boutiques. Park Avenue is a particularly rich location for such shops, as well as great dining options. You'll also find quaint shopping districts in Charlotte near the harbor, along Exchange Boulevard on the east side of Corn Hill, and all along Monroe Avenue.

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but on the inside it's an old industrial space filled with small independent retail shops and eclectic restaurants. The upper floor also houses space for artists' workshops, so it's almost like a free art gallery up there. Among the many shops on the lower floor:. While the usual generic liquor stores abound, there are specialty shops that are worth a second look:. Dining in Rochester is typical of most mid-sized American cities.

The immediate suburbs are crawling with large chain restaurants, but you can find more original fare in the city proper, and in outlying areas away from the biggest commercial strips. There is one mainstay of local cuisine that travelers with a large stomach and no fear of cholesterol should absolutely try: the famous Garbage Plate of Nick Tahou's Hots.

Steve T. Hots and Potatoes is the former second location of Nick Tahou's, and run by a different branch of the Tahou family; it's an acceptable second choice, mainly because the original is only open until 8PM these days. Late-night "plate runs"—a college tradition in Rochester—thus usually end up at Steve T. A "hot", by the way, is simply a hot dog, but they come in two varieties: red hots traditional hot dogs and white hots.

White hots are filled with uncured and unsmoked meats, which causes the color difference. The flavor is similar to a mild sausage. Zweigle's is the local brand; don't even bother with any other brand if you're going to try a white hot. Of course, if you do want mouth-scalding sauce, Buffalo-style chicken wings are almost as popular here as they are in Buffalo. Surprisingly, Buffalo's Anchor Bar—the inventor of the dish—failed in its attempt to establish franchises in Rochester; now their chief competitor, Duff's Famous Wings , is working on entering the market themselves.

Most any bar, bar-like establishment, or pizza joint will have "wings" on their menu no need to specify "Buffalo wings"; it's assumed. Everyone has a favorite location for wings, but Jeremiah's Tavern has some awards to back up their claim. If you're looking for something a little more traditional, Rochester's beaches spawned a great set of local burger joints most of which don't call them burgers; they're "ground steak sandwiches". The two big local chains are Bill Gray's , with their flagship location at Seabreeze, and Tom Wahl's , which started south of the city in Avon.

Tom Wahl's is famous for their root beer floats and homemade ice cream, while Bill Gray's has incorporated Abbott's Frozen Custard into several of their locations. Both have great burgers and classic old-time atmospheres. Speaking of Abbott's, it's the place to go for ice cream—only it's not ice cream; it's frozen custard, which is richer and creamier than regular ice cream.

With about thirty locations around Rochester, you have no excuse not to drop in and try some. DiBella's is a chain of local sub shops that locals swear by, despite some inroads being made by Subway. DiBella's restaurants have a classic s atmosphere, with lots of neon, chrome, and checkerboard patterns.

The sub rolls are made fresh in-house each morning, and they're solid and big enough to hold all the toppings you could want. The "Godfather" and "Dagwood" subs are quite popular. You can order them hot; it takes a few minutes, but it's well worth it. Don't forget to pick up one of Grandma DiBella's chocolate chip cookies; they're also baked fresh in-house and have almost as many fans as the subs do. For pizza, everyone has a different favorite. The local style is somewhere between New York thin-crust and Chicago deep-dish—not surprising considering Rochester's location.

The oldest local chain, dating from , is Pontillo's , but quality varies widely from location to location. The best Pontillo's pizzas are truly outstanding, but the worst are truly bad. More consistent quality can be found at another large local chain, Salvatore's , though pizza aficionados may be disappointed. Mark's Pizzeria is also popular, and Cam's is expanding and popular with college students. It's not just pizza, either.

Rochesterians love all sorts of Italian food ; it seems like around every corner is another favorite neighborhood Italian-American restaurant, at least in the suburbs. You'll also find a lot of places owned by Greeks, from greasy spoons like Nick Tahou's to classy family restaurants, although they usually toss in plenty of Italian and traditional American entrees as well. It's so popular that veal and even artichokes can be found "Frenched" on local menus.

All this focus on the lower end of the dining spectrum shouldn't obscure the upscale dining available, mostly in the downtown area. The options are neither as exclusive nor as pretentious as those in other, bigger cities like New York, but that doesn't mean you won't want reservations, and you will want to dress up a bit. Finally, no trip to Rochester is complete without stopping in to a local Wegmans supermarket.

No joke: residents frequently take their out-of-town guests to Wegmans, not necessarily to buy anything, but just to see the place. Customer service is paramount at Wegmans, consistently ranked one of the best companies to work for in the U. The stores are attractive, clean, well-stocked, and open 24 hours a day. They also each feature an amazing "Market Cafe", where a wide variety of prepared foods are available for purchase eat-in or carry-out , all made in-store from Wegmans-branded grocery items.

Don't miss the very good subs; Wegmans' sub shops were modeled after DiBella's and rival Rochester's favorite sub shop in quality. There's only one Wegmans left in the city proper, but the suburbs are loaded with them. The flagship location is on Monroe Avenue adjacent to Pittsford Plaza. The greasy spoons like Tahou's are also easy on your wallet if not your arteries.

The Rochester Public Market see the Buy section , above hosts many vendors who sell prepared foods, including a number of ethnic specialties like empanadas; in many ways it's like an enormous food court. Rochester was a latecomer to the food truck scene, but it's exploded with a variety of creative trucks appearing around the county. You'll find them downtown at lunch, of course, but also at most festivals and at occasional food truck rodeos such as the one held monthly during the less-frigid months at the Public Market.

The middle ground is where most of Rochester's restaurants lie. A variety of ethnic cuisines are available, if you're willing to look around a bit. In particular, Rochester's barbecue scene is better than you might expect. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on Court Street is where everyone you ask will send you for barbecue; it's a small Syracuse -based chain that Rochesterians have adopted as their own. Sticky Lips also has a dedicated following, and some will tell you does a better job at least for some dishes.

Other than those two, though, most of the growing BBQ action around town is in the suburbs. Rochester's reputation as a staid company town is slowly dissolving, and more and more restauranteurs are opening upscale establishments to cater to a growing taste for more adventurous cuisine and more personalized service.

Rochester's local chefs are no doubt ready for the challenge, as the improving business climate brings more businesspeople on expense accounts to the city. Don't believe the wags who tell you the beer is "brewed from the waters of the Genesee"; although the river is clearer than it used to be, you won't find its influence in the local beverages. Genny isn't as popular around town as you might expect, but it's working at making a comeback, and few locals would turn down a Cream Ale or Honey Brown if offered one.

As the saying goes: if a bar doesn't serve Genny, even if no one you know drinks it, it's not a real bar. As of late summer , the brewery—the eighth-largest in the U. Several Rochester area restaurants have their own craft beer made by Custom BrewCrafters , which is a local microbrewer. Rohrbachs in particular can be found at events like baseball games and soccer matches.

Sitting as it does at the edge of the Finger Lakes , Rochester is also a good place to get some high-quality wine. Finger Lakes wines can be found in many restaurants throughout the city and its suburbs, although just as many forgo the local stuff in favor of the same old Californian and European selections.

If you can, seek out the places that serve local wine; it gives you a better taste of the region and is better for the environment to boot. There are several districts to party in around Rochester. They include the St. Even during the cold winter evenings, people can be seen on the street, hopping from one bar to the next.

Each district has an array of diverse bars, from trendy, to sports bars, to dive bars you can find a bar you will like in each area. Rochester is known for it wide selection of martinis and micro-brewed beers. Ask for their martini menu!

The East End Festival is a great opportunity for bar hoppers and pub crawlers to hear all sorts of music and try all sorts of drinks. Outdoor stages are added to the usual indoor venues, and the East End becomes packed more packed than usual. The festival date will be September In the s and 60s, a ramshackle three-story house on Clarissa Street, in the Corn Hill neighborhood, was a popular waypoint on the jazz circuit—the clubs across the country where the biggest stars of jazz could drop in and always find an appreciative audience.

Anyone who was anyone in jazz during that era played the Pythodd stage. The name pronounced "PIHTH-od" was a portmanteau of the two fraternal organizations that previously resided in the building: the Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias. The Pythodd closed in , but its legacy is remembered every year during the Clarissa Street Reunion festival in August.

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Forman Co. Media in Rochester Police Tallest buildings. County seat : Rochester. John Fisher College. New York portal United States portal. State of New York. Albany capital. Cities Towns Indian reservations Villages Census-designated places.

New York state portal. Mayors of cities with populations exceeding , in New York. Northeastern United States. Culture Geography Government History. District of Columbia. Waterbury Wilmington Worcester. Northeast megalopolis. Great Lakes megalopolis as defined by the RPA. Includes all metropolitan areas have a population of , or greater according to the most recent national census. Kansas City city Louisville city St. Louis city Topeka city Wheeling city.

Other megaregions. Akron, Ohio , , , Anchorage, Alaska , , , Baltimore, Maryland , , , Columbus, Ohio , , , Fort Wayne, Indiana , , , Grand Island, Nebraska , , , New Haven, Connecticut , , , Peoria, Illinois , , , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , , , Rockville, Maryland , , , Toledo, Ohio , , , Cleveland, Ohio , , , , Dubuque, Iowa , , , , El Paso, Texas , , , , Phoenix, Arizona , , , , Stockton, California , , , , Tupelo, Mississippi , , , , Wichita, Kansas , , , , Worcester, Massachusetts , , , , Des Moines, Iowa , , , , , Kansas City, Missouri , , , , , , Roanoke, Virginia , , , , , , San Antonio, Texas , , , , , , County seats of New York.

Authority control. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. Flag Seal Logo. United States. New York. Western New York ; Genesee Valley. Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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