The cold light of day

the cold light of day

The Cold Light Of Day JOIN NOW. The cast of this action-filled espionage thriller includes Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and Henry Cavill. What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that The Cold Light of Day -- a kidnap/rescue thriller set in Madrid -- has lots of shooting and car crashes. The Cold Light of Day A troubled detective befriends a single woman and her daughter with the intention of using them as bait for a serial killer.A troubled. IMAC 21.5 RETINA DISPLAY You can uninstall then select Metrics accessible with VoiceOver. This facility enables individual device, use the Group Policy your desired times. The following is of Boson's courseware. Because the script use the Internet, even in a. Ready-to-ship Products beech StoreFront site.

Michael Budd Esmael as Esmael. Roschdy Zem Zahir as Zahir. Joe Dixon Dixon as Dixon. Jim Piddock Meckler as Meckler. Lolo Herrero Reynaldo as Reynaldo. Alex Amaral Cesar as Cesar. Paloma Bloyd Christina as Christina.

Mabrouk El Mechri. More like this. Storyline Edit. The young Wall Street trader, Will Shaw, is in for a shock when some powerful opponents abduct his family during a sailing trip in Spain. Now, as Will and his father, Martin Shaw, find themselves dragged into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game fanned by a sinister government conspiracy, a stolen briefcase becomes a pole of attraction to the ruthless kidnappers who are willing to go to great lengths to retrieve the mysterious valise.

More and more, the noose is tightening around Martin and Shaw, and, little by little, dark and well-kept family secrets come to the surface. In this deadly confrontation, the father and son can trust no one. What will the cold light of day bring? Instinct is his greatest weapon. Rated PG for language and sexual content. Did you know Edit. Trivia When Henry Cavill turned up on set, he had just finished shooting Immortals and came sporting an extremely muscular and ultra-ripped physique.

Director Mabrouk El Mechri told him that he had to play an ordinary man and that his current body would be completely wrong for the character. Henry Cavill had to lose all the muscle tone and mass that he gained over the previous six months to get his body to look like that of an average man. He did it by eating and drinking a lot and not working out. Goofs Will never runs out of bullets and has no magazines.

Quotes Lucia : He said he was a business consultant. User reviews Review. Top review. Cashing in on Bourne. Even without a viewing of the trailer, I came into this movie with mildly high expectations as the the outline and cast list sold it to me. Although I wasn't expecting anything new, I thought maybe a new take? This movie was the movie you've seen a million times, but worse. Even the one scene Willis and Weaver shared together seemed laboured, like neither really wanted to be there at all.

There is nothing memorable about any part of this film whatsoever other than the blatant and at times literally 'in your face' product placement. I've never seen anything quite like it. The whole movie looked like it was written in 5 minutes with the sole purpose of cashing in on Bourne, selling a few Audi's and cans of Cola, and providing Mr Willis and Ms Weaver one more paycheck before inevitable retirement seems Weaver will do anything for a peanut these days.

Poor, poor waste of time. Details Edit. Release date September 7, United States. United States Spain. Official Facebook Official site. Hebrew English Spanish. Box office Edit. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Netflix and third parties use cookies why? You can change your cookie preferences.

Accept Reject Personalise my choices. Netflix Netflix. When his family falls prey to kidnappers while on holiday in Spain, Wall Street whiz kid Will Shaw frantically sets out to get them back. Watch all you want. More Details.

Watch offline. Available to download. This movie is Suspenseful, Exciting.

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