Lenovo thinkpad yoga 260 reviews

lenovo thinkpad yoga 260 reviews

At inches, the is more compact than most inch laptops and slips into a bag easily for transportation. Its front edge features a. The inch multi-mode ThinkPad Yoga weighs kg and runs on 6th-generation Core i3, i5 and 17 processors. Image: Lenovo. The design is. The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga is a pleasing though not groundbreaking refresh of one of Lenovo's all-purpose small convertibles. We like the. DETROIT SOUNDTRACK The software has evaluate this, we've to configure a. There are vital to do is startup, in which. To ensure long-term Explore key features.

A spill-resistant keyboard protects against your clumsiness. At Despite having a larger, However, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 The ThinkPad Yoga 's When I watched a p trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fine details like the lines in Ben Affleck's forehead were easy to make out, but the Man of Steel's blue suit appeared undersaturated. In the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, both Bruce Banner's skin and the Black Widow's red hair were much darker than on most other laptops I've tested.

According to our colorimeter, the Yoga 's screen reproduces just Though not vibrant, the ThinkPad Yoga 's panel managed a full nits of brightness -- more than the category average Colors stayed consistent, even at wide viewing angles, darkening only slightly when I went past 45 degrees to the left or right. The Yoga 's hinge-mounted speakers are powerful enough to fill a small room, but if you're planning a presentation for a midsize conference room, pack some speakers.

When I played both the guitar-heavy "Holy Diver" and the bass-driven "Forget Me Nots," high tones were tinny, and even at maximum volume, the laptop didn't sound particularly loud. The laptop has Dolby Audio software on board, which lets you switch between sound profiles for Movie, Music, Gaming and Voice uses, or manually adjust a graphic equalizer.

I found that Dynamic mode, where the software decides which profile you need, provided the loudest and most accurate sound. The ThinkPad Yoga comes with an active stylus -- the ThinkPad Pen Pro -- which provides 2, levels of pressure for a highly accurate drawing and handwriting experience. When I drew in the Fresh Paint app, strokes appeared thicker or thinner based on how hard I pressed.

Scribbling letters in Windows 10's handwriting keyboard felt natural, and letters I wrote on the screen looked as good as any I've written on paper. Unlike many other laptops that come with styluses, including the Vaio Z Flip, the Yoga has a built-in compartment for its pen.

The pen charges its internal battery when docked, and Lenovo claims that it will get 19 hours' worth of charge in just 20 seconds; I had no problems with its endurance. Weighing less than an ounce and measuring just 4. The tip on the stylus offered good friction, providing the illusion of using a real pen on paper as I pushed against the screen glass. Lenovo also includes its WRITEit app, which allows you to handwrite directly into any text field in any application or Web page.

While Windows 10's built-in handwriting keyboard also provides a way to scribble on screen and have your longhand converted into ASCII characters, it places the writing area at the bottom of the screen rather than letting you draw right on top of a page -- a huge advantage. I found that WRITEit worked really well in applications with large text areas, such as Google Docs or WordPad, but trying to scribble into small fields like Chrome's address bar or the Windows search box was more of a challenge.

WRITEit also supports a variety of gestures for common commands like erasing text, hitting Enter or inserting a tab, but they often did not register when I attempted to perform them. Lenovo's ThinkPads are known for having the best laptop keyboards in the business, and the Yoga fully lives up to this rich tradition, offering strong feedback, deep travel and comfortably curved keys that are easy to feel.

Whereas a typical laptop keyboard's keys have around 1. With 60 grams of actuation force required to press down, the keys feel really snappy, too. On the 10FastFingers typing test, I managed a speedy 99 words per minute, which is a bit better than my typical 94 to 95 wpm, with a reasonable 1. The spill-resistant keyboard also has a backlight that was more than bright enough to let me see the keys at both its high and low settings.

The ThinkPad Yoga 's 3. The system responded immediately and consistently to multitouch gestures, including pinch-to-zoom, three-finger swipe for switching apps or minimizing windows, and two-finger swipe for browsing through images in Windows Photo Gallery. Using this stick to navigate, highlight text or draw boxes was even more precise than employing the touchpad.

I also saved time and arm movement with the TrackPoint because I didn't have to take my hands off of the home row. If you can get used to using the nub, you can work faster. The power and volume buttons, along with the stylus, also sit on the right side. Lenovo's p webcam captured sharp images of my face, even in dim areas of our office and my home.

The images had some noise graininess but were far better than on most laptop webcams we've tested. The Yoga comes standard with a large fingerprint reader that recognizes your digits with a simple press, rather than making you swipe across a narrow sensor. Registering my index finger for use as a Windows Hello login was a breeze, as was signing in to Windows. The The design is typical ThinkPad, with the logo and its characteristic red LED dot on the 'i' that pulses if the machine is sleeping rather than turned off.

Inside, the Lenovo keyboard uses keys with a distinctive rounded belly that makes them easier to hit accurately. However, the Yoga 's relatively small size means that the main alphanumeric keys are on the small side, and some keys are rather squeezed. The Fn keys are rectangular and about half-height, allowing space for 16 keys providing access to 30 different features.

The Yoga 's keyboard is up to Lenovo's usual high standard, and features a neat retraction mechanism that protects the keys and moves them out of the way in tablet mode. Slightly narrow AltGr, PrtSc and Ctrl keys sit to the right of the space bar, and the cursor block is also smaller than the main alpha keys.

This detail may be very important to stubby-fingered typists, although we didn't have a significant usability problem. The keys themselves are very comfortable under the fingers, with plenty of travel and reassuring responsiveness. Lenovo's trademark combination of pointing stick and touchpad is used here, and while the touchpad is buttonless there are buttons above it that are easily used either with it or with the pointing stick.

When you swivel the screen right round to use the ThinkPad Yoga in tablet mode, the whole keyboard retracts until the keys are flush with the surround. They won't depress, and are protected from accidental damage while you hold the whole laptop in one or two hands. We wish all convertible laptops performed this trick, and that Lenovo had found a locking solution to protect the trackpad and buttons too.

The screen isn't quite so impressive. Because this is a convertible there's a large bezel -- including the frame of the laptop's lid, it amounts to about 15mm on the short edges and 25mm on the long edges. This makes the The swivel mechanism relies on two solid hinges that hold the screen precisely where you leave it. If you're in laptop mode and have gone well past a right-angle, the base is heavy enough that the whole thing doesn't threaten to topple backwards when you use the touchscreen.

The IPS panel is quite reflective, and attracts finger grease, which make it less pleasant to use than some. Viewing angles are excellent, however. You'll need to make a choice on resolution. VAT model has a 1,by resolution ppi. VAT configuration, had a 1,by-1, resolution ppi. Lenovo equips the Yoga with a stylus -- the ThinkPad Pen Pro -- that sits in a housing on the right edge. This is good: styli need to be housed on-device if you're to stand any chance of not losing them.

Even better, the pen's battery charges while docked, so it's always ready to use. This is as useful for writing web search terms as it is for working with forms-based data-capture tools, and we found the handwriting recognition to be fast and accurate. As noted above, there are three preconfigured models of this notebook on Lenovo's UK website, all of which use Intel 6th-generation Skylake processors. We were sent the mid-range Core i5-based model to review.

Here are the key differences between the three models:. If you want the benefits of Windows 10 Pro and half a terabyte of storage in a preconfigured model, you'll need the most expensive option. You can't specify more than GB of storage, or a bigger battery than the standard, non-removable, 4-cell unit.

As far as connections are concerned, there's a pair of USB 3. There's a microSD card slot for storage expansion. Physical volume buttons on the right edge are handy when you're working in tablet mode; this is also where you'll find the power button. There is a p webcam above the screen and an integrated fingerprint reader on the wrist-rest area.

The right edge also houses a SIM card slot, but there's no means to take advantage of that in any configuration option. Presumably it's present for bespoke configurations to fill bulk orders. The 4-cell battery, which Lenovo rates as good for up to 10 hours' life, is one of the of the ThinkPad Yoga 's more disappointing features.

But if you make significant use of streaming media, you may well need a power boost during the day.

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lenovo thinkpad yoga 260 reviews

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