Game player id

game player id

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Let me now talk about how a player static identifier currently works in Game Center. You may already be familiar with this, but let us consider this example in case you need to refresh your memory. Here we have two teams, Team A and Team B. In this presentation, I will be using the term team to represent a development team that releases a game to the App Store using App Store Connect.

As we see, my static Game Center identifier is P Each of these games we'll see the same value from my identifier P No matter which game I play, I had the same static identifier. Going forward, we now want to increase privacy by introducing new player identifiers that are scoped to the either the team or the game itself. So let's begin with the first of these new identifiers, the team player ID. Remember that team refers to the development team that releases a game to the App Store.

Again, consider Team A and Team B along with the same games from before. Notice that now I have two different identifiers. This means that the value of my team player ID scoped to the team that releases the game I play. So this is the team player ID. I now want to tell you about our other new player identifier, the game player ID. The game player ID is unique per game per player. This means that my game player ID is unique to each game that I play.

Its value is also independent from the team that releases the game. Let us go back to our familiar teams, Team A and Team B. As you can see here, my game player ID is different for each game that I play, regardless of which team has released the game. To further show how a game player ID is independent from the team, let's consider the case when a game is transferred from one team to another. I am now going to show you what happens to my scoped identifiers when Game 2 is transferred from Team A to Team B.

My game player ID for Game 2 persisted with the game and is independent of the team. Now, you may have also noticed something about my team player ID for Game 2. So we have come to the scoping of the new Game Center identifiers and also what happens to these identifiers when game ownership is transferred. I am now going to talk about how you may use the scope identifiers in the games that you develop. The team player ID and game player ID have been introduced with the goal of increasing player privacy, which aligned to the Apple's commitment to protecting the privacy of our users.

The playerID property is now deprecated. So I encourage you to start using these new scope identifiers today. If you don't query the player ID in your games, then you will not need to make any changes. If you do query the player ID, you'll need to switch to the new scoped identifiers. You'll be using the team player ID in most cases. Likewise, if you currently use the static player ID to save game data, you should move to the team scoped ID.

Doing so will handle the situation in the device you shared by multiple Game Center players. For those of you who may be persisting the static player ID in your own back end system, you should also update to the new scoped identifiers.

You can do this any time after a successful authentication. Next, let me show you how scoped identifiers look for their local player as compared to non-local players. As you probably know, the GKLocalPlayer is the object that represents the authenticated Game Center player on a device. At any given time, only one player may be authenticated. But what about the GKPlayer? A GKPlayer object provides information about other players.

These are non-local players and may be found in leaderboards recently played lists multiplayer matches and so forth. For further information, including information on how to prevent or manage the use of cookies on this Platform, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Pathfinding Path PathfindingService. No results found! Collapse Sidebar. PlayerAdded:Connect playerAdded Players. Copy Code Light Theme.

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