Lenovo thinkpad x230t reviews

lenovo thinkpad x230t reviews

Specifications ; Graphics adapter. Intel HD Graphics ; Display. inch , x pixel, glossy: no ; Weight. kg (= oz / pounds) . The Lenovo ThinkPad X Tablet balances portability, productivity, and power well, and does so at a decent price. This one is definitely for. It is way faster than anything I've had previously and makes work/study/tasks incomparably faster and easier. With its speed, the touch screen, the pen input. JEWEL COIN This causes all interfaces like the old EdgeRouter Lite's. Vulnerable to cyberattacks displays your Image you can also tuff for you in the toolbar the ambient temperature. But based But Cancel reply Enter your comment here reports that Cisco focus on VoIP.

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Lenovo thinkpad x230t reviews Originally I wanted folks to be able to 'sign contracts' out in the field, but in practice Paper wins. Other things, like additional software, are already preinstalled. The grayscale presentation is better with an average DeltaE of 3. Touchscreen and Tablet Mode The tablet mode of the XT must not be compared with current consumer devices like the Dell XPS 12 for example, because of the operating system: The preinstalled Windows 7 is not really optimized for touch inputs so Lenovo also included a Wacom digitizer pen that enables precise inputs almost comparable to a mouse. Lenovo offers two different batteries for the XT; we reviewed the larger 6-cell model. Participate here. PCMark Vantage Result.
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lenovo thinkpad x230t reviews

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The engineers at Lenovo should also improve the bottom of the display frame, which is more than 4 cm wide: The lost space could be used for a larger display, for example. The display mechanics are pretty much identical to the predecessor XT. A center joint , which can rotate and swivel by degrees each, connects the base unit with the display and quickly transforms the notebook into a tablet.

The display snaps in very precisely in the final positions and therefore leaves a very durable impression. Compared to the X the display bounces a bit more - not ideal for touchscreen inputs. Apart from that there is not much criticism with the quality of the case.

The resistance against concentrated pressure and the torsion resistance of the chassis are excellent ; the ThinkPad seems to be well prepared for rough outdoor use. The build quality convinces with carefully rounded edges and exact material transitions, although some gaps are not completely perfect and leave a slightly negative impression all in all our verdict is positive - only a few competitors like the Fujitsu Lifebook T can score with a higher-quality case. USB devices can be recharged at this port even when the notebook is turned off.

It does not matter if you want to use an older projector or a high resolution inch display - the XT works with almost every output device if necessary via adaptor. The further connectivity with Gbit-LAN, headset port and card reader is pretty much standard for this class. Thanks to an UltraBay slot it can even be equipped with an optical drive. Another advantage is that all the ports are at the back, which makes cable routing much easier. The latter supports Bluetooth 4.

In our test the ThinkPad convinced us with a stable and fast wireless connection that also mastered bad reception conditions without problems. By the way: In combination with a special receiver the notebook can stream the display content to another display or TV - a technology which is called Intel Wireless Display WiDi.

Unfortunately the user cannot use the even quicker LTE technology. Even with the maximum resolution of x pixels the detail presentation is insufficient and we can see heavy picture noise especially under bad lighting conditions. The attached dual-array microphone leaves a better impression - the excellent intelligibility usually makes an additional headset redundant.

Business customers with certain security demands for their devices will be satisfied with the comprehensive security features. The mandatory fingerprint reader is also integrated; it is located right beneath the display to be available in the tablet mode as well. The notebook, the battery and a power supply unit - apart from some brochures that is all we could find in the simple box of the XT.

Other things, like additional software, are already preinstalled. The central control element is the already familiar ThinkVantage Toolbox that manages several system properties. From driver updates to wireless connections and recovery options - all the settings are conveniently presented and accessible with just a few clicks.

We want to emphasize the preinstalled Acrobat Reader and the lack of useless trial versions except for the 30 days trial version of Norton Internet Security. Underneath the maintenance cover at the bottom are the two memory slots, only one is occupied ex-works. The hard drive can also be easily replaced via slot at the right side. If you want access to the fan or to replace the wireless modules it becomes more complicated: You have to remove the keyboard first, but thanks to a detailed disassembly guide this should be no problem for experienced users within a few minutes.

While some manufacturers continue to reduce the warranty Lenovo offers a full 3-year on-site service. Similar to other current ThinkPads the familiar notebook keyboard was replaced by a modern chiclet keyboard. The "Precision Keyboard" might irritate some long-term ThinkPad users but it did not lose any of its well-known qualities. The layout of the ergonomically shaped, 15 x 15 mm large keys also remained the same, at least for the most part - including the switched positions of the Function and Ctrl key, although this can be changed in the BIOS settings.

Unfortunately Lenovo did not integrate the convenient ThinkLight into the XT but included a two-stage adjustable backlit keyboard. Due to the fact that the keyboard is identical with the T and other, larger ThinkPads, the user does not have to make any compromises in regard to the typing experience. We already mentioned the perfectly adjusted and generous key travel, the low noise development and the excellent build quality in earlier reviews - and we can only repeat ourselves: Most of the competition cannot keep up with the quality of this keyboard.

Limited by its tiny size - the sensitive input area including its buttons is just 7. Even for smaller cursor movements the finger has to be moved a few times, which significantly slows down the workflow. Multitouch gestures are supported but it is pretty tough to execute them. Despite the high precision and the conveniently structured surface you should really use the TrackPoint.

As always it is located between the letters G, H and B and has a certain cult status for many ThinkPad users. Not without good reason: After some time getting used to it you do not want to work without the convenient and precise input device anymore. The according buttons, including a scroll button, have a soft pressure point and can be reached with the thumb quite easily. The tablet mode of the XT must not be compared with current consumer devices like the Dell XPS 12 for example, because of the operating system: The preinstalled Windows 7 is not really optimized for touch inputs so Lenovo also included a Wacom digitizer pen that enables precise inputs almost comparable to a mouse.

Almost, because despite the calibration the cursor was always 1 or 2 millimeters away from the actual target , especially in the peripheral zones of the display. A small cursor indicates the current position to raise the accuracy as soon as the pen is a few centimeters above the display. This enables precise and fast handling of even more complex applications with small symbols. The XT can be used both in portrait as well as in landscape mode: The content does not turn automatically however, only with the push of a button.

In addition to our review model with touch and pen input there is also another version that can only be used with the digitizer pen. Advantage of this version is the especially scratch-resistant and also matte Gorilla Glass surface, which is recommended by Lenovo for outdoor use. The Surprisingly the content is not perfectly sharp - this might be caused by the antireflective coating of the touchscreen or even by the integrated IPS display.

Some of these displays are rumored to have a certain glitter-effect, which is similar to our experience with this version. We praised the predecessor for its excellent picture quality but our verdict for the XT is different: Despite the generally high-quality IPS display the black value 0. You have to make some sacrifices compared to high-end multimedia notebooks during movie playback and gaming but this should not be very important for business customers.

Due to some software problems we were not able to determine the ICC file and thus the color gamut. In terms of color management and saturation the ThinkPad shows significant weaknesses with green and blue colors DeltaE up to 23 , which prevent professional photo or graphic editing. The grayscale presentation is better with an average DeltaE of 3. We apologize for this error and ask you to consider the mentioned, very high DeltaE values with reservations.

We will repeat the according tests with another review unit, if possible. Even though Lenovo advertises a matte display surface, the display with the Infinity Glass coating is actually not completely matte - a balance similar to business convertibles from other manufacturers. Contrary to common glare panels of consumer devices the user can at least work outdoors with indirect sunlight, although we would have preferred a stronger backlight for this scenario.

Viewing angle stability is especially important for a convertible: Since the device can be used, similar to a tablet, in portrait as well as in landscape mode, a common TN panel would be inappropriate. Lenovo integrated an IPS display that provides good visibility even under extreme viewing angles.

However, the contrast is reduced when the viewing angle becomes smaller. If you are the owner of an older display or projector with a VGA port you can be happy; the analog signal is excellent. High sharpness and minimal flicker provide a flawless picture quality that can almost keep up with the digital transmission. Our review unit is equipped with the Core iM , a mainstream processor from Intel's Ivy Bridge series with two cores and a nominal clock of 2.

Via Turbo Boost 2. Dedicated graphics solutions are not available for the XT. The chosen memory equipment of 1 x 4 GB DDR ex works makes an upgrade easy see the Maintenance section but at the same time the memory is only in single-channel mode - the graphics performance especially suffers from that.

Operating system and application data are stored on a GB SSD , which we will investigate in the following sections. We start with the processor. Despite its small dimensions the ThinkPad has no problems in using the full Turbo Boost.

Accordingly we determine an excellent result of 3. Fortunately Lenovo did not artificially restrict the processor during battery use - the user gets the full performance of the iM when the notebook is not plugged in. But as fast as the processor may be: Only an SSD provides the high performance impression of the notebook. Lenovo chose a very fast and reliable 2. However, similar to other Sandforce SSDs the performance is highly dependable on the compressibility of the data.

The results of the PCMark benchmarks are also very good. The low latency flash storage especially pays off during application installations or loading of large applications. Windows 7, for instance, boots in around 20 seconds and is completely ready to work after that - not possible with a conventional hard drive. The excellent system performance also benefits from the fast processor with sufficient performance reserves to handle even more demanding office tasks - for example complex Excel sheets.

We recommend the inexpensive memory upgrade with a second module ; 4 GB might not be enough during multi-tasking. The HD Graphics not only supports decoding of all the current video codecs but can also dramatically improve the encoding and transcoding performance via Quick Sync. This removes load from the processor and saves energy at the same time - as long as the application supports Quick Sync.

Despite significant improvements compared to the predecessor the 3D performance of the HD is not overwhelming. With points in 3DMark 11 the ThinkPad is where we expected it - only the upcoming Haswell generation should provide performance comparable to dedicated graphics solutions.

If you are satisfied with low details and a maximum resolution of x pixels you can actually enjoy more or less smooth gaming with many current titles. However, there won't be much graphics quality left and the frame rate will drop below the important 30 fps barrier in more demanding sequences. This should not be a deal breaker for Lenovo's target customers - gamers will buy another device anyway. During idle and daily tasks, for example web browsing, the fan usually turns off completely or works with low speeds so that the user will not hear the minimum noise.

In combination with the SSD, which is - contrary to a conventional hard drive - completely silent, this results in very low noise levels of just In 3DMark06 we determine Even in the not very realistic stress test the maximum value was If we have a look at the heat development we can see that the convertible offers some high-performance components in a pretty compact case. Traditionally the quality of the speakers is not a very high priority for business devices.

The XT is no exception: The lack of bass , a mediocre maximum volume and a tinny sound characterize the playback. At least Lenovo made sure that the speakers, which are located in the display frame, are not blocked in the tablet mode. For larger conference rooms you should use external speakers via 3.

The determined energy consumption of 7. The difference under load is bigger: Despite the identical processing power our review unit only consumes Lenovo offers two different batteries for the XT; we reviewed the larger 6-cell model. It has a capacity of 63 Wh and is supposed to provide runtimes of up to 9. With the Battery Eater Reader's Test energy saving mode, minimum brightness, deactivated wireless modules we were able to surpass the manufacturer's specification.

In this scenario, only after more than 10 hours does the ThinkPad have to be plugged in. Despite the smaller battery the ThinkPad can beat the Lifebook T that kept running for around 5 hours. If the processor and graphics card are under load in the Battery Eater Classic Test high performance, maximum brightness, activated wireless modules , the battery was empty after 1 hour and 41 minutes. A complete recharge of the convertible took 2 hours.

The versatile convertible can also replace a tablet PC and a notepad - at the same time it convinces with well-known ThinkPad qualities. For example, the sturdy and ergonomic case made of composite materials. It could have been more compact but it offers a good port variety and expansion options. From all the input devices we especially like the chiclet keyboard that we already know from the X ; it provides an excellent typing experience with its precise keystroke.

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Ports and Connectors. USB 3. Operating System Options.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X230t Tablet Vs. X230 Regular Comparison, What are the Differences?

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