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Мобильное приложение для Trinity Rust Devblog. Read more. Collapse. Reviews. Review policy and info. Тилсаит. March 22, Made of rust-proof stainless steel. Matte finished to reduce glare. Easily cleaned and decontaminated to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Followers, Following, 95 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Trinity Rust (@trinityrust). PALADINS PURE LEATHER Zapdos seems to an ATM, Sarah same PC as messages to a user on the spirit of thunder, face either way. Another option is. PBR interferes with factors that likely Show More led.

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Performance wise this should be nearly identical to the old reflection pass. Diogo is currently working on a new reflection probe system that will improve the performance of all three quality settings even more. Tree View Distance.

The new tree imposter system allowed us make some improvements to the tree view distance. If "Tree Quality" in the performance settings is above 50 we now render trees on the entire map. This makes a huge difference visually and should barely have any effect on performance for most people. If it does negatively affect performance for you, reduce the tree quality to 50 or below and file a report with us so we can see your hardware.

I also adjusted the distance at which trees switch from the lowest LOD to the imposter if the tree quality is reduced below This means people on super low end hardware who play on the lowest settings possible should see a decent performance improvement with this update.

Upkeep Grief Protection. So it sucks when you log in and your entire base is gone because someone destroyed your tool cupboard. This has been a major ongoing complaint about the upkeep system, and I can definitely see why. Griefing has always been a part of Rust to a certain degree, but the upkeep system has put it on steroids.

To counteract this and bring griefing back to the old levels we know and love I added upkeep grief protection. This means when a cupboard with resources in it is destroyed, it uses part or all of those resources to purchase up to 24 hours of decay protection on all building blocks that are currently connected to the building.

This requires resources to be in the cupboard, so make sure to put a code lock on it. Doing this multiple times will not increase the time beyond 24 hours. Building blocks that are added after the cupboard was destroyed will decay normally. Many of you came across a workshop item skin bug that prevented a lot of skins from loading altogether due to items with a corrupt skin ID. This stalled the skin download in Steam and made our skin loading system wait indefinitely.

This has now been addressed in a number of ways. First of all, the bug that could cause the corrupt skin IDs on items has been fixed. Then secondly, the skin loading system will now immediately skip skins if Steam fails to initiate the download. Lastly, even if Steam does not detect a problem we will time out a skin if Steam it does not download it within 60 seconds and move on to the next one.

Conditional Models 2. We've been tossing around plans to add more complex conditional models, like wall corner pieces, to buildings for quite some time. The limiting factor in this was that the client had to evaluate the conditions of the models itself, which was relatively slow.

I rewrote this so the server sends the model state of each building block to the client, so even thousands of conditional models won't slow down the client at all. The server can load balance these calculations and only needs to do them when people are building their bases.

The model state is transferred as a bitmask so the traffic overhead is also extremely minimal. To summarize, building blocks and conditional models can now be created much faster on the client which immediately benefits client performance and will allow us to add much more interesting and complex conditional model variations in the near future. Disappearing Signs. There's been an issue with paintable signs that could clear their texture whenever the server restarted.

This didn't affect all signs, which is why we missed it in the testing leading up to last month's update. We tracked down and fixed the bug, so your art will now last for a full wipe as intended. File Cache Optimization.

When we converted the sign texture file cache to a database last month we kind of dropped the ball and configured the database to wait until everything was written to disk whenever a new file was added, which is the default configuration. This could cause significant stuttering, particularly if the game wasn't running on an SSD. This is now fixed and the files will be written to disk in asynchronously.

Better Monuments Transitions. Until now, most of our monuments were blended on procedural map using a constant radius. While this worked it created a lot of wasted transition space between the procedural and the monument parts. If the monument is one of a rectangular or irregular shape, then using a custom transition map for gradient offers best results, and overall the map looks more natural. Water Reflections. Since the last graphics overhaul we've been working to go one step further to improve overall lighting and shading.

Getting more accurate light interactions will empower artists to make more realistic assets and make their life easier. Our environment reflections are now updated based on the player location, so we can get more accurate indirect lighting throughout, especially in interiors. This change, however, meant we could no longer use the global environment reflections for water. Rendering global reflections just for water, in Unity, is also prohibitively expensive for some reason.

In this patch we are introducing an analytical approximation to solve global water reflections - atmospheric scattering, sun and moon. This approach is, unfortunately, far heavier perf-wise and is meant to be only temporary, while we roll out our own highly optimized environment reflection renderer. You'll note that, for the time being, both the Sun and Moon's reflections look slightly different and lose some of the detail:.

Foliage Shading. These past few weeks, Damian and Vince have been improving foliage and found some problems and limitations with our foliage shader. I spent some time fixing a number of issues in order to match their needs: Fixed Translucency not matching direct lighting in tone due to not being tinted according to biome Fixed random variation tinting not matching the old legacy foliage shader resulting in duller shading, especially on grass Disabled Translucency coming from indirect lighting, causing them to be too lit when in shadow, due to the lack of indirect shadowing Globally enabled vegetation specularity and reflections.

Environment Shading. We are building a custom environment reflection probe system in order to be able to have multiple probes for different purposes. A very obvious case already discussed in other sections is, for example, one probe relative to the player position low resolution and one global probe high resolution for water reflections. In Rust, on the other hand, we have a lot of margin to reduce surface and shader quality, exclude shadows from multiple lights, use lower resolution textures and tradeoff a bunch of other features without any significant changes to the final result.

Because of this we decided to roll our own solution. The results so far are extremely promising and we will be rolling it out next month, after a few weeks of intensive testing. Not only is it more than twice as fast, it's also more accurate and allows complete control over quality tradeoffs:. Hair Caps. I've continued to work with Diogo on improving hair. It started out trying solve the problem of how to get hair to look good or even just not look plain bad when not using TSSAA anti-aliasing and has ended up with a complete rework of the system.

Thankfully now that system is alllmost done, just a few behind the scenes code changes are needed before the changes make their way on to Staging early next week. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I've tried several methods to get the hair caps to have a decent level of transparency to them and we've settled on the solution of having them overlay on to the skin material. Because of this though you lose all the fake depth the old hair caps provided, so I had to rebuild the hair to compensate for this.

Also, I took the opportunity to improve the look overall and make them work a lot better with hair colours and in different lighting conditions. Here we can see a non TSSAA screenshot that highlights the diffence the new hair caps make around the transition from hair to skin. There actually is a transition now. With the new system we're going to be able to give you stubble, shaved heads and all that stuff. It also looks way better on the pubic regions but I'll spare you the screenshot for that.

As mentioned before, colours look a lot more natural now, here it is on the rebuilt current shorter hairstyle. Chinook Locked Crate Art. We need something for the new heli to drop for all you lootmongers out there. When it finally arrives, it'll have two versions: the padlock and code locked version.

Have a look below! I've finished my initial finalization pass over all of our sounds at the individual sound level, and have started working on our mix from a higher level now. This involves making decisions like balancing levels between all the footsteps and ambient background loops and EQing background loops as a whole to make sure footsteps come through clearly. Overall I'm just trying to get things to sound a little more cohesive and full and fit together a little more nicely.

We're not terrible in this department, particularly after some of the volume consistency stuff I took care of during the individual pass, but I think we can do a bit better. I'm also working on some additional functionality for the sound system so we can be more intelligent about handling groups of similar sounds when it comes time to make dynamic mix changes or voice limiting decisions.

Right now we have voice limiting on individual sounds which works decently, but no way to say "only 10 gunshots can play at once". I'm also looking in to adjusting voice limits dynamically so we can do things like set the maximum number of ambient stings really low if there's a lot of other more important sounds playing. This stuff wasn't quite ready in time for the update this month but should be good to go next month. Patch Name Devblog Changelist Title Changelog.

Install Steam. Trinity Rust Server Trinity Rust. Request To Join. No wipes except those that are forced by developers. Wipes are generally the first Thursday of every month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to add me or Sally. Admins do not play on the server, it is run solely as a hobby.

If a player deliberately builds a base or outpost on your border to harass or camp you, the victim has the right to grief that base. Please also report such behaviour to admins, consistently camping somebody is not allowed unless said base is a "Raid Base" If the raid base hasn't been used in 24 hours, please contact me and I will remove it. You will be muted if you do not follow this rule. Rules will be updated following development and new additions to the game. Official Website.

Read More. Sally, Destroyer of Weak Men 3 Nov, am. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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