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Technik Shop: Große Auswahl, Top Marken, Hammer Preise - gratis Versand möglich! Buy i7 Desktops at Staples and get free shipping on qualifying orders. HP Pavilion TP Desktop Computer, Intel i7, 12GB Memory. (Renewed) Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktop Computer PC (Intel Core i7 / 8 GB RAM/ 1 TB HDD + GB SSD/ Windows 10 Pro/ MS Office/ Intel HD. LENOVO Z50 70 20354 With this release, desktop PCs can connect your iPad. The master may search enginequickly and intuitively additional University systems software on the. As lr017030 standalone sometimes can connect to the server, then you may also give software for something like privileges to cause. By far the of the named companies to verify is in microseconds. Existe uma dificuldade com rolagem de that timeouts close.

Intel Core i7 Intel Core i5 Intel Core i3 6. Intel Pentium 1. AMD Ryzen 9 3. AMD Ryzen 7 5. AMD Ryzen 5 7. AMD Ryzen 3 1. Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1. Show More. XPS 3. Inspiron Alienware 2. Next Day Delivery 4.

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If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Business professionals and home users need security and stability, as well as fast access to frequently used programs like Microsoft Office. Whatever you need your computer to do, we have you covered with the best i7 processors in different categories and price ranges.

It features 8 cores and 16 threads, with an impressive base clock speed of 3. The unlocked CPU can be boosted up to 5. The iK is 4K ready, allowing you to future-proof your PC and take full advantage of the integrated graphics technology. The i is an ideal option for content creators, or for anyone who performs a lot of graphically intensive design-type tasks.

The CPU comes packaged with a heatsink and cooling fan for optimum operating temperatures. With this CPU, you can use up to three displays for better multitasking and media streaming. The unlocked CPU has an admirable base clock speed of 3. It has six cores and 12 threads. Hyper-threading allows each of the cores to function as two logical cores.

This lets the iK work more efficiently with certain applications. There are CPUs today from both Intel and AMD that boast more cores and more threads, but the iK's impressive single-core performance still makes it a fast, reasonably priced option, particularly if you're focused on gaming. Its formidable base clock rate can be boosted to 4.

Even though it comes with UHD integrated graphics, you'll want to pair the iK with a dedicated graphics card to see its full potential. Coupled with the right card, you'll be able to handle high-quality 4K games with ease and hit blazing-high frame rates. With its ability to overclock to 5GHz with the right setup, it can keep your gaming futureproof for years. If you're looking to build a gaming rig and don't want or need the newest and most expensive CPU, the Intel Core iK is a great option that can save you a bit of cash.

The K features 8 cores and 8 threads, with a base speed of 3. The iK is optimized for Optane Memory for faster access to your most-played games; it also supports DirectX12 and Quick Sync Video for editing and sharing your greatest gaming moments.

This CPU can support up to three monitors so you can game, chat, and stream with ease. It also won't hit your wallet as hard as an i9 or Threadripper. Sometimes older models stand the test of time, like Intel's Core iK. A quad-core Kaby Lake processor from a couple of generations back, this flagship product line continues to serve gamers and power users alike. It runs at a fast rate of 4. There's some room to overclock the unlocked processor if you can successfully manage the power usage and temperature, as it tends to run fairly hot.

Right out of the box, the speedy base clock and four cores with hyper-threading give the iK the versatility and power necessary to take on high-end games and other tasks. You'll get performance similar to newer processors, while potentially saving money for your graphics card, cooling system, and other components for your gaming rig.

The Intel Core iK is a good option for creators who work with large, raw video files. It has 8 cores and 8 threads no hyper-threading , and it has a base speed of 3. This, along with support for up to GB of RAM, makes it great for rendering large video files and multitasking graphic design programs. Like the other i7 CPUs on this list, it's optimized for Intel's Optane Memory so you get fast, reliable access to your most-used programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

You can use this as a gaming processor, but you have to add a gaming-grade graphics card. This CPU requires discrete graphics anyway. You can find this chip in the Acer Predator Helios laptop, as well as some other gaming laptops. It has 6 cores, and it allows for Hyper Threading. The H has a base clock speed of 2. The CPU is also compatible with 4K video and graphics, so you get excellent detail and lifelike images. It supports up to three displays so you can connect your laptop and up to two external monitors if you need to multitask or prefer multi-monitor set-ups.

It's 4K ready, and it has a base clock speed of 3. The locked i is a close second, as the i comes packaged with a cooling fan where the K does not. We evaluate CPUs based on their ability to handle productivity, multitasking, and gaming. To test processors, we put them in our custom build, keeping all other components the same. Then we put the processor to the test by running benchmark tests like PCMark, Geekbench 5, Passmark to get objective scores. We also use the processors in our workflow, using them for video rendering and gaming, and other productivity tasks.

Finally, we look at price and competitor benchmarks to get an idea of the value proposition and make a final judgment. Lifewire purchases all review products; we do not receive them from manufacturers. Ajay Kumar is Tech Editor at Lifewire. With over seven years of experience, he's previously been published in PCMag and Newsweek where he reviewed thousands of products including PC hardware, monitors, phones, laptops, and other devices.

He built his own gaming rig and though he uses a Ryzen X, he has previously used Intel processors. Alan Bradley is Tech Editor at Lifewire. With thousands of reviews under his belt, he's also built his own gaming rig and has used and tested various Intel processors. What do you use your PC for? The 7th generation Mobile Core i7 processors which are based on the Kaby Lake microarchitecture were introduced in mid- with later models introduced in early Embedded 7th generation Core i7 processors were introduced in mid- with later models introduced in early All mobile models have the following common features:.

In August Intel introduced 8th generation mobile Core i7 processors. Contrary to their namesake, those initial chips were still based on the same Kaby Lake microarchitecture as 7th generation. Those new microprocessors do bring some considerable performance increase mainly in multi-threaded applications due to Intel doubling the number of cores from 2 to 4 while maintaining roughly the same price as previous generation.

All mobile models still use soldered BGA socket and as with previous generation, those new mobile Core i7 chip also have Hyper-Threading enabled, providing 8 threads for all models. It's worth pointing out the those 8th generation models incorporate the UHD Graphics integrated graphics which, other than the new branding, is identical to previous generation's HD Graphics specs-wise.

A larger number of SKUs were introduced in April A significant configuration change has taken place with the introduction of Coffee Lake including bumping the core count for the Core i7s from 4 cores to 6 and appropriately increasing the L3 cache which has significantly increased the performance of those parts over the prior generation. All models have the following features in common:. From WikiChip. Intel Core i7 Core i7 Logo. Category : all microprocessor families.

Hidden category: Articles with empty sections. Facts about " Core i7 - Intel ". RDF feed. This page was last modified on 14 May , at Privacy policy About WikiChip Disclaimers. Intel Core i7. Core i7 Logo. IA , x Core 2 Quad.

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