Tartaglia ganyu

tartaglia ganyu

Genshin Impact fanart - Tartaglia/Ganyu/Kaeya. Characters are from Genshin Impact, by MiHoYo. Posted 3 months ago. 2 Likes. 35 Views. 0 Comments. My take on the meme trend, If you know, you know. #Ganyu #childe #tartaglia #GenshinImpact #原神. Image. PM · Oct 23, ·Twitter for. Discover short videos related to tartaglia and ganyu on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Raix(@raix), Hecatee(@hecateyvat). NICE TITS From the default, Scheduled Task that was uploaded correctly, decline when you. If you have duck repository to your system you categorized as follows:. The free version Using the Apple the account is.

According to ancient Liyuen texts, although they can look fearsome, qilin only punish the wicked; thus there exist accounts of court trials and judgments based on qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant is good or evil, guilty or innocent, illustrated in both historical events and fairytales.

Judgements based on Qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant is good or evil, guilty or innocent…. He was lost in the grey twilight of a nation seeped in irrefutable black and white; night and day. So why did he fear a foreigner to this degree? Why was he caught between enchantment and dread?

Ganyu is involuntarily tasked with taking care of Qiqi. Childe voluntarily tasks himself with taking care of Qiqi. He sounded the word out again, slower to let her get a better grasp of its pronunciation.

Ganyu has anorexia. Tartaglia knows this, and yet he goes out to intentionally trigger and tease her for gaining weight. He'll get what he deserves soon enough. When Ganyu gets her heat, she goes to the Golden House and has an unexpected run-in with Childe. Edit: Maybe only Tartaglia can trigger Riptide effects. Not sure, as I never used him with another archer.

Pegeta 1 year ago 2. TrueArchery 1 year ago 3. Viable is a weird term. It's probably viable for most content at least, but not very good. If you're looking for a freeze comp, Kaeya is the basically unarguably best carry option since the new set dropped. Xingqiu is by far the best hydro enabler for both directions, the issue is that his water swords only really work with characters who regularly use normal attacks which is why he looks less ideal for Ganyu although noone can test her in practice yet, exclusively number crunching and assumptions only gets you so far.

Only tart can trigger riptide, the exception I believe being that the mark spreads whenever you kill an affected enemy regardless of whether tart is on the field. Double hydro and cryo basically guarantees that you get walled by half the shields in the game and if you still aren't done with overworld puzzles that sucks, too.

Mining becomes a chore aswell. Long range tart sucks, he's only a bow on paper. Thani 1 year ago 4. I feel like a freeze comp is a waste for Ganyu. Running a melt comp is probably better since she is built around her charge attack and headshots are auto crits. I feel like ganyu is a pretty selfish carry that any time you make a party with her, the team members have to support her being on the field for the majority of the time, especially if you're not getting constellations.

She pretty much wants another cryo member to be with her no matter what you plan on doing with her, and the ones that gel with her the best are diona and qiqi. You also want to bring an anemo character with you. This means you have like 1 flex slot. Childe is a bit of weird option because I actually think he would be better off in a chongyun freeze comp. Some have said Mona would work with Ganyu, and I'll take their word for it for now since I don't have Mona and we don't really see her being used a lot on teams outside of big numbers so I don't know much about her.

Also, her tests in genshin were actually really bad to get a feel for her for me - felt very rushed and these tests were not good locations to test her out. I'm thinking pyro supports is probably a fairly good to use her - xiangling could probably work well with her as her pyro tick rate is probably at a good pace for Ganyu to take advantage of, and vice versa. It's worth trying a lot of different characters here though.

And I can't really stress that you probably want an anemo character to group enemies together quickly to make her charged shot aoe damage more effective. Thani 1 year ago 7. I can do this. I'd just have to build up Sucrose. More topics from this board

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At 2 stacks before burst, Polar will be comparable to Pulse. If you want to use Polar, make sure your artifacts have high enough Crit Dmg and your rotations are optimized to build up 3 stacks before your burst. Can only occur once every 4 — 2s. Skyward Harp is an amazing general bow that can be used on any bow character. It offers a balanced Crit Rate and Crit Dmg, high base attack, and another instance of damage in the form of Physical damage.

Harp is a balanced weapon that equally benefits from all substats. There is no specific substat optimization required to use Harp. Always recommended to use. This effect can only occur once every 14 — 10s. Additionally, that same grouping passive deals Physical damage, which further increases your DPS. On top of all this, using Charged Attacks while the vortex is active allows you to get fall damage on some enemies that can be lifted, significantly increasing your DPS.

It is not recommended to get higher refinements on Hunt due to how little DPS increases per refinement. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others. It performs slightly better than Rust. You can only gain stacks if Childe is both on-field and gets the kill.

Despite how amazing its passive looks, in reality it performs fairly average. Similar to Amos, Rust has high attack volumes. A craftable F2P bow. Hamayumi functionally acts like a weaker Rust. This is because most Childe rotations use his burst before melee.

The golden standard of freeplay F2P bows. But because Stringless has both EM and a passive that increases Burst damage, it will massively increase the damage of his Burst. But for burst focus Childe, an R5 Stringless ranks alongside the strongest bows in terms of damage dealt. Alley Hunter is a strange bow to use on Childe. For Main DPS the passive is near useless due to the passive requiring off-field time in order to build up the stacks. The main selling point of the bow is the initial damage will be high before dropping down to being less than Stringless DPS once you hit zero stacks.

An event exclusive bow. Overall it performs slightly worse than a zero stack Alley Hunter only if you perform a vaporized Burst within 6s after you exit melee stance. If a Normal or Charged Attack hits a target within 0. The budget bow. They will not be worth using. The following information is mostly a recommendation based on what is the most efficient. Always prioritize your fun. This is a game after all. Because Childe cannot consistently vaporize all of his all melee attacks, it is better to allow others to reverse-vape instead.

Reverse-Vape is a Pyro on Hydro reaction applying a x1. These team comps have the highest damage ceilings out of all the Childe comps. One of the two recommended Childe comps. This is the easiest gateway team comp for faster clears in Abyss, but at the same time, the initial learning curve for this comp is fairly steep.

You need to be mindful of energy generation for Xiangling, applying VV on the right element, and snapshotting. All while trying to get your rotations as close to 24s as possible. Her burst often creates inconsistent variables that prevent either Childe or Xiangling from properly hitting the enemies.

Most of the time it is a waste of animation time and simply using E will offer better consistency and provide her main utility of EM sharing. Guoba will self-infuse with Pyro for you to swirl when the exclamation mark pops up above his head. This is the standard method of applying double VV. This will work on every Anemo option. Apply Hydro on one enemy and Pyro on another before swirling both of them together.

Double VVing against two large enemies is sometimes inconsistent due to requiring both enemies to be very close to each other when you Tap E or Q. Some content will allow you to use E and Q to double VV. The more field time Kazuha has, the less energy you generate for Xiangling, which will increase the duration of each rotation cycle. This means you can swirl the infused element as long as you clear any existing auras.

Traveler has the potential to deal Venti levels of damage and can use practical double VV, but the knowledge and skill required to do so is very steep. For many players, it will be easier to use another Anemo than it is to learn the nuances of how to play Anemo Traveler optimally with Childe.

Only Traveler has a different elemental infusion priority. Against larger enemies, it is difficult to hit both enemies at the same time to allow double VV to happen. This means you can do a quick double VV from Hold 1 Release. But this will generate less energy and swirl instances. On Hold 4 Release, you will get the max number of particles, the maximum release damage, and the max number of swirls.

Hold 4 Release is only about 0. T he more casual friendly usage of the Hold E. But sometimes being 0. Make sure Jean is on the field long enough for the second swirl before swapping out. VV can only be applied if the wearer is on the field when the swirl happens. Sayu requires an elemental infusion to double VV with her Hold E. Tap E cannot double VV. This means you must hit the enemy at least twice before ending the E with her kick to double VV. The E summon will remove 1U and pulses will remove 0.

Including E usages, it takes approximately 3 — 4s of field time if you use both E and Q. A jack of all trades Sub DPS that deals good damage and buffs his team. With 4-set Husk, Albedo becomes one of the better Flex options. Xingqiu is one of the least useful supports in this team comp. An unintended byproduct of the standard reverse-vape comp with Anemos who can apply off-field Pyro.

It only means about one in three attacks will vape due to ICD. Beyond that it will be up to RNG if you can continue vaping. You can also try to minimize the effects of Forward Vaping by using strings of N1C or N2C to re-establish a Hydro aura as quickly as possible. Once you do, Forward Vaping will end and Xiangling will be able to reverse-vape again. Not recommended to intentionally use. Despite the name, Electro-Charged is not a significant percentage of the total damage.

It merely refers to the primary reaction that is triggered. Most of the damage comes from the team synergy between Childe and the raw damage from the Electro characters. This team builds around Beidou and her insanely high Elemental Burst damage.

Beidou alone will not generate enough energy to self-sustain her Burst in any reasonable amount of time. This comp works at all levels of investment, but has its largest power spike with a C2 Beidou. It will bounce and hit enemy A, then enemy B, then back to enemy A.

Her damage caps at exactly two enemies. Well-rounded and easy to use. Fischl offers 6 — 7. Buffing your main two damage sources is often better than adding another source of damage. Alternatively, you can replace Beidou for Fischl to have higher single-target damage by lowering your multi-target DPS. Electro Traveler is the worst battery of the three. Traveler allows Beidou to funnel herself better.

A variation of the Fireworks comp that aims to resolve the awkward downtime where charge shots are your highest form of downtime DPS. Thundering Fury 4-set reduces E cooldowns by 1s every 0. This extra energy generation allows this comp to have a lower ER requirement than the original team comp.

Recommended for players who enjoy the Fischl Beidou Bennett team comp and want to try a variation or casual players who like trying unique builds. Video Showcase by Risuke 1. This is a very comfy team comp to use and play due to the lack of complicated mechanics. This is also one of the best introductory team comp to learn how to rotate with Childe due to the low skill floor.

However, it has a high skill ceiling to further optimize your DPS beyond the damage floor. More skill is required to optimize rotations and damage. Offers intuitive gameplay at the cost of amplifying the single-target strengths. Will struggle against multi-enemy content. Freeze comps trade damage for better playability and reduced mechanics.

This means Freeze comps will generally always have one of the lowest damage ceilings of all the Childe team comps. In a normal team comp, Childe enables his sub-DPS to deal more damage. This is one of the few team comps where the team enables Childe instead. However due to the nature of freeze, the majority of your damage will come solely from Childe and not your team.

Depending on the player, this might be more valuable than dealing more damage. This comp is only recommended for casual players who are not strong mechanically or for players who are looking into alternative fun comps with Childe. Forcing Childe to play Hypercarry despite his kit not being made for Hypercarrying.

The choice between Xingqiu and Mona depends on the content. Xingqiu is better for longer fights and smaller quantities of enemies. Video Showcase by Risuke 2. A highly front-loaded team comp. It takes the strengths of both reverse-vape and electro-charged but adds an additional factor of the overload reaction, which may become a weakness depending on the content. A hybrid comp that mixes together two playstyles.

Your melee offers high front-loaded damage in the form of raw electro damage, reverse-vapes, overloads, and electro-charge reactions. But against stagger resistant enemies, you can double down on overload and utilize TF Bennett to more quickly funnel Xiangling. Electro-Charge rotation offers significantly easier gameplay.

You alternate between overload melee and electro-charged melee. However this is only practical with Fischl as your Electro slot. Due to how quickly you need to press the attack button, your fingers will be tired and sore after only minutes of attacking. Only recommended for players who want to challenge themselves or want to play different builds. Video Showcase by Ori 1. They are for players who want to showcase their highest possible numbers. This is not a practical Abyss comp.

The goal is to produce the largest damage numbers in a single hit for screenshot or self-achievement purposes. You maximize team buffs for the highest Melee Burst damage from Childe. Once you reach the required high investments, One-Shot comps are usable for speedruns. Double carry comps are inherently weaker than traditional comps.

Additionally the second carry generally has weaker support capabilities and only offers the team raw damage. Double carry comps are comps that generally work by virtue of overinvestment. Because of the inherent flaws of team synergy, most double carry comps are strictly one rotation. Downtime has Ganyu gapfilling and funneling energy. Ganyu focus relegates Childe as burst bot. Usually used with C4 Childe. Playstyle is nearly identical to the original Morgana comp.

Mona will offer both more team DPS and better playability than Childe. Childe is strictly a downgrade from Mona. Only recommended if you enjoy Freeze Childe and have every character in this comp. An Ayaka comp that replaces Mona with Childe.

This is the strongest Childe Freeze comp currently available, but will still be weaker than pairing Ayaka with Mona. This team comp would objectively be stronger if you were to play Melt Ganyu instead. This comp heavily relies on overinvestment. That means this comp will deal less damage than the original reverse-vape comp at low levels of investment. Ayaka offers better flexibility and more consistent damage than Ganyu while maintaining similar ER problems.

Utilizing any other Cryo character will make the comp perform significantly worse. The team heavily relies on the raw damage output of Ganyu and Ayaka. By lowering that raw damage output, you make the comp perform significantly worse than the original reverse-vape comp. Childe and Hu Tao should not be paired together. You will always be trading one DPS window for the other the more optimized your rotation is.

The best way to fit both of them into the comp is to turn one of them into a burst bot to minimize their field time and then have the Flex slot support the main carry. Despite looking like they could work well together, Childe and Raiden have some conflicting synergy. The problem mainly lies with the lack of supports. Every team comp you could create with Raiden will be a flashy reskin of an already existing Electro-Charged comp. While Bennett is great in any team, he has a higher level of synergy with Childe than other characters.

With our current roster of Pyro characters, few are able to clear a Hydro aura quickly. This allows Childe to quickly set up a vaporized burst. The following information is generalized information specifically for Childe comps. They do not accurately represent the recommended artifacts, mainstats, substats, or ER for non-Childe team comps. If used for non-Childe comps, some information will not be accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. With this, the Childe guide is complete enough to share to the public.

I did my best to comprehensively cover as many relevant mechanics and team comps to cover the entire spectrum from casuals to tryhards. Unfortunately it will be impossible to cover every little nuance of Childe theorycrafting due to the amount of time it takes to take a deep dive into each topic, but I do hope that what has been covered here is enough to help you on your journey through Tevyat. If you still have more questions, below are links to other helpful sources of information that can hopefully answer them.

With that, I hope you learn something new today that you can use to help improve your gameplay. I pray that each and every one of you have successful pulls in the future and have the best Genshin experience possible. I wish you only the best of luck for your future endeavors.

Childe Mains Discord. Childe Mains Abyss Doc. Keqing Mains Discord. Original Guide Doc. Updated Albedo information for 2. Added Electro options to Overload. Added Venti video to Rev-Vape. Updated for v2. Heart of Depth HoD. Thundersoother TS. Blizzard Strayer. Skyward Harp. Viridescent Hunt. Blackcliff Warbow. Prototype Crescent. Alley Hunter. Windblume Ode. A character that takes the most field time. A character who deals the majority of their damage as front-loaded or from their elemental burst.

Also commonly called Off-field DPS. A character who can deal damage while not actively on the field off-field. A character that applies elemental auras for other characters. A character whose primary purpose is to reduce the ER requirement of another character. A character whose main purpose is to buff, debuff, crowd-control, or offer any other form of team utility. Speedrunning is all about getting the fastest possible times. Generally players who speedrun will have an invested enough team to one rotation the content they are trying to speedrun thereby ignoring the ER requirement needed for a second burst.

Utilizing a Hydro Battery is not recommended. No ICD 3 Hits or 2. You should still use the recommended 9 to 11 seconds melee duration. Balanced stats volumes generally offer the highest amount of DPS gain. Set bonuses are exactly as the name implies, a bonus. Using off-set artifacts with better stats will usually be better than using a bad on-set to complete the bonus. Always prioritize better substats over completing a set bonus. Passive is active for vaped burst and one melee string.

These rankings are based on how much utility and damage increase each character offers, not best healing. Due to the vast difference in ER, it is recommended to use ranged burst over melee burst. Additionally, Ranged Burst fills in time during his E cooldown and is easier to vape than the melee burst.

Melee burst will eat up two seconds of your melee time and is much harder to vape due to stance change potentially taking the vape. It is recommended to only use 4 TS with electro-charged teams and 4 BS with freeze teams. Burst Childe is only recommended if you can one-shot or almost one-shot content. This means Burst Childe is only practical with high levels of investment.

Childe only has faster animation times which is more optimal for speedruns but for casual use, Mona will outperform Childe. Her burst should be mainly used as a panic heal button and offer her utility through TTDS. The number of HP thresholds you are able to hit will change the ER needed, so experiment to see what your ER requirements are for your rotations.

If both characters are unable to enable, their strengths and damage is much weaker. A solid Sub DPS option for freeze comps. Assuming C4, if you want faster rotations, use EQ E. If you want more damage, use QE E. Aside from that she underperforms nearly every other support option. Requires Atlas or high refined EoP to use. Use at your own risk. Enemies must be affected by Electro for the 4-set to work. It is recommended to use TF Glad for consistency against all content.

The Oz summoned from Q will use E talents. Fischl simply generates more relevant energy to Beidou with no loss in team DPS. Prioritize high base Atk weapons and ER above all else. Sara requires swap weaving buffs in order to optimally utilize her kit. Appropriately snapshot the buffs to the right characters in sequence. You can run HP focus for better healing.

This is a viable low investment option but often unnecessary as the base healing from Q is more than enough for many players. Overload Xiangling is strong at her niche of low to unstaggerable enemies. EM is the most important damage stat as of Update 1. ER is still very high on the priority for fluid gameplay. The ER recommended above assumes you are performing charged shots with a few Bennett E in between. Compared to Kaeya, Rosaria is better at freezing a larger area.

This is both good and bad. Good in that it offers a larger safety net and can hit more enemies. Bad in that enemies can be frozen too far away for Childe to hit multiple enemies at once as well as being a fixed AoE. If using Favonius, prioritize Crit Rate to trigger the passive. Working at Liyue Harbor's famous Adepti Pastries, Ganyu sees that she's positively enthralled by the man called "Childe" and his talk of food from his country.

With her interest caught, she takes it upon herself to bring him the taste of home. According to ancient Liyuen texts, although they can look fearsome, qilin only punish the wicked; thus there exist accounts of court trials and judgments based on qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant is good or evil, guilty or innocent, illustrated in both historical events and fairytales. Judgements based on Qilin divinely knowing whether a defendant is good or evil, guilty or innocent….

He was lost in the grey twilight of a nation seeped in irrefutable black and white; night and day. So why did he fear a foreigner to this degree? Why was he caught between enchantment and dread? Ganyu is involuntarily tasked with taking care of Qiqi. Childe voluntarily tasks himself with taking care of Qiqi.

He sounded the word out again, slower to let her get a better grasp of its pronunciation. Ganyu has anorexia. Tartaglia knows this, and yet he goes out to intentionally trigger and tease her for gaining weight.

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