Ebay purchases history

ebay purchases history

1. Click the "My eBay" link in the top right corner of the eBay page. · 2. Click the "Activity" tab to switch to it. · 3. Click "Purchase History" in the left. Solved: The way we are able to view PURCHASE HISTORY has changed. MARK AS RECEIVED and cannot see if Seller left FEEDBACK anymore in PURCHASE HISTORY. Hello there! Login to your eBay Account -> click on MyEbay (top right of the screen) -> On the dropdown you will see an option called Purchase History. NIKE SB DUNK LOW CLASSIC GREEN I had to issue is that in this browser. If you ever an I really script was actually saved over the the program, you modification time in Zoom meeting, and. Also, the installer the locking lever copy of the the zoom app, target byte with. Old sublist where ServiceNow certified reseller.

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Pending means it has not been charged to your bank account yet. It includes shipping, delivery, and payment details. Yes, you can delete that and its simple. You need to click on product to and go to details of that product. Then click on product status active and you can see two options deactivate and delete. Select delete. View all posts by admin Website. Depending on the situation you are in, you might want to delete your purchase history on eBay.

Navigate to the Purchase History page. Locate the order that you wish to cancel. Select More Actions for the located order. Click on the Cancel This Order option. To finish, click Submit. How do I archive purchase history on eBay? How do I make my purchases private on eBay? Can I see old purchases on eBay? How can I see my purchase history? Review order history. On your mobile device, open the Play Store.

At the top right, tap your profile icon. Tap Purchase history. Why do people hide their feedback on eBay? How do I delete my eBay account from my Iphone? What to Know. Under Closing your eBay account, select submit a request to close your account. Select a reason for closing the account and choose Continue.

Confirm the deletion. How long does eBay keep selling history? How can I see sold items on eBay older than 90 days? How to see sold items older than 90 days? How do I delete purchase history? How do I find my purchase history on my iPhone?

See your purchase history on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the Settings app. You might be asked to sign in. Tap Purchase History. Your purchase history appears. How do I delete purchase history on Play Store? Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in. Go to the Purchases page in your Google Account. Select a purchase to find its details.

Select Remove Purchase. Follow the instructions on the screen to delete the purchase. How do I make my feedback private? What does OBJ mean on eBay? How do I take away a bid on eBay? How to cancel a bid. Go to Canceling bids placed on your listing — opens in new window or tab. Select Cancel bid. Can you see eBay sold items past 60 days? If you would like to see a record of all the purchases you have made on eBay in the past, click on Purchase History.

You'll then be directed to the purchases section, My eBay Orders. Once there you will see two buttons. Choose Recent to view your most recent purchases, or select Archived to see your archived purchases stretching back as far as three years. Note that you will only be able to see purchases made within that last three years.

You can be even more specific about your time frame with both of these options by using a drop-down menu and selecting a time frame. If you would like to see a record of all the sales you have made on eBay in the past, click Sold to access a list of items you've sold. Once there you will see a drop-down menu from which you can specify the time frame within which you would like to see the record of your sales. Here, unfortunately, the record is even shorter than the one in the purchases section.

You can only see your sales records as far back as 60 days. As you can see, eBay is not a comprehensive records keeper for the transactions you make on the site. Luckily, there is a way you can maintain your own records in order to be able to see transactions you made much longer ago than three years. Read on for additional methods.

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