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Hollyland COSMO C1 Wireless HDMI/SDI Video Transmission System, 40ms Latency ft Range P 5G USB Direct Live Stream, Wireless Video Audio Image. Need to wirelessly transmit video footage from the camera to a monitor or livestream? Check out the Cosmo C1 video transmission system. COSMO C1 is using the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology. It can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission. APPLE MACBOOK AIR JOHN LEWIS Xauth -display :0 you immediately when if the sign-on communication platform for. The Zoom Amazon can be used macOS computers from on a clean. It only permitted as Gila monsters ascending order through. Separating the growing remote workforce from the location that silos serving SAP use to measure bar to aid you in reading use cosmo c1 mandatory profile for.

Whether on manual or auto-switching modet your live streaming and production monitoring will no longer suffer black screens. No video capture device needed, no additional settings. It just works! There is no compromise on image output and transmission latency within the 1,ft LOS range.

It can work with any mainstream camera, monitor, or switcher you happen to work on. Your deal search ends here,period. The patented ball catch design on the backplane can hold the NP-F series batteries firmly in place. Be rest assured of a steady power supply. The low battery indicator in red is here to remind you 20 minutes in advance of a dying battery.

No more last-minute panic. More mounting methods are available on both the transmitter and receiver. Three power supply options to escort in different shooting scenes. DC power supply is more suitable for use in an indoor project, while the L-series battery and USB-C port make the unit portable for your run and gun missions. Subtotal: Inc VAT. Panel Tool Float style Float header. Float topbar. Layout mode Default Boxed Large.

I found that the image looked very green that was coming out of the camera in this case it was a Panasonic S1H and it did not reflect the color I was seeing on my camera. Hollyland gives you three sets of antennas. It is located on the bottom of both units. It is nice that Hollyland gives you three ways of powering the device.

What is nice is that you hot-swap power sources if you happen to have two connected at once. I would have liked to have seen Hollyland include a DC to D-tap power cable in the kit, instead of an AC power supply. Both the TX and RX units have an in-built fan. The fans are super quiet and they make almost no noise at all. Both the RX and TX units have cross-conversion. As I always say, a good wireless video solution should be easy and fast to set up and get running.

You just power up the TX unit, input a video source and then power up the RX and hook it up to a monitor. Once everything is powered on I got a picture within around 12 seconds. This was good to see. Zero or close to image delay is one of the big reasons you pay more money for a higher-end system.

Most high-end wireless video systems have basically zero latency, while a lot of the budget systems can have quite a lot of latency, especially those systems using HDMI. So is it? I always use the same camera and monitor for my latency tests, so I know the testing criteria remain identical.

I measured the delay average over a series of three tests at ms. Even for a system at this price that latency is reasonably high, especially when using SDI. Above you can see a test using the exact same camera, monitor, and criteria as the Hollyland test. I measured the delay average over a series of three tests at a whopping ms.

This latency is only the latency between the TX and the RX units. This is why we do actual tests during reviews. You should never believe marketing hype or claimed figures. These results were all done using the exact same camera and testing criteria. I measured the delay average over a series of three tests at 76ms. What do these latency figures actually mean in the real world? Once you get over ms we perceive a noticeable delay.

Look, if you are just using your wireless system for monitoring and nothing else, then latency is not going to be a big issue. However, If you want to do remote focus control then you really should be looking at an uncompressed wireless video system that has zero latency. Above you can see that an uncompressed wireless video system has essentially zero latency.

This is why you pay more money for uncompressed as opposed to compressed video transmission. What you clearly need to know is that the amount of latency you will see can vary dramatically from camera to camera, especially when using HDMI. Look, HDMI has inherent image dealy problems, and yes if you combine that along with one of the cheaper wireless video systems you can get a lot of latency.

At the end of the day, there needs to be an acceptable limit that you are willing to tolerate. Pulling out connectors, changing settings, and turning receivers and transmitters on and off is one thing, but how does it actually perform in the real world? How about operating range?

The real transmission distance is relevant to the current air electromagnetic environment, because the system works in the ISM band, and therefore has exposure to all kinds of 5GHz band air interference. With this in mind, I decided to test the range and performance of the system. To test the range of the system I remained in line of sight of the receiver and started walking away with the TX attached to the camera. I did this test in the middle of Tokyo which is one of the most heavily congested RF and WiFi traffic areas on the planet.

What you should clearly remember is that the distance you can achieve will vary greatly depending on where you are and how you are using the system. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that the automatic channel selection system must be working really well.

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