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Other articles where Inscriptiones Graecae is discussed: epigraphy: Greek and Latin inscriptions: took charge of the Inscriptiones Graecae (–). The Inscriptiones Graecae (IG) (Latin for Greek inscriptions), is an academic project originally begun by the Prussian Academy of Science. ICG - Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae. Ancient inscription. A database of early Christian inscriptions from Asia Minor and Greece. You can switch between. FASHIONISTAS 2013 University's Video Permission the world moves provide home directory. Enable clientless access. Collectives on Stack.

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The Inscriptiones Graecae IG , Latin for Greek inscriptions , is an academic project originally begun by the Prussian Academy of Science , and today continued by its successor organisation, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Its aim is to collect and publish all known ancient inscriptions from the mainland and islands of Greece. From to , it was directed by Adolf Kirchhoff. From to , Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff was in control of the project; he reorganised and re-energised the IG, turning it into one of the most important series for the publication of source material in Classical studies.

After the Second World War , the project suffered from a lack of financial and public support. It came to a temporary halt in , but was revived by the newly reformed Berlin-Brandenburg Academy in So far, 49 fascicles have been published, some of them in several editions. The preparation of each individual volume is entrusted to external scholars, though the Berlin Academy retains the final editing rights.

The Academy also maintains a collection of "squeezes" paper copies of Greek inscriptions. The project is currently directed by Peter Funke. All editorial texts are published in Latin , a fact that is occasionally criticised due to limited use of Latin and hence the extra effort required for both writers and editors.

Search Function As an improvement on the edition topoi respository, the database allows simple searches of single terms, be they letter combinations or words, in the original normalized Greek and sometimes Latin texts and in the German or English translations and commentaries.

For more information, please read the detailed instructions under the search tool bar on the inscription list page by clicking on the question mark sign? Please note that the same inscription may be included in several sub-folders. For example, an inscription approximately dated between will be included in three folders: 3.

The database is intended solely for scientific, non-commercial, and research purposes and adheres strictly to the German copyrights legislation. Please abide by the 'Licence' and 'Conditions of Use' for using or reproducing photographic material. Links Below is a succinct list of other helpful epigraphic databases or collections.

Language: Deutsch de English en. You can switch between German and English with the dropdown menu on the top right corner. You can login above with the following details: Username: guest Password: guest Please abide by the 'Conditions of Use' detailed below. Database Publication and Citation The full bibliographical reference of this database is as follows: C. While some of the above-mentioned clues may not always represent conclusive evidence when found on their own, a combination of several of these increases the likelihood that the inscription is indeed Christian.

The editors intentionally adopted a more inclusive rather than exclusive approach in selecting and collecting the material. Development Status and Publications The database contains so far over 4, entries. Conditions of Use The database is intended solely for scientific, non-commercial, and research purposes and adheres strictly to the German copyrights legislation.

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Inscriptiones Graecae

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