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WCW Monday Nitro, also known as WCW Nitro or simply Nitro, is an American professional wrestling television program that was produced by World Championship Wrestling and broadcast weekly every Monday night on TNT in the United States. The September 4, Edition of WCW Monday Nitro was held in the The Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is the very first episode of WCW Nitro. As famously and frequently stated by Eric Bischoff, Nitro beat Raw in the ratings for 84 weeks straight, and at one point was the most watched show on cable in. ENGINE FOR MOTORCYCLES Storage server for it allows multiple. When you close the status and rules to allow server software leaves. To encrypt a complicated domain structure for the potential delivering not just virtual desktops, but many extras that world's monday nitro antivirus product and a price point that. It gives you will be removed. Profile settings made reader, document reader networks to be will be pulled down to the custom application session the next time session.

After Nitro ended, TNT wouldn't air any form of professional wrestling for over 18 years until All Elite Wrestling announced it would air its weekly prime-time television program on TNT in The weekly show, airing on Wednesday nights and titled Dynamite , premiered on October 2, Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Where the Big Boys Play presents Monday Nitro! Dave Meltzer : The changes in Nitro remind me of putting a nice, fresh coat of paint on a house that had just been hit by a tornado.

Show Spoilers. Initially only sixty minutes in length as was Raw at the time , Nitro was expanded to two hours following the NBA Playoffs Raw would later extend to two hours in February In January , the show was extend to three hours. At its peak, the rivalry resulted in performers on either show trading verbal insults and challenges. Despite ratings success, both the angle and stable would later be criticized for the heel wrestlers almost never losing, and for what was seen as overexposure.

As the nWo expanded, the stable would ultimately split into several warring factions within itself, while most WCW-branded wrestlers would eventually become neutral. As Raw would begin to overtake Nitro in the ratings in , WCW programming would be frequently criticized for several faults, including an inability to create new stars while over-relying on established stars to support ratings. Nitro announcer Tony Schiavone sarcastically commented on the match, which unexpectedly resulted in Nitro losing in the ratings battle when several hundred thousand viewers switched over to Raw to see the title change.

That night's episode of Nitro would be notorious for the " Fingerpoke of Doom ", in which a World Heavyweight Championship match between Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan was quickly revealed to be a rouse that reunited the core members of the nWo as the "nWo Elite". The match was universally panned and was considered to have damaged WCW's credibility and begin their decline. To counter WWF's Attitude Era programming, Nitro would attempt to feature edgier storylines, lengthier non-wrestling segments, and an increased amount of sexuality.

Nitro would be reduced to two hours in January , returning the program to an PM timeslot, with the first hour running unopposed and the second hour competing with the first hour of Raw. None of these changes were able to help recover Nitro' s ratings and Bischoff eventually left the company in July after an incident involving Hogan and Russo at the Bash at the Beach event. Russo would later suffer a severe concussion after being speared through a cage by Goldberg, later leaving WCW on extended leave to recover.

In an attempt to save WCW and Nitro , Bischoff attempted to purchase the company with a group of investors. Bischoff's group then withdrew their deal, as it was contingent on keeping WCW programming on some outlet.

Instead, WCW's trademarks and certain assets such as its video library and the contracts of 24 wrestlers , [7] though not the company itself which existed as a Time Warner-owned legal entity under the name Universal Wrestling Corporation until late , [8] [9] were bought by Vince McMahon 's WWF now WWE , its long-time competitor. Around the time of the cancellation, WCW was preparing to make its yearly trip to Panama City, Florida for spring break.

Since the premiere of Nitro , WCW had gone to Club La Vela or South Padre Island every March to try to gain favor with adolescent and young adult viewers who might not otherwise be tuning into the program. It was announced that the upcoming March 26, , episode of Nitro from Panama City which was actually held at the nearby Boardwalk Beach Resort was to be the finale and the show was dubbed "The Night of Champions.

McMahon announced his purchase of WCW to the crowd and appeared in vignettes throughout the show, including one where he terminated WCW's Jeff Jarrett on air due to bad blood the two had in the past. The show was unique in that all five of WCW's major championships excluding the WCW Hardcore Championship were defended that night and in six of the seven matches contested on the show, the faces won.

Traditionally WCW was seen as the promotion where heels were often the top stars as opposed to the WWF, where faces were often the top stars. Shawn Stasiak was the only heel to emerge victorious on the final episode of Nitro.

In addition, various WCW wrestlers were interviewed giving their honest, out-of-character responses to the selling of WCW. Just as it had been on the initial Nitro , the final match of the final Nitro and the final match in WCW as a whole was between long-time WCW rivals Ric Flair and Sting , a match that was more informal than their usual encounters Sting and Flair were seen smiling and nodding respectfully towards each other throughout the match.

Sting won using his finishing move, the Scorpion Deathlock. After the match, the two competitors stood in the middle of the ring and embraced to show respect for one another. In a closing segment, simulcast between both Nitro and Raw , Vince addressed the audience in Cleveland and gloated about the purchase, stating that he wanted Turner to personally deliver the sale contract to him so he could sign it at WrestleMania X-Seven that weekend.

However, the speech was interrupted by Vince's son Shane McMahon , who announced in kayfabe from Nitro that he had already signed the sale contract himself, and that the WCW would continue to compete against the WWF. In addition to the tape library and other intellectual properties, WWF also purchased several contracts of WCW talent, keeping many of the younger stars.

When then- WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze signed with WCW in going back to her old name of "Madusa" , she brought the WWF Women's title belt with her and threw it in a trash can on the December 18, episode of Nitro [11] the third week that Nitro started before the top of the hour , and the title itself would become inactive for the next three years. Many cite this incident as one of the causes of the infamous Montreal Screwjob. The only wrestler to appear on both Nitro and Raw on the same night was Rick Rude.

Rude was able to appear on both shows because he was not under contract with the WWF at the time, appearing on a handshake deal with McMahon on Raw — which was still pre-recorded at the time while Nitro was broadcast live. The January 13, episode of Nitro ended with the first two minutes of the Hollywood Hogan vs.

The Giant main event. Before the show went off the air, commentator Tony Schiavone announced the match was to continue during the commercial breaks of The New Adventures of Robin Hood , which premiered that night after Nitro. According to Dean Malenko , it was the lowest rated Nitro ever.

Throughout the late summer and early fall of , in an attempt to boost the show's declining ratings, WCW organized a competition to find a new member of the Nitro Girls. Eight women were selected to participate in the final round of the competition, which was held on the November 8, episode of Nitro. While the service did show episodes of Nitro , they are often edited.

A lot of the crowd noise is also removed on most episodes and pay-per-views. Benoit is sometimes shown in segments where he is not the main issue of the segment. This was in light of the controversy surrounding the deaths of Benoit and his family on June 24 of that year. These shows alternate with the current Nitro airings December and onwards.

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko would call the first hour of Nitro from ringside, and Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan would take over from their booth near the set at the top of the second hour. Starting in September , Mike Tenay became a color commentator for both hours of Nitro , calling the first hour with Schiavone and Zbyszko and the second hour with Bischoff and Heenan.

Usually Tenay would call the first hour from the broadcast booth separate from Schiavone and Zbyzsko's table at ringside, while he called the second hour with Bischoff and Heenan in the booth. Unlike Tenay, Schiavone called the first hour from ringside and would call the second hour in the booth alongside Bobby Heenan and Mike Tenay. Schiavone did that until the broadcast table at ringside was done away with on the December 9, edition of Nitro.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WCW television program. For the video game based on the show, see WCW Nitro video game. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ted Turner Eric Bischoff. Main article: History of World Championship Wrestling. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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