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tristesse de la luna

Tristesse de la Lune was an electropop group founded by German musicians Kati Roloff and Gini Martin after they left Blutengel in Listen to Erinnerung by Tristesse De La Lune, Shazams. Listen to Hijo De La Luna - Korean Version on Spotify. José María Cano · Song · ROBO PARK COM By selecting Query a consistent behavior and fix problems, the same. By submitting this Socialist Review 5 getting dropped if read, understood, and access the public the rest is can try. Join our world-class, Client stack up.

The original Baudelaire setting is the only song in French on the album, and appears as track four, while the English-language version is track twelve. It is perhaps worth noting here that, within the context of Into the Pandemonium , collaborations in praesentia , are credited, while those collaborations in absentia i. Although, broadly speaking, this is a heavy metal album, the musical styles Into the Pandemonium encompasses are extremely diverse; exploring the relationship between these two differing approaches to singing Baudelaire places the eclectic nature of the album in stark relief.

Want to hear more about our research? Supported by. Recommended Cultural Mechanics Baudelaire podcast. More drowsy dreams the moon tonight. She rests Like a proud beauty on heaped cushions pressing, With light and absent-minded touch caressing, Before she sleeps, the contour of her breasts. On satin-shimmering, downy avalanches She dies from swoon to swoon in languid change, And lets her eyes on snowy visions range That in the azure rise like flowering branches.

When sometimes to this earth her languor calm Lets streak a stealthy tear, a pious poet, The enemy of sleep, in his cupped palm,. Takes this pale tear, of liquid opal spun With rainbow lights, deep in his heart to stow it Far from the staring eyeballs of the Sun. Tonight the moon, by languorous memories obsessed, Lies pensive and awake: a sleepless beauty amid The tossed and multitudinous cushions of her bed, Caressing with an abstracted hand the curve of her breast. Surrendered to her deep sadness as to a lover, for hours She lolls in the bright luxurious disarray of the sky — Haggard, entranced — and watches the small clouds float by Uncurling indolently in the blue air like flowers.

When now and then upon this planet she lets fall, Out of her idleness and sorrow, a secret tear, Some poet — an enemy of slumber, musing apart —. Catches in his cupped hands the unearthly tribute, all Fiery and iridescent like an opal's sphere, And hides it from the sun for ever in his heart.

To-night the Moon dreams with increased weariness, Like a beauty stretched forth on a downy heap Of rugs, while her languorous fingers caress The contour of her breasts, before falling to sleep. On the satin back of the avalanche soft, She falls into lingering swoons, as she dies, While she lifteth her eyes to white visions aloft, Which like efflorescence float up to the skies.

When at times, in her languor, down on to this sphere, She slyly lets trickle a furtive tear, A poet, desiring slumber to shun,. Takes up this pale tear in the palm of his hand The colours of which like an opal blend , And buries it far from the eyes of the sun.

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Do you want to go now Or is it time to lie? I close my eyes for you And want to kiss your lips. You are so strange No more thinking What's wrong and what's right You can't hurt me anymore. Strangeland Tristesse De La Lune. Can you hear me calling Is it time to go? We are going too fast Is this the end? All your words are lies I see it in your eyes Don't make it too hard for me And say this is the end Can you see me in the light Light shines white in the night You can't take my breathe away Follow me and feel the pain Do you want to go now Or is it time to lie?

I close my eyes for you And want to kiss your lips You are so strange No more thinking What's wrong and what's right You can't hurt me anymore. Envie pra gente. Enviada por isael e traduzida por Rebeca. Viu algum erro? Posts relacionados.

Playlists relacionadas. Mais acessados. Tristesse de la Lune - Eiskalte Liebe Feat. Forget all your sorrows Forget all the pain No more fear Nothing to suffer from The night sky above us Whispers with our fears Eiskalte Liebe Tristesse de la Lune - Topic. Tristesse de la lune - Geheime zeichen Subtitulado. Vanitas Sagittarius. Otro tema de Tristesse Here is the album version from the German music label, Out Of Line.

The artwork featured in this video is from the Russian music Never Tristesse de la Lune - Topic. Tristesse de la Lune Geheime Zeichen Deathdemon. Un asombroso remix de una rola de Tristesse de la Lune realizado por la gran banda mexicana Amduscia, sin duda vale la pena Strangeland Tristesse de la Lune - Topic.

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